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  • Dry63

    Happy Holidays everyone! It's time for Round 3 in this poll series. We lost some catchy tunes along the way, but we must press on. In these polls we have two Ashleigh Ball characters matched up and two versions of Starlight Glimmer. Just so everyone knows, there will be no more redemption rounds. It will just be these last three rounds. Now let the voting commence.

    Both of these songs have a common theme, decorating for the holidays. Rarity decorate the halls while an ensemble decorates a castle.

    This poll will close on Monday December 6 at 11pm (EST). And, as always, feel free to comment down below.

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  • Choong57

    The Two Thrones III (27)

    December 3, 2016 by Choong57

    Song Used : The Madness by Art of Anarchy

    ····Chapter XVII : Coronation

    Just then, my horn was randomly glowing then cast a massive mysterious spell around me. I can feel the time is reversing, ponies around things' time has reverted because of this, except me who don't get affected at all.
    "Did I... casted a time backflow spell?" I confused.
    Suddenly, I felt a serious pain on my body and shocked, I saw the feathers on my wings has finally re-grow. In this moment, my eyes are filled in full of smiling tears.
    "It was wonderful to have my wings restored..." I said while smiling through tears. Then, I wipes out my tears then rekindled, and I took out my dagger and start dash towards to Nike.
    Time backflow spells has failed at this time, and everyt…

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  • Gemmygod

    Well, it's December once again, and you know what that means: Christmas (Or Hearth's Warming in this community) is coming up! I'm sure you guys are HYPED for the holidays, because I sure am! I'm very curious to know what you guys like the most about hearth warming. I'm sure everypony's gonna be wathcing the season 6 episode A Hearth's Warming Tail! I honestly thought it was a GREAT parody of "A Christmas Carol" by the way, and I reccomend you check it out if you haven't yet! I'm also curious to know what you guys want for Hearth's Warming this year! Maybe a new Funko MLP figure you don't have yet! Maybe a new video game counsel! Maybe you can write a letter to Hasbro studios, wishing them a Happy Hearth's Warming 2016! In addition, you sti…

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  • Choong57

    T2T III (27 -Prologue-)

    December 1, 2016 by Choong57
    This doesn't contain storyline.

    Ugh, I was forced to change the storyline due to lack of ideas! I try to think about "Shoot his head" arc, but it was too hard to write about it! So I forced to change my storyline by choosing "Undo actions" arc to plan my story, and I got fresh ideas from it... Sometimes, I really can't follow my original plan because of the votes, but yeah, sacrifice my original plans then creating fresh new plans does make the story not getting boring! So, #129 may got completely different storyline compare to my previous choice. I guess really needs some fresh new ideas for my stories...

    Nike realize he got tricked by the spell then angrily turn on me.

    There will be having another announcement about new timeslots of T2T in …

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  • Bluethunder25

    When I first watched MLP: FiM, I grew to love it from the first episode. I loved the friendship that developed between the Mane 6, I liked the animation, the storyline, the songs, and after all this, I can honestly say that MLP: FiM is one of all time favorite TV shows of all time. And one of the reasons that it gained that status in the first place in my early months of watching the show was Twilight Sparkle.

    She came off as interesting character to me. Someone who started off not really caring about friendship and just about studying, but as she met the rest of the Mane 5, she started understanding friendship better. And through out her appearances in episodes, I grew to love her; from her awkwardness, her obsession with organizing thing;…

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  • Choong57

    Song Used : "Glimmer of Hope" by Ivan Torrent

    "I serves nopony..." I said confidently. "And I will never surrender to an evil creature like you, because only weaklings or cowards will surrender!"
    "Well, this is your own!" He enraged, then fired a magic blast on me, which I easily escaped. I fly above the ground then starts to collect the energy of nature. While collecting, he tried to stop me by attack with his magic, but I encountered with tons of shield spells. And finally, I complete the collection of natural energy then fires a massive magic blast on him. He screamed when he saw it blast through him, but he is still fires back with his magic, and he's still lost to that magic blast then engulfed in the flash of light. I flew higher than…

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  • Dry63

    Welcome back everyone. As stated before, this round will give one of the recently eliminated songs a second chance to continue onward. We have two Pinkie Pie songs. Spike's first solo, and many others in jeopardy of permanent elimination. Only one of these songs can move on.

    There will only be one poll for this round and will only last for three days. On December 2nd at 11:00pm (EST). Here we go.

    It's a Pony Kind of Christmas - 0
    Twelve Days of Christmas - 1
    Last Year I Got Coal for Christmas - 0
    We Wish You a Merry Christmas - 0
    Pinkie's Present - 4 (WINNER)
    Jolly Ol' St. Nick - 1
    The Heart Carol - 0

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  • Amazingcocoguy923

    Pinkie Pie has done a lot of 4th wall breaks all through the seasons, but which one rules them out? Let's find out!

    Which break is your favorite? Comment down below for a chance to get a shoutout next blog!

    See you next time!

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  • Choong57

    The Two Thrones III (25)

    November 28, 2016 by Choong57

    "I had to try to find ways to defeat him," I told myself, sighed. "To a friend, I would rather sacrifice myself worthwhile..."
    Nike enraged then dashed towards me to perform his attack, this led to the outbreak of war between us. He has been in a good state of combat, and I have always been unable to break his moves so that my magic almost gradually depleted. I use my weapon to attack him and realize he suffers injuries through weapons, but since he can automatically heal himself, so it becomes more difficult to defeat him. Soon I flew toward to Nike's dark tower and he began to chase me. Through the chase, he continue to attack me with his magic then my right heel got hit by that attack.
    "Ugh! My hoof!" I screamed, then land on his tower.

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  • InterGalaxtic03

    Loser Braket 1a

    November 27, 2016 by InterGalaxtic03

    Hello, everyone, and welcome to the newest installment in the Who Is Best Pony series but this time it's the ​Loser Bracket​, just like in Guinea's blog this is how it works - the 32 characters who lost in Round 1 of Pony Arena Tourney II have all been placed in a bracket, in which the loser of the first matchup goes against the loser of the last bracket, and so forth. In each round, several matchups will take place, in which two of the losers go head-to-head in a poll. To play, all you have to do is vote on said poll, and whichever contestant gets more votes by the end of the round moves ahead! However, the one with the lesser amount of votes is out, so vote wisely! The game will continue this way for many rounds, until only one character r…

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  • Fruity Treeze

    Hello everyone! It's Fruity Treeze, your host for Round 36 of Pony Arena! In this game two or more characters, songs, or episodes go head-to-head in a poll, and whichever gets more votes by the end of each round wins! Each round features at least five matchups, and anyone can suggest a matchup if they please!

    So guys, it's been a while hasn't it? In case you didn't know or forgot, I'm a host now. Thanks again, TheGuineaPig45! This isn't just a one time thing, I'll probably be hosting a lot more rounds in the future. This was supposed to be released much earlier, but thanks to my busy schedule and school, it had to be delayed. So, without further ado, vote away! I hope you enjoy!


    Let's start off with some new stuff. Specifical…

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  • Choong57

    The Two Thrones III (24)

    November 26, 2016 by Choong57

    "I seem having a danger pay for this right now..." I whispered to myself.
    "What are you waiting for, Venom? Go get him!" yelled Nike.
    The beast waves his claw then attacks me heavily, causing me heavily hit on the wall. My right front and heels got serious injury, but I'm still stood strong.
    "Ugh , my hooves..." I cried.
    Venom Bane is still under Nike's control, and I can't even find a way to defeat it. Just then, I had spotted his weak spot, so I use my dagger gun to target on there then stabbed it's weak spot. While the beast* screamed in pain and stunned in the place, I realize there's only 10 bullets in both pistols, and I remember once my dad told me that I must use the bullets wisely. So I rise my guns then shoot 2 bullets to him then e…

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  • Pinkgirl234

    We have tons of villains from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic who ranged from spoiled brats, to mean ponies and monstrous creatures. While some have already changed and turned over a new leaf, others haven't.

    So the ultimate question here is:

    Which villains in MLP would you like to see reform?

    In my personal opinion, I would like to see the Dazzlings reform. I have this weird headcanon that they return to Equestria as ponies (but still posses the ability to transform into sirens) and regained their voices back. The Dazzlings then attempted to regain the trust of others by doing good deeds to them and for them. So yeah. That is one weird headcanon of mine.

    Any villains in MLP you would like to see reform? Feel free to share your opinions be…

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  • Dry63

    Thanks to your dedication and opinions, I have decided to put up a spin-off Losers Poll in my MLP Christmas Songs Poll series. The choices come from the show and the album It's a Pony Kind of Christmas. These songs were knocked out of the previous rounds but have another chance to win third place here. Luna's Future and Days Gone By (Auld Lang Syne) are exempt as they reached the final round in the official poll.

    How this series will work is that there will be five rounds instead. One of these rounds will be a revival round where an eliminated song from this round will get yet another chance for moving forward. After that round, the polls will continue on as it was in the original poll series. And now, let the voting commence.

    These two song…

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  • KillRoy231

    No, I'm not talking about To Where and Back Again, that one had too much good stuff in it and is in my top 10. There are two episodes I've been tempted to FanonDiscontinuity, though I don't think I do that with individual episodes usually, but I'd like to know if any of you have either been tempted to or actually done it.

    Incase you don't know what the term means: It means saying a specific episode, film, etc. that is part of the canon, is non-canon to you, basically excluding it from your headcanon. (I've done this with Spartacus: War of the Damned and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

    Episodes I've been tempted to FanonDiscontinuity that haven't been referenced in other episodes:

    1. Princess Spike
    2. What About Discord
    3. 28 Pranks L…
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  • InterGalaxtic03

    Welcome back to my first-installment of Who Is Best Pony! Last time I was pretty content about who won, though with Sunset and Twilight I really didn't see Twi winning, even though in TheGuineaPig45's blog Twilight won I actually thought Sunset would have a chance of winning (spoiler alert,  she didn't)! And Rainbow Dash thrashed Scootaloo, I'm not sure if I'm happy about that but all I can say is Principal Cinch vs Swi-Twi who didn't see Sci-Twi winning? Jeez, that was really predictable. Should we begin? Lets.

    To begin we have possibly the two most fun ponies in the whole fandom! One of them has ditzy eyes and is associated with muffins (becoming her name for some reason, it's Derpy and the party loving official fun pony in Ponyville it's t…

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  • FirePuppy

    As you know, these are the four Mane Six ponies with the most average stats throughout the show. Twilight and Fluttershy are omitted because Twilight has had much more appearances in most seasons and Fluttershy has often had less.

    So now... who will end up as the best of the average Mane Six ponies? Will it be Applejack... Pinkie Pie... Rainbow Dash... or Rarity?

    Well, here's how it went:

    Applejack Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Rarity
    Major appearances 3 3 3 4
    Cameo appearances 1 1 2 1
    Absences 1 3 3 2

    Winner: Rarity

    Last Place: Rainbow Dash (for making the most cameos)

    Applejack Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Rarity
    Major appearances 1 3 3 2
    Cameo appearances 1 0 1 1
    Absences 3 4 4 4

    Winner: Pinkie Pie (for having the most appearances and no cameos)

    Last Place: App…

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  • Guildmaster Grovyle

    Just a quick blog in a time of drought.

    • As socially awkward as his big sis, if not more so
    • Scrapes by on every test without studying
    • May or may not show up to class
    • May or may not use excessive sick days
    • Does not know how to study
    • Does not know how to shave
    • Terrified of anything requiring effort
    • On the border about college; will not survive if accepted
    • Will blame everything but himself if that happens
    • Thinks he's doing Rainbow Dash a favor by... sharing his intelligence or something
    • Obviously only single because it's the nice guy who finishes last
    • Why we need bullying in today's schools

    • Who the hay is this broad?
    • Campaigns for CHS student council every year
    • Oh, that broad
    • Never elected
    • Likes to stand and wave a sign
    • Protests in support of dress code and schoo…

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  • Whitehorse24

    Inspired from yesterday, there have a numerous amount of things on this show left hanging, aka unrevealed. I just don’t like it. So I decided to create yet another top ten list. For this list, I’m counting down my personal opinion on some the unrevealed stuff on the show that bothered me the most. These are all plot relevant that have a slight impact on the series, not just one measly incident.

    Don’t think I’m just overreacting before we even get started. At the beginning of the polarizing Ponyville Confidential, we see a colt named Featherweight getting his cutie mark, but never how he got it. From what the CMC are saying, it wasn’t likely he was going to get a cutie mark, at least before them.

    We all know that when Cerberus left his post at th…

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  • Mega Sean 45

    Now MLP isn't at the Thanksgiving parade par-say, but if they were, what would you like to see there? Like do you want to see a giant Pinkie Pie balloon like I do? Or do you wanna see something else?

    Happy Thanksgiving, brahs! :D

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  • Choong57

    T2T 125th Episode Edition

    November 24, 2016 by Choong57

    Song Used: "Stop Me" by Light Up The Sky

    Meanwhile, Bright Sky and Pinkie are still think about how to unlock the door and release them out, but they soon realize that the cage's height was totally risked to save my friends. Pinkie says she had to climb up the cage then use the huge rock to break iron hook on the top to let the cage fall, and she wants Brighty to catch it.
    "But it's too difficult to hold the cage," She murmured. "My magic had already lose controlled since that day, and I once lost my strength to lift huge objects..."
    "But at least you had to try first!" Pinkie motivates her. "No wonder everypony knew you are once stronger than your brother, and your skills are even higher than him either."
    She sighed when she heard Pinkie enc…

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  • KillRoy231

    Here's what I'd say:

    1.) I'd express my appreciation for everything they've done, or allowed DHX to do, for the fans.

    2.) I'd ask if they could release more of their products in Canada (because we hardly get anything here aside from toys, books, DVD's, and sometimes calendars, but I hear there's much more in the US). Especially since they're using Canada's voice studio for their show. Plus it would get them more money

    3.) I'd request that they acknowledge the older fans on the back of their DVD's in case some people are afraid of getting them on account of feeling they have to hide from the people they live with, and thus mention of the fandom on the back can give some justification. Again, would get them more money

    4.) Right now, I'd ask them…

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  • Thundermare

    Many do not celebrate Thanksgiving (me included, I'm just doing this for the friends who do), but many do, and I just wanted to say happy Thanksgiving!

    I'd love to know what everyone is thankful for, and I'll just start with myself.

    I'm thankful to friends, enemies, frenemies, and everyone else I know just for their existence and being here, I'm thankful for learning so much about everything every single day, I'm thankful for the everyday madness that I enjoy to the last bit, I'm thankful for the kindness I see every day, I'm thankful for all of the good and bad experiences I've had, the tears I've shed and the times I died from laughter, and I'm thankful for being alive, safe and able to celebrate Thanksgiving with everyone.

    And finally, I w…

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  • BenRG

    Everyone has their wish-list for Season 7 (whether or not they've trusted it to the public record), so why should I be any different. I don't have a detailed list of episodes that I want but there are some broad concepts that I'd like to see followed up. I just thought I'd share them with you all.

    By far, my favourite season was season 4, with the Keys of Harmony ongoing arc that linked the season together from beginning to end. With a total of two two-parters plus six episodes (remembering that Castle Mane-ia at least had a significant reference to the Mysterious Chest, even though it wasn't a Key episode) it was the most ambitious running plot that the show has ever attempted and, I hope, could be used as a framing device for a future att…

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  • TheLyricArchive

    My OC Pony

    November 22, 2016 by TheLyricArchive

    Hey guys I recently made a OC for me his name is Lyric Archive (Of Course) and here are some pictures of him the first one is a picture of him now the second is when hes a filly and the third is a picture of hime during nightmare night the forth is a horrible dab

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  • FirePuppy

    Averaging all the episodes we've had for Seasons 5-6, I have made this checklist for Season 7 containing the episodes I expect to see:

    1. Two-part story 1A
    2. Two-part story 1B
    3. Twilight Sparkle and/or Starlight Glimmer episode #1
    4. Twilight Sparkle and/or Starlight Glimmer episode #2
    5. Pinkie Pie episode
    6. Rainbow Dash episode #1
    7. Rainbow Dash episode #2 (possibly with Rarity)
    8. Applejack episode #1
    9. Applejack episode #2
    10. Rarity episode
    11. Fluttershy episode
    12. Spike episode #1
    13. Spike episode #2
    14. The episode with Princess Luna's song
    15. The episode about the Changelings' species origins
    16. Cutie Mark Crusaders episode #1
    17. Cutie Mark Crusaders episode #2
    18. Cutie Mark Crusaders episode also focusing on Pinkie Pie but nopony else
    19. An episode featuring Discord
    20. An episode featuring Maud Pie
    21. An episo…

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  • Choong57

    The Two Thrones III (22)

    November 22, 2016 by Choong57

    "...I won't tell you for now." She said while made a face at me. "Now we had to keep an eye on him when we slowly move on to our friends' location."
    "Oh you..." I rolled up my eyes.
    When she ensures Nike unspotted on us, she reveals our next plan as she teleport us to another building's third floor. She looking around, realizing some minions was spying around the place.
    "We had to hide ourself," She said, before she realize she able to cast a stealth technique spell. "That's it, I can use that spell to makes us invisible!"
    "But it's too risk..." I worried.
    "Don't worry, I can handle this," she assured.
    After she made us look invisible, we walk closer to those minions then defeat them with thunder speed. After defeat those minions, she disabled …

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  • Dry63

    MLP Christmas Songs Poll 4/4

    November 21, 2016 by Dry63

    Here we are fellow Bronies. The final round of this poll series. However, it's not over yet. I've decided to make a Losers Poll of the currently eliminated holiday tunes to find a third place winner. These polls will start most likely in the middle of this poll or after this round ends. This round will determine the winner and the runner up. And now, without further ado, lets have a look at our final contenders.

    This family orientated number from It's a Pony Kind of Christmas features the women of the Apple Family as they remember their far away relatives who cannot be there with them. This may serve a tribute to Applejack's parents who are out of the picture and they raise their cups so that they remember them. Just like the song it's base…

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  • Smv19

    Twists I would put in episodes

    November 21, 2016 by Smv19

    Keep in mind, I am choosing only 6 episodes in individual seasons.

    Season 1: Boast Busters-Spike would not confront Snips and Snails, the Mane 6 would shun Twilight for not standing up for them, prompting her to reproach Trixie to defend her friends's honor at last.

    Seaon 2: A Friend in Deed-Pinkie Pie would board herself up in her room in fear of bothering anypony else instead of massively apologizing to Cranky, prompting Cranky to realize that he went too far with wanting solitude.

    Season 3: One Bad Apple-The CMC would run away from Ponyville, but AJ saw them leaving while seeing the harvest festival and stopped them, forcing the CMC to finally admit Babs' bullying, prompting Babs to get a comeuppance and a change of attitude.

    Season 4: Trad…

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  • Smv19

    Live Action MLP: FIM Cast

    November 20, 2016 by Smv19

    America Ferrera-Twilight Sparkle 

    Pierce Gagnon-Spike 

    Anna Paquin-Applejack 

    Kaley Cuoco-Fluttershy 

    Scarlett Johanson-Rarity 

    Christina Ricci-Pinkie Pie 

    Evan Rachael Wood-Rainbow Dash 

    Laura Linney-Princess Celestia 

    Marisa Tomei-Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon 

    Peter Dinklage-Discord 

    Bill Hader-Big MacIntosh

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  • InterGalaxtic03

    Welcome back to my first-installment of Who is Best Pony! Last time I was pretty happy who won the rounds, apart from Princess Celestia and Discord I totally didn't expect Celestia to win it was so unexpected! Applejack v. Spike saw that one coming yay Spike! Should we get started? Lets.

    First we've got the land bound pegasi filly with wavering self esteem and a rad cutie mark that she had waited for, for years it's Scootaloo! And high flying self confident Pegasus who took little Scootaloo under he wing and recently joined the The Wonderbolts it's Rainbow Dash!

    Round 3: Scootaloo vs. Rainbow Dash

    Scootaloo 4

    Rainbow Dash 10

    Next up we've got the adorable (waifu for some of us) bacon haired pony turned human Sunset Shimmer! And To Pony and Human …

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  • Choong57

    The Two Thrones III (21)

    November 20, 2016 by Choong57

    "We can finding a perfect place for ambush," I said. "If the ambushes failed, we may consider to use another set of tactics to defeat him. Understand that?"
    "Roger, Prince Solunar!" They shouted.
    "Hey! I am not a Prince!" I shouted back.
    "So you mean you had to gain the prince title at the coronation, so you can accept that title?" Brighty joked.
    "Wrong! I never want to receive that title. I already said that in so many times!" I cried.
    "Okay, okay. Let's settle down first..." Pinkie calmed us down. "We can't let Nike spotted us, let's go!"
    And we nodded.
    We dashed to a building's corner then encounter his bunch of armies. It took hours to defeat them, then run towards to the next destination.
    We finally arrived at the hotel which I visited befor…

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  • Smv19

    My Friends Forever Ideas

    November 19, 2016 by Smv19

    Discord helping Cranky and Matilda's marriage when they two get into a fight.

    Rainbow Dash befriending the Flim Flam Borthers in Las Pegasus and talking about her past exploits.

    Zephyr Breeze tries to help Fluttershy when she goes into a depressive downspiral.

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders babysit Flurry Heart.

    Celestia spending time with Starlight and Trixie, only to accost her for her past misdeeds.

    Spike and Ember hanging out with Ember's 'girlfriends' (and I mean that as a girl being friends with another girl) and him feeling a tad discomfort.

    Babs Seed visiting the Apples during cider season and things getting tense when she criticizes their praise for how they make cider.

    Starlight making proteges out of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

    Pinkie Pie…

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  • Spyro1996

    I've finally gathered my thoughts on the Season Finales, but I've posted them elsewhere. (on my movie blog.) I was going to copy-and-paste them here, but text always looks weird when I do that on this Wiki, so you're getting a link. I'm mainly posting this for users like Fluffbrain and possibly even Goldenline who I've chatted with about episodes over at Rallinale's "Let's Compare" blogs, but any feedback would be welcome!

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  • Crimson "Valent" Azure

    Hello all, I've decided to go Rallinale and Imperfect's route and make a Let's Compare blog series of my own this time about things aside from the show and movies. Today we're going to be comparing the mane six pets.

    Just rank these six critters from best to worst below in the comments. I'll post my personal ranking soon.

    (Note: I have a good feeling everyone's going to pick Gummy in first and Angel in last based on personality alone, but think of other things. Just because a pet has a seemingly nasty personality, does not automatically make them the worst, think also of what they do for their owner.)

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  • UnknownProdigy's been a while, eh. Anyway, you know the jist of this by now. This fanfiction is full of terrible, terrible things. If you are under the age of 13 or whatever, turn around and read something happier. If you aren't, or you just ignored this disclaimer, read on at your own risk.

    (Unknown’s POV)

    You never know when things will change for the better. Or the worse. Usually, the latter. War isn’t sunshine and rainbows, but at least it’s ordinary. One side fights one or more other side, and they proceed to kill each other until one group reigns supreme. The trouble is: people always complicate war. They give them flashy names, they give them complex inner workings. They talk about battles of ideals, and how these two ideals clashes and le…

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  • ImperfectXIII

    "Let's Compare EQG" blog part 6! This will be the last post in this series. This time, we take a look at the movies' fanservice. No, not the suggestive/tittilating kind -- the generic kind. Which film had the best pop culture references? Series callbacks? Nods to the fanbase? Or which film had more pandering than a bugbear?

    Here's my own ranking:

    1. Rainbow Rocks: If we're to include the animated shorts, then pound-for-pound, I think Rainbow Rocks had the best fanservice, references, and nods to the fandom among the four films thus far. Some of my favorites include the various pony-human cameos on top of the first film's (like Maud and Bulk Biceps), the "Friendship is magic!" joke, the Power Ponies video game, Rarity's Daft Punk costume, the Cutie …

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  • Choong57

    The Two Thrones III (20)

    November 18, 2016 by Choong57

    Song Used : "Megalovania (Undertale)" by GaMetal

    "What are you waiting for, Solunar?" Pinkie called out. "We need to escape here!"
    "No, we need to fight them," I said out loud. "They won't let us escape, so we must defeat them to survive!"
    "Hum!" They nodded.
    During the battle, I realize my magic range has now reach the full power limit. A short while later, we finally defeated those thieves then escape through the safe house. When we arrived, I told them to take rest at here, and they immediately agreed.
    "This is the place where we meet each other for the very first time," Bright Sky said happily. "It is also the place where we changed from strangers to the good siblings! When I stay here since that night, I really feel the warmth of home."

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  • InterGalaxtic03

    Welcome back to my first-installment of Who is Best Pony! Last time I was pretty happy who won the rounds, though now I'm sad I put Starlight v. Trixie, I didn't even know who to pick! But utimetly, Starlight Glimmer forever, so let's begin again, shall we. The rules still apply so don't get all sneaky on me! Let us begin.

    First we have got everyone's favourite Dragon (because Garble sucks) and assistant of Princess Twilight Sparkle Spike! And the hardworking and sometimes stubborn Applejack!

    Round 2: Spike vs. Applejack

    Spike 13

    Applejack 6

    Next up we have got the fun, close to another Pink Pony and Polka singer Cheese Sandwich! and the human loving and close to another certain background pony, green unicorn Lyra Heartstrings!

    Round 2: Cheese S…

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  • Dry63

    MLP Christmas Songs Poll 3/4

    November 16, 2016 by Dry63

    Sorry for the small delay, but Round 3 is up now. In the last round, we lost all of the ensemble numbers and some really good solo songs, but move on we must. Our semifinals concise of two soundtrack numbers and a two songs from the most recent holiday episode. And without further ado, let the game begin.

    Here we have two Earth Ponies with that bring happiness in their own way. Applejack and family's rendition of a song of reminisce against Pinkie Pie's random surprises during the holidays.

    Days Gone By (Auld Lang Syne) - 5
    Pinkie's Present - 4

    Each of these two characters sing their first solo numbers with the MLP: FIM media right here. Spike's jazzy rendition of a classic against Luna's Evanescence-like warning of the future if magic is erased…

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  • Choong57

    Song Used : "Paradise is Burning" by Outline in Colours

    In the next day, Pinkie, Bright Sky and I have to get up and preparing the stuffs. While packing up our stuffs, Crimson walks in then delivering a new weapon to me, and I was totally surprised when I saw my old rotary blade has turn into a brand new weapon: a pair of Dagger Pistols (chained with long chains).
    "I understand that weapon was very important to you, but the central attachable nail was missing and I can't find another one, so I took two of the blade's pieces and coated it with tough ceramic," He explained, "Next I use a few black diamonds to create a pair of pistols, and the chains has even chained on the pistols' gradient hole too. Then I attached the bladels pieces on pist…

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  • Spyro1996

    I'm already drinking Eggnog and listening to my "it's A Pony Kind of Christmas" CD. Any of you guys hoping to get anything MLP related for Christmas this year? I'm personally hoping to get a bunch of Guardians of Harmony figures.

    Edit: Apparently most of you eat your Turkey dinners late. Or do we Canadians eat it early? Meh, discuss below. 

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  • Smv19

    Season Ranking

    November 15, 2016 by Smv19

    1. Season 3

    2. Season 6

    3. Season 5

    4. Season 1

    5. Season 4

    6. Season 2

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  • Choong57

    T2T III (18) : Lifetime

    November 14, 2016 by Choong57

    "I have been hit by the mysterious light beam twice and unleased the hidden power thrice in my lifetime," I said, tossing. "But I seriously felt nothing wrong with it, especially after I become an Alicorn..."
    "No," Crimson denied. "Your life has actually changed since your mother gave birth to you. When you are almost born, I saw that lightspot swirl around my house then enter your mom's body, and you are born at the time. I believes that you are Phenom Shine's reincarnation, because you likely succeed almost everything from her."
    "I succeed everything... from her?" I confused.
    "Yes, that is why you can able to see her spirit, and that is the main reason that why you are becoming an Alicorn."
    "So... all scenes which I had experienced during m…

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  • InterGalaxtic03

    Hey there everyone, and welcome all to my first installment in the who is your favourite pony polls hosted by me, InterGalaxtic. Anyway this is how the competition works, I'm going to line up 64 characters on the show and you will have to decide who will make it to future rounds. Remember voting ends relatively quickly so you better vote quickly. Only 32 of the 64 can go through to the next round 2, there will be sub rounds e.g 1a, 1b, 1c because really I don't want 32 polls in one blog. Shall we begin, lets.

    Let's kick off the first pairing with: Thorax vs. Spitfire! One is a kind Changeling who allies with the ponies of Equestria and the other is the sporty and asserted leader and coach of the aerial acrobatic team the Wonderbolts

    Round On…

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  • Smv19


    November 13, 2016 by Smv19

    He is probably one of my favorite MLP fanfic writers of all time. I love his stories and the OC's are just as interesting and great as the canon characters. Not to mention the pop-culture references it make.

    In fact, here is a list of MLP stories Bluecatcinema made that I am ranking.

    Stand By You

    Pony Tails

    Starlight Rising

    King of the Changelings

    Project: Transendence

    Susnet Shimemr Returns

    From Ponyville With Love

    The Napoleons

    A Flash of Romance

    Twilight's Love

    The Young Prince

    A Look Back

    Growing Pains

    Friends Forgive

    The Prince and the Pauperess

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders: The Next Generation

    Summer Love

    Home on the Range

    Double Take

    Me, Myself, and O'Malley

    Cutie Mark Crusaders Royale


    Double Date

    Love, Equestria Style

    Sleight the Mystifying and Extr…

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  • Rainbow Kate Forever

    Season 7?

    November 12, 2016 by Rainbow Kate Forever

    Okay, so Season 6 is finished. So, what's next for the show? New Mane Six, another ALICORN? And the show? I've got know idea. Maybe the rating goes up to PG. please.

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  • Choong57

    >>>Chapter XVI : Last Chance

    So I decides to find where she is. When I return to Wrists home, they inform me that Bright Sky seems realise something about your skill that recently used, so she already packed our stuff and returned home. They also mentioned that she took a book when she leaved.
    "So... did she say goodbye to you all?" I ask.
    "She did! She always did. She truly greets the ponies who passing by her," said a filly. "Do you want to leave too?"
    "Yes, I may had to meet her at home. I'm truly thankful for helping me to take care of her during she lost her memories..."
    "You're so welcome, Solunar," said Mr and Mrs Wrist. "We hope you can keep care of her nicely as we did in the past."
    "I will, Mr and Mrs Wrist. I hope Brighty and I would…

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  • ImperfectXIII

    "Let's Compare EQG" blog part 5! I have a feeling some of you were waiting for this one... This time, we compare the movies' music. Which film has the best songs? The best musical score? Or which film bore the musical equivalent of Sweetie Belle's rendition of "99 Buckets of Oats on the Wall"?

    songs and music, with a bigger focus on drums, brass, and woodwinds. While I certainly enjoy the rock sound of the title song, the softer guitar of What More Is Out There?, and the classical/dark cabaret sound of Unleash the Magic, I personally got tired of the "na-na-na"'s by the time ACADECA played, and I found Right There in Front of Me a little underwhelming. Where this movie definitely shines, however, is the background music. I particularly like…
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  • Smv19

    Mane Six Ranking

    November 11, 2016 by Smv19

    1. Rainbow Dash

    2. Pinkie Pie

    3. Rarity

    4. Twilight Sparkle

    5. Applejack

    6. Fluttershy

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