• Magicrainbowunicorn1470

    1. The Equestrian Conspiracy pt. 1: While the Mane 6 and the CMC are on vacation in Canterlot, they discover somepony is secretly plotting to overthrow Celestia and Luna.

    2. The Equestrian Conspiracy Pt. 2: As the Mane 6 try to find out more, they realize just how powerful the conspiracy truly is. Meanwhile, the CMC attempt to prove that their theory is accurate, but nopony believes them. (Slightly based on Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes, Lake Laogai and The Earth King.)

    3. Star Student: Twilight gets jealous when Celestia takes on another magical prodigy as her mentee: The incredibly talented Midnight Star.

    4. The Lost Pets: When Angel gets lost in the Everfree Forest, it's up to the other pets to find him and bring him back. (Happens a…

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  • GoldenBluebird

    Greetings, fellow Wikians, and welcome to another "Let's Compare" blog! Welp, the show's back! Let's talk about the fourteenth episodes of the first seven seasons of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic!

    Here are the episodes...


    Suited For Success

    The Last Roundup Filli Vanilli

    Canterlot Boutique The Cart Before the Ponies Fame and Misfortune

    Rank these episodes in order from your favorite to least favorite. You can also add your own thoughts on these episodes too if you want to.

    And now, here are some polls.

    What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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  • Mega Sean 45

    Alright, after thinking that Spike might've been replaced by Starlight in Fame and Misfortune, I'm starting to think that the writers might have other highlights for Spike this season that would make up for this strange yet fitting replacement. Now we all know Triple Threat is his next episode, and by the looks of things, it'll most likely be really good for him! I know some people don't think, but eh what do they know? With all that Spike did in season 6, the Wings Over Yakyakistan comic series, and this episode coming up, it would seem that Spike is getting set up as a friendship ambassador! Since Pinkie already taken the yak position, Spike would get the dragon and changeling position, and this episode might just be that! It's that amba…

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  • Mega Sean 45

    And now the hiatus has officially ended! This is the first episode since A Flurry of Emotions that I watched on time, and not an early release! This episode pretty much reminds us about the nostalgia of certain past episodes, and it really gives big nods to the fandom! Ladies and gentlemen (no I'm not using pony puns), this is Fame and Misfortune! :D

    So welcome back Friendship Journal! Haven't seen you since the season 4 finale! Your story arc was abandoned completely, but now you're back! First the friendship letters were mentioned in Celestial Advice, now you're back! See, I'm glad old story arcs are coming back for proper conclusions! However, there are still alot of unfinished / abandoned story arcs that needs finishing, so Hasbro, don'…

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  • KillRoy231

    There are two possible interpretations of the obvious reference to the fandom in this episode, and I don't want to jump to the wrong conclusions. Depending on what it is, this is either another sensational episode, or one that possibly spells the end of the fandom.

    Obviously, they're referencing the more obnoxious fans who complain about everything and miss the whole point of the show, who let the little things bug them and can't enjoy it for what it is.

    So, they could be trying to send a message about how ridiculous those fans are, and let off a little steam because they're tired of it.

    However, another interpretation is that they are trying to get rid of the fandom, basically saying "Take off, we're not writing for you anymore. Which is und…

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  • Mega Sean 45

    Yunno, we only know each other through here. I see what you talk about, and what you edit like the stalker I am, but as a stalker, I'd wish to know a bit about your personal life! ;)

    I'm kidding! But if you'd like to share, I'd like to know what you do when you're not here! Not everything, of course, brahs! Not everything! Just some stuff that you're okay with sharing! :D

    Me... I work on my novels and YouTube videos mostly! Plus I still go to college, so I'm not here all the time. Going to the pool is fun too, and watching other shows that aren't pony related! Shows like Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Lucifer, Superior Donuts, Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars, and People of Earth! :D Sometimes I'm on Facebook - 60% of the time I poke my friend K…

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  • Pokegod85321

    I have already made a post nearly like this on a different Wiki, but I am posting it here too so that users here can see as well. Without further ado…


    College applications.

    Preparation for the final exams.

    Those are the terms that will describe the nine months to come for me as I head into my final and toughest year of high school next week. On account of this, I cannot devote any more time on this Wiki and must therefore leave for the aforementioned amount of time. However, this is not the only Wiki I am leaving; I am leaving ALL Wikis. In fact, I will be taking a break from the majority of the Internet, YouTube and Reddit included, which additionally explains why I just left the Discord server.

    One additional note, I am not abandoni…

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  • Choong57

    Song used : "Back To Me" by Of Mice & Men
    ~Inspired from #140

    –Part 16/32 : When I Return Home…

    "I think I'm almost like you at some point, sighed Brighty." And yeah, "I'm too rushed to ship him and Pinkie together…"
    "That's fine," said Goldust. "Speaking of this, I actually have an announcement to say."
    "What is it?" Brighty asked while feeling curious for what he said.
    "My girlfriend is on her way to my house."
    "Oh you sure?" Crim doubtfully asked, "Because you never mentioning about you having girlfriend before. Is she the pony that we known of or…"
    "Yes, Brighty knew her during she lost her memories and then living in their house before. Her name is…" He tried to reply before their conversation got interrupted by a familiar mare open the doo…

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  • IsmaelandLuigi21

    I saw a glitch during May the Best Pet Win in which there is a dialogue free in it for a few minutes. Then, it shows a bit of Cake Boss and it shows Celestial Advice. I think the channel is having a problem or something.

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  • RiceWaffleFox

    Here's a list of stuff I want the show (and EG) to address before it ends. Give me a heads up if there's something I left off this list. I tried to be pretty thorough.

    Antagonists (reformed or not):

    1. Discord - Where did Discord come from? Why was Discord not around during the time of the original Hearth's Warming, and what caused him to rise to power? Are there other Draconequi? If not, why does he have a species name?
    2. Sombra - Who was he? A former student of Starswirl gone bad, perhaps? Did he die, or will he return eventually?
    3. Chrysalis and the Changelings - How did Chrysalis become the Queen? What's her baggage? How did the Changelings all become "unreformed" and gain their classic, black, withered appearance? Were they always like that, or n…

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  • Smart zombie

    My Season 7 Rank

    August 10, 2017 by Smart zombie


    1. Discordant Harmony- I love discord and this episode was both hilarious and adorable.

    2. The Royal Problem- Finally an episode looking into the lives of the royal sisters, bout time.

    3. Fame and Misfortune- I actually like the mean spirited tone in the episode for some reason, I liked the song and I liked how the ending didn't end with a completely happy ending. I also love all of the things that are called out from the fandom.

    4. A Flurry of Emotions- I hated Flurry Heart until this episode came out. Hopefully she continues to stay adorable instead of annoying.

    5. Honest Apple- Very odd choice to be this high, I'm sure not to many others would ever have this episode ranked up here. I just found it very hilarious enjoyable and hilarious. …

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  • JVJ

    Chronologically, I assume the Storm King's invasion of Equestria and the pony nation's libetation by the Mane 6 and their allies take place between the end of the television series' 7th season and the beginning of the 8th season.

    Bonus question: does the Storm King return after the end of the MLP movie? Guess: he teams up with Chrysalis, a group of unreformed changelings, Lord Tirek, and several ancient monsters fron Tartarus to threaten Equestria.

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  • RiceWaffleFox

    In Season 3 Episode 7, Wonderbolts Academy, Spitfire tells Rainbow Dash:

    "You're no wingpony, Rainbow Dash. You're a leader."

    This didn't mean much to me at the time, but upon reading the Wonderbolts Academy Handbook and rewatching the episode, this line took on a WHOLE NEW MEANING for me. From the handbook:

    "A LEADER is a pony with a high rank. A high rank has authority and control over a team's structure and function. A leader has a great deal of applicable experience and is knowledgeable on an assortment of relevant subjects."

    After this are descriptions of TEAM MEMBERS (Wonderbolts who left the reserves and become a part of the team) and CADETS (what Dash was before Firestreak retired). In other words, this line from Spitfire may be foreshadowin…

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  • RiceWaffleFox

    In Pinkie Apple Pie, it is said that Auntie Applesauce is the fourth cousin twice removed of a member of the Pie family. But who is it? I believe I can answer that question definitively, with science (er, more with logic and canon, but still)!

    Firstly, if Applesauce is their 4th cousin twice removed, that means Applesauce is two generations above them on the family tree (a fourth cousin to their grandparent). This means they'd be around the same age as AJ's parents (if AJ's parents were still alive, that is). This gives two rather obvious candidates: Pinkie's parents. Now this leaves two possibilities: either Igneous Rock Pie's mother was an Apple, or Cloudy Quartz was an Apple who married into the Pies. Given Cloudy's name, I find it unlikel…

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  • Choong57

    Song used : "Sing" by Ed Sheeran
    ~Extracted from #28 & #64

    Part 15/32 : When Relatives Trots Around

    "It's gonna be risk for giving birth to her," replied Snowlight, worried.
    "Are you afraid of your body can't afford the baby's growth?" I asked again.
    "No. If the baby was also born as an Alicorn, my body can able to affort her growth because I'm also an Alicorn too. But what I'm actually worried about you and Pinkie more."
    "What do you… hold on, why are you still worried about me and Pinkie?"
    "I mean… you two did love each other, but both of you were different species. If you are still a unicorn, that won't have any problems, but now you became an Alicorn, which means your future children would likely influenced because of your current status."

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  • Fluffbrain

    I want to address an idea that this show seems to be pushing a bit far beyond what I consider to be its actual limits, which is that differences are important in a friendship. I assert that friendships are built exclusively on similarities, and that while differences can exist in a friendship, they can only be ignored or removed (by one or both parties changing).

    Let me give an example. I work with my friend managing a digital printing department. We first met by chance but quickly found that we had quite a bit in common in the way we process the world around us. When we converse, the topics that last the longest and are the most enjoyable to discuss are those we are both familiar with, or which lead to a mutual understanding. Of course, w…

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  • Dry63

    Well, the votes have spoken. Our winner for this series is Trixie as the minor villain that left a strong impression on the fandom. Come on, was there ever any doubt? But let's not forget the other minor villain who caused problems of their too. These honorable mentions left their mark too.

    ' ' '

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  • Spyro1996

    Much like with last fall's' "Legend of Everfree" Novel, my bookstore decided to release an MLP book early, and this time it was none other than the anticipated Prequel to the feature film. The book is released in a few days, so I recommend that you read it for yourself and come to your own conclusions. (It's a brisk 13-chapter read. You can do it.) That being said, I'll happily answer any questions some of you might have regarding the story. There may be some SPOILERS related to the MLP Movie, so read at your own risk.

    '                                         ':SPOILER ALERT:

    As for my thoughts on the book, I thought it was decent. The second half is much stronger than the first. Some of Tempest's backstory in the first few chapters feels a…

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  • EmpressYzma

    I just got this really complex idea for Season 8's premiere and I wanted to share it with y'all. It's surrounding Equestria and its fate overall, along with Twilight going through her own trials and tribulations along the way to save Equestria. This is a bit of a merge of some ideas, such as Chrysalis's return hinted by the Season 6 finale, along with the Russian Revolution, the Legend of Zelda; Breath of the Wild, and Super Mario Galaxy. Random, right? But the idea is pretty neat TBH. I also want it to be a 4-parter (this could mean 28 episodes for Season 8 and the 4-parter to either be split between 2 weeks or just all at once) so the story wouldn't be rushed.

    Part 1: The four-parter begins at Ponyville with Twilight waking up to lots of …

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  • Askfnaf

    Hello eyerypony

    July 28, 2017 by Askfnaf

    I am new to this wiki so let me tell about myself. I am a 12 year old Brony whose favorite character in the show is discord!I would like everyone to share their favorite character! Have a Hoof-Bump!

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  • StrawberryFlight

    These are my top 20 least favorite characters in the show. This is just my personal opinion. If you disagree with my list, that’s fine.

    Granny Smith is not that bad. I mean, I like her name and all. What I really don’t like though, is her voice. It’s hard to understand, and it sounds like a female version of Donald Duck. Kind of hard to believe she has the same voice actress as Princess Luna, let alone Rarity. Also, in the flashback in Where the Apple Lies, she did not look younger at all. She looked older than ever! I apologize to all of you who like Granny Smith. This is my own personal list, and just because I don’t really like Granny doesn’t mean she can’t be one of your favorites.

    Even though he is vain towards another one of my dislike…

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  • IsmaelandLuigi21

    As we know that they are a lot of announcers on Discovery Family (previously known as the Hub Network). Some of the characters did the promos for new episodes of My Little Pony such as Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. Some other announcers such as Townsend Coleman best known as the voice of Michaelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Josh Keaton best known as the voice of Spider-Man also did the promos for My Little Pony as well. Tell me what your favorite announcer from Discovery Family (previously known as the Hub Network).

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  • Smv19

    10. Rainbow Dash

    9. Applejack

    8. Twilight Sparkle

    7. Pinkie Pie

    6. Starlight Glimmer

    5. Fluttershy

    4. Rarity

    3. Princess Cadance

    2. Princess Luna

    1. Princess Celestia

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  • WrittenWord

    Mane 6 Set:
    Twilight - King
    Starlight - Queen
    Pinkie Pie - Knight
    Discord - Knight
    Rarity - Bishop
    Fluttershy - Bishop
    Rainbow Dash - Rook
    Applejack - Rook
    Spike - Pawns

    Starlight Set:
    Starlight - King
    Trixie - Queen
    Maud - Knight
    Discord - Knight
    Thorax - Bishop
    Sunburst - Bishop
    Twilight - Rook
    Spike - Rook
    Kites - Pawns

    Applejack Set:
    Applejack - King
    Big Mac - Queen
    Mr. Orange - Knight
    Mrs. Orange - Knight
    Babs Seed - Bishop
    Goldie Delicious - Bishop
    Granny Smith - Rook
    Applebloom - Rook
    Apples - Pawns

    Too Many Pinkie Pies Set:
    Pinkie Pie - All Pieces

    Pets Set:
    Angel - King
    Owlicious - Queen
    Tank - Knight
    Gummy - Knight
    Philomena - Bishop
    Tiberius - Bishop
    Winona - Rook
    Opalesense - Rook
    Boulder - Pawns

    Villains Set:
    Chrysalis - King
    Tirek - Queen
    Garble - Knight
    Diamond Dog - Kn…

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  • Dry63

    This is it fellow Bronies, the final round of the MLP Minor Villains Poll Series. Our final two have shown to be villains that not only posed as an obstacle for our protagonists, but they actually saw the error of their ways and changed, or at least toned it down to keep their friends. However, only one had the most impact on us all. After this, a Honorable Mention will posted as well as opinion polls that give your thoughts on the series. Now then, lets get our vote on.

    This poll will close on July 28th at 11:00 PM (EST) and, as always, feel free to comment.

    Trixie - 7 (WINNER)
    Diamond Tiara - 6

    MLP Minor Villians Poll by Dry63
    Series: Round 1 • Round 2 • Round 3 • Round 4 • Round 5

    Redemption Poll • Results

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  • FirePuppy

    Kathleen Barr and Kelly Sheridan stated that fan favorites Trixie and Starlight Glimmer will appear as cameos only in My Little Pony The Movie. D:>

    Which means, they're only gonna appear in 3% or less of the WHOLE film.

    link of proof =

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  • EmpressYzma

    Me (Yzma) as a Pony

    July 25, 2017 by EmpressYzma

    A simple blog to show off my Yzma pony. Or should I say, myself as a pony?

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  • JVJ

    Prince Blueblood is quoted in MLP season 1 as Princess Celestia's nephew, but I have to assume he is also Princess Luna's to the nth degree great grandson (separated by many generations). Luna married a male unicorn, and their descendants were considered part of Equestrian royalty. On the other hand, Blueblood could actually be Luna's son. That would imply Blueblood might be a semi-alicorn, meaning he ages almost as slowly as Celestia and Luna, but lacks wings.

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  • BiggestThomasFan

    Unlike the past blogs, this one will have two polls here. One for songs in the actual film, and another for songs from the animated shorts made with the film.

    See Also

    • Favorite Song from Season 1
    • Favorite Song from Season 2
    • Favorite Song from Season 3
    • Favorite Song from My Little Pony Equestria Girls
    • Favorite Song from Season 4
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  • Dry63

    And are down to our final three. All of them fair well in development and the fanbase. These villain may not have been ultra powerful, they made some sort of impact on our Mane 6 or CMC that made their lives miserable or at the very least annoyed them.

    As with the last series. This round will determine the Third Place winner here while the next and final poll will go up after this one. Now lets have a look at our final three.

    This poll will close on July 25th at 11:00 PM (EST). As always, feel free to comment.

    This traveling magician first boasted of her fake feats of magic and then, when exposed, she sought revenge on Twilight and Ponyville by enslaving them with the Alicorn Amulet. Although she intended to prove she was the best, the amulet c…

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  • Mega Sean 45

    Alright, brahs! Who's ready for the biggest episode of the season?! :D I say that because this is the episode everyone's been waiting for (other than A Royal Problem)! :D Before I start, I should say, THIS... this episode should've been the mid-season finale instead of Not Asking for Trouble! While that episode was indeed good, I don't think it was worthy of being a mid-season finale. This one does! It makes an amazing halfway point! Next season, hopefully we'll have 13 episodes, hiatus, then the last 13! But if the pattern continues, the hiatus'll probably start after episode 10! XD

    I also like the Apple's ways of having breakfast for dinner! My dad tried that out once for us! Since we need the energy more in the mornings, we have dinner f…

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  • Mega Sean 45

    Sup brahs? We're getting really close to the second half of the season! Even though the hiatus starts in this episode and the next one, it's nice to get a head start! Who knows? I might be busy by then, or maybe I won't! Since I have time on my hands now, I might as well do it! Time for our annual Discord episode of the year! This one's alot different from other ones! Let's give it a look-see! :D

    So like I said before, this is a very different Discord episode that's different from all the others! As Discord spent some time with his very first friend, Fluttershy, he actually thinks he takes advantage over her and wants to throw her one at his place instead! Could it be? Discord actually being selfless? He went out of his way just to make his…

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  • Choong57

    Song used : "Feels So Good" by Kelly Carvin
    ~This part is the original content.

    Part 14/32 : When Relatives Go Shopping

    "You will soon realize which place we would go!" I replied, grinning.
    We walk out from the subway's entrance then shocked, we saw the city has slowly reconstructed in the progress! "Hey, do you know Manehattan was destroyed by Lord Nike back in 4 months ago?" Snowlight ask me, but I said nothing.
    "I know it would makes you mad, but…" She continue to say before I stopped her. "Everypony in this city doesn't want to mention about that incident forever, including me as well. They know it was me who saved everypony's life, however… (sigh) I don't ever think this is such an accomplishment for my own…" Then I smiled.
    Snowlight fel…

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  • ImperfectXIII

    The My Little Pony panel took place at San Diego Comic-Con today, with -- all things considered -- fairly little fanfare (but I suppose that's to be expected without an actual clip for us to chew on). Nonetheless, Equestria Daily recapped what was revealed/discussed during the panel. What were you favorite tidbits about MLP that the panel revealed?

    And while we're on the subject of Comic-Con -- because Comic-Con covers much more than just MLP -- if you are following/attending this year's con, what have been your favorite announcements/reveals so far? Here are some of mine:

    • A new gameplay trailer for Steven Universe: Save the Light
    • A clip for Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling
    • A clip for Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie
    • A clip for Star vs. the Forces of E…
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  • Miipack603

    Hey everypony!  Darkblaze here with yet another blog post that technically already happened.  A while ago, I made a similar blog post in which I discussed my ten favorite characters from MLP, which were y opinions up to mid-Season 5. As we all know, as time changes, so do interests, and I felt it necessary to update my previous list by both removing certain characters and adding new ones and rearranging the order in which I rank them.  Without further or do, let's jump right in!

    Note:  This post pertains only to my favorite side/background characters.  I might rank the Mane 7 in another blog post, since I feel they deserve one to themselves.

    My first interaction with this character was listening to the animatic for "The Magic Inside," which,…

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  • StrawberryFlight

    These are my top 20 favorite characters in the show. This is just my personal opinion. If you disagree with my list, that’s fine.

    Princess Cadance is adorable, and so is . I also realized she has the same body design as Princess Luna as well as some other mares. I think that she and Shining Armor are the perfect married couple. Alicorn princesses are just so majestic and wonderful, which is why I love them so much. I just love Cadance, no question.

    To tell you the truth, I honestly think Gabby is the most optimistic character I have seen in a while. I honestly really love her voice and the way she talks. Even though Griffons can be a little nasty, I still kind of like them, especially Gabby. She’s cute, funny, and cheerful. My favorite line …

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  • EmpressYzma


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  • RiceWaffleFox

    As a complete and utter nerd with no life, one thing that has always puzzled me is the birth dates of the various ponies we've encountered in the show, especially the ones whose birthdays have been mentioned or shown in the show itself. However, today I have nailed down Twilight Sparkle's exact birthdate, using evidence from the show itself as well as from real life and Equestria Girls: Friendship Games.

    Taking a look at Twilight's calendar from the start of Friendship Games, we notice a few things. First of all, the current date (the day before the Friendship Games) is the 9th of an unknown month. Second, the month has a minimum of 30 days, as there is a birthday cake marking the 30th of that same month. And finally, we now know that Twilig…

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  • Dry63

    Here is what some of like to call the quarter finals. Here we have a an illusionist, rich girl, a cat beast, a Bronx-style pony, a griffon, and two brothers competing for the top spot in this Minor Villains Poll Series. Some of these characters have been redeemed but some of there vices just prevent from completely becoming good. Sometimes, however, that's is why we love them.

    This poll will close on July 22nd at 11:00 PM (EST). As Always feel free to comment.

    These ponies have redeemed themselves without fully changing who they are. Trixie is still self-absorbed at times while the Flim Flam brothers still take advantage of opportunity after taking down an equally greedy boss.

    Trixie - 8
    Flim & Flam - 4

    These baddies crave power but always had …

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  • Gracekim12

    Hi guys.

    I need some help, I want to include another villian that can make this special (Mirror Magic) even better in a short story of mine but i'm not sure what the villian should be called and the motivation etc.

    ​(Since Juniper was such a weak villian and all)


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  • Crimson "Valent" Azure

    Welcome to what I believe will be my most controversial blog yet. As you may or may not know from my negative-ish reviews of S6 and 7 episodes, I haven't been liking the way the show has been going. In fact, I've had this opinion as early as S4 having not liked the Tirek episode (seriously that IS the most overrated episode of all) and Equestria Games before it was a total letdown.

    Like KillRoy and Shadowgallade, I'm willing to fanon discontinuity Seasons 8 and beyond if they don't start shaping up. But that's not what we're here for. These are the episodes that among the cesspool of bad ones, managed to surprise me. Are they as good as classic episodes? (In most cases? No.) So you can call this a list of the surprisingly good season 5+ epi…

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  • IsmaelandLuigi21

    As I heard that there's a new promo for season 7 on Discovery Family earlier. I'm not sure if one of the mane six was the voiceover in it. I was thinking that the voiceover for the promo would be Townsend Coleman since he haven't been doing promos on Discovery Family for a long time. The short and extended version of the promo were uploaded recently.

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  • Spyro1996

    Something I thought about over on EQD, and thought I'd share my thoughts here to see if anyone else had anything to offer. Someone mentioned that they liked how Gilda returned in Season 5, and while it was initially exciting to see her again, I found her reformation and backstory kind of dumb and generic. I actually preferred the idea of Gilda being a one-time character. There was a great quote from Lauren Faust in the Elements of Harmony Guidebook regarding her stance on reforming villains. 

    "I think it's a double-edged Sword to reforming villains. It's good to see them come around, because it shows us that people can change and that if you find yourself making a mistake, you yourself can change and be forgiven. However, I also feel it's ac…

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  • Dry63

    You think you've seen the last of these villains? Not. This group of consisting of ponies, dragons, and griffons still has a chance for one to continue on in the series. This will be the only redemption round in this series. After that, all eliminations will be final.

    Following this round, the rest of the polls will the usual quarter, semi, and final rounds that eventually determine the third, second, and first place characters.

    This poll will close on July 19th at 11:00 PM (EST). As always, feel free to comment.

    Gilda - 6 (WINNER)
    Silver Spoon - 1
    Garble - 3
    Lightning Dust - 4
    Gladmane - 1

    MLP Minor Villians Poll by Dry63
    Series: Round 1 • Round 2 • Round 3 • Round 4 • Round 5

    Redemption Poll

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  • GoldenLine

    Earlier today, I was trying to get on the Newbie Dash article. I was on The Perfect Pear, at the bottom with the episode table. I hovered the cursor over the "expand" button next to season five... then spent the next few seconds legitimately wondering what season it was from. Of course, I very quickly remembered, but really, these seasons are just that equal in mediocrity.

    Also today, I was trying to recall what the CMC have done so far this season. I remembered a cold open where they ride a giant stone slab down a hill, pass by Starry Eyes, and come to a stop in front of some colt named Chipcutter, before encouraging him to design something from it, and he gets his cutie mark.

    I'm not joking when I say that I did not remember which episode th…

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  • Mega Sean 45

    Time for the third and final part of the Magic Trilogy! Juniper Montage has returned already, and she's eager to stop thinking about the Mane 7! Ain't so easy, is it? Looks like she now found a new job as an usher. Poor girl. I feel sorry for her. Also the premiere of the Daring Do movie is out ALREADY?! That's too soon! Movies need to take time through editing processes and all that! Should take about a year for it to officially be done after recording, so this seems way too soon for that. How did they do that? Magic! *snort snort* Oh, and look at that! Dave Polsky is back! Or is he? Did they get these episodes done way ahead of time?

    The main reason this episode is so good is Starlight Glimmer having her official EG debut! She looks prett…

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  • Mega Sean 45

    So we've reached the second part of the Magic Trilogy! So it seems that we have Rainbow Dash as the protagonist now, and as I expected would happen sooner or later, we have a Daring Do Movie! I actually thought it would become thing sooner or later, but in the main series, I didn't expect it for EG. Can't wait to see how it turns out! We didn't see Daring Do herself though, but we did get mention of AK Yearling multiple times. As it turns out in Dance Magic, she has a book as well as a movie now! I wonder if any movie is gonna be made in Equestria as well?

    So we got some continuation from Legends of Everfree with the necklaces with the Mane 7's unique powers! That goes to saying that it turns out they need them whenever they go! What are th…

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  • Mega Sean 45

    Of course the show needs to end someday, there's no doubt about that! Nothing lasts forever! But one thing I'm afraid of is the show ending prematurely, and there are still quite alot of questions that still need answering before the show ends for each character. Now I don't think ALL our questions will be answered before it ends, but I'm hoping some of the most important ones at least get answered! Some are more needed than others! The ones with the star on them are the most important questions that need answering!

    After this, feel free to comment below on the things you feel like that needs to be done before the series ends!

    • Needs an episode with AJ.
    • Needs an episode with Rarity.

    (Most of Twilight's arcs are completed, and there's always gon…

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  • Dianecat98

    So I just thought of something. If Friendship is Magic were to come to an end, maybe there could be a sequel show that would follow up it where it uses a new set of ponies to replace the Mane 6 because by then the Mane 6 would be too old to do more adventures as they now have new lives such as Twilight now being a mature princess. Also as now that the show has more fantasy and adventure elements in the recent Seasons after the third Season, the sequel show to FIM might increase it even more. So do you think this could be possible if My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic were to get a sequel series?

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  • StrawberryFlight

    Here are some ideas I have for the eighth season of the show. Enjoy.

    1. What Happened to the Crystal Heart? - The Crystal Heart is gone causing some serious issues in the Crystal Empire. The ponies are shocked to find out that Discord took the heart!

    2. Don’t Shy Away - Fluttershy befriends a pony who is even more shy than her.

    3. Friendship is Harder Than it Seems - Starlight Glimmer and Trixie have an argument and decide not to be friends anymore, and Twilight must help them become friends again.

    4. Timberwolf Trouble - A Timberwolf attacks Ponyville, and the Mane 6 have to stop it.

    5. Cutie Socks - A young filly named Sicksocks starts getting the Cutie Pox, which makes the Crusaders feel like failures.

    6. Hearts and Zebras - On Hearts and Hooves Day, Ze…

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