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    Hub shutting down

    September 21, 2014 by Ghostkaiba297

    So it's come to light that The Hub is shutting down near the end of this year, before Season 5 comes on in 2015. So MLP will be moved to another channel, like Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon.

    Now I know from previous experience that when Winx Club moved to the Nickelodeon channel, Season 3, which had RAI and 4Kids dubs, was redubbed in Nickelodeon. Season 4 (which also had a RAI version) was dubbed in Nick as well. And I think they dubbed Seasons 5 and above. I do not think they dubbed Seasons 1 and 2, leaving that version incomplete since neither the RAI nor 4Kids episodes can be consistent (what with Layla's name being "changed" to Aisha as in the Italian version). Dragonball Z was dubbed in Ocean, just like MLP. But when it moved to Carto…

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    Mlp = grief

    September 20, 2014 by Aiden11271

    Just for the filly things they are just tales on how to earn a cutie mark

    This theory is that mlp cast is dead

    Twilight denial: lesson zero

    Flutter shy anger:putting your hoove down

    Applejack and rainbow dash bargaining: super speedy squeezy 3000

    Rarity depression: sister hooves social

    Pinkie pie acceptance: every episode she accepted her fate and acts all happy

    Aging is the time they have been dead

    And the other ponies are souls of the dead ponies

    And the villains are demons

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    September 20, 2014 by Thenmark2
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    This is an issue which as bugged me for a long time, and I need to get this off of my chest.

    In My Little Pony Equestria Girls, Twilight Sparkle had a love interest from the human world, Flash Sentry. Ever since then, fans have been thrashing the tar out of him, but why? Personally, I strongly disagree with a lot of people out there. What makes a character hated? Let's see...

    • Gilda - She made Fluttershy cry by screaming in her face. (I still like the episode despite that one scene.)
    • Diamond Tiara - She very much bullies the Cutie Mark Crusaders and is nothing more than a shallow brat.
    • Prince Blueblood - He treated Rarity like she was dirt, and he used her as a shield to avoid the flying cake.
    • Garble - He mocked Spike for not being a real dragon and…
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    Hello bronys / Pegasisters

    September 19, 2014 by Starflok

    Name : // Nikki Starflok Sparkle

    Type : // Alicorn

    Age (As a Pony ) : // 31

    Part of Family : // Luna (mother) Cadence (sister) Rainbow shine (cousin) Celestia (aunt)

    power (Ability) : // Stars..


    I had this oc from 2013 september

    heres a link of how she looks like…

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    Furious Flyer Dashie

    This is something I think about whenever Rarity, Pinkie, and Fluttershy hang out, and Applejack and Rainbow Dash hang out. Whenever they split up and Twilight isn't there, they seem at home with there friends. What was life like for them before Twilight showed up?

    Well, here's my head cannon, BOMBS AWAY!

    Twilight's life isn't much to speak on, she was a typical school filly with a brother she looked up to and had little time with "friends". =No friends

    Rainbow moved from Cloudsdale to Ponyville and took on a job as a weather pony. Perhaps because she controls weather, Applejack had met her, because she is a farmer. One the topic, Rainbow Dash really like Sweet Apple Acres cider, she has always liked it, and it sounded like she has been trying…

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    Yoshida Tadayoshi

    Another game, and we did not have any of these since a long time.


    When a below user posts, just say a lie about them (if it is secretly a truth, edit that lie)

    Person 1: *posts*

    Person 2: Person 3 posted first (did not actually)

    Person 3: Your username is Person 1 (actually is Person 2)

    and so on with the lies.

    Alright, let us start! (I start by making a lie about myself)

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    Title says it all

    Rainbooms OR Dazzlings?

    I prefer Dazzs for best songs.

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    Furious Flyer Dashie

    So season 5 is going to be an actual thing! Wow! Well, while this is a very good thing, this is also a very dangerous thing. We often know that shows are good in their mid running, and the longer they run the more flat they become. But we don't know MLP's mid run because it isn't done yet. I have high hopes for the new season, my biggest being episode 100 and Rainbow Dash and/or Applejack getting a full solo. Mainly because I am a huge Hey! Ocean fan. So, without further adue, my season 5 wish list:

    1. I really hope that they get to explore more of the country. It would be nice to see Las Pegasus and more of fabulous Manehatten! 2. Music music music! We need more of it, because this show does it up right! I love the soundtrack and think the…

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    Ok, so i was told today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so... Ahoy mateys! How ahhr all ye doin? I be comin back to th' Chat on me ship, The SS.Shad! But that will be a long voyage, landlubbers! So i hope ye all be awatin my return! AHHR! You are a pirate! XD

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    September 18, 2014 by Naguilar

    I love is it here on this wiki it is so fun the people here are so is so awesome here they are all MLP lovers.

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    Friendship is hard

    September 18, 2014 by Naguilar

    Dear princess celesta I have learned that friendship is hard to learn.but I have made lots of friends and I am so glade that I have to be passant with friendship. That is what I learned in friendship this week.

    --- Naguilar

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    Being Bored.

    September 18, 2014 by AyumiYukki

    I'm bored EVERYDAY. I don't really know what to do in life sometimes. Which is shamefull for me. *Tear Tear* Some things that can make my bored go away, is sometimes reading, videogames, and school work. I'm a nerd yes.  c: I crossdress and put it on instagram sometimes! :D It sews me... ~3~ I take them selfies wit ma friends when i'm bored too. I have a life, Trust me.

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    Mega Sean 45

    My pony YouTube page, which differs from my primary and secondary YouTube pages, I can't do much when it comes to story, but I've been making alot of parodies MLP music. So far I made a parody for Babs Seed, Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know), Cutie Mark Crusaders Song, and as for Battle of the Bands and Art of the Dress they are in development right now. Art of the Dress, script not done, and Battle of the Bands, I cannot find an instrumental to. These parodies aren't ordinary parodies, these are parodies that Weird Al could make if he were making pony music. Anyways, this is the link to my pony YouTube page: Flare Gun. If you wanna see my machinimas though, the links to my primary and secondary pages are in the 'other chan…

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    On the third anniversary of the day I became a brony (September 18th), I shall ask for predictions on the next upcoming MLP, and the last to be released in 2014: Rainbow Rocks.

    What we know:

    • Twilight will return to the human world
    • Sunset Shimmer is reformed
    • "Demon" is canonized for her creature demon form
    • Adagio Dazzle is main villain with her minions Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk, and has some sort of plan to suck some sort of energy from people
    • "Battle of the Bands"
    • Shake Your Tail won't be featured (if what I heard is true)
    • Chrysalis and her changelings will not appear

    So, what are your predictions?

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    Mega Sean 45

    Hasbro is cutting ties with the Hub it would seem.

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    This is bacicly the same thing as the braping game except you say poof instead of some words so i will explain (for people who havent tried the braping game)

    i poofed to the kitched and after i poofed to the living room to poof some poof then i went to poof.

    okay thats how you do it.

    okay there isnt any rules except no being mean and stuff

    So im having fun at my new school!

    new friends, easyer work (fo me dat is), easyer classes. ahhh! im having a fun time :3

    Before anyone goes to the dictionary and asks what brap means i didnt mean it as a dictionary word and it was just a word my brothers gf said with me and stuff.

    okay now have fun!

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    Hey everyone.

    I'm gonna be offline for a week or so, maybe even longer.

    I have some stuff I need to think about for a while. The stuff I currently like to do, I don't know if it's actually what fits me, or if it's driven by jealousy and pride.

    Therefor I need some time to myself. Just thinking about what I'd like to do makes me feel too depressed.

    So I'm just gonna back off for some time.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Yoshida Tadayoshi

    Well guys, I've seen people with videos embedded on their profile pages, images on their backgrounds etc. etc, but can you guys help me how to do these stuff?

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    Message From Shad

    September 16, 2014 by Flutterbutter

    So guys, today Shadow sent me a message asking me to tell you this-

    Turns out my internet won't be up until the second week of the school holidays. :( I will miss all you guys on the chat, Can you tell everyone on Chat that? I will come back soon, so hang tight, ok?

    Thanks for reading. Flutter The Butter 23:59, September 16, 2014 (UTC)

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    Voice: Frank Welker (although he dosn't speak, other then grunts and groans)

    Species: Elephant (African)

    Sex: Male

    Height: 3.30 metres (10.9 ft)

    Tusk Length: 1.8–2.6 m (9 ft)

    Weapons: Tusk's, Strength, Trunk

    Pesonaility: Always Angry, Tramples anything, anypony and anyzebra he see's

    Apperance: Grey wrinkly skin, Blood Shot Eyes,  Left Broken Tusk

    Home: Land Of The Zebra's (SouthEast of Equstria)

    Weakness: Can be scared by loud noises (simialer to how elephants can easliy spooked by loud noise's), Rainbow Power

    Discrption: Little is known about Mbaya, other then he lives in the jungle's of The Land Of the Zebra's, but sometimes enter's the Savahna to eat, Long after the dfreat of Discord, Lord Tirek, King Sombra, Sampa (first time i ever put a F…

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    Children of the light

    September 16, 2014 by Raritylunacelest

    Everyone loves princess luna. Including me, I think she is SO AWESOME and i hope she stays that way till the end of time. I'm definitley a child of the night. ; ) Get it? Any way But I also LOVE Celestia  as well. I don't know why people hate her. ( Please don't get mad.) Celestia is beautiful , kind , loving and powerful. So seriously what is the deal? I don't mean to offend anyone . I'm sorry if I am, truly . I just think Celestia  needs more love. ( again please don't get mad) She deserves all the love just the same as the princess of the night. So WHAT DO YOU SAY? Let's be children of the light!  Comment on your thoughts on this and please no rude ones or you  will be reported. C'mon guys ! Celestia is awesome and you know it! : ) Unti…

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    Obviously clean metal, seeing as Hasbro wouldn't dare play something like "Down with the Sickness" in My Little Pony. But with a scene as epic as the fight between Twilight and Tirek, or when the mane 6 turn discord to stone, metal just seems appropriate. I'm not suggesting something as heavy as Fear Before The March Of Flames, but something like Three Days Grace or Korn would be pretty good. Obviously since it is my favorite band, I'd want Hasbro to insert some Disturbed in MLP, but I doubt that they ever would. There is some Disturbed music that could be considered though, clean songs like "Decadence", "Perfect Insanity", or "Indestructible",and other clean songs. Nearly the whole Asylum album is clean except for "Serpentine" and "The In…

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    Creepy derp101

    Tirek Origins

    September 16, 2014 by Creepy derp101

    originaly when g1 of mlp came out there was a half pony half monkey thing that had wanted power and stole from the ponys and in the end of s4e25 tirek does the same thing.\

    So the hole brother thing is totally of tirek's so called "brother"is acutully his servent in g1 so they totally destrod the fact that tirek never had a "Brother".

    But why stop there?Season 4 ended with a boom but there are still many evil beings that can be used like the purple sluge like then from g1.And at this point it looks like mlp is using old characters hence the fact faust used to watch mlp g1.There can always be more seasons.

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    Spike the Dragon

    Va Va Voom (a game)

    September 16, 2014 by Spike the Dragon

    Hi, I made a new game up: This is how it goes:

    What would you do if the below user was a baby and you had to take care of them?


    User 1:.

    User 2:I'd hold you

    User 3:I'd snuggle you

    Get it?

    Have fun!

    Note to any admins: If the title is not suitable for the wiki, then change it to "Bad Romance".

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    So yeah it's been 15 days since a new chapter. The reason: the writing style I had to use for this particular chapter that I have never used before. Anyway I hope your ready for a crossover. UnknownProdigy style.

    This fanfiction is a loose retelling of an actualblog created by the Candlekeeper, called Hurt/Heal. This fanfiction contains foul language, violence, and decent amounts of blood. If you are under the age of 13 you should not read this. Read at your own risk. Doctor Who is property of BBC and all of it's characters are also their property. I do not claim any of the characters as my own.

    (Unknown's POV)

    Chaos. That’s the only word I could describe the whirling mass of ponies saw as I once again dive into a terrible, bloody battle betw…

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    I don't get why many people say that it's her worst season so far. Yes Rainbow Falls is a terrible episode and without doubt her worst episode in the entire show, and even I hate that episode so much.... but other than that? She was fine in Daring Don't, she was great in Testing Testing, 1, 2, 3, and in many episodes she wasn't the protagonist she was great as well (Flight to the Finish, Pinkie Pride and Maud Pie) or she didn't do anything of bad.

    I won't lie, in a first moment even I thought that this wasn't a good season for her, but then I realized that she had more good moments than bad ones, maybe I and others were blinded by our deep hate for Rainbow Falls.... what do you think?

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    The Real SilverSpoon

    I've got a theory. It's about Rainbow Rocks and the new villains.

    Aria is the purple one, right? Well anyway, the purple one said that she was "sick of fast food" and that she "needs a real meal". Were they talking about actual food, or do they feed from the magic generated from arguments and hate? If so, this is kind of like the changelings and the windigos, except they feed from love and anger, respectively. So tell me what you think about this theory, and feel free to tell me any other theories you have about the upcoming movie.

    Oh, and are you excited? I know I am! (fangirl squeal)

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    Captain Shining Armor

    A couple of days ago I saw a blog post, and heaps of people seemed to hate "Baby Cakes". Well my question is, why? What's wrong with it? People said "ew" to it. But the twins didn't vomit or anything... or did they? Ghostkaiba297 said something about a dark scene in that episode, but I've only watched it once or twice, and I've never noticed much bad about it. So feel free to tell me your reasons

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    So today, 9/15/14, 8 users have left the My Little Pony Chat asking themselves to be banned. This isn't some blog of outrage, but instead one that remebers those users, most of which were close friends of mine. Since they're not banned from the wiki, they should be able to view this post.

    Jorge "Button Mash" Esquivel- Jorge, you're one of my olderst wiki friends and one of the coolest guys I know. You've been through a lot here over the course of 1 1/2 years. It was a good run man and I had a lot of fun with you during it. I'm going to miss you dearly and I feel without you, this wiki won't be as fun.

    Maddness- Madden, you are by far one of my closest online friends. I'm going to miss you A LOT and hope we can remain in contact with each othe…

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    Cheap jimi

    chat problems ?!?

    September 16, 2014 by Cheap jimi

    i am unable to go on chat on my school computer for an unknown reason and can knowownly get on my xbox at 4 'oclock at sydney standerd time D: i see thows who can talk then then, otherwise leave messeges on my talk page for any questions and known time where abouts

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    Hey everyone.

    I do have a Pony OC made, named Zee(I named him after my first initial). I plan on doing that on deviantART first.

    I would like to do that on Youtube too, but I need a proper mic first. And maybe better skills and a new computer as well.

    Also I'm gonna be entering College soon. I plan to go for "Media Broadcasting", so I look forward to that in the next two years.

    I already posted pics of Zee on deviantART, so if you can, check it out.

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  • 14

    Hey bros! Well, i know i haven't been on chat. The reason is because chat doesn't work at my school somehow. So i can only come on chat when i get home form school and in the weekends. :( However, school holidays are coming up so YAY! XD I'll be on late Friday, or on Saturday or Sunday. Got some school tests to do. Wish me luck, everypony! ^3^

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    1.Spike Development 2.Culture Clash 3.Comedy 4.Some guys who know when it's time to start swinging 5.Show not such a black and white view on Dragons

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    It's been down for the last two days. Is ANYONE Working on it

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    What's Up?

    September 14, 2014 by Coolautiz

    Hey everyone.

    I'm just creating this just to have everyone get to know me.

    I've already seen one of the users here on DeviantART, so I figured I'd start a blog here.

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  • 7


    September 14, 2014 by Chaosstorm137

    hi i'm new here and i would like to know who all is excited for equestria girls2 and mlp season 5!!!!!

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    666 Rebels of Discord

    I have done some thinking latley, and I think my time is done here. Somehow, someway, I was either manipulated, hacked, or my grandma was playing an evil trick on me, for I am now banned. Spending the last year and a half here was good, and I am glad to have made so many new friends here. Truly the best experience ever. I will of course still stay on Skype. But my time here, is done. See y'all. 

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    Cutie Mark Crusader Craver

    Okay, so we already have a blog out that has other people voice why they don't like Flash Sentry. Now, I'm making a blog that voices my reasons for why I do like him. And as it turns out, he actually does have some character in him, just not very many negative traits as far as I can tell, which would account for the dullness that many people have pointed out (though that may change with the new Rainbow Rocks movie).

    1. He's patient

    • He didn't get mad at Twilight for getting whipped cream on his shirt.
    • He was Sunset Shimmer's boyfriend for who knows how long (especially considering that she was just using him to gain popularity).

    2. He has a warm heart

    • He never even once mention Sunset Shimmer's video, nor did he even snicker at Twilight for it.

    3. He has…

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    Meester Tweester

    Heeeeyyyy, everybody! It's Meester Tweester! This is the MT Asks weekend, where I want to ask three questions with the MLP Wiki community. On September 1st, 2013, I joined deviantArt. As a late anniversary celebration, I am taking requests for voice acting.

    Voice acting is a great passion of mine. As a young boy, I can do Team Fortress 2 voices well, as most characters are men.

    However, Friendship is Magic characters are a bit harder to imitate, since about 75% of ponies are female. Of the Mane 6, I like my Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Fluttershy impressions. Most female voices will be a little off, obviously.

    Also, if you watch objects shows like BFDI and Inanimate Insanity, I'd be happy to do those!

    So today's question is, do you have any vo…

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    Spike the Dragon

    Hi, what songs do you happen to like and dislike?

    These are a few I like:


    Super Bass


    Ones I dislike:


    Talk Dirty

    Counting Stars (yep, kill me)

    I like a lot of songs, but those are three I like most.

    I don't dislike a lot of songs.

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    Hi everyone. I'm in need of some advice or tips on how to attract a certain stallion at my school. He is a Brony, as I just found out yesterday, when my friend and I went up to do a presentation where we sang a parody of "Giggle At The Ghosite" for English, he said he liked the song because it was from the best show in the world. He became ten times cuter at that moment, of course. Anyway, what are some tips on how to become closer to him/better friends/get his attention/attract him? Since we both have a shared interest that's what we'd be discussing. I'm really good at pony impressions if I say so myself. Any tips, from any relationship experts? Thanks so much! .x

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    Meester Tweester

    Heeeeyyyy, everybody! It's Meester Tweester! This is the MT Asks weekend, where I want to ask three questions with the MLP Wiki community. Last week was the first three rounds of Episodic Pony War, but the third ended with a distress of how many episodes should be eliminated each round. (If you missed EPWG, see it with my recent blog lists to get an explanation.)

    Also, why wasn't there a 9/11 blog this year? I liked the rememberance on the wiki last year.

    So today's question is, how fast should Episodic Pony War Game go?

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    Guildmaster Grovyle

    Well, most if not all of us have seen the episode Power Ponies, right? It's an unusual episode thematically. Some love it, yet some hate it. I myself was unimpressed by much of it. But that's not what this blog is about. This is about the mysterious comic book store from which Spike buys the enchanted comic. You'd think they'd take the word "enchanting" seriously in Equestria, but I won't judge. Anyways, the issue is that Spike looks away from the comic for a few seconds. It then ups and disappears, leaving no trace of-

    • The comic book appears in front of .

    Well, speak of the devil.

    • The comic book proceeds to suck this wiki into its cruel, unfeeling pages.

    Now that's just... Holy haystacks, ! You (or rather your OC) are a Power Pony!

    So... here …

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    A.K. Yerling

    Error in Equestria Girls

    September 11, 2014 by A.K. Yerling

    Anypony Notice how in the End of Equestria Girls Spike Goes into the Portal Before Twilight Sparkle but for Some reason Back in Equestria He Comes Out AFTER Her?

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    Once again, I want to hear the opinions of my fellow members of the wiki. With season 5 on the horizon, which season so far has been your absolute favourite? Mine would have to be Season 2, thanks to A Canterlot Wedding, Lesson Zero, Dragon Quest, Luna Eclipsed and many more episodes that I love. Discuss your opinions in the comments!

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    Magic noticable?

    September 11, 2014 by Raritylunacelest

    Hey guys! I came up with another theory! So far I've made 3 . One was an epic fail. But when I'm down I get right back up. Any way, Today I will be talking about  MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you believe in MAGIC?" In a young girl's heart" XD Ok I've asked/ answered myself a question. You know how we see twilight's magic is pink and rarity's is blue. That is visible to us. BUT is it visible to the characters on the show? For EX: In the episode A Canterlot Wedding twilight was having her suspisions about fake cadence.  In her flash back of the REAL cadence, Cadence's  magic was blue when she put a love spell toward a random couple. AND her magic was blue when she saved shining armor. BUT Fake Cadence 's magic is green when she t…

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  • 468
    Epicalaxy Master

    I just came up with a new game. Let's try and see how popular this one can be.

    The first persion buys something he/she would really like to have.

    The second persion sells it then buys something else, that he/she wants (not persion 1).

    And so on. For example:

    Persion 1: I buy a racecar shaped bed.

    Persion 2: I sell the bed and buy a pearl necklace.

    Persion 3: I sell the necklace and buy an iPhone.

    You can buy a fictional item if you wish, but you can buy only 1 item at once.

    Let's go!

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  • 100
    Crimson "Valent" Azure

    When asked if I'd rather see Fluttershy with Braeburn or Big Mcintosh, I say neither because I am not a fan of shipping, especially "straight" shipping.

    This is a club dedicated to saying No to all the pairings out there, or just a few. What pairings are we talking about?

    SoarinDash (Soarin x Rainbow Dash)

    TwilightSentry/TwiBrad (Twilight Sparkle x Flash Sentry/Brad)

    FlutterMac (Fluttershy x Big Mcintosh)

    Flutterburn (Fluttershy x Braeburn)

    Fluttercord-(Fluttershy x Discord-oh wait, that's actually not that bad)

    Sparity (Spike x Rarity)

    So join, and let us fight the injustices of shipping together! And feel free to post your opinions on these particular ships in the comments below. -uses giant pointer finger to point down-

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  • 221
    Crimson "Valent" Azure

    Like before this is a game where you rate anything the below user says.

    Example: My avatar?

    10/10, really nice. Supertramp?

    8/10 Pretty cool band. Twilight Sparkle?

    Let's begin, shall we?

    I'll start with something and the first user to comment has to rate whatever it is I say.


    Rainbow Dash.

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