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  • Dry63

    Sunset Shimmer's First Lesson

    October 22, 2016 by Dry63

    I decided to start more short story scenes. This one is based of the scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where Harry meets Fawkes the phoenix. I thought about using Cadance or Twilight but Sunset seemed to fit better because of her comparing her reformation being like a phoenix.

    If Sunset sounds not as cruel you'd expect, it's because I'm attempting to show a Here it goes.

    (SUNSET SHIMMER is about to receive a book that PRINCESS CELESTIA claims will help will her with her studies. She escorted by TOP MARKS, a professor.)

    Sunset: I think I can find by way around this place.
    Top Marks: Her highness requested I do so. I can do nothing about it.
    Sunset: (Aside) of course you can't.
    Top Marks: You should consider yourself lucky. The Princes…

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  • MLP fluttershy

    This was the worse of the worse on equestria girl movies. I normally love these movies and will watch them at every chance but not this one. I regret wasting my Internet data on it. The only thing I liked was when it showed pinkie pie and what goes on in her head. Thats it. The rest was horrible. I related to gloria (don't know her name that well). She was the typical villain though, something they care about gets taken away and goes all pycho. Twilight wasn't the same in this movie. Flash fawned over a girl that has no clue who he is really. The story of gloria was horrible. 


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  • Mega Sean 45

    Phew! Last review of the season! I gotta say, this season was something unexpecting! Seems only yesturday that I was hyped to see The Crystalling! Now it was really difficult to avoid this episode during the early release because I wanted to watch Where the Apple Lies and Top Bolt before I watch this one, so I could feel like I had a nice closure to the story, but... it wasn't really much of a closure, this episode. Anyways, time to give my opinion on the season six finale!

    I figured it was gonna be a Starlight Glimmer episode from the start, and that the Mane Six weren't gonna do alot, but I didn't expect the ponies from Our Town to come back! They did forgive Starlight pretty quickly in The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2, but they invite her to c…

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  • ImperfectXIII

    Greetings, fellow Wikians! *sees Rallinale standing in the corner holding a barbed wire bat* ...I mean, Wiki-ites! ...That's... Ugh. That's terrible. I'm so sorry. Ahem! We continue our look at the EQG films in my (still totally original) "Let's Compare EQG" blog series by comparing the movies' writing. Which film had the best dialogue? The best jokes? The best drama, tension, or heartwarming moments? ...Or which plot had more holes in it than a cheese grater?

    Here's my own ranking:

    1. Rainbow Rocks: A vast improvement over the first film in almost every way, Rainbow Rocks did a splendid job of improving the writing that was established in the first Equestria Girls. Sunset Shimmer's post-redemption arc is engaging, resulting in a very satisfying pay…

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  • Choong57

    "Do not let the magic corrupts you, Bright!" yelled Pinkie Pie. "You must restrain some of your magic inside you!"
    Brighty tried to calm herself, but she is still corrupted by her overloaded magic, and this time her corruption is more worse than before. Suddenly, she shoot a magic beam to me, which I easily encounter it by using magic to rebound. During the fight, a memory flashed on my mind and I feel a spirit possessing me. Just then...
    "Arghhhh!!" She screamed. "My... my head!!"
    "Don't force to fight with her, Solunar!" Pinkie Pie remind me.
    "I know!" I said louder. "I just don't know how to calm her down..."
    Thorax appeared, and asked for joining me to help her withdraw the magic. I nodded, but I'm still worried about her...

    It seems that yo…

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  • Force Bender83


    October 20, 2016 by Force Bender83

    Welcome on and all to the official MLP shipping port. Here, you can post, dicuss and comment aon your favorite ship. All ships are accepted.

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  • Mega Sean 45

    Opinion on Top Bolt

    October 19, 2016 by Mega Sean 45

    Been really obsessed with Skyrim lately! That's why these reviews are taking a long time to do! But the season's over, so until the next season comes, I got plenty of time to do these reviews! But until then, here comes Top Bolt!

    I knew this would be a Twilight-Rainbow Dash Cutie Map episode from the start! But after seeing so many Rainbow Dash episodes this season, I thought it would be weird having yet-another Rainbow Dash episode this season! But hey, much like Rarity, you can't get too much of Rainbow Dash! Only too little of the other Mane Six! Not much Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy this season in that regard. Also we got ourselves a second Wonderbolt episode this season! I know alot of the fans don't seem to like them, but I do! It's not eve…

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  • Meester Tweester

    It will be held in Providence, Rhode Island on September 8th-10th, 2017.

    More info:

    It looks like it's a month before the MLP movie, and will feature MLP in some way.

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  • Jykale

    Please, read the whole blog before posting a reply.

    I've brought this up countless times already, but it bears repeating:

    Sunset Shimmer is supposed to be a main character in Equestria Girls, yet all the series has done so far is drag Sunset through the mud. Sure, Sunset has been able to enjoy the limelight now and then, but these instances don't come as much as they should. In fact, for every step up they go with her character, there's something else to bring her two steps back down. I'll explain why.

    In Equestria, Sunset could do a number of amazing things with her unicorn magic, and was a student of Princess Celestia. In the human world, she can't even levitate garbage off of the floor. And we're supposed to believe that she hasn't had any…

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  • Smv19

    Friendship is Magic-Grown Ups

    Buckball Season-Happy Gilmore

    Brotherhooves Social-Jack and Jill

    Testing, testing, 1,2,3,-Billy Madison

    The Cutie Re-Mark-Click

    A Canterlot Wedding-The Wedding Singer

    Hearts and Hooves Day-50 First dates

    Flutter Brutter-Big Daddy

    Equestria Games-The Waterboy

    Twilight's Kingdom-Pixels

    Family Appreciation Day-That's My Boy

    A Hearth's Warming Tail-Eight Crazy Nights

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  • Kinrah

    What the title says, really. Euphoria is now public on Fimfiction. Be prepared for copious amounts of Changeling headcanon.

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  • Choong57

    T2T III (5) : Gloomy Light

    October 18, 2016 by Choong57

    Song used : "In the Distance" by Hay Tea

    "Nothing, just thinking about the family who adopted you..." I replied to Bright Sky, shrugged.
    "Oh, she regreted. I almost forgot them..."
    "How about we have a trip to their home tomorrow? You may able to have a reunion with them..."
    "Really?" She surprisingly ask. "You're not gonna lied to me, right?"
    "I will take you to visit there," I sweared.
    "Thank you!" She exclaimed.
    "But first, I may need to got dad's permission before we visit their house."
    "Absolutely!" said Pinkie.
    We finally returned home, then rest at the main hall. During we rest, I saw something's not right on Brighty: her horn's aura was unusually glowing, and she got a serious headache.
    "My magic... uhhh!" She groaned.
    "What happen to her?" …

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  • TallTitan70

    Now for a different topic; what would it take for Discord to impress you if he either hasn't already or just did something to make you so disappointed with him (like his portrayal given by Neal Dusedau) nowadays? I obviously would like him to earn his own throne before Friendship Is Magic ends. And maybe even at the same time, change Starlight forever and spread his personality into her if that's what it took to properly turn her into his female unicorn counterpart/clone; like Discord 2.0. This may be an odd question for me to ask, but whether or not you have problems with him now, what would it take for him to be an even better character in your book whether or not he already (and still to this day) is? I especially ask this to those of y…

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  • MLP fluttershy


    October 18, 2016 by MLP fluttershy
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  • KillRoy231

    Season 7 blog

    October 17, 2016 by KillRoy231

    So, Season 7 is confirmed for spring.

    Do you think it'll be as good as previous seasons?

    Though some might argue they're running out of ideas (hence the Chrysalis return at the end of Season 6), I think it has a lot of potential and hope that doesn't get thrown away:

    • The Celestia episode we've all been waiting for
    • More episodes featuring Ember and Thorax as new leaders of dragons and changelings, who are the ponies' allies now
    • The obligatory Discord episode, and most of us can say Discord episodes have improved since Season 5
    • More Fluttershy episodes, since she hasn't really had her season to shine yet as the other Mane 5 have (don't need to go into detail on that again). When it comes to "favorite Fluttershy episodes" there's really not that ma…
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  • Applejack236

    Dear Iris. 

    I know you've lost chat MOD status. But why did you lose it? 

    I've been banned for a couple days.  But I will come back.  But I fell like your a friend. Even known I have been banned a couple times. But I always wait. Once my ban is over. I come back. 

    I'm sorry that you lost chat mod. 

    I wish you will get it back. 

    Applejack236 (talk) 23:25, October 16, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Creeperfan

    Yep. Today is my birthday in case you didn't know.

    While I am a bit stubborn over things, I just want to acknowledge something...

    First off, I would like to thank this fandom for all the fun we have.

    Second, and most sadly, Halloween is up in 2 weeks.

    But don't panic! I'm not officially over with the fandom. It's just that I won't be recognized as a brony because I don't feel like watching Season 7 and the MLP Movie.

    But hey! Wish me a happy birthday! Don't worry, in 15 days, I'll do a Halloween contest...and a goodbye least...

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  • HarryBerry

    As my professor told me that if people could breathe in water as well as in space, then everybody would have different skin colours like in Equestria Girls. 

    I guess this is gonna be the shortest blog ever?

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  • Rallinale

    Greetings, fellow Wikians! Welcome to the twenty-fourth blog of the Season 6 edition of the "Let's Compare" blog series! With the official US airing of Top Bolt, we'll be comparing the twenty-fourth episodes across the six seasons of the show.

    Here are the episodes:



    Green (Partially) Isn't Your Color Elemmmentary, My Dear Pinkie

    [Insert Misleading Title Here] Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping My Little Pony's Top Gun II

    All you have to do is rank these episodes in order from your favorite to your least favorite. If you want, you can also write up your thoughts on these episodes too.

    And now, a poll.

    How would you rank these episodes? Comment below and tell me what you think!

    One week left...

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  • InterGalaxtic03

    In MLP as a series all the episodes stand from amazing and highly entertaining to drop dead annoying episodes that stand no weight to the other stellar episodes that the staff has made but what glues the good and the bad together are the episodes as a bunch they stick together normally into 26 episodes (we'll get to that). From the episodes you'd think it would be easy to detect the good from the bad but some seasons have jaw dropping amazing episodes to ones that are so agrivating. The good episodes stand out but the bad episodes stand out even more becuase there are more good than bad so when there are bad it sticks out like a head injury! But I have deviced my favourite seasons to be honest this could change, Season 7 is right around th…

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  • Choong57

    "Those keys are so beautiful..." I said.
    "Yeah..." they said.
    "Well, I accept those keys and all of your friendships. We are now be friends again!"
    "Yay! Thank You!" They cheered.
    "You guys can visit my house anytime from now on. I just reunited with my family, and my house were now livelier." As I said that, I had given my house address to my friends.
    "Okay, we will visit your house at anytime. Bye Solunar!" They said goodbye to me, and I waved my hoof and say goodbye to them.
    "It's adorable..." I whispered.
    At the meantime, Bright Sky walks out from the saloon with her new look. When I turn around and look at her, I realize her front mane has changed, and that style looked similiar to Applejack or something...
    "Are you... my lovely Bright Sky?"…

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  • Fluffbrain

    Thoughts on Season Six

    October 16, 2016 by Fluffbrain

    Welp, time to start writing about season six…

    In my honest opinion, season six of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was pretty awful in comparison to the rest of the series. In many fields, such as voice acting, the difference between a professional and most other people is that the former has spent years learning about and practicing the many subtleties that make for a quality performance. The work of a professional is seamless in that the audience automatically attributes the voice to the character on-screen instead of to an actual person in a studio somewhere trying feebly to get into character, an image that amateur work usually brings to mind. I feel this is an apt analogy to how I felt about season six – not in the show’s actual voi…

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  • Creeperfan

    1 year ago

    October 15, 2016 by Creeperfan

    1 year ago, I listed some of my worst episodes ever. 1 year later...

    I still feel like NOTHING changed at all.

    I have a huge amount of backlash from users and users.

    And nothing changed.

    I'll work more on this blog brb.

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  • Spyro1996

    Season 1: Ranked

    October 15, 2016 by Spyro1996

    Time to conclude this series. (for the moment) Season 1 is still one of my favourites, and it might've been my favourite season it weren't for a few exceptional S2 episodes. (P.S I really enjoy every episode on this list, including Suited For Success.)

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  • ImperfectXIII

    Now that most of you have had the chance to absorb the new Equestria Girls film, I'm ripping Rallinale off-- I mean, taking a page out of Rallinale's book and doing something a little different in how I give my thoughts about the film series thus far. I call it "Let's Compare EQG" (because originality is everything).

    Over the course of the next few weeks, I (and hopefully some of you as well) will be ranking the four films in order of your favorite to least favorite/best to worst/best to least-best/least-worst to worst/etc. based on a few categories: "story", "writing", "characters", etc. As with Rallinale's own "Let's Compare" series of blogs, you may feel free to write a few detailed thoughts on each subject for each film if you want to.


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  • Choong57

    "Why are you going to saloon?" I ask.
    "Well, my mane seems grew too much," she lied. "But I guess it's pretty confortable mane style, even everypony get confused between me and mother..."
    "I may suggest you to have a mane-cut."
    "Huh? She shocked. "Why? You know I like this mane style..."
    "Sometimes, you need to have a new look, but after a mane cut and look at the mirror, you may feel more refreshingly than before. Plus, you already decides to go to the saloon..."
    "I did said that, but what if..." she start to say before I beat up to it. "Don't worry, Pinkie Pie will follow you to the saloon, I'm just... waiting at outside."
    That makes her more confused, then nodded. After some thoughts, we walks out from house and went on to the saloon. While …

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  • FakhrurRozi72

    Welcome to the Final Round of "Dub Battle" folks!

    Recently, English original was won on the Finals of the Main Bracket, while European-Portuguese and Danish dub were eliminated on this tourney.

    And thats it, fellow Wikian's. English versus Japanese.

    While Japanese dub only dubbed S1, S2, EqG movies and the songs (except "Art of the Dress", "The Heart Carol", "Love is In Bloom", "Winter Wrap Up" and any of Equestria Girls songs), English original is very popular and has the highest total votes in this tourney.

    Sorry, I don't know any further research about both original and Japanese.

    Alright! Voting is now ended.

    Besides me, only had the two comments on this tourney.(the first one is from Round 2a)

    English - 1

    Japanese - 4

    Congratulations Japanese d…

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  • Fluffbrain

    Well, it’s been exactly a year since I watched my first episode of MLP:FiM, which calls for a candid and wistful recollection. I was going to couple this with my thoughts on season six, but that’s been taking longer than I anticipated (mostly from the effort to make it short enough while covering everything in mind) and also I’ve been much busier this last week than normal, so it seems they will be separate.

     I watched season five first, starting with Castle Sweet Castle; I remember being fairly unimpressed until Spike’s line “man, this place looks terrible!” which, though not a particularly strong joke, took me somewhat off guard (I had fairly low expectations) and landed enough interest to keep me watching. I remember earlier that day dec…

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  • GoldenLine

    Fluttershy's Lament

    October 14, 2016 by GoldenLine

    I'm currently listening to this song for the umpteenth time.

    The repeat count says "1592 Repeats".

    One thing I don't get though: When you search for the song on YouTube, why do you have to go through COUNTLESS videos just to find the original?

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  • KillRoy231

    A quick message

    October 13, 2016 by KillRoy231

    I'd just like to say something quickly

    I know I've been making a lot of comments lately, and some of them have been a little bitter or negative, though every comment I've made since TWABA came on has stayed, and I appreciate your patience

    The reason for some of these comments is because, we have to wait five months for Season 7, and we don't know when in the season Chrysalis will return (or if it'll be the movie), by my calculcation the season will end in October 2017, and when she does, we don't know how that episode will end (will she continue to run away every time?), and furthermore, I'm afraid they might do the one thing I'd been dreading most, more than the Chrysalis survival, and take away one of the two biggest things they did for me…

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  • Dawnlight Glimmer

    New Album!

    October 13, 2016 by Dawnlight Glimmer

    As of Today (10-13-16) you can go to: to download my album and donate... or not i made it free (KEY WORD:FREE!!!) so if you dont wanna donate( and i dont blam you) go ahead and download it! free of charge


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  • CosmoStar24

    Starlight & Sunset

    October 13, 2016 by CosmoStar24

    After season 6, I always had a feeling that Starlight Glimmer is the next Sunset Shimmer in Equestria while the original Sunset Shimmer is with the Equestria Girls franchise. There are signs of many similarities between the two characters despite being in different franchises and different life styles.

    They both began their lives as ponies living in Equestria. Both of them were unicorns with great magic skills. Those two share a dark past. Sunset Shimmer was once Princess Celestia's star pupil before Twilight Sparkle, but when she didn't get what she wanted like being a princess, she turned evil and abandoned her studies. After that, she ran away from Equestria through the magic mirror leading into the human world and attended Canterlot Hig…

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  • Choong57

    The Two Thrones III (2)

    October 12, 2016 by Choong57

    "Dad, I would like to have nature walk around the roadway nearby my house," I said. "Would you join in?"
    "Sure," He nodded. "I have something to talk with you too."
    When having our walk, I ask about why he describe me as a special pony. He reply to me that he can see potentials from me since I was born. He also saids that I'm just not realize it during these days. That is why he wrote that message to talking about me.
    "Dad..." I shrugged. "If we didn't separated apart, we may consider to be the best father and son in Equestria, but because of my hates on you are still remains inside my heart, so..."
    "You don't need to blame yourself, my son..." he interrupted. "You actually can take some times to push your hatred from me aside, I truly owe my…

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  • Mega Sean 45

    So I already got an early start and made some fake season 7 synopsises and some fake titles! I don't want to share my summaries yet, I want to write the rest of my reviews first, but for now, how about I'll give you the titles I made up, and you can give me summaries for them! If you want to, it's all in good fun! I'll post my summaries in a separate blog post later on.

    • Caving In - Part 1
    • Caving In - Part 2
    • The Name of the Blossom
    • The Seed of Truth
    • Rainbow Rescued
    • Most Excellent Princess
    • Scorpan Sign
    • Cakewalk
    • Teacher's Assistant
    • Little Farm of Horrors
    • I, Cyclops
    • The Manehattan Project
    • One Flew Over the Scootaloo Nest
    • Daring Do: The Motion Picture
    • King Thorax
    • Crush Depth
    • The Green Apple
    • Lord of the Sings
    • Be Our Guest
    • Windy with a Chance of Lightning
    • Crouching P…
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  • Smv19

    Villain Ranking

    October 12, 2016 by Smv19

    1. Tirek

    2. King Sombra

    3. Flim Flam Brothers

    4. Boy Bullies

    5. Diamond Dogs

    6. Nightmare Moon

    7. Garble

    9. Dr. Caballeron

    9. Ahuizotl

    10. Gladmane

    11. Wind Rider

    12. Mane-iac

    13. Discord

    14. Spoiled Rich

    15. Suri Polomare

    16. Svengallop

    17. Trixie

    18. Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, and Babs Seed

    19. Queen Chrysalis

    20. Starlight Glimmer

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  • Creeperfan

    Hahaha! No Rarity tonight! And guess what? This episode pretty much was good. I mean, it's not the greatest.

    Now if I were Applejack, I would not lie to anyone. But the element of honesty decides to lie about Granny Smith being sick and all of that. While it may seem concerning considering that Applejack is always honest, this was before the elements got out of hand.

    There were some downs though. The introduction of the episode was just Apple Bloom giving Filthy Rich apple cider instead of zap apple jam. That was unappealing.

    In other words, here is my final review:

    Writing: 7/10
    Character: 9/10
    Comedy: 7/10
    Replay value: 8/10
    No-Rarity: 10/10

    Final score: 9/10

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  • Spyro1996

    Season 2: Ranked

    October 12, 2016 by Spyro1996

    My favorite Season. 

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  • Mega Sean 45

    Sup brahs? Guess who's back? Yep! Hurricane Matthew did not directly hit us, so everything alright! Was there any doubt though? ;) It doesn't hurt to be too prepared though. Ok I got three reviews to make for each of these remaining episodes, so let's start off with this one!

    So it's an Apple family episode! Every season's gotta have one! Some time to shine with Applejack, Big Mac, Granny Smith, and Apple Bloom! Only difference is, Apple Bloom didn't do much. She started up the plot though but didn't get many appearances. It's quite upsetting that the Cutie Mark Crusaders didn't get a chance to all have an appearance at the very end of the season. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo's last appearance this season was The Fault in Our Cutie Marks whi…

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  • FakhrurRozi72

    Welcome to the another "Dub Battle" folks!

    Previously, Japanese dub is going to the "True Finale", while Greek and Korean are eliminated on this tourney.

    And, the tourney is nearly over. So, check it out!

    Besides Danish's "Say Goodbye to the Holiday" has "Lie in cool Hell" at 1:58 and "Shake Your Tail" song has "Stop that lose" misheard lyrics. In "You'll Play Your Part" dubbed song, They sing slightly weak.

    In "Apples of the Core" of European-Portuguese dub, Granny Smith sounds like she has low octave. and "Cafeteria Song" has "Butt too ban toll cow gear dot" at 2:33.

    Alright! Voting is now over. Here are the results.

    European-Portuguese - 1

    English - 3

    Danish - 0

    It's predicted.. Fellow Wikian's. The English vs. Japanese dub folks. Then, Danish a…

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  • Gemmygod

    WARNING: This blog contains spoilers for the season 6 finale! If you do not wish to view my review and thoughts on this episode until the episode itself airs in the US on October 22, please proceed back to the previous page! You have been warned!

    I just got to take a look at the season 6 finale "To where and back again", and let me just say, HOO-WEE! That was one heck of a roller coaster ride! Where do I even begin? From the starting point of part one of course!

    We see Twilight, Starlight, and Spike taking boxes filled with old books from the attic (Question, since when did the castle of friendship have an attic?) when suddenly, Twilight notices Spike looking out the window, unsure of what he sees. Then we see Derpy zipping right into the ca…

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  • Spyro1996

    Season 3: Ranked

    October 10, 2016 by Spyro1996

    One of the more underrated Seasons if you ask me. Quite a few gems. 

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  • Ponydreamer 2.0


    October 10, 2016 by Ponydreamer 2.0

    Heyo. First off, I'd like to say that I'm really sorry for how I've acted on this wiki in the past, especially when I first came on as a new user. I was inexpirienced (I probably still am) and I was just looking for attention, even though I denied it at the time. Second, I would like to apologize for supposedly "leaving" the wiki a bunch of times. The truth is, I was going through some hard stuff at that time and wasn't sure if people actually cared if I existed or not, so I expirimented by saying I was leaving. I was very depressed and had some issues with self-ham at that time, but it's all good now.

    Thanks for reading this, have a good day :)

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  • KRQC Linguist

    Hello, bonjour, etc., everypony.

    Today, October 10, 2016, marks the 6th anniversary of the first episode of the show that we all like, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. So I would like to say: HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY MLP FIM!! 10/10/10-10/10/16

    And also, for those of you who are Canadian like me, Happy Thanksgiving! (and happy Columbus Day if you are American I guess…)

    Well, time for me to get back to homework now :V

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  • Choong57

    6th anniversary of MLP:FiM
    Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM!

    ––Season III (The Final Season) : Re-Claim––

    ///Chapter XIV : Reunites

    That night I lack of felling asleep due to a nightmare about my friends, so I repeatedly rolled over my bed or counting sheep, but it's still not working.
    "Ugh, why I got insomnia during this middle of the night..." I frustrated.
    Because of struggles to sleep, I woke up and leave the room. When I open the entrance door, I saw my father sit at outside the house. I walked out, and sits at his side.
    "Solunar?" He worried. "Aren't you already fell asleep?"
    "No, dad..." I replied. "I'm just hard to get sleep."
    "Oh, I see..."
    "What are you looking at?" I ask.
    "I'm looking at stars," said Crimson.
    Soon he was surprised when he saw I hav…

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  • TallTitan70
    They're the worst of the worst. Seriously though, they didn't have to be this bad... Welcome to another Super Mario Brony blog page, and today I'll be reduxing another post of mine: The Top Ten Worst Episodes of Friendship Is Magic. This time, they're all from from Seasons 1-6. For this list, I'm doing my list of the episodes I consider to be the very worst now that my opinion has changed more and more now that we're past Season 6. I won't be redoing my list of the Top Ten All TIme Best Episodes until either my Number 1 favorite changes or when the show comes to an end (even if my Number 1 favorite doesn't change at that time). If some of your personal favorites or least favorites don't make this list, don't complain cause this is just me c… Read more >
  • Spyro1996

    Season 4: Ranked

    October 10, 2016 by Spyro1996

    It's that time again. 

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  • MLP fluttershy

    Ok, we got a good look at young Aj with those pigtails and big Mac with ruffled mane. How sweet and cute. However, their parents never appeared in this episode or were even mentioned, but Appl loom hasn't been born yet. How was she born without her parents in the picture? 

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  • TallTitan70
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  • Rallinale
    (Arguably, this quote fits with Where the Apple Lies much better than the actual Rashomon episode.)

    Greetings, fellow Wikians! Welcome to the twenty-third blog of the Season 6 edition of the "Let's Compare" blog series!

    Wow, what a week we had! With the early airing of the season finale in the UK, it's been a pretty busy time for the fandom (at least, the side of the fandom that doesn't wait until the US airing). We'll focus on that two-parter when the episode has aired in the United States. In the meantime, let's focus on the most recent episode to air in the US by comparing it with the other 23rd episodes of the series.

    Here are the episodes:



    As If Rainbow's Ego Can't Get Any Bigger... TMZaaaay!!!
    (We're really importa…

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  • Guildmaster Grovyle


    • Friendship is String Theory (Star Swirl)
    • For the Changelings ride fast! (The Swarm)
    • Les Sylphides (The Two Sisters)
    • The Crystalling was an inside job! (April Fools 2016)

    I bid you welcome, . Here I am with another original theory about the workings of the magical land of Equestria. However, this one is not truly limited to Equestria—in fact, the scope of today's subject is significantly greater than the kingdom's borders. Today I will discuss machinations on such a scale that even the majority of the princesses simply cannot be aware of them.

    In a previous blog, I concluded that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are, in all but name, sylphs. I only write these blogs for my most solid theories, and I believe that one certainly meri…

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