A Friendship to Remember
Equestria Girls A Friendship to Remember cover
Published December 5, 2017
Author Perdita Finn
ISBN 978-0-316-55732-0
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My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: A Friendship to Remember by Perdita Finn is the thirty-first book in a series of chapter books published by Little, Brown and Company. The book is adapted from the Better Together short Queen of Clubs and the hour-long special Forgotten Friendship.

The story involves Sunset Shimmer investigating the mystery of her friends' memories being mysteriously erased.


Table of contents
Chapter titlePages
A Friendship to Remember 1
The Queen of Clubs 9
Super Superlatives 23
Most Changed 35
Not in the Picture 41
The Worst Nightmare Ever 51
Time for Homecoming 59
A Surprising Reunion 65
The Biggest Reader 73
Most Likely to Get a Clue 81
Wiped Out 89
Best Sense of Humor 95
Suspicious Activity 99
The Greatest and Most Powerful 107
A Missed Message 115
Best Detective 121
The Worst Case of Invisibility 129
Let's Forget This Ever Happened 143
A Magic Moment 149
Cursed! 161
The Magic of Friendship 171
Most Improved 179
Memories to Treasure 183
A Special Surprise 187

Super Superlatives

At Canterlot High School, Sunset Shimmer, the editor-in-chief of the school yearbook, walks around the school taking pictures of her friends and the other students for the yearbook. As she and her friends work together to lay out the yearbook pages, she expresses how much she treasures the memories they've made together since she first arrived to CHS from Equestria.

Following Applejack and Rainbow Dash's competition to see who can be in the most yearbook photos, the girls continue cropping photos for the book's final design, and Sunset meets Wallflower, a shy girl that has known her since freshman year but has a tendency to be ignored. As the girls count the votes for the yearbook "Superlatives"—students who are voted "Best", "Most", "Most Likely", etc.—they discover that the seven of them were voted "Best Friends". Rarity proposes that they take a group picture for the yearbook at the beach that Saturday.

Trixie bursts into the yearbook office asking why she was not voted "Greatest and Most Powerful", and Sunset Shimmer says that category does not exist. When Sunset refuses to insert it into the yearbook, Trixie vows revenge and leaves. Sunset and her friends call it a day and leave the office as well, unaware that they left Wallflower alone in the dark.

Not in the Picture

Later that evening, Sunset writes to Princess Twilight Sparkle in her magic journal and catches her up on recent events. As she starts to wonder how Princess Celestia is doing, she finishes writing and goes to bed, unaware of the dark clouds gathering over her house.

That Saturday, the rest of the girls gather together at the beach, and human Twilight brings her artificially-intelligent "Selfie Sensor" camera drone to take the group's yearbook picture. When Sunset Shimmer arrives to join them, they behave unexpectedly hostile toward her—as if she was never their friend. Sunset touches Applejack and Rainbow Dash to read their minds with her geode powers, and she sees several past events like the Fall Formal, the Friendship Games, and the trip to Camp Everfree. However, Sunset's presence in all those events has been mysteriously erased, and the girls only remember her from the time before her redemption.

When the girls refuse to believe that Sunset is their friend, Sunset leaves to go back home and investigate. She writes to Princess Twilight in her journal and asks if she remembers that they are friends, to which Twilight replies yes. Deciding to explain things in more detail in person, Sunset uses the portal outside Canterlot High to return to Equestria.

Most Likely to Get a Clue

At the Castle of Friendship, Sunset brings Twilight up to speed on the situation, and Twilight suggests they ask Princess Celestia for help. After a tense but heartfelt reunion between Sunset and her former teacher, Celestia and Luna guide Sunset and Twilight to the restricted wing of the royal library. Twilight and Sunset work together to sort through the section's vast collection of disorganized books in search of an answer to Sunset's dilemma. Their search eventually leads them to the writings of Clover the Clever and a magical object called the Memory Stone.

According to Clover's writings, an evil sorceress used the Memory Stone to erase the memories of others, and whenever Clover came close to stopping her, she erased his memories and escaped. To counteract this, Clover secretly wrote everything down so that he'd know the sorceress's next move after his memories were erased. The last page of Clover's writings depicts him chasing the sorceress through a portal. Twilight and Sunset theorize that the Memory Stone ended up in the human world and that someone is using it to erase everyone's memories and make them hate Sunset Shimmer again.

Meanwhile, back at the beach in the human world, Trixie, Snips, and Snails hang out with Sunset's friends. Trixie reminds them of her request to make her "Greatest and Most Powerful" in the yearbook Superlatives, but Rarity only has a vague memory of their earlier conversation. Trixie takes advantage of Rarity's confusion to push her request more forcefully, and Rarity says she'll think about it.

Suspicious Activity

Back in Equestria, Sunset Shimmer thanks Princess Twilight and Celestia for their assistance and returns to the human world to find out who has the Memory Stone. In the meantime, Twilight decides to search the library again for a way to restore the memories of Sunset's friends. At the beach, Sunset tries once again to convince the girls that she is their friend and that their memories were erased. Unfortunately, they are still skeptical, made worse when Trixie reminds them of Sunset's past actions and when Sunset accidentally damages human Twilight's camera drone.

The following Monday, Sunset confronts Trixie in the school hallway, believing that she is using the Memory Stone to get back at Sunset for not putting her in the yearbook as "Greatest and Most Powerful". However, Trixie claims she is innocent and even sympathizes with Sunset for only being seen as someone she used to be. She offers to help Sunset find the Memory Stone—in exchange for Sunset putting her in the yearbook.

Meanwhile, Princess Twilight finds a missing piece of Clover the Clever's writings and discovers that if someone's memories are erased for longer than three days, they are erased forever. She tries to inform Sunset via her magic journal, but Sunset forgets the journal in her backpack inside her locker.

The Worst Case of Invisibility

Sunset and Trixie ask around the school about the Memory Stone, but their investigation turns up no leads. Back in the yearbook office, Sunset looks through the yearbook for more potential suspects and realizes they never questioned Wallflower, who has been sitting in the corner of the room the entire time. As Trixie talks to Wallflower, Sunset finally receives Princess Twilight's journal message about the three-day time limit, which only gives her until the end of the day to restore her friends' memories.

In the screensaver on Wallflower's computer, Sunset notices a photo of the Memory Stone and asks her about it. Wallflower says the photo was taken in the school gardens for her Gardening Club. When Sunset reads Wallflower's mind, she sees memories of Wallflower constantly being ignored and unnoticed by her fellow students. One day, after picking up gardening as a hobby, she discovered the Memory Stone buried underground, and she studied the drawings on the cloth it was wrapped in to learn how to use it. Resentful of all the attention Sunset Shimmer gets now, Wallflower used the Stone to erase her friends' memories.

Wallflower expresses to Sunset and Trixie her bitterness of always being ignored, even by people she has known for years. As she vents her frustration, Sunset tries to retrieve the Memory Stone from her backpack, but Wallflower grabs it away. Before Sunset can take the Stone by force, Wallflower uses it to erase her and Trixie's memories. She runs away and leaves Sunset and Trixie locked inside the yearbook room with no memory of the past several hours.

The Magic of Friendship

Sunset, having been inspired by Clover the Clever, finds a note in her pocket addressed to herself telling her to "check the video". She plays back a video on Twilight's camera drone nearby, which had been recording the entire time, and learns that Wallflower has been behind all the memory-erasing. Unfortunately, time is running out on Sunset's friends' memories, and she and Trixie are still locked inside the yearbook office. When Sunset says she is glad to still have one friend in Trixie, Trixie is inspired to use her stage magic to free Sunset from the locked room so she can save her friends.

Outside the school, Sunset catches up with Wallflower and tries again to reason with her while the other girls witness their confrontation. However, Wallflower refuses to listen and decides to use the Memory Stone to erase all of Sunset's friends' memories of high school. Realizing this would erase their friendship completely, Sunset jumps in the way and sacrifices her own high school memories, reverting her mind to when she first arrived in the human world.

As a scared Sunset looks around at her unfamiliar surroundings, the rest of the Mane Seven—moved by her sacrifice—approach her to help. The magic of their geodes suddenly combines to create a blast of light that destroys the Memory Stone and restores their memories. Sunset and her friends celebrate the restoration of their memories with a group hug, and Wallflower apologizes for everything she has done. Sunset forgives her and apologizes in return for making her feel invisible for all these years.

Memories to Treasure

Several weeks later, after the new CHS yearbooks are finished, Sunset writes to Princess Twilight about what happened and thanks her again for her help. In the aftermath of the Memory Stone incident, Sunset had approved Trixie's request to be put in the yearbook as "Greatest and Most Powerful", and "Best Gardener" Wallflower's Gardening Club had several new members.


Wallflower: I'm Wallflower.
Sunset Shimmer: Nice to meet you.
Wallflower: I've been on the Yearbook Committee all year.
Sunset Shimmer: Oh! Umm...
Wallflower: We've had literally dozens of classes together since we met in ninth-grade English.
Sunset Shimmer: Am I missing the joke here?
Rarity: The only joke is whatever this is you're playing on us, acting all nice like you're our friend.
Fluttershy: And it's not funny!
Sunset Shimmer: Princess Celestia, the last time we saw each other, I was your snide little pupil who betrayed and abandoned you.
Princess Twilight Sparkle: I wouldn't have said it that way. What Sunset meant to say is—
Sunset Shimmer: I mean that I come before you a changed pony, humbly asking for forgiveness, guidance, and knowledge.
Twilight Sparkle: Should we be worried about Sunset Shimmer?
Trixie: Yeah! Worried she comes back! I think it's a shame the way she's treating you, pretending to be your friend. She's obviously up to something. Sunset Shimmer thinks the whole school exists just to serve her.
Princess Celestia: This is quite a contrast from the last time we parted ways. With every choice you make, you prove yourself to possess a kind heart.
Sunset Shimmer: I guess I had a good teacher.
Princess Twilight Sparkle: You were a good student.
Princess Celestia: Are you saying I wasn't a good teacher?
Sunset Shimmer: No!
Pinkie Pie: Bring it on, Rainbow Dash! You and Rarity just bought your team a one-way ticket on the express train to You're Going Down!
Trixie: You have this idea of who you're supposed to be, but no one at school sees you that way, is that right? Trust me. I get it.
Trixie: Let's talk motive. Who here hates you enough to erase everyone's good memories of you?
Sunset Shimmer: If you go back far enough... everyone.
Trixie: Who are you?
Wallflower: I've known you since third grade.
Trixie: Ahh! I remember third grade. Not you specifically, but what a grade it was. The Great and Powerful Trixie debuted her disappearing frog trick! One of my best. You know, a lot of people don't know how much work goes into raising tadpoles.
Wallflower: Why should you notice me? After all, you're Sunset Shimmer. Everybody loves you now. Why can't they see you haven't changed?
Wallflower: I'm invisible! It's like... like... like I don't exist. I'm an empty book no one will ever read! Next to my name in the yearbook will just be a blank, a question mark, an empty space. No one's ever going to remember me, but will I ever forget how much it hurts to be ignored?
Trixie: The Wise and Moralizing Trixie was making a point. You said you didn't do anything.
Sunset Shimmer: I didn't! I wasn't mean to her at all!
Trixie: Maybe it's not good enough to not be mean to someone. Maybe you have to be nice.
Sunset Shimmer: At least when the sun goes down and everyone hates me forever, I'll still have one friend. And I mean, she is the Greatest and Most Powerful Canterlot High School has to offer, so I guess I can't complain.
Trixie: You poor fool! You actually believed me when I pretended to give up? Mere stage banter! The Great and Powerful Trixie never gives up on herself... or her friends.
Sunset Shimmer: I used to be just like you. Sure, I was popular, but I was lonely.
Wallflower: You're nothing like me, and I'm not lonely. I have my plants! That sounded less lonely in my head.
Sunset Shimmer: I ruined their friendship once before. I'd rather give up my own memories than let it happen again!
Sunset Shimmer: Who are you?
Twilight Sparkle: We are your friends.
Applejack: We may not remember you—
Pinkie Pie: But after seeing what you did—
Rarity: The sacrifice you made for us—
Fluttershy: We would be proud to call you...
All except Sunset Shimmer: Our friend!
Twilight Sparkle: Wallflower! You have magic you do not understand, but it is nothing compared with the Magic of...
Pinkie Pie: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We get it! Light her up, ladies!
Wallflower: I'd rather be invisible or forgotten than remembered as a villain.
Sunset Shimmer: We've all been villains to someone at one time or another. What matters are the choices you make today.
Trixie: I demand to speak to the yearbook president! How did this get in here?
Sunset Shimmer: A yearbook president never reveals her secrets!