Autumn Blaze

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Autumn Blaze in Sounds of Silence

Autumn Blaze Nirik form ID S8E23

Autumn Blaze's Nirik form in Sounds of Silence

Kind Kirin
Sex Female
Residence Kirin village
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Eyes Moderate gold
Mane Moderate tangelo
Coat ¤ Light goldish gray with goldish gray ear tips
Scales/hooves Grayish apple green
Horn ¤ Dark and moderate crimson
Magic aura Light opal
Voice Rachel Bloom (English)
Darya Frolova (Russian)

Autumn Blaze is a female Kirin who appears as a supporting character in the season eight episode Sounds of Silence.

Depiction in the series

Autumn Blaze first appears meeting Applejack after Applejack and Fluttershy meet the silent and emotionless Kirin of the Peaks of Peril. Unlike the rest of the Kirin, Autumn Blaze is very talkative. Through the song A Kirin Tale, Autumn explains to Applejack that the Kirin were once very sociable creatures. But after an argument and flared tempers resulted in the accidental destruction of their village, they stepped through the Stream of Silence and suppressed their voices and emotions to prevent it from happening again.

Bored of being unable to talk and express herself, Autumn Blaze stumbled into a bed of foal's-breath flowers and brewed a tea that restored her ability to speak. She then tried numerous methods to talk to her friends and get them to talk back, but they rejected her, and the village leader Rain Shine forced her to choose between giving up her voice again or leaving the Kirin village. Autumn chose to leave, living by herself in a small cottage on the village's outskirts ever since.

When Applejack and Fluttershy argue over whether or not the Kirin should restore their voices, the Kirin carry them to the Stream of Silence to suppress their voices and emotions as well, but Autumn Blaze arrives in her Nirik form to save them. She expresses, both to Fluttershy and to her fellow Kirin, that anger is just another emotion and that what matters is what one does with them. She also expresses a desire to hear her old friends' jokes and songs again.

Persuaded by Autumn Blaze's words, the Kirin agree to restore their voices and emotions. After Applejack and Fluttershy locate more foal's-breath, Autumn Blaze makes her silence cure, and Rain Shine gratefully allows her to return to the village.


Autumn Blaze is featured on page 35[1] of the My Little Pony Character Guide published by Orchard Books in the United Kingdom on September 6, 2018.[2]


Autumn Blaze talking to her hoof S8E23
Like Pinkie Pie, Autumn Blaze is portrayed as very excitable, chatty, and eccentric. Having gone an extended period of time without anyone to talk to, she is eager at the opportunity to make new friends, chat, sing, and play practical jokes. As a result of her time in silence and solitude, Autumn Blaze has made several imaginary friends out of inanimate objects as well as her own hooves and shadow, and she shows a tendency of mispronouncing common words such as "while" and "process", due to having not used them in a long time.


"Gotcha! Sorry, sorry, but that was too good. Oh, you don't know how much I missed jokes. Hi-larity! Am I pronouncing that right? Some words I haven't said in a will. While! While."
Sounds of Silence
"The way the light shimmers off everything, like, like it all suddenly woke up the moment you saw it. And you realize maybe the water and the mountains and the forest and the... yes, the rainbow and the stars and the sky are all looking back at you thinking the same thing? That we are a part of the everything. That maybe there's just one thing and we are all it."
— Sounds of Silence
"I'd rather... siiiiiiiiiiiing!"
— Sounds of Silence
"Seriously, there's only so long that Sudoku can keep you entertained!"
— Sounds of Silence
"Rainbows won't light up the sky unless you let it rain!"
— During A Kirin Tale, Sounds of Silence
"Did you name your shadow? Mine's called 'Silhouette Gloom of the Sundown Lands'."
— Sounds of Silence
"Well, yeah! Can't have them silence the only friend who'll speak to me."
— Sounds of Silence
"I guess anger's like other feelings. It's not about having them. It's what you do with them."
— Sounds of Silence
"Tell me everything, and feel free to add complicated descriptions and comedic tangents!"
— Sounds of Silence


Autumn Blaze excitedly gets in AJ's face S8E23

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