• TheSnuggleKinz

    I just randomly thought of this idea, so I'm making a blog post about it. :P Basically, every episode has something to do with the same number episode from the previous seasons (the episodes can also have unique elements if necessary).  Obviously, episodes 14-26 do not have something similar to season 3 since there were only 13 episodes.

    When the map calls Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer to be banished to the Limbo of the Crystal Empire, vines of disharmony come back to Ponyville and all of Equestria.  Will Flurry Heart be able to save Equestria from Celestia's curse?

    Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer manage to get to the moon, but are turned to stone and shattered by King Sombra's angry spirit.  Meanwhile, Flurry Heart runs away…

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  • Fluffbrain

    All told, my desire to watch this movie falls into the category of 1+/5. Even with all the things I’m going to praise, the story is simply dragged too much through empty tropes and the writing quality consistently dips to pretty low levels. It’s easy to find Meghan McCarthy’s input as the moments that mean a lot either in a comedic or a dramatic sense, which are usually juxtaposed with dialogue and scenes that are predictable and/or needlessly over-the-top in much the same way that I style the show after season five. So in terms of the hard and fast conclusion on the writing, it certainly had its scenes and moments but the general affair (including the reliance on tropes) didn’t really impress.

    I mentioned earlier that this was possibly the…

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  • Austin012599

    At last! After all these months and moments of waiting, I finally got to see My Little Pony: The Movie! Let me just tell you, it was worth the wait!

    This movie is based off of the Friendship is Magic TV series, and stars Tara Strong as Princess Twilight Sparkle, Ashleigh Ball as Applejack and Rainbow Dash, Andrea Libman as Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, Tabitha St. Germain as Rarity, and Cathy Weseluck as Spike the Dragon. The film also features guest performances by Emily Blunt, Kristen Chenoweth, Michael Pena, Liev Schreiber, Taye Diggs, Uzo Aduba, and Sia.

    In this story, the ponies of Equestria are getting ready for the nation’s very first Friendship Festival, with pop star pegasus Songbird Serenade (played by Sia) as the main attraction. But…

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  • Dry63

    Welcome to Round 2 of the MLP Songs Poll Series, or as I like to call the Pinkie Round. This round is dedicated to the pony who's not only a house full of laughs but the one who seems to have the most solo numbers in the franchise. Pinkie Pie has a wide range musical numbers that range from doo-wop, jazz, pop, dance, rap, heck you name it she can do it.

    For this round, I've paired Pinkie numbers together along with some numbers not centered around her, and I've even done Pinkie vs Pinkie too. If you don't see a personal favorite here, don't panic. It'll appear soon in one of the later rounds.

    This poll will close on October 19th at 11:00 PM (EST).

    Showing a friend new experiences is a normal occurrence in life. Pinkie shows Apple Bloom how t…

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  • JVJ

    In issue 61 of the main MLP comic book series, the Equestrian ponies and various non-pony races meet in the other-world equivalent of the United Nations. I suspect in MLP chronology that this takes place shortly after the 2017 MLP movie. And of course the MLP version of the United Nations meets in Manehattan

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  • CrystalWolf105

    I dont know how to change my avatar and if anyone can tell me how then  i would really appreciate it.

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  • GoldenBluebird

    Greetings, fellow Wikians, and welcome to this week's "Let's Compare" blog! Let's focus on the 23rd episodes of the first seven seasons of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic!

    Here are the episodes...


    The Cutie Mark Chronicles

    Ponyville Confidential Inspiration Manifestation

    The Hooffields and McColts Where the Apple Lies Secrets and Pies

    All you have to do is rank these episodes from favorite to least favorite. You can also write your thoughts on these episodes too if you want to.

    What do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Choong57

    Song used : "Judas" by Fozzy
    ~ Extracted from #71.

    Part 23/32 : When Rightful Moments Encountered…

    At that time, tears are gradually filling around the filly's eyes, but she is still trying to dry the tears out for not let the young stallion worried about her.
    Since that day, she always tried to stay from him, because she afraid of telling him the truth about her family, however he is still catched up with her every single time. They ended up their relationships by having serious argument and then separated apart, which they all bursted into tears when they aparted with each other. Unfortunately, all the scenes has been spied by his uncle…
    Even they broke up throughout these days, they realized themselves were still unable to forget each othe…

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  • StrawberryFlight

    My OC

    October 15, 2017 by StrawberryFlight

    Whistle Blossom is my OC. She is a young teenage Pegasus who still doesn't know how to fly. Unlike most Pegasi, she lives in Canterlot with the rest of the Trotter family.

    She wears a pink flower in her hair. She also has a similar body type to list of comic ponies#Julia, later filly Cheerilee, later filly Princess Cadance, and filly Chiffon Swirl. She has a similar color scheme to Applejack.

    Whistle is very sensitive. She often gets bothered by her younger sister Autumn Breeze. She is very smart and often quite lazy. But she loves her family, especially her mother Precious Heart.

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  • FinnXMarcy

    Taking a break

    October 15, 2017 by FinnXMarcy

    I am taking a break from this wikia until Season 8 arrives on television.

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  • Greatispharoh

    I'm back

    October 15, 2017 by Greatispharoh

    Oh boy. It's been a while, heh. :,) half a year, nonetheless XD.

    ,) Well happy bday to me, I turned 17 on the 24th of the 4th, and yeah, i'm getting old...oh boy, fun.

    agh, anyhow that's not why I'm posting this, hehe.

    ) *sigh* So what's been going on in my life?, not that anyone would care, and that'd be going off topic, but anyhow...

    Well, for starters, my chromebook died, it wwent very, very slowly, and very, very painfully (metaphorically speaking of course). And so I got a new laptop...which is great XD.

    also I've been doing well at school, getting good grades, and yeah.

    I'm gonna get to the point, I noticed the wikia has discord well "group chat" from discord.

    To those of you wondering where I have been, I have spent a majority of my time o…

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  • EmpressYzma


    EmpressYzma Compares: SpongeBob to MLP FiM==

    SpongeBob Episode/Movie MLP Similarities
    The Krabby Kronicle Ponyville Confidential Have a newspaper with scandalous, false headlines, leading to trouble and uproar to ending it.
    Dunces and Dragons Dungeons and Discords Both utilize the medieval setting, and both are involved in a medieval adventure.
    The Great Snail Race May The Best Pet Win! A pet race, and the main character of the episode ends up getting karma for being a jerk to a certain pet.
    Squid Noir/The Great Patty Caper


    on the Friendship Express

    Mystery-themed episodes involving a detective-playing character and some prime suspects. 
    Can You Spare a Dime? Spike At Your Service A character is another character's maid.
    Sponge Out of Wa…

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  • Mega Sean 45

    Opinion on The Movie

    October 15, 2017 by Mega Sean 45

    Sup brahs? It's been a few days but I finally watched it! Better late than never, right? ;) I'm still drinking some coke from the theatre right now as I write this! I didn't plan to have any popcorn, but my mom really wanted it. I just wanted an Icee! Yeah I went to see the movie with my mom, and we both really enjoyed! But she wouldn't stop talking! XD She kept asking me questions, pointing out certain characters, and repeating something a character said or did that I already heard! I'm trying to watch the movie, mom! Please pipe down! XD Those kids behind me wouldn't stop talking either. However there weren't many people in the theatre, just how I liked it! I like watching movies without so much talking happening at once. But I did say a…

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  • Dry63

    Finally, I can post this. Golden Harvest, a Ponyville carrot farmer, has made her 100th appearance in the episode Secrets and Pies.

    This farmer has made her screentime during Winter Wrap Up, an autumn race with a new look, bewitched, and twice in the Sisterhooves Social. Who can wonder what her next feat will be? Maybe she she'll compete against the Apples or Pears in a gardening? The possibilities are endless.

    Now, I like to take this time to let everyone know that the episode for the rest of the season will not affect the release dates of these Appearance Blogs. For the record, I know how many more I will put out for this current season because I spoiled myself just out of curiosity.

    Also, check out my MLP Songs Poll that has been recently …

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  • Bluefox87

    I mean they do have centuars so why creatures like harpies, nagas and such? I often think of elves too cause they tehiclly aren't humans and maybe kitsune cause they are shapeshifters. Oh and spriggans too maybe. Im just brainstorming of my fanfiction and i just wanted to see what anyone elsee thought..

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  • Xannot

    I'd like to discuss if the magical auras are visible in-universe or are they only there for the audience. What do you think?

    Yes, ponies see them

    • In the official Celestia's short video she mentions different colors of the magical auras. But the canonicity of this video is dubious, since even the official comics were sometimes contradicted by the show.
    • In the image near the end of the episode Amending Fences, there is Twilight with her aura visible. Please note that it is an in-universe photo.

    No, ponies don't see them

    • In Winter Wrap Up, when Twilight uses magic on the snowplow, Applejack merely suspects she used magic instead of seeing it outright (the aura was all over the snowplow).
    • In MMMystery on the Friendship Express, in what is supposedly P…
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  • FinnXMarcy

    Scootaloo's aunts

    October 14, 2017 by FinnXMarcy

    Apparently I just learned yesterday that Scootaloo as two lesbian aunts named Aunt Holiday and Aunt Lofty. They are featured in the book series Ponyville Mysteries, the title of the peculiar book is called Riddle of the Rusty Horseshoe.

    What is everybody's opinion on this revelation?

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  • Choong57

    Song used : "Fire" by Barns Courtney
    ~Inspired from #70

    Part 22/32 : When Ponies Share Desires

    "…Only if that scenes in the story does exist in real life."
    Meanwhile, Bright Sky had already woken up from sleep and silently crying after hearing the story. Looks like he already know the pony that I missed… she said in heart.
    "Since I still have an hour of probation time, so I would like to tell rest of the story…"

    The filly had subsequently adopted by a family. They found her memories had lost a while ago, and she hope to remember everything someday. They felt sympathy on her and decides to adopt her as one of their family members until she once again memorized her memories. The filly cheered as she jump into mid air.
    Considering most of the adopti…

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  • Dry63

    MLP Songs Poll Series 1

    October 13, 2017 by Dry63

    It is time my fellow Bronies. The time has come to vote and this next topic is the songs within the MLP universe in my MLP Songs Poll Series.

    For those are new, my poll series takes a look at aspects of the MLP franchise such as episodes, songs, characters etc. and you, the fans, vote on which on is your favorite or, to your mind, the best. Anonymity is one of values of this series. You are free say what voted for in the comments section or keep what you voted for to yourself until the end of the game. A new poll will posted every three days right after the previous poll unless something changes.

    Normally, I shuffle the titles but still keep them in order of their release date. This time I'm shaking things up. In no particular order, the son…

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  • EmpressYzma

    I know, I know, I did this multiple times, but I wanted to update this now that Season 7 (I watched 'em all at least :P) and the Movie are over, so fresh new ideas and fresh new characters!

    Season 8 Idea List (EmpressYzma)
    Episode Summary Release Date
    S8E01: 50 Shades of Twilight (Part 1) The Mane 6 and Starlight head to Canterlot to see Starswirl and the Legends, but their plans are halted when Chrysalis severely weakens the Mane 6 and summon massive giant beast versions of them.  March 24,    2018
    S8E02: 50 Shades of Twilight (Part 2) With Equestria under the nearly unstoppable mega-Mane 6 beasts' powerful, destructive command, Starlight is forced to look for a familiar, magenta-tinted unicorn who was the only one capable to push back Chrysa…

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  • FinnXMarcy

    I saw the movie

    October 12, 2017 by FinnXMarcy

    Yesterday, I finally got to see the My Little Pony The Movie with my girlfriend Rachel. She and I both enjoyed the film and one of my sister's friends ask me if she should see the film. I said she should definitely see it.

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  • Gemmygod

    Just note that these are MY opinions. I've also made a review of the movie itself in journal entry form on my Deviantart here. (And sorry for the minor typing errors)

    First thing I'm gonna say is that the story is very interesting, the new characters were great, and the songs were no doubt catchy!

    Even though it's the same ol' typical "Going beyond their hometown" kind of plot we've seen in other movies based on TV shows, I think this movie takes that formula, and takes it to the max!

    The new characters were a lot of fun, while I will admit the ones from the pawn shop scene were pretty ugly, no offense. My favorite one was Grubber, who was Tempest's sidekick. He likeness for eating and sense of humour really drives the crowd wild!

    Lastly, the …

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  • JVJ

    The MLP movie: your opinion?

    October 11, 2017 by JVJ

    I personally saw it on Friday October 6. It was a fairly decent movie. The movie was valuable because it showed the foreign lands outside the pony kingdom/nation.

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  • Daniellewiki

    A Charming Birthday

    October 11, 2017 by Daniellewiki

    A Charming birthday is my favorite My Little Pony Film!

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  • Perfectdog34

    So i know i can be a bit annoying sometimes. But you can get to know me very easy. So be my friend! I'm alone and old!  Lol I'm not old! but i do love me some shenanagins! I'm friendly and weird.  Woot woot!

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  • Mega Sean 45

    Scorpan Episode Ideas

    October 11, 2017 by Mega Sean 45

    Yunno how much I really wanna see Scorpan on the show sometime in the future? I don't care if it's next season, or the season after. I ain't hoping stuff per season. I'm just gonna hope for stuff to happen before the show ends. That way if they don't happen, I only get disappointed once! ;)

    But yeah, I think Scorpan can potentially have his own arc in a season! The majority of his episodes would involve being taught how he could reform his brother, Lord Tirek! The other majority of his episodes would involve his friendship with Spike! If you saw G1 Rescue at Midnight Castle, Spike and Scorpan were the best of friends, and it can happen again if the writers let it! It would definitely bring the nostalgia towards the ancient bronies! ;)


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  • KillRoy231

    Villain inspirations

    October 9, 2017 by KillRoy231

    I thought it might be fun to make a list of who each of the villains were inspired by. Excluding Equestria Girls, they don't seem particularly based off anyone else

    Nightmare Moon - Maleficent, with elements of the Evil Queen

    Discord - Q

    Queen Chrysalis - Ursula and Maleficent, with elements of Voldemort and Lamia

    King Sombra - Sauron

    Lord Tirek - Tirek from G1, with elements of Arabus and Lavan

    Starlight Glimmer - Can't think of anyone in particular offhand, probably just a mix of Sunset Shimmer, communists/dictators, and time travelers

    Pony of Shadows - Venom

    The Storm King - Emperor Palpatine

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  • Xannot
    • Queen Chrysalis (we know this will happen from the animatic)
    • More changelings!
    • How did the Mane 5 first met and become friends?
    • Princess Cadance's backstory (why is she an Alicorn? How was she adopted by Celestia?)
    • Dwelling on the fact that Flurry Heart is an unearned Alicorn (mentioned in The Crystalling - Part 1)
    • The Pillars of Old Equestria and Stygian (I have a hunch each of them is going to have their own episode), I would also like them to interact with Discord
    • The return of Twist
    • An episode with reformed Diamond Tiara and maybe a friendship problem with Silver Spoon
    • More of Applejack's parents and Grand Pear
    • More Trixie!
    • More Discord! Maybe another song.
    • Characters from the Movie (Celaeno, Capper, Tempest, hippogriffs, maybe even Songbird Sere…
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  • Birdy18

    On YouTube, I saw the leaks for Shadow Play and I am extremely angry.  This guy Stygian needs to be locked up behind bars.  He allies with the Pony of Shadows and practically becomes it, then when he's taken out of the Pony of Shadows, they just forgive him, like it doesnt matter that he almost destroyed the entire world.  I'm already ticked with luna , sunset shimmer, Trixie, discord, juniper montage, Gloriosa daisy, etc.

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  • Fluffbrain

    Ultimately the movie played out on the upper end of my expectations. Which is to say, it was actually alright. Not superb, not even great... but not bad.

    The issues I anticipated in my last blog - that the movie would of necessity be defined by corny and overused plot devices that would drain anticipation, much like what happened in The Perfect Pear - were present and did affect my enjoyment of the movie, but they ended up being quite a bit less prevalent than I had expected. The musical numbers didn't really do it for me but the atmospheric music was pretty solid most of the time.

    I'll finish up my thoughts on this later, but what I can say is this: I could tell the writers were trying to avoid the same things I was hoping they'd avoid, and I…

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  • Autumn Sparkles

    Hello! Welcome to my very first blog. For today's blog I will be talking about why I love the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. So, without further ado, let's get started!

    NOTE: I am talking about My Little Pony from my perspective and opinions, so please don't make this blog controversial!

    My Little Pony is filled with so much colour and imagination, it grabs your attention right from when you start watching it. The entertaining, friendly atmosphere will never let your love reputation of MLP down! However, not everything's perfect. There may be some episodes that may go a little downhill from what you're expected to see. Despite that, the show will continue its magical feel and it won't change no matter what the editors add in!

    With …

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  • GoldenBluebird

    Greetings, fellow Wikians, and... ah shoot, the rest of the season has been leaked!

    Well, we'll focus on those episodes in the next few weeks but right now, let's focus on the 22nd episodes of the first seven seasons of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic!

    Here are the episodes...


    A Bird in the Hoof

    Hurricane Fluttershy Trade Ya!

    What About Discord? P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View) Once Upon a Zeppelin

    All you have to do is rank these episodes from favorite to least favorite. You can also write your thoughts on these episodes too if you want to.

    What do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • TheSnuggleKinz

    Here is our order of My Little Pony Season 7 episodes (worst to best).

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  • Magicrainbowunicorn1470

    Warning: Spoilers Do not read if you haven't seen the movie.

    Just got back from watching  the movie and I LOVED it!!!

    But no. This is not just going to be me ranting about how awesome it is. This will be a serious review ;P.

    First, let's talk about characters: 

    Tempest Shadow (I mean Fizzlepop Berrytwist) was an amazingly strong villain, which we really really needed. She had good motivation, good backstory, and a reformation done right.

    Capper was a very ... interesting character? I don't have much else to say about him other than, I like how much he changed through the course of the the movie.

    Captain Celaeno: She's cool. Go bird-pirates! Yay.

    Princess Skystar is so cute and bubbly and funny! I really liked when she and Queen Novo  were introduc…

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  • Smv19

    1-2. A Shadow of a Doubt Part 1 and 2-When Chrysalis returns with an elaborate revenge scheme against a Starlight Glimmer, it falls on Tempest to save the day.

    3. A New Hippogriff in Town-Princess Skystar and Queen Novo are nervous about attending their first royal summit with the ponies.

    4. Redeming the Stone-Discord tries to make nice with the encased Storm King in hopes that he will be good in the future but his friends think he's in denial.

    5. One Hoof in Front of the Other-Rarity is invited to attend a dance at Canterlot but feels uncertain she can dance with a stallion.

    6. The Dragon Guard-When someone almost vandalizes Rarity's clothing, Spike takes it upon himself to guard it in exchange for spending the night at her house.

    7. Two Many …

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  • Mega Sean 45

    I've really fallen behind my "opinion of"s series on this site, and I've gotten bored with making them. They're too much work to keep up with, so I've decided to stop, and all my reviews are gonna be at MegaSean's Episode Ratings. They'll be much easier to do than the individual review pages! I'll just mention the highlights of the episodes that appealed and didn't appeal to me! And I don't have to work so hard in thinking of jokes to write in each blog page! XD

    The season 7 section will be made when I feel like doing it! ;) It's not like anyone even reads these anyway! :P

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  • Nature cat 1998


    October 7, 2017 by Nature cat 1998

    Starsong (Maybe) has never been introduced in Friendship is Magic, but she appears in these following episodes "Sonic Rainboom", "Hurricane Fluttershy", and "Tanks for Memories."

    The only thing she said was in Sonic Rainboom:"Hey there's an Idea. You should enter the competition"

    She also appeared as a main character in G3's Meet The Ponies and G3.5 Twinkle Wish Adventure.

    I wish I could add a photo.

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  • FinnXMarcy

    Your thoughts

    October 7, 2017 by FinnXMarcy

    Without giving out spoilers for the film (and for members of the MLP wikia), what did you guys think of the movie.

    PS = don't worry, I'm still going to see the film.

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  • Lightening McQueen


    October 7, 2017 by Lightening McQueen

    Hi, everyone! I hope that many of you who saw My Little Pony: The Movie on the first day of its American release enjoyed it, and actually that is why I'm writing here to tell you something.

    Since I live in the United Kingdom and the film won't be released there until October 20, I'm gonna keep away from any information relating to the movie, and avoid looking at the wiki activity page and the comment sections on every page, as I am trying to avoid spoilers until the film gets released in the UK and I go and see it (though I don't know yet when I will be able to see it, because of how my mother felt a bit concerned about seeing the film in a cinema when there might not be any other teenagers and adults watching it there, even though I know the…

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  • IsmaelandLuigi21

    As I heard that My Little Pony: The Movie didn't featured on national and local news, I think that they are talking some other movies that opened in theaters today. I am not going to see it in theaters since I am not a brony. YouTube's BrandontheMovieGuy didn't want to see the movie because he hates that show and would never watches the show. Some of the critics didn't like the film at all. I have to agree with them since it is a terrible movie for me. Many news anchors refuses to review My Little Pony: The Movie. It was sad that the news anchors didn't get to review the movie. I hope everypony enjoys the movie.

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  • Choong57

    Song used : "If I Have To Wake Up (Would You Stop The Rain?)" by BARONESS
    ~Inspired from The Perfect Pear

    Part 21/32 : When Their Fates Engaged

    Hopefully it works… I said in heart.

    Once apon a time, a homeless young Unicorn filly, who recently lost her memories and her speaking abilities after an accident, was walking alone in a street. She forgot who she is and being hungry at the time.
    Ponies who walking in the street were trying to help her out, but soon they got angry and then walked away when they found her unable to speak, which makes her felt being left out by them. Everyday, she always hoped for a place to stay forever, but the reality are always tortured her in life. Since she found herself can't able to speak, she always make herself…

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  • Fluffbrain

    Preamble: this is not meant to be contrarian or reactionary to positive views on the movie, but since it's a big event on the timeline of a show I've spent so much time watching and thinking about I thought I'd be appropriate to analyze a point of significant consternation which has kept me from watching it, perhaps indefinitely.

    The reason I have no current plans to watch the MLP movie is because I don’t anticipate the materials fitting the medium. I recognize there are a lot of personal opinions and preferences going into this - namely that I really don’t watch movies in the first place and that I’ve lost basically all interest in the show’s current direction – but even setting those aside there is still an issue that sinks my anticipatio…

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  • Dry63

    MLP Songs Poll Announcement

    October 5, 2017 by Dry63

    With My Little Pony The Movie slowly making its global release, I figured now was the time to announce my MLP Songs Poll. The Songs poll will include songs from the show, Equestria Girls, and the movie.

    Start Date is October, Friday the 13th, Eastern Standard Time (EST).

    For those for do not know, I've been making polls over the past year to entertain and remain active while the show was on a hiatus. My polls have a theme to it such as songs and episodes that are shuffled and you, the voters, would vote which one was your personal favorite until only one remains.

    Here's an example of one of my poll series'

    EG Songs Poll Series by Dry63
    Series: Poll 1 • Poll 2 • Poll 3 • Poll 4 • Poll 5 (Quarter Finals) • Poll 6 (Semi-finals) • Poll 7 (Third Pla…

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  • EmpressYzma

    As the official release date for many countries, including the United States, Canada, most of Europe and other asian and south american countries is around the corner, I decided to post my review on the official songs of the movie. I'm doing this, as the songs are officially out on iTunes, so it's not like I'd be leaking anything. There may be a few minor spoilers as I describe the scenes the songs are at, but I'm not going to post any pictures (obviously) as that would be absolutely considered spoilers. Note that I'm only doing songs from 'we got this together' to 'off to see the world'. So, here we go! 

    This was a really cool, different song. I really like the Spanish-esque instruments and funk in the song (at least I feel like it is). Th…

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  • FinnXMarcy

    Tomorrow (MLP film)

    October 5, 2017 by FinnXMarcy

    So tomorrow is the big day, My Little Pony: The Movie is being released into theatres!

    Who here is going to see the movie on it's first day of showing?

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  • EmpressYzma

    After relentlessly searching, I found a link where I could watch it. Won't say it as I will not post illegal sites nor spoil the movie, but Im happy I finally saw it! I was just wondering if anyone here too impatient or curious about any detail of the movie can ask me any questions here! Except of course, where I saw it and if I could post the link.

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  • Animefanlt01

    first off, let me go on record and say that this is not meant to be an attack/witch hunt blog, this just me venting out my frustrations and annoyance I have with the wikia discord server and other miscellaneous things, stuff that has been waying on my mind since the end of 2016 and begining of 2017, and thus I won't be name dropping anyone, (as I still show respect for other users) so where do I begin, I suppose I should get the obvious stuff out of the way (but than again this is gonna probably be a short blog... probably not lol) 1. I know that there's nothing can be done and the large majority of people prefer Discord over Wikia, but gosh darn it I miss the Wikia chat, it had a certain charm and feel that I feel Discord can't really rep…

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  • FirePuppy

    In the last 12 months, I've made a lot of unsuccessful attempts to get my ideas for episodes focusing on Pinkie Pie and the Crusaders to be accepted by a majority of the MLP fandom. One by one every time, they were always overruled by other fans, like the Circus Ponies one, the Twist one, the Filly Guides scouting adventure to Manehattan, etc.. I admit it, I was only joking about all of them, and I know they probably won't come true now, either. But I still have one more idea that I hope will make any kind of sense and be accepted by everyone.

    Do you remember the episode "Call of the Cutie" where Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle formed together to make the Cutie Mark Crusaders? And the episodes "Party of One" and "The One Where Pin…

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  • Spyro1996

    Literally the Best Wiki?

    October 2, 2017 by Spyro1996

    Comment wars and some minor issues aside, has anyone else who frequently visits other Wikis noticed that this one  feels the most polished, organized and official? I'm not a gamer, so maybe there are some Video Game Wikis that are even more impressive, but It amazes me how well taken care of this this place has been over the past few years. It's so satisfying to know that the Wiki for my favorite show is in such good hands compared to some of the more amature/scattered Wikis I've seen for other shows. (we have HD Screenshots for every scene of every episode. EVERY episode.)

    It's just been on my mind for a little while. Is it just me, or is this Wiki seriously above average when it comes to presentation? And why FIM of all things? Is it just…

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  • FirePuppy

    Reception for the movie

    October 2, 2017 by FirePuppy

    With the film coming out in theaters in just 3-4 more days, I have a few questions on what the reception will be: How much money will Hasbro and Lionsgate earn (or lose)? Will the film win any awards? Will the reviews be positive, mixed, or negative? And how will all of this impact the TV series on Discovery Family? Make your decisions and post them in the comments section below!

    UPDATE 10/17/2017: So far, the film has earned a $26 million worldwide box office. Let's hope it'll reach $50 million!

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