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    Filly Please

    Hello, it's my again Filly Please with yet another podcast-ish type of blog of me voicing what I think to the whole lot of you, the general public audience of this very wiki, oh how things have changed and become over the past months since the last 2 years, were they huge rides...

    However, that isn't the point, my point is that there is one major thing that has been bothering me about the chatroom of our wiki; too many people think mod rights are popularity tools.

    Seriously, so many users think that having mod rights means you have a lot of friends and that you are "awesome", I just don't understand why people think that way about responsibilities, they believe that whoever has these rights is considered the best of all users and catagorize t…

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    Today is my first Wikiversary!  A great opportunity to say that I truly had a great year on this wiki! 

    I never had one single bad experience with anyone and I can't mention any negative points.

    I became member of this wiki when I was really ill and I had to stay in bed for a long time, so this community and MLP overall was a great distraction and a way to pass my time

    I still hang around even now i'm healed, so that's the best proof how great you guys are!  

    Maybe I won't be on that much anymore after this season ended and I'll take a little break, but I'm certainly not going to leave.


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    Amber Lilac

    Anyone noticed Flutters and Rarity wear make-up in EG and the animated shorts?

    Do all the mane six wear make up?

    Or is it just them?

    And why does fluttershy wear make-up?

    (or does she have a secret, Rarity-ish side?)

    Facts to prove that she does have that secret, Rarity-ish side:

    1: she reads fashion magazines [as seen by the one in the beginning of Green isn't Your Color and Best Night Ever]

    2: Her Love Of Knitting

    3: Her freaky knowledge of sewing [as quoted by Applejack]

    4: And apparently that she is involved in French Haute Couture. I don't understand why Rarity couldn't do the dress shown by the birds. Not the one with all the weird egg and flowers things. Check it out:

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    The Bunker Guy

    Zeth Darkstar Bio

    April 19, 2014 by The Bunker Guy

    I'm bored and I wanna write, so wynaut? I got da time! Critique as you see fit.

    Zeth Darkstar was born on Earth as a Homo Morpheus, or Shapeshifter, who spent most of his early childhood training under an organization known simply as the Blue Phoenix. He has also trained under notorious bounty hunters and mercenaries to further hone his skills. He arrived in Equestria, alongside a companion, to investigate a disturbance call. After flushing out a small cult, alongside the Elements of Harmony, Zeth establish a small base for the Blue Phoenix and continued to eliminate any threats that endangered the peaceful life of the ponies as well as discover more about his family.

    Being a Shapeshifter grants Zeth any animal or creature ability such as re…

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    Many of us users, including me, have been wanting Cheese Sandwich to make his well-deserved return in season five (in my opinion). If he were to return, I have three scenarios which could possibly happen. After each scenario, I will explain why this scenario might be turned into an episode in season five (including Cheese, of course). Let the reading begin!

    Cheese Sandwich's Cheesy Sense leads him back to Ponyville when [insert pony name here]'s birthday party is being planned.

    Well, Cheese Sandwich seems to be great at planning birthday parties, so why not? I mean, he planned Rainbow Dash's birthiversary in Pinkie Pride with ease (with Pinkie Pie's help of course).

    Pinkie Pie finds out where Cheese Sandwich is planning his next party, so she…

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    Amber Lilac

    Let's look at the tally:

    Twilight gets a lead singer role.

    Rainbow get's a super awesome electric guitar.

    Rarity somehow becomes key-tar proeficient.

    AJ gets bass guitar

    And Pinkie has the drums.

    And.... above all this.

    Flutters. Has. A. Tambourine. Don't tell me "it requires rhythm" and "not everyone can do it" because among the instruments listed, you have to admit it is the worst. Lack of creativity+ cliche= tambourine. It's like they ran out of options.

    I wish they gave her an acoustic guitar. They can be played. And if they're featuring more than one guitar already (the bass guitar) then wouldn't it work? I've seen acoustic guitars in rock n roll or pop bands (whichever the mane six is intent on being).

    Seriously. Why not some creative instrum…

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    Amber Lilac

    The tambourine

    April 18, 2014 by Amber Lilac

    I find it a bit... well, cliche that Flutters is getting a tambourine for an instrument. Sure, you need to have a good sense of rhythm and all that... it's just, it's just so overplayed/simple/stupid. I wish they gave her an acoustic guitar instead of a tambourine. Would've worked nicer.... at least the animated short gave the tambourine a bit of sparkle. But still.

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    I am holding an OC Contest, for the character named Cand Dandy. She is Pink, Purple,Green, Blue, and Yellow, loves candy, has a twirly mane, and no cutie mark. Please enter! Winner's Name will be announced on my talk page.

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    OC Contest

    April 18, 2014 by Pegasisteralicorn
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    To celebrate the upcoming finale of Season Four of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Wikia is going to do a custom video for you, but we need YOUR help! Many fans have their own original character they've created out of love for the series and we want to celebrate these awesome characters! For example, we love this one from Amelia The Writer's profile that has a pen and paper for the cutie mark:

    If you have an original character that you've developed for the world of Equestria, link us to the Original Character! Be sure to include your character's name, Cutie Mark, and any other information about the character that we should know (even the soundtrack if you have one)!

    We'll celebrate these awesomely original ponies in the video so let's see…

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    So I decided to make one too.


    January: Y traps you and X in the tower and Z saves you both.

    February: You catch Y trying to steal from you, Y runs, you and X give chase until Y crashes into Z.

    March: You and X go to a convention and see Y cosplaying as Z.

    April: You and X swap bodies due to Y's experiment! And Z is the special agent tracking you both.

    May: You go to space with X and run into space pirates led by Y. You free Z whom they held hostage.

    June: X goes out with Z, Y tries to crash their date but you stop Y.

    July: You party with X but Z calls the police and Y breaks the stereo.

    August: You and X go fishing, but you catch Y while X catches Z.

    September: You and X gain superpowers, Y becomes a super-villain and brainwashes Z.

    October: Y…

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    Yoshida Tadayoshi

    Which are the weirdest dreams you have ever got?

    By far, I recall:

    A dream where a megatsunami was happening off the coast of Japan, and then it hit Alaska at light speed, then Alaska was now shifted to the West Coast of the continental US. (imagine that happening IRL)

    A dream where a human Princess Cadance was my sister. (lolwut)

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    well i am here to thank by all the things you done for even the bad things and that i am very happy that at least i got to my 100th edit that was reached at the same time that AB2 reached his 1000th edit but this may be my last edit my friends so i am here to say thank you but don´t loose hope i may don´t leave but if that is my destiny i accept it so don´t loose hope

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    You know i hated you before but im sorry im really sorry.

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    Gone/Might be gone

    April 18, 2014 by Flutterbutter

    Okay, well in about 4 hours I leave to go to an airport and leave for PA for my grandfahters funeral. I will be gone until next Friday but will hopefully still be on wiki and active. But that saturday I will be leaving for another week and a few days for a school trip, on which I will not be active and will not respond to any message of any kind. I'll see you around!

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    Yoshida Tadayoshi

    I heard this on Bronyland, that Hasbro shut down all MLP videos (episode videos) online.

    Well, fellow bronies, I know that most of you may rage.

    However, not all have been shut down. Most of them have been.

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    In my opinion Sweetie Belle is about 11 years, about 11 Scootaloo, Apple Bloom also about 11 and Babs Seed also about 11 years

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    Amber Lilac

    Twilight Taller?

    April 18, 2014 by Amber Lilac

    Do you guys think she got taller as an Alicorn?

    I'm positive she got the slightest bit more lavendar than purple, and then she got a slight bit taller and her horn elongated the smallest bit.

    Do you think that she'll gradually becoming alicorn-ish throughout the season?

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    i decided maybe i be leaving this wiki because of the recents events 

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    playing mlp

    April 18, 2014 by EStiller1

    Hey guys, I am playing with my my little ponies and I like to brush there hair and style it! My friend cuts is sometimes but I don't want to cut my ponies hair! I mean it would look cute but it would kinda ruin it. Tell me if you like styling your ponies hair! I know I do!

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    Top 10 in Rankings!

    April 17, 2014 by Seaswirl10

    Hi everyone! I am now officially in the top 10 in the rankings! I was equally 10th before but now I'm actual 10th now. Not many people can get this far. Also, sorry Food.

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    MLP OCs

    April 17, 2014 by Pegasisteralicorn

    I draw OCs, but I never uplad them onto websites. I f you have an OC without a cutie mark, I can make a detailed description for you, but if you need a name for a pony, just give me a desrption.

    -Pega Foreva

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    Amelia The Writer

    Hey guys! New blog :D my blog today is...What is your dream life?? I know there was something similar to this, but it would be cool to know every last little detail! Your dream job, your dream home, you name it! You can write down up to anything you'd be doing in your every day to day life.

    Well, here's mine:

    To start out for my home, I'd like to have a huge piece of property with a beautiful mountain view from my three story log cabin. I don't care what the inside looks like, just as long as it's nice. As for my job, I'd want to be writing a tv show and most of it's episodes, and I'd love if it became a big hit, knowing that I've put my last few years of writing to good use. I'd like to have some great (real life)friends, who support me and…

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  • 18


    Have I really been on the Wiki that long? 4 months now and I have 1,000 edits and tons of good friends. This is so amazing! Thanks for everything, guys!

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    Spike the Dragon

    Hello everyone, I made a blog, and basically you say things you hate or dislike about yourself.

    I might as well start:

    1. I feel like I was born the wrong gender.
    2. I feel pretty much useless in real life, I feel pretty much neglected by family members in real life.
    3. I'm pretty stupid, I always get myself into awful situations.
    4. I do somethings, a lot of them, later on I regret and hate myself for doing, others, they're unrepairable.
    5. Anytime I try to make a friend in real-life, this mostly happened when I was a kid, well, whenever I tried to make friends with them, they retreat as if I am going to do something awful to them.
    6. I randomly decide to spit alot.

    I have lots more, but what things do you hate about yourself ?

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    Best Quotes.

    April 17, 2014 by Shadowgallade777

    Who here has some good Quotes from the chatroom? And i wonder how i can make my own Quote?

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    What do you think?

    Is Trixie truly destined for Greatness?or Doomed to be a third rate stage wizard for all time

    Probably shouldn't have typed in the word vote

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    First letter of your name

    A. Parachute B.Cake C.Tub D.Pool E.Nightmare F.Barbecue G.Cement H.Carpet I.Spirit J.Crazy K.Cat L.Electric M.Glass N.Bean O.Spirit O.Scale P.Time Q.Frog R.Spider S.Robot T.Snake U.Hero V.Jacket W.Vampire X.Mirror Y.Janitor Z.Scissors

    Last Letter of your name

    A. Pie B.Pot C.Waterfall D. Cider E. Spike F. Cookie G.Mat H.Bloom I.Sparkle J.Peacock K.Fairy L. Parrot M.Time N.Dog O.Water P.Bear Q. Flash R.Dolphin S.Fire T.Hat U.Tear V.Frie W.Pear X.Jade Y. Pen Z. Year

    My pony name is glass parrot

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    Trishna Mengelie


    April 17, 2014 by Trishna Mengelie

    Why I outbursted is that with so many responsibilities I have as Clover, I'm almost never logged in as Trishna. I don't bother coming here anymore because Clover is blocked permanently. I will edit out my page. Also, PLEASE enable Message Walls. There shouldn't be more than four special groups, rollbacks can delete comments and images.

    I hope we've cleared this up.  13:30, April 18, 2014 (UTC)

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    Crystal blue 100

    Hi guys! it's me, Crystal blue! and today, i have some news! You can create a non alicorn oc, and it will be featured in my artwork alot! All you need to do is either draw her, or use Pony creator Full Version by generalzoi on deviant Art. And please don't copy anyponies oc, because i don't accept copyed oc's.

    Now have fun making your non mary sue alicorn! :D

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    Crimson "Valent" Azure

    Fun little game I thought up. This is similar to a birthday game. Now I know what you're probably thinking... "Oh Celestia, not another birthday game!" but this time it's based on the minute you post this.

    Here are the ponies/users up for grabs to go out with.


    2-KoolPrincessLunakaLunie/Princess Iris

    3-Unknown Prodigy


    5-Big Mcintosh

    6-Twilight Sparkle

    7-Sweetie Belle

    8-Button Mash (the pony not the user)

    9-Jorge Esquivel

    10-Crimson "Valent" Azure

    11-Spike the Dragon (the user)

    12-Amelia The Writer

    13-OctaviaMelody1995 (Doopliss)

    14-Choose from the "hours" list


    16-Guildmaster Grovyle

    17-Ms Black Ops


    19-Filly Please

    20-James the Bunny


    22-Timeless People

    23-Moonshine Stars

    24-Meester Tweester

    25-The Bunker…

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    Spike the Dragon

    First letter of your name:

    A.Big, B.Big, C.Big, D.Big, E.Big, F.Big, G.Big, H.Big, I.Big, J.Big, K.Big, L.Big, M.Big, N.Big, O.Big, P.Big,Q.Big, R.Big, S.Big, T.Big, U.Big, V.Big, W.Big, X.Big, Y.Big, Z.Big

    Last letter of your name:

    A.McInTosh, B.McInTosh, C.McInTosh, D.McInTosh, E.McInTosh, F.McInTosh, G.McInTosh, H.McInTosh, I.McInTosh, J.McInTosh, K.McInTosh, L.McInTosh, M.McInTosh, N.McInTosh, O.McInTosh, P.McInTosh, Q.McInTosh, R.McInTosh, S.McInTosh, T.McInTosh, U.McInTosh, V.McInTosh,W.McInTosh X.McInTosh, Y.McInTosh, Z.McInTosh

    And mine is "BigMcInTosh"

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    Hey guys this is my first blog. I love my little pony so much! I got the mlp equestria girls movie as soon as it came out on DVD! I have all the equestria girls dolls. And all the my little ponies except for some of them. Peace! - Ellie

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    Spike the Dragon

    Hey, everyone, what is your favourite video game character ? Mine is probably one of the Phantasy Star protagonists or Rosalina from the Super Mario series, she looks so pretty and she reminds me of Lady Gaga (yup, I'm a Lady Gaga fan).

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    Epic Ares

    Joining the Wiki

    April 15, 2014 by Epic Ares

    Hmm, writing a blog post...Okay I got this. 

    Well so far being here seems really nice. Everyone is welcoming, everyone is nice, and everyone is friendly. I like it here, I like editing here, and I like talking to people here. I want to give a shoutout to Discord666 and Cod4. Discord (actually scratch that I'll just call you Chris from now on xD) I want to thank you for being so nice to me, I honestly think you're the kindest person on this wiki and the most generous. I know we've only been chillin' for a day but I already feel like we can be close friends, you're too awesome and I don't think you deserve the real life you have. I think you deserve better, the stress on your shoulders must be overwhelming. Other than that all I have to say i…
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    This is a very different version of the would you rather game. The objective of this game is you have to ask a what would do if question to the user who is to post above. Then that user must answer and ask another question. For example:

    Person 1: What would you eat if you were trapped in the forest?

    Person 2: I would eat what I could find. What would you do if you were tired but had to stay up?

    Person 3: I would try to find something that could wake me up. What would you eat if you were a bird?

    And so on and so forth.

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    Spike the Dragon

    We haven't done a normal birthday game in a while. So... let's do one!

    January:You, X and Y have a sleep over.

    Febuary:You, X, Y and R have a picnic

    March:X buys you a lovely dress/suit

    April:X asks for your autograph

    May:X buys you a bottle of wine

    June:X spends the day with you

    July:You X, and Y go on a holiday

    August:You and X have a fight, but later on you two are friends again

    September:X offers to do your homework

    October:You are scared and X hugs you warmly and tucks you in

    November:You and X go on a lovely walk in the snow

    December:You and X play in the snow, while Y makes snow angles.

    1.Twilight, 2.Applejack, 3.Fluttershy, 4.Pinkie Pie, 5.Rarity, 6.Rainbow Dash, 7.Spike, 8.Celestia, 9.Luna. 10.Cadence, 11.Shining Armour, 12.Apple Bloom, 13.Swe…

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    Trollpasta Steve

    Best music video's

    Made for the beavis and butthead movie , the video was recived well by Fans

    For the time it was the one of the best music video out there , and still is.

    gorillazs music videos are always cool , but this one takes the top.

    Won 3 MTV awarads and features animation that was very unusual for the 1980's

    Peter gaberil music videos are allways cool , but this is one was the most known and popular one , winng 4 MTV awards when it came out in 1986.

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  • 5

    Am i the only one?

    April 15, 2014 by Emmaelise401

    Am i the onl6 one who cant wait any longer for the last 3 episodes of season 4? I feel like im the only person that cant wait any longer

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  • 4

    So you know how in Someoony to watch over me when Applebloom was about to sing but Scoots cut her off? We'll I wrote a song based off of that. Tell ,e what you think!

    Someone watchin' over me (Don't need) Performed by: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Written by: Fluttershyforever18

    Music by: Fluttershyforever18

    We're gonna make my sister see I don't need her watchin' over me Every minute Every hour of the day

    I need to live my life Learn to do things my own way So I'm gonna

    Make my sister see She doesn't need to baby me I'm not a tiny, helpless filly No! Oh, make my sister see She doesn't need to always be watchin' me Don't need no pony, don't need Someone watchin' over me

    Sure in the past I needed somebody by my side To guide me, to keep me Safe and …

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  • 17

    This game is a is a inspiration on AppleBoy2's game 

    Just banned the person underneath you for a reason that is untrue and doesn't make sense 

    For Example: 

    User 2: Banned for hating Rainbow Dash (user actually thinks Rainbow is the best pony in the mane six) 

    User 1: Banned for being a taco 

    Now go on and let's play and if this gets more than 500 comments KleptoBrony must make a game 

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  • 49
    Crimson "Valent" Azure

    Bringing back the good ol' game "Would you rather". The objective of the game is a very simple premise: you must post a choice to the user who is to post above you. The next user must then answer the choice and post  a choice of their own. For example:

    Person 1: Would you rather be rich or poor?

    Person 2: Rich. Would you rather drink tea or coffee?

    Person 3: Coffee. Would you rather be tall or short?

    And so on and so forth.

    I'll start with a choice of my own and the first person to comment gets to choose something they'd rather do in my choice then post a choice of their own for the next person in the comments to reply to.

    This time, I'm trying to make it Spring/Summer themed.

    Would you rather go to the beach with Luna or Rarity?

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  • 7
    Mega Sean 45

    Well, as you may all know, MLP Season 5 has been confirmed, and we'll be having approximately another 26 episodes of friendship and fun! Here's a list of stuff I'd like to see for the new season:

    1. Since we didn't have Babs Seed this season, I'm hoping she'd come in season 5. Our best bet is if Cindy Morrow writes an episode that season, since Babs is Cindy's character.

    2. I LOVED Pinkie Pride! It would be an honor to see Cheese Sandwich appear more often, and having Weird Al voicing him, just like John for Discord! And if Cheese comes back, I'm hoping for more polka melodies. And having Cheese shouting out the word HEY! in the song.

    3. An episode starring Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. I always liked it when these four bonded, and since …

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  • 0

    What are your favorite WACKY and WILD movies, TV, and comics? Tell us here!

    Calling fans of all things Wacky and Wild! Wikia recently posted a Wacky & Wild Entertainment Guide showcasing some of the latest and greatest in off-the-wall entertainment. Check out the guide and share your favorite favorite wacky and wild movies, shows, and comics in the comments!

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  • 0


    April 14, 2014 by Lexbex123

    Lexbex123 (talk) 20:16, April 14, 2014 (UTC)lexbex123Lexbex123 (talk) 20:16, April 14, 2014 (UTC) Twilight Sparkle is not in every page of My little Pony Annual 2013! I want Twilight Sparkle to be in every page of My Little Pony Annual 2013!

    On second thought in season 5, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie need to grow a little bit taller and slimmer to become as same height as Twilight Sparkle the Alicorn again just like in season 1-3.

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  • 297

    Good day, my friends! Kleppy here

    I have another game for you! This idea has been played with in the past; it's a favorites game. This "above user" style of blog gaming has been done before, and I thought it would work really well with this game! In this blog game, the user below you will ask you what your favorite is out of a group of his choosing. For example:

    User 1: (Answer for above user) Favorite drink?

    User 2: Mountain Dew. Favorite greeting?

    User 3: "Wazzup, bro?" Favorite prank item?

    User 4: Sticky coin!

    And so on. Please be appropriate. Try to be creative, and have fun!

    I'll start. Favorite dining utensil?

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  • 12
    Yoshida Tadayoshi

    Collect the things you know that will almost never appear in the show (MLP FiM) despite many fans still want them, and post them here.

    By far, I've collected:

    Dark themes, blood, gore and other violent stuff (guys have you even noticed the show age rating? However some episodes did have a small bit of violence and a bit of dark themes)

    OCs appearing in the show (by far at least OC has appeared in the show, but it was an OC of... umm, a maker?)

    NSFW stuff (never never never!)

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    Well, this is it.

    April 14, 2014 by Haedman

    Well guys. It's been a long one, but I'm afraid my time here is over. I've been convince to stay here, but I can't keep that promise. Chat's been a major distraction to my work, and I am in fact kinda addicted to it. I had some good memories, bad memories, etc. Overall, it's been an okay ride here. I be back one day, but that be a while from now. To prove that I'm going to go away, I just link this.

    I'm sorry I have to go. There are many reasons beside school work that's making me leave chat for real this time. No more breaks, I need to be away from this. I apologize for all my wrong doing to chat cause of my pure immaturity and stupidity. Then again, at least I appreciate the c…

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  • 7

    I know it's going to be him. It has to be. The idea of a new villain in a two-parter, which we haven't seen in high-quality since King Sombra? The idea of a villain who's a huge threat to Equestria to the point of being able to defeat Discord and taking the power of four Alicorns to defeat it? Sounds way too good to be true.

    Also, from the sound of things, Rainbow Power simply leads to Twilight's kingdom, so that means Twilight Spirit Bomb will be triumphant. Twilight vaporizes an enemy with a Spirit Bomb, how can that NOT be satisfying for me? There's only one way: If it's Discord, either turned evil again or having never left evil.

    Why don't I want it to be Discord? Because I wanted him to stay reformed. I wanted more stories told with his…

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  • 16

    I know we have one of these so i decided to create my own.


    January = You have a party with X.

    February = You get a new video game from X.

    March = You get locked in your room with X.

    April = You and X have dinner together.

    May = You turn into X.

    June = You and X have a summer party where X melts all the food.

    July =  You eat X for dinner.

    August = You and X get to be a king/queen for a day.

    September = You batle X with hand to hand combat.

    October = You and X have a halloween party where X eats all the candy.

    November = You go to space with X.

    December = You gain the power of  X. 


    1. Eevee 2. Dittto 3. Delibird 4. Garbodor 5. Dragonite 6. Yannmega 7. Magikarp 8. Luvdisc 9. Pikachu 10. Wobbuffet 11. Meowth 12. Floette 13. LickyLicky 14. Gothit…

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