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Apple Strudel

Apple Strudel ID S2E12

Apple Strudel in Family Appreciation Day

Young Apple Strudel ID S3E8

Young Apple Strudel in Apple Family Reunion

Kind Earth
Sex Male
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Eyes Moderate cobalt blue
Mane ¤ Light gray and light ceruleanish gray
Coat Moderate amber
Relatives Apple family
Voice Hiroshi Shirokuma (Japanese)
Moisés Ivan Mora (Latin American Spanish)
Yaroslav Chornenkyi (Ukrainian)
Apple Strudel is an Earth pony and uncle in the Apple family. He has a brown coat, a white and gray mane, and blue eyes. He is first mentioned in Friendship is Magic, part 1, and he appears in Family Appreciation Day and Apple Family Reunion.

Depiction in the series

Apple Strudel reaches for Apple Bloom S2E12

Apple Strudel in Family Appreciation Day.

Apple Strudel is first mentioned in Friendship is Magic, part 1; Applejack introduces him to Twilight Sparkle at the Apple family reunion at Sweet Apple Acres, but he doesn't physically appear. He first appears on-screen in Family Appreciation Day. When Apple Bloom tricks Granny Smith into boarding a train to go see Apple Strudel, he happens to be on the train, and he greets Apple Bloom in class with a noogie.

Apple Strudel also appears in Apple Family Reunion attending the titular reunion with other Apple family members. He dances with Granny Smith during and after the song Raise This Barn, and he appears in the family photo.

Other depictions

My Little Pony (mobile game)

Apple Strudel is a playable character in Gameloft's mobile game, added in the version 2.1 update. His in-game description states "A lover of pies, pavlovas and pastries, Apple Strudel is a pony who's truly earned his name!"


FiM Collection Single Story Pack Apple Strudel toy
A mini-figure toy of Apple Strudel was displayed at the 2015 American International Toy Fair and is available in one of six Friendship is Magic Collection Single Story Packs, which lists his name with a trademark symbol.

In the Rock N Rave mini-expansion set of Enterplay's collectible card game, Apple Strudel's card #1 F lists the quote "I've been there 'n back again so many times that I got more tricks up my sleeves than I got sleeves!"

Apple Strudel also appears on WeLoveFine's fan-designed "Apple Family Portrait" art print.


"Ooooooh, noogie-noogie-noogie! [laughs madly]"
Family Appreciation Day
"I've been there 'n back again so many times that I got more tricks up my sleeves than I got sleeves!"
— Enterplay collectible card game Rock N Rave mini-expansion set card #1 of Apple Strudel


Photo album 7 (Granny Smith and Apple Strudel) S3E8

Apple Strudel image gallery

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