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  • GalaxyStars101

    Hi. I'm bored. And, just a second ago... I felt bored but now... I feel hyper... Oh well! Whatevs! I'm always hyper! Just like Pinkie Pie! But I don't like pink! Well, a lil bit..

    Okay.. So.. Wanna tell me something random you did?

    I did these:

    • Lay on the ground in a haunted house in an amusement park.
    • Order 20 boxes of pizzas in school when I was in 4th (or is it 5th?) grade... And then the pizza delivery guy came in with 20 boxes of pizzas. My teacher saw it and then just payed for it like it was just nothing. She gave me like, 10 boxes of pizzas and the rest are hers.
    • Pretend I'm dead at school.
    • I interrupted my enemy performing in a talent show at my school and started insulting her.
    • Talked to a tree in an amusement oark and then instantly sl…
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  • Cutie Mark Crusader Craver

    This is a fanfic that I came up with. It was inspired by an episode of an old show called Bravestarr (thank you, Silver Quill, for the introduction of the show, even if it wasn't the same episode), which has a shock value that I really apprieciated when I saw it. This episode, called The Price, involves a character who got addicted to a fictional drug, and put his friend through some difficult times, including a hard decision, and I think the ending really hit a home run when it comes to conveying an important message to kids. While this isn't follow that episode completely, I think you might get the idea of what happens here. So here it is: A Price Paid.

    It was a sunny day in Ponyville as three young fillies, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and …

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  • TheGuineaPig45

    Hello, everyone, and welcome to the next installment in the Pony Arena Game series: Pony Arena Tourney II, hosted by me, TheGuineaPig45!

    And we're back! After a really long break, I have returned to finally complete Pony Arena Tourney II and the Losers Bracket! It's been a crazy ride so far, and it's only going to get crazier as we reach the game's finale! We've taken some huge loses (goodbye, ), but we much continue on!

    So, here's how PAGTII works: 64 user-selected characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, its spinoff film series, as well as its official comic book series, have been selected to compete in the game. In each round, several matchups will take place, in which two of the competitors go head-to-head in a poll. Whichever …

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  • Mega Sean 45

    Somebody on the MLP Forums was asking us what do we expect the season 6 finale to be, and I gave them this answer pretty much. I've actually been thinking about it lately, probably a little too hard!

    Yeah, like, this how I think it's gonna go down: I expect the Changelings to attack the Crystal Empire along with an alliance with other evil creatures, the Mane Six want to try to reason with them, and Twilight doesn't want Starlight to come because Twilight thinks she would go straight to the battle without even reasoning. So the Mane Six and the princesses and an army of Royal guards go to the empire without her, but Spike offers to stay behind cause he feels bad for her.

    In the Mane Six's side of things, negotiations don't go well anyway, so…

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  • Mlp Princess Mi Amore Cadenza


    Um....I don't know what to say soooo......ask me questions

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  • Choong57

    We welcome you to the continuation of T2T story series, with the newer Story Template 2! This part will goes LIVE.

    ––Chapter X : Broken Seal––

    At first, I spread my wings. Then, I tried to flap my wings and stay off the ground, to make sure I can stay in the air without effected by the scars on my left wing. Sometimes later, I flew around the room, and I once again smiled because my wings has recovered.
    Suddenly, I saw somepony stood at castle hall.
    It's Pinkie Pie!
    But, why was she there?
    She grinned, and ran towards to me. Then she happily shown her platinum card, which means she officially enter into the dinner party! But she felt along, because she thought this card can only invited one pony. I wonder she actually don't know that : The invit…

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  • KillRoy231

    Pony polls

    July 27, 2016 by KillRoy231

    Here's a few polls asking which pony you think is more, whatever the subject of the poll is.

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  • ChipmunkRaccoon

    Should there be a page for these?

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  • Choong57

    Song Used : "Roots" by Tobu

    "You know, Solunar? I was actually don't know I have two brothers until my dying mother had told me to find both you and Goldust," She said, "She really want to thank you for saving her life. That's why I was born after the event you experienced."
    "But how did you lost your memories?" I ask, with curiosity.
    "I was actually passing by a strange hill, which was located at Everton. When I seek around, a strange energy suddenly push me out with it's strong strength, cause my head bumped to a random huge rock. That's why I lost my memories."
    "I see..."
    "But hey! I was luckily adopted by Wrist's family! Mr. Wrist was truly kind, so as 4 childrens of him. He knew I was from Light's family, so he agreed me to find my family. At …

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  • KillRoy231

    So, until such a time as there is enough information for the film to get a true article instead of being in that dang Workshop (in which you cannot comment on the pages), let's comment about Legend of Everfree here.

    Like, are there going to be new transformations or powers for the human ponies? If so what will they look like? (some of the older users here might know what I'm getting at but don't say it)

    Will pony Twilight appear or has the human Twilight replaced her (for films at least)?

    Will we get human counterparts of other characters such as Chrysalis, Sombra, or Starlight?

    Will the Dazzlings return, possibly for redemption?

    How good will it be? To me, Equestria Girls was all right, Rainbow Rocks was really good, and Friendship Games was s…

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  • Dry63

    I found out that Sia is going to be voicing a character in the My Little Pony movie coming out next year. She's great singer, but another "star" in the credits of the movie is giving me concern over the quality of the film.

    Chenoweth, Blunt, and Schreiber being apart of the film were one thing but when more names like Michael Pena, Taye Diggs, and Uzo Aduba appear, it makes me afraid that the story will get lost in this showcase of stars.

    I think about the original movie and think will their performances be enough to contribute to the story, or will they be cameos that will drag the movie and cause the audience to lose interest.

    Now, I'm questioning the talents of the actors. I've seen movies, TV shows or listened to songs they're apart of an…

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  • FirePuppy

    My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie Party is a spin-off animated series of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is not to be confused with the DVD of the same name. The series follows the adventures of Pinkie Pie, with each episode usually taking place during the events of the original series.

    Unlike in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Pinkie Pie appears in every episode of MLP: P3 (the acronyms for Pinkie Pie Party), whereas in FiM, every character in the Mane Six has made absences from time to time.

    • Pinkie Pie: The main protagonist of the series. An Earth pony with a pink body and magenta mane and tail. She has a funny demeanor, is very talkative, and a bit air-headed. She also enjoys singing and playing pranks. Her spirit represents the ele…

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  • Mega Sean 45

    Ooooooh the pain and sorrow of being MLP episodeless! I thought I wasn't going to survive! I thought I was done for! D: But we did survive another hiatus! Next weekend, we're right back on track! :D

    So... what was about this hiatus that made it so special? Well I did make "What if I was Gordon Freeman?", "What if I was Jack from Bioshock?", "What if I was Matthew Kane?", and of course "San Andreas Highlights"! My YouTube channel as been very active lately! I'm right now in development with "What if I was Subject Delta?"! I'm giving my bedroom a new look, everything is going well in Spanish class, so yeah, it's been a productive hiatus for me!

    Got the good word of two awesome Rainbow Dash episodes coming, a fantastic CMC episode, and two jaw-…

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  • InterGalaxtic03

    Best Episodes

    1. Ammending Fences                                    (Favourite Season 5 Episode)
    1. Pinkie Pride                                                  (Favourite Season 4 Episode)
    2. Twilight's Kingdom
    3. ​Lesson Zero                                                  (Favourite Season 2 Episode)
    4. ​Crusaders Of The Lost Mark
    5. Keep Calm And Flutter On                           (Favourite Season 3 Episode)
    6. ​Flight To The Finish
    7. Magical Mystery Cure                                    (Guilty Pleasure)
    8. Princess Twilight Sparkle
    9. Return Of Harmony
    10. ​Slice Of Life
    11. Cutie Mark Chronicles
    12. ​Party Of One                                                   (Favourite Season 1 Episode)
    13. Hurricane Fluttershy
    14. ​Saddle Row Review
    15. ​Sonic Rainboom
    16. Sisterhooves Social​
    17. Make New Friends…
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  • ShadowRaptor101

    So am I the only one who calls foul on the writer's claims that Starlight Glimmer isn't supposed to be the show's analoque to Sunset Shimmer (and also as of SDCC 2016, their new claim that there is still a chance we may see the human Sunset Shimmer)? This isn't really something that gets brought up very often from what I've seen, and I am actually rather surprised by that, because this is something that a lot of people really should be aware of, so they can be prepared for what might come. And, since I am no Silver Quill or Firebrand, this is really the best I can do:

    Something I often try to point out to people is the sequence of events that the writers play off as unrelated, but just so happened to all occur right around the same timefram…

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  • Creeperfan

    So I decided to end my exile from this wiki, well only for a short while until Season 6 ends.
    But do not expect a My Little Adventures from me.
    Do not expect another game.
    Do expect more episode reviews.
    I will be talking less MLP than ever since I'm now in the TTS community again.
    What I'm saying is this: I will be here until Season 6 ends.
    Expect that.
    But remember, after those 14 weeks are out, it's time to pack up and move on.

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  • Bt3082

    Season 7 Predictions

    July 23, 2016 by Bt3082

    Hello guys! As all of you might or not have seen SDCC, I was excited they announced information on Season 6 like Spike getting his own song, More CMC episode, Starlight getting her own throne and more and even announced Sia will be in the movie. Also, Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree is going to be released in Netflix in October, that I was not expecting.

    Anyway, the production crew didn't confirm Season 7 yet, so in case they make a Season 7 or not, I decided to do some predictions for Season 7. They are:

    • No more Spike Abuse.
    • Spike becoming prince.
    • Twilight adopting Spike as her son.
    • An episode featuring Twilight & Spike transforming into Princess Twivine Sparkle & Prince Michael the Dragon.
    • More Sparity episodes.
    • More Discord episodes.
    • King So…
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  • Amazingcocoguy923

    Hello, everypony! I am back from my summer vacation and I have just seen the promo for Season 6 Episode 13,  Stranger Than Fan Fiction. When Rainbow Dash meets Quibble, his design looks like Rainbow Dash! But am I mistaken for him LOVING Daring Do rather than hating her? Because it says somewhere in the 'S06E13' page that Quibble HATES Daring Do as much as Rainbow Dash LOVES Daring Do! (Sorry for the excessive capitalization) But nevertheless, the promo is really interesting and I can't wait to see the full episode of 'Stranger Than Fan Fiction'. Just one more week until the airing, everypony!

    Signing off until next time, 


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  • Choong57

    "I... I founded your sister!" Bright Sky shouted.
    "No," I said. "I believe she has already..."
    Just then, Goldust finally arrived to the place where she and I stood. He seems tired, and his forehead was sweating.
    "Brighty!" He shouted, "Do you know I'm worried at all time when you said you wanna talk to him that you had found his sister, and burst out from the room?!?"
    "Calm down, Goldust," I said.
    "Solo..." He confused.
    "She already said it earlier, but I just don't want to believe it, because I never believe she would still alive after felling off the mountain..."
    "She did survived!" She said.
    I was shocked for what she said. I was wondering : That means... the scenes I experienced, wasn't a dream... it's real! My mind was suddenly filled in so many co…

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  • Spyro1996

    Out of Context Images

    July 22, 2016 by Spyro1996

    Do your worst.

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  • Andrewteel213

    I'm in love with My Little Pony and it makes me smile. My brushables that I have are Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, Lily Blossom, Flower Wishes, Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops, and Lyra. I also have some blind bag figures which I have so many.

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  • Shadowgallade7777

    3 Week Leave

    July 21, 2016 by Shadowgallade7777

    Okay, so where do i start...

    I need to take a 3 week leave starting today because there is a REALLY annoying thing i need to be working on at school and it's getting on my nerves. So i won't be on as much as i was (or at all, for that matter).

    When i have knocked this project out of the park, i'll then have 2 school exams to do after the holidays, but basically, once i've done this project, i will have lifted a LOT of stress off my back.

    After the next 3 weeks, i promise that i will come back on with the fighting spirit (and the charm, y'know) that i i've always had, but even better! So until then...

    Keep on spreading the justice you do to all.

    Love y'all.

          09:40, July 21, 2016 (UTC) 

    EDIT: I've just learned that i don't need to work on it in a…

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  • TallTitan70

    Hi, this TallTitan70 the Super Mario Brony. For this post I'm going make this all quick by just having my episodes ranked now on how I view them, and since my opinion will keep on changing from time to time, here's my entire list of every episode at this point (that is however I view them everytime I revisited this user blog page).

    1. Twilight's Kingdom
    2. Pinkie Pride
    3. Crusaders of the Lost Mark
    4. The Return of Harmony
    5. Rainbow Rocks
    6. Gauntlet of Fire
    7. Amending Fences
    8. A Canterlot Wedding
    9. The Mane Attraction
    10. Keep Calm and Flutter On
    11. Princess Twilight Sparkle
    12. Three's A Crowd
    13. The Crystal Empire
    14. The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone
    15. Castle Sweet Castle
    16. Lesson Zero
    17. Magical Mystery Cure
    18. Hurricane Fluttershy
    19. Read It and Weep
    20. Maud Pie
    21. Flight to the Finish
    22. Hearth's Warming Eve
    23. The Cuti…

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  • Choong57

    "Brighty, are you alright?" Goldust worried.
    "Ugh, my head..." She groaned.
    Some of her flashbacks had once again pops up, this time...the memories may clearer than before, and she realize : there's a flashbacks where she requested to find her brothers, and recognize them one by one. She also talk about the magic aura's color – Light Blue, was representing the Light family's icon. Her headache has laterally gone, and she cried.
    "You seems remembered something, right?" He ask in concern.
    "What if... the sister he was finding for a long time ago, has finally appear?" She said.
    "What do you mean?"
    She say nothing.
    "Told me, Brighty. You seems recognized for somepony else..."
    "I may already found his sister, and I know where she is. I must go to find hi…

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  • Robottoy98

    I'm sorry

    July 20, 2016 by Robottoy98

    Hello, this is Gemmygod on my third account. I'd like to say I'm sorry about what I've done about editing the episode gallery captaions. The reason i did it was because I was just trying to have fun with them, that's all. I wasn't trying to harm anything. I understand if you didn't approve of my captaion edits. But here's something I think you should know that hopefully you'll understand as to why I carelessly edited the gallery captations and made a minor edit to the "Dragonshy" page: I didn't know about the wikia talk page function at that time, and I was completely unaware that I being sent messages to stop and give a reason for why I did do it, and my reason is, as mentioned before, I was trying to have fun while editing them. I'm sorr…

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  • KillRoy231

    There've been plenty of polls about Mane 6, princesses, or background ponies

    But for those who have seen G1, who's your favorite G1 pony?

    I'd say it's a tie between Firefly and Surprise, just like my favorite G4 pony is a tie between Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. (What is it with me and pegasi?)

    Of course, keeping up with my usual luck, Firefly only appeared in the Tirek episodes and then vanished into oblivion along with all other ponies from that episode, showing those of us who are old enough to notice that Tirek and Lavan aren't the only characters to die in G1, not even counting the ambiguous cases such as Hydia, Squirk, or Beezen. (Not Somnambula though, we first see her old as she begins to steal youth, so she'd revert to the same age s…

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  • FireSnow16

    The 2016 Fantasy Foods Competition is now at the voting stage, and MLP:FIM's The Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness made it!

    The first round is going on right now, so vote for the MMMM, among any other choices you support! If MMMMM is a finalist, it'll become real and be sold at the Wikia's food truck.

    We didn't make too round 2, we lost to Dango (Naruto), we our best.

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  • Vengir

    This list will include all of the interviews (mostly on video, but there's also one in text) known to me where ponies is the main focus. If anybody wishes so, I might also include those that have at least a passing mention of them. I do not intend to translate any of them. They are mostly intended as a reference mostly for the Polish speakers, but if you wish to translate any of the, then you're welcome.

    1. Agnieszka Mrozińska-Jaszczuk (Rainbow Dash; December 2011; text only)
    2. Elżbieta Jędrzejewska-Futera and Mikołaj Klimek (Princess Celestia and King Sombra; September 2013)
    3. Agnieszka Mrozińska-Jaszczuk (Rainbow Dash; November 2013)
    4. Mikołaj Klimek (Few additional characters besides Sombra since the first interview; March 2015)
    5. Klaudiusz Kaufmann (S…
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  • Choong57

    "Had staying at this place is just wasting my time!" Diamond yelled to her sister, Snowlight.
    "Wait!" She said, "You had to listen, I didn't mean to..."
    "You lied!"
    Diamond and Snowlight staring on each other, while I whispered Goldust and Brighty for return to my room until this case had been settled.
    "It was you who ruined my childhood, you also forfeited my place in Flare's family! You had left me no choice..." said Diamond.
    "Can you stop acting like you are the innocent, please?" Snowlight cried, "It's just because you don't even want to know about the truth..."
    "Truth? (Evil laugh) TRUTH!? Father has abandoned me for a long time, which means the Flare s family has booing and jerking me! Do you even know I'm suppose to happy when I was lived in YOU…

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  • MLP fluttershy

    If this isn't allowed please delete. I just thought I'd give you fans a boost of confidence. No one is born being able to make perfect artwork. You have to keep working at it. I found a drawing I did 3 years ago and the difference is amazing.

    Don't ever give up, practice makes all the difference.

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  • Dry63

    A Salon Day at Rarity's

    July 17, 2016 by Dry63

    Based off a scene from Steel Magnolias where Shelby goes into diabetic shock at the beauty salon, I decided to take the challenge putting Pinkie Pie in the middle of this predicament. For those of you unfamiliar with the show or movie, one of the main characters, Shelby, is a diabetic and when she goes into insulin shock, the girls and her mother scramble to lower her insulin and bring her back to her senses. The new girl Annelle is unaware of Shelby's sickness so she isn't sure of whet to do.

    Reformed works well for it to as she is starting to really get to know the girls. For the record, this is in the EG Universe so that there is no confusion.

    (The girls are at RARITY'S house having a spa day. RARITY is working FLUTTERSHY'S hair. PINKIE PIE…

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  • GoldenLine

    Has anyone here read Post Nuptials? It's good. I mean, really good. Almost as good as Letters From an Irritated Princess. What started as an emotion-heavy accusation fic turned into a continuity of its own. I think my favorite chapter was Fluttershy's, least favorite is Pinkie's, largely because it's the least relevant to the story and more to the sequel.

    The story and its sequels tie together a lot of events from the show, most notably when we find out why the stuff that "New Fluttershy" said got to Pinkie so badly.

    The story and its sequels have the usual complaints, why do so many people take Twilight's flame mode as an actual thing, why is this red unicorn villain coming in so late, why is a story about interpersonal relationships being m…

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  • Choong57

    This part has only shown as transcripts.

    Solunar Light : She actually was not related to you too, miss. But I don't know why, why do you take Bright Sky away from here? If you think I'm suppose to abandoned her, then you can take her away.
    Pegasus Mare : You don't even understand her!
    Solunar Light : That s why I tried to interact with her at the start! I may not related to her, but at least I have enough strength to protect her, being kindness to cared on her, and I even have enough confident to adopt her. If those three statements in her thought can't be required, I may truly can't forgive myself...
    Pegasus Mare : Hmph, you are acting like your life will be doomed without her! You think who you are, mister. Her Friend?  Cousins? Father? Or eve…

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  • SpiltMilk10

    cool but dare crazy is here wacky users why not mlp is crazy!

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  • KillRoy231

    I didn't want to say this because it's kinda dark and once the thought's in your head it'll probably bug you forever, but someone else mentioned it on a forum somewhere, so here we go

    So we knew Discord would either have to be reformed or destroyed eventually after he was turned to stone the second time because the Mane 6 are mortal, and once they are no longer around to keep him turned to stone, he could get out again with nopony to stop him. His redemption in Season 3, by means of friendship with Fluttershy, seemed a more permanent end to his evil.

    But, what happens when Fluttershy is gone? Discord is immortal, so he'd have to spend an eternity without her (as opposed to Twilight, who was confirmed to still be mortal). Would he go Emo and …

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  • MLP fluttershy

    Welcome  everypony! I'm bored and thought I'd give those ask things a try. Sketch is my OC as you might know. You can ask whatever you like and you'll get an answer straight from her mouth.

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  • Spyro1996

    Holy crap guys...Guardians of Harmony looks friggin amazing. I know I would like to try and obtain them all (as I'm sure many of you do as well) but which figures/characters are on the top of your wishlist? I'm probably going to wait until Christmas to ask for some of these beautiful looking figures, but the three I'd like most are Spike The Dragon," Fan Series" Discord, and Twilight Sparkle vs. the Changeling. What about you guys? Let me know in the comments who you're most excited to buy!

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  • Choong57

    When they happily talking to each other, I was actually give some respect on Scorch. He like to fight, fight like a professional fighter, his strength during the battle were as strong as The Beast. I do really hope he can achieve his dream someday...
    After they separately leave the castle, Snowlight walks in, and seek around my injured left wing. According to her, it's just excoriated, but some of the wing's bone has slightly dislocated. The doctor said I need to keep resting (can't fly) at least 2 or 3 days, until the injured wing recovered. That results let me relaxed in a little bit.
    When I walk at corridor, I still wondering about all the scenes happens when I started this journey. Just then, the mare in hologram, which previously saw a…

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  • Choong57

    Song Used : "Brothers of Blood" by Gerard K. Marino

    ––Chapter IX : Confliction––

    I reminded both mares that our fight may hurting both of them, and they stay behind me at the road side. But after my magic no longer able to freeze Scorch's leg, he immediately lungs up, and attack me with his bare hooves. I blocked his attack by my own blade, and softly blast him by my magic, cause him stepped back. I noticed some dark clouds, which has thunders stormed around it, has coming through here. I wonder it would likely starts raining again, but it isn't : those thunders were about to storm! I felt it would likely hitting Scorch, so I ran towards to him, and push him away.
    And because of that, my left wing was seriously hitted by the lighting, and I w…

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  • Dereviewer

    Favorite Comic

    July 11, 2016 by Dereviewer

    Hey guys, it's Dereviewer. I got a little bored so I decided to do another blog, since I haven't done one in a while. And I was also thinking about the MLP IDW comics. My favorite issue is the Return of Queen Chrysalis. You know, where the Changelings kidnap the ponies of Ponyville and take their places, but then the Mane Six defeat them and save all the ponies. So, I wanted to ask you guys a question? What were your thoughts on the Return of Queen Chrysalis, what did you like or not like about it? 

    Reply to my blog below. 

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  • MLP fluttershy

    I mean this in a well way. I'm crazy in my own way too. If you say your perfect normal, your lieing or haven't been here enough. We're all unique and the way I see it, like a family. We fight with each other and have misunderstandings, but can be close other times. We're one big, crazy family.

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  • AngelJay

    Unfair ban much?

    July 10, 2016 by AngelJay

    So I called smith a turd on main, obviously not seriously, and got a warning from throwy about language. Sooo I brought up the point that I've always said turd and it's not even swearing. Soo then I used piss which as we all know is /allowed in chat./ I got kicked by him and then came back and said that piss is one of the words we allow in chat and got banned for saying so. where's the logic in that? And considering that throwy comes on chat like twice a year shouldn't even be so harsh. He doesn't even know how chat works.

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  • Fruity Treeze

    Many of you already know that Applejack is my favorite of the Mane 6. I have said a lot of good things about her and even called her "Best Pony" a few times, but I haven't really explained in much detail why. Here are a few, not all, reasons why I love AJ as a character.

    It's pretty much common knowledge in this fandom that AJ's parents are dead. Some fans have turned this into stories, comics, animations, etc. There have even been subtle hints of it in the show. I have done some thinking about what we know about the Mane 6's pasts, and I came to a conclusion that among them Applejack probably has the closest thing to a "dark" past (or a dark event in her past anyway).

    I mean, think about it. Twilight was a prodigy in magic, a student of the p…

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  • Choong57

    "I... I just want to say..." said Bright Sky, while confusing.
    "You may just want to say what I want to say," I said. "I mean, Lights and Flares was actually related. I heard my father mentioned it before... you know, at 30 years ago, the former king of this castle was disagreeing my mom and dad's marriage, but after his majesty saw my dad help him slash the monsters for protect him on the way to the North, he embraced my father's action, and decided to let both my mom get married with father. That's why Lights starts alliance with Flares for 30 years. Wow, it's been a long time, right? Oh, I forgot this : Snowlight and I... seems pulped for the marriage, but I don't believe this, because being a couple needs to understand and loved each other…

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  • RapidRabbid


    July 9, 2016 by RapidRabbid

    We all know the world of mlp is magic from controlling weather to summoning dark crystals If you could pick one element magic or Power to study what would you choose? Would you be dark? Light? Fighter healer The possibilities are ENDLESS tell me what you think ;)

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  • Spyro1996

    Thought this would be fun to pass the time with, so here we go!


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  • Stark0fwinterfellx

    Well, here's my list. Copied from TallTitan70.

    1. Amending Fences.
    2. The Last Roundup.
    3. Lesson Zero.
    4. It Ain't Easy Being Breezies.
    5. The Mysterious Mare Do Well.
    6. No Second Prances.
    7. Leap of Faith.
    8. Twilight's Kingdom.
    9. Wonderbolts Academy.
    10. Sleepless in Ponyville.
    11. Green Isn't Your Color.
    12. Owl's Well That Ends Well.
    13. Hurricane Fluttershy.
    14. Rainbow Rocks.
    15. The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone.
    16. Castle Sweet Castle.
    17. Princess Twilight Sparkle.
    18. Daring Don't.
    19. Rarity Takes Manehattan.
    20. Apple Family Reunion.
    21. Luna Eclipsed.
    22. Party of One.
    23. Suited for Success.
    24. Ponyville Confidential.
    25. A Canterlot Wedding/Friendship Games.

    1. Twilight Sparkle.
    2. Moondancer.
    3. Adagio Dazzle & the Dazzlings.
    4. Sunset Shimmer.
    5. Celestia & Luna.
    6. Applejack.
    7. Pinkie Pie.
    8. Coco Pommel.
    9. Coloratura.
    10. Daring Do.
    11. Maud/Limestone Pie.
    12. Spitfire.
    13. Scootalo…

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  • Dry63

    A funny thing happened

    July 9, 2016 by Dry63

    Today, I discussed Brony life with this girl who thought the fandom was a myth. I couldn't believe this high school thought it was made up. So, naturally, I explained what it was about, and she couldn't believe it was a REAL thing.

    She even called her friend on Skype to tell her she met a real Brony. I never felt so awkward. The sudden, if not brief popularity, felt strange. It was good but unexpected. She wants me show her one of my pony plush toys next week. Maybe she'll join the fandom if the interest continues.

    So that was my day.

    My tournament on Equestria Girls Wiki is still going on. Most of the round is complete, but the character portion is still available to play. The link to it is below.

    Equestria Girls Tournament Round 1

    Good Luck.

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  • Hooves58

    After every episode you watch, you most likely think Wow, I wonder what will happen next!? I have a theory about what hasbro might do, and of course it probably isnt going to be correct. What if we see Pound and Pumpkin cake as 'fillies and colts'? What if Sunset comes from the mirror? What if Starlight Glimmer becomes an alicorn? We probably will never get the answers to these. What will happen?!

    Questioning Logic,

    Hooves 58

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  • Choong57

    "I'm actually from reality, and I stucked into my dream by a monster, because of that, I was forced to beat the monster like fighting my nightmare...but I really can't tell my name because I don't want to be confused with the other pony..." I said.
    "It's alright..." she said.
    I look at the sky, it turns into sunny day after the rain storm. Minty suggested me to name her child, and I appreciated to name her. I saw her mane has a little bit like Rainbow Dash, and it got weather change since she was born, so I thought she may always smile at the future... and hey, she even smiling on me!

    Bright Sky : Because I smile as bright as the sun...
    Solunar Light : So I guess her name will be...
    Bright and Solunar : ...(Brighty : So I was named) BRIGHT SKY LIGHT.…

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