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    Sunset and Twilight are not good friends at the start at Equesrtria Girls but later in Rainbow Rocks they are friends. And on people think Sunset Shimmer should be the Element of Forgivness. And I hope in season 5 Sunset Shimmer will come back and fight a villian with the mane 6. 

    If you have any things to say about Sunset please commet!

    Thank You!

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    So the east coast sports places like Manehattan, Fillydelphia, and Baltimare, but there's nothing much on the west coast except Las Pegasus. What's up with that?

    Shouldn't there be a San Franequus, and maybe a Seasaddle? 

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    November 26, 2014 by Amgnismo

    I have a sore throat for about a week, and it does not seem to heal

    Any remedies?

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    Big day on Thrusday!

    November 26, 2014 by Shadowgallade777

    This Thursday, i'll be going to school for a special reason. My Year 10 Learning Showcase Interview! It is basically where i talk for 15 minutes about two assignments. One i did well in, and one i could have improved on. I have practised for it today, so tomorrow is the real thing! I'm confident, but a bit nervous. So wish me luck that i can do this thing!

    And i don't think my voice will interfere with the interview. It's slighty better, but it's good enough to talk!

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    Yup, a few days ago, my throat started aching and now, my voice is completely scrambled. Now i have to whisper, a bit like Fluttershy. Man, i hope i get better soon.

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    Ask Pinkie Pie

    November 25, 2014 by Pinkgirl234

    Hi I'm Pinkie Pie, the Element of Laughter. And I always loooooove to see you smile, smile, smile and be happy all the time. Don't forget to smile after you get over a problem. I would throw parties a lot. Want to me ask me anything? It better be good. I could respond when I see your questions.

    NOTE: Pretend I am Pinkie Pie. Think as if this were Tumblr. XD

    NOTE 2: Photo is not mine. Credit goes to the owner who made the vector image.

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    Spike the Dragon

    I've been sad over stuff a lot of you would find stupid over the past months. So time to move onto a happy thing...

    What stuff makes you happy?

    These are mine: Whenever NoktilKlepto comes on chat When you don't get homework or not a lot of it, whenever it's a Friday, whenever I'm at a cafe that has free-wifi ,, whenever I can do something with my right hand and whenever it's snowy

    What stuff makes you happy?

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    Gather everyone, Bronies and Pegasisters! Make your pick! Who do you choose? Beacuse right now can be your oppurtunity to vote for your favorite character among the Elements of Harmony.

    Photo downloaded. Not mine. But credit goes to the owner.

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    Before we sign up for a particular site, we always had ideal usernames in our minds. You can always give yourself a cool surname. People don't always matter the surname you choose as long it's appropriately good.

    I'll start mine. Reasons for choosing Pinkgirl234 as my username:


    Pink: Pink is my favorite color because to me it's beautiful. It can also be derived from Pinkie Pie since she is pure pink.

    girl: I am a girl.

    234: Just a set of numbers I chose to place on my username.

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    Rainbow Dash's biggest fan

    Okay...So I wanted to ask if any of you have seen any musical note sheets for 5 nights at Freddy's for clarinet. If so please tell me were I can find it :3 . I wanted to play it at my thankgiving dinner on wesenday....Thank You

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    The Fennec Fox

    The best reprise of MLP

    This reprise .... This makes me cry. Not only its one of the best reprises out of MLP, it is also one of the saddest scenes of MLP. Yes, even more than Fluttershy crying in Hurricane Fluttershy. Come on, lets analyze this song the whole way through.

    "Oh Manehattan, what have i done?

    The thought of fashion week was fun ... But i went way too far ..."

    Here, Rarity clearly shows regret for her actions later. She thought the trip to Manehattan for fashion week would be a really fun exprience, but after what she had done to her friends she quickly got into deppression and guilt of herself.

    "My friends gave me, on ways so kind...

    But I gave them nothing but a hard time...

    And now alone i stand .... And now alone i stand ...."


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    Top 5 Villains

    November 23, 2014 by Pinkgirl234

    My opinion for the Top 5 villains. You can comment about your opinion for the Top 5 villains, but cite the reasons if you like to.

    TOP 1: The Dazzlings

    =>Tried to take over Equestria, but banished into the human world by Star Swirl the Bearded. Attempted to take over the entire human world after feeding off plenty of energy and Equestrian magic. Their plans however failed as they were defeated and their pendants broke, which they lost their ability to sing.

    TOP 2: Tirek

    =>Escaped from Tartarus to consume every pony magic and take over the entire Equestria. Succeeded in stealing all pony magic, but defeated by the Mane Six.

    TOP 3: Queen Chrysalis

    =>Tried to take over Equestria with an army of changelings while she disguised as Princess Cadance. Defe…

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    Crimson "Valent" Azure

    Well since Hannuka is coming up soon, I thought I'd post this game again to celebrate it in case there are any of you out there who are jewish. And I don't feel like doing a Christmas version yet. Just rate whatever the previous user posts.

    Example: My avatar?

    10/10, really nice. Supertramp?

    8/10 Pretty cool band. Twilight Sparkle?

    Let's begin, shall we?

    I'll start with something and the first user to comment has to rate whatever it is I say.


    My avatar?

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    For me, I have none, so (sad)

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    The most creative OC

    November 23, 2014 by Amgnismo
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    Crimson "Valent" Azure

    Well I've decided to do things a little differently for determing the best pony on this wiki. Instead of having people vote like in EPWG, I'm going to let YOU decide which of these ten characters deserves to be crowned the number one pony.

    I'll need approximately 10-19 other people to act as jury. They will vote on the remaining ten ponies and the pony who receives the most votes will be the winner.

    If there is a tie, I will decide. 

    Keep in mind that only the jury can vote in the final round. You can cast as many votes as you want until I stop the competition, which should be about 3 days from the start of the round giving the jury plenty of time to vote.

    The candidates are:

    Twilight Sparkle

    Rainbow Dash




    Princess Luna


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    Mega Sean 45

    My MLP Season 5 Bingo

    November 23, 2014 by Mega Sean 45

    This here is the bingo I made for things that I most hope for to appear in season 5. Here's how this bingo is going to work:

    Number 1 - Babs Seed: Babs has to appear in at least one episode this season. Background appearance counts.

    Number 2 - Apple Bloom crying: I've seen almost every character cry, but I never seen Apple Bloom cry. She was sad many times and she did whine, but there wasn't any crying. It's a weird request, I know. Just tearing up counts.

    Number 3 - Spike real musical number: Spike hasn't sang much in this series and at most times he did, it didn't count as a real musical number. I want Spike to have his own song (other ponies can sing in it too) and it has to count as an actual musical number, not a gag song.

    Number 4 - Diamond…

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    My Chat Ban

    November 23, 2014 by BestBrony789

    I fail to see why I was banned from chat after I resolved to stop spelling words incorrectly on purpose.

    Please unban me immediately, or I will be contacting Community Central about this serious power abuse.

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    I've seen plenty of blog posts asking about users' favorite TV shows, music, etc.  So I thought I'd join in and ask who are your favorite comedian (or comedians if you have more than one)?  They can be from standup, sitcoms, or whatever.  :)

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    Hello everyone! Today (tonight actualy where i am at the time of making this) i want to ask what your funniest/randomest moments were

    my randomest moment is where i just stare at someone then we both smile (i dont remember anything realy )

    anyways i also want to thank 666rebelsofdiscord for making my guestbook

    Imtheaura out!

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    51 years ago

    November 23, 2014 by FinnXMarcy

    RIP President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963).

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    What r ur favorite stuff

    November 22, 2014 by Horizonfudgy

    Favorite animals ? I love cats and rodents . Also cardinals are the best birds .

    Favorite wiki ? I love the mlp wiki :D .

    Favorite website ? Wikia and YouTube .

    Favorite food ? Strawberries and pineapples . I'm a vegetarian :3 .

    Favorite clothes ? Shimapan .

    Favorite movies ? Horror movies :3

    Favorite colors ? Gray-black-red-pink-orang-green

    Favorite shoes ? I hardly wear shoes :c .

    Favorite word? Kitty , fire , pomf

    Favorite food? I ?

    Favorite celebrity ? Umm

    Favoirte things on your desk ? Lyra , and silver spoon figures , blue rug .

    Favorite thing on your bed ? Pinkie pie pillow .

    Favorite game? Sims 3 and sims 2

    Favorite shows? Mlp , Lps , myth busters , k-on , face off .

    Favorite blog ? This one

    3 .... Ugh
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    Rainbow Dash's biggest fan

    What I thought about 5 nights at freddy's sfm. I love the song, Its the best so far from The Living Tombstone.

    My profile pic of all 6 of the main six. Here is the lyrics. Btw it's by The Living Tombstone. Although it's not about my little pony. Some person made one and thank him/her for the sfm video please.But the pony virsion is better.


    Verse 1:

    We’re waiting every night

    to finally roam and invite

    newcomers to play with us

    for many years we’ve been all alone

    We’re forced to be still and play

    The same songs we’ve known since that day

    An imposter took our life away

    Now we’re stuck here to decay


    Please let us get in!

    don’t lock us away!

    We’re not like what you’re thinking

    We’re poor little souls

    who have lost all control

    and we’re force…

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    Rainbow Dash's biggest fan

    How I Am

    November 22, 2014 by Rainbow Dash's biggest fan

    Okay some of you may know me as a annoying teen who is uptightly a fan of Rainbow Dash. Well that is all true. I am annoying. But not on purpose. I love Rainbow Dash. This is true. But the most important thing in my life is Friends and Family. I love all my friends. I want to be friends with all you guys. But it's hard to. Especially when I barely know you and have never met you in person. I have 2 bestie's on here:

    1.) Wikialover22 (I hope that's right)

    2.) Shadowgallade(I hope this is right too. If it is I'll fix it)

    I wanna thank you two for being my friends. And I hope all of the people who don't like me (If there are any) we make peace and become Bff's. Thanl You for reading this. Have a very so nice fantastic day everpony:D

    My fellow mem…

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    Now we all know Pinkie Pie right? The pink hyperactive pony who loves to cheer her friends up and makes everypony smile. Now the reason she's my favorite pony is not only because of the reasons I said above, It's because there's something psychologically deeper about her which has a lot of depth to it. A common trait that Pinkie has in the show is when she fails to make her friends happy and what not she goes into a state of sadness. Her whole personality is fascinating in the form that she's such an out of this world character in terms of her character. The way she cares about her friends is realistic and very sweet, plus she's not just that generic comic relief character. As we see in "Party Of One" she can go really insane, if she fails…

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    The Tale Of Sweet Treat

    November 22, 2014 by Pinkgirl234

    This blog is dedicated to Imperfect XIII. Others can still read. This story is also on my user profile. If you read this Imperfect XIII, tell me on my user or on the comment section what you think.

    Image is mine.

    Image is in FANMADE.png format.

    Genre is Friendship.

    Once upon a time, there was once a pony named Sweet Treat. She hailed from a far away land but decided to live somewhere else instead. Only she doesn't know where. Neither does she know where she was actually heading. All she was thinking what is the comfortable place for her. The thick trees almost conceald the sky, but one glimpse above tells that is daytime. While in the Everfree Forest, she didn't notice that there was a source of supernatural lurking after her.

    While she was qui…

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    Pony Limerick Number 1

    November 22, 2014 by Manninghoof

    This will be the first in an occasional series.

    • ahem*
    There once was a pony named Rarity
    Whose designs enjoyed great popularity,
    But her taste in the stallions
    Never garnered medallions,
    So her friends helped her tame that asperity. Read more >
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    I like to talk to my wiki friends since they all make me feel better when I have a bad day. Or agree to do something even though it is akward. So thx sweetstallion and rd414 and nova bomb1 and all you other ponies who talk to me

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    Spike the Dragon

    Since it's asked a lot on ask blogs here, what hand do you write with?

    I'm left handed, I'd rather be right handed, I'm probably the only leftie here

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    Yellow sprite

    New Blog!

    November 21, 2014 by Yellow sprite

    recently, i havent been updating this thing cause i never get a chance to, but i have a new blog now!

    be sure to give tons of followers and support!

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    Gaming Foxy

    Changing Username

    November 21, 2014 by Gaming Foxy

    just a little advice i am changing my username to Gaming Foxy

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    Meester Tweester

    Heeeeyyyy, everypony! It's Meester Tweester! After some confusion about the "30 minute rule," I extended the voting time limit to one hour. Time to decide which episodes make it to the semi-finals! Anyways, today we get to play the Episodic Pony War Game!

    (Music credit: PAC-MAN by Yuzo Koshiro)

    Thirteen times three is 39, which was the minimum amount of votes required last round. In addition to the time extension, we’ll be saving, seconding, thirding, then fourthing episodes. Nine times four make 36 minimum votes, so I hope you’ll agree this is reasonable. If not… well, then the comments will be filled with discussion.

    Rules: You decide which episodes deserve to be aired again on the Hub Network/Discovery Family, while the rest will be banned! (Do…

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    November 20, 2014 by Knyhong

    Hey Bronies and Pegasisters, I'm doing a quick (10 question!) survey on MLP, I would really really appreciate it if some of you would help a sister out and fill one out. Thank you!

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    I know this has nothing to do with MLP, but I've seen blogs similar to this so why not. Well I couldn't decide on just one favorite so I'mma make a list. They are Forest Gump, Ancorman 1 and 2, Wreck It Ralph, The Shining, Halloween, Guardians Of The Galaxay, Frozen, Nightmare On Elm Street, Spirited Away, and GhostBusters. My least favorite is The Last Airbender for obvious reasons. Leave your favorites and least in the comments ^_^

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    November 20, 2014 by BeliTuanaK


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    Who Is Your OC?

    November 20, 2014 by Pinkgirl234

    Now in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, everybody looooves to make their own OCs here. I've got 


    NAME: Sweet Treat

    ACCOUNT NAME: Pinkgirl234

    PONY TYPE: Unicorn

    MANE/TAIL COLOR: Pale red

    COAT COLOR: Light Pink

    EYE COLOR: Pink


    SPECIALITY FROM CUTIE MARK: Having a sweet tooth.

    If you want to fill out the information of your OC in the comment, just follow this format. Pictures are not necessary unless you want to.

    Oh, and if anyone can make a good vector pictures of my OC, I'd appreciate that. Just make sure not to claim it as yours. :-D

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    Had this idea for a crossover fanfic, but I don't think I'll actually write it, so I'll just throw it out here. 

    A crossover with the awesome survival-horror video game, Don't Starve

    Title: Ponies Don't Starve

    Summary: Twilight follows her passion and embarks on a quest to unlock more of the secrets of magic with a mysterious associate. Soon though, the associate tricks her, and has her sucked into a mysterious new world. Now Twilight must survive in the strange new world, and stop a new enemy that threatens to consume Equestria and all other worlds. 

    Details: Twilight, wanting to forget about her friends and princess status for a while, decides to go back to what she is passionate about: magic. She spends lots of time in her castle alone, conduc…

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    Hey, everypony. Just wanted to let y'all know i got a Guestbook on me Userpage now. If you'd like to sign it, be my guest.

    Should be back on chat in a few weeks hopefully (By few, i mean 2-3)

    Now, i shall go back to playing The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: Master Quest Debug Rom! (P.S. Through Inventory Debugging, i now have 23 Hearts! XD)

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    This fanfiction is a loose retelling of an actual blog created by the Candlekeeper, called Hurt/Heal. This fanfiction contains foul language, violence, (fanservice), and decent amounts of blood. If you are under the age of 13 you should not read this. Read at your own risk.

    Two weeks is too long for me to write a chapter. I'm sure maybe some of you want an explanation on what happened. Two weeks ago I started Chapter 24 thinking it would be easy to write. Well I was wrong. I mainly had problems starting it, so through that entire week I never even came close to finishing it. I decided last week I was going to write four chapters to try and make up for missing two the week before. I finally managed to almost finish Chapter 24 last Tuesday ni…

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    Spike the Dragon

    This will be the last b-day game until Christmas, anyways, time to get to the things:

    January: X licks your eye

    February: You and X go swimming in Coke.

    March: You and X make a cake in the shape of a unicorn and look at it forever

    April: You turn into Beyonce and X turns into Jay-Z

    May: You and X go on the hop (skipping school)

    June: X turns into a baby and you hold him/her

    July: You turn into Jennifer Lopez and X turns into Pitbull

    August: X snuggles you

    September: X bites you while you're asleep

    October: You and X visit a haunted house

    November: You cuddle X as a baby

    December: You and X see a huge spider and X cries.


    1.Callofduty4, 2.Amelia The Writer, 3.Powerstar89, 4.Ozuzanna, 5.Bluelighting, 6.Spike the Dragon, 7.Seaswirl10, 8.ImperfectXIII,…

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    The Best Show Ever

    November 18, 2014 by Th3R3dston3Noob

    I have to admit that this is the best show ever made. /)

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    Say what is your "favorite pony name and worst pony name" and i say first who is my fav pony name and worst name. there can be 1,2,3,4...... u fav ponies or worst ponies.

    FAV- Daring Do and Rarity

    Worst- Pinkie Pie 

    and commend what are u "FAV and Worst ponies" :)

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    You guys don't know this, but one of my my favourite kinds of games is rhythm based games. Rhythm Heaven for the Nintendo DS is one of my all-time favourites. Sure, it can be hard to master, but it's still fun and full of rhythm. Rayman Legends had Music Levels where you jump or punch to the beat of the music depending what is in front of you. So, my question is... Which game do you like that is based on rhythm?

    P.S I think i should maybe get Beat The Beat: Rhythm Paradise for the Wii.

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    Nihilus Nix Naught

    Ok, people, seriously. You all kinda need to grow up.

    What do you really expect from us? We are human, we cannot possibly be watching 24/7 and respond to everything. We have to deal with a situation as we see it. Mods try to do their job, and you guys give some of them nothing but absolute CRAP for it. What the hell?

    You guys... you have NO IDEA how easy we go on you. How easy you guys have it here. I have modded 2 wikis. This one, and the Creepypasta wiki chat. Now, let us do a quick comparison, shall we?

    In this chat, if you break a rule, you get several warnings unless the situation demands a kick, or sometimes, in extremely exceptional circumstances, a short, instant ban. Unless the user is a sock, a disruption only account, or a known tr…

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    We all know for sure that MLP's main setting is in the peaceful land of Equestria, where the residents are ponies and other creatures. And it is ruled by two just rulers, namely Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. The heroes that drive off the evil from every corner: Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack and Pinkie Pie.

    But what if everything is turned around?

    There was a set of comics were Equestria was altered. The kind and loving Princess Celestia and Princess Luna became cruel and wicked. Two princesses as two tyrants. Some of the villains were nice : Sombra is a nice prince, Queen Chrysalis is beautiful with her fairy wings. Low - class turned high - class. Like a comic were Granny Smith and Big Mac are like res…

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    Derpy's Diary

    November 17, 2014 by Vuhonganh2004

    MLP FiM: Derpy's Diary is a book on Wattpad created by Yukiro79. It mainly focuses as Derpy's life in her diary (book). Since Derpy is dizzy and silly sometimes, she (as Yukiro79's opinion) writes with spelling mistakes almost every time in each diary note.

    Suitable for all ages.

    Category: Humor. Click on "Start reading" and you will see. Make sure to follow Yukiro79!

    Derpy = Main character, writer, narrator

    Lyra Heartstrings: a pony, member of the Flowers Growing Contest, in Derpy's team. Spelled by Derpy: Lira Hartstrings.

    Bon Bon: a pony, member of the Flowers Growing Contest, in Derpy's team. Spelled by Derpy: Bon Bon.

    Twist: filly, member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders club and a mem…

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  • 151
    Professor Pickles

    It's simple. Just convince me, the bouncer of the Spitoon, to let you in. Tell me how tough you are. 

    Note: Doors are now open. You guys can enter 

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