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    Crystal blue 100

    Hey guys. This is me, Crystal. And today I have some bad news for you guys, but ok news for me. I am quitting the wiki forever. Goodbye everyone, its been great for over a year, but its time for me to move on. I am moving on to animating and going on other wikis. Goodbye everyone, goodbye...

    P.S: Meet me on the Total Drama wiki, the Battle for Dream Island wiki, Scratch, and Goanimate. Goodbye forever...

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    Epicalaxy Master

    While waiting for Season 5, it's fun to play some blog games. Honestly, I couldn't come up with a new game idea so let's revive a game that was inspired by the popular Word Game.

    In case you don't remember the rules or didn't participate in the last one, here are the rules:

    The first persion says a random word. The second has to say another word that is not relevant to the previous word at all. For example:

    Persion 1: Mentos

    Persion 2: Africa

    Persion 3: Movie script

    And so on.

    I'll start with a random word: Sunlight

    Please note: The title is a pun. Not a typo.

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    Amelia The Writer

    Hey guys! I know there's several people who have been wanting me to reopen my digital art requests, but i have no time for the next month or so to do that. But As some of you might already know, i'm going to be away on a trip starting the 25th, and don't expect to be back till sometime in september. during my time away, i expect to have several hours to myself, but i won't have internet access. so i'd like to have a few things to do to fill that time. so i'm now accepting art requests (TRADITIONAL) till August 26th. if you'd like a picture of your oc, you have the choice between a portait picture or a full body. (also, i'm only accepting pony ocs. i haven't skilled myself enough to do griffons yet :/)

    Examples of a portrait

    Stallion portrait: …

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    Pumpkin Pie

    August 21, 2014 by Sarpanit

    Hello my name is Pumpkin Pie! My talent is basically decorating for nightmare night, as a unicorn I use my magic to make the fog roll in. I'm kind of a prankster. My cutie mark is of a bat and I do enjoy anything that has to do with nightmare night. I live inside a cave like house filled with spells and potions, I hope you stop by soon and get to know me a bit ^_^

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    First Wikiversary

    August 20, 2014 by Santamew

    Just like the title says, it's my first wikiversary. This is actually a bit early, since it's not until tomorrow, the 21st. It's hard to believe that it's been a year since I first joined. I've made so many friends and had so much fun here. There's not much else for me to say, really, except thank you all.. Even after a year I can't thank you enough. I've met so many nice people and made some great memories.

    There is one more thing I have to say, and it's about why I'm a day early typing this. School starts on the 21st, and sadly, this wiki is too much of a distraction. Until next summer I'm only going to be in chat on the weekends. If you need to contact me, leave a message on my talk page and I'll try to respond as quickly as possible.

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    Spike the Dragon

    Hi, time for a new game, the title explains itself pretty much, post or link an image of a cover of a CD single, Album, Game or anything else, don't upload the images to the wiki, just use the R template.

    Let's start with this one

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    Out of all the Season 5 upcoming events:

    • Twilight dealing with the loss of the Golden Oak Library
    • The entire Pie family
    • A 100th special episode focusing on background characters
    • Princess Luna having a nightmare
    • In addition, the staff also showed a brief animatic from a planned episode of season five, showing Twilight and her friends following a map to a remote part of Equestria.

    I am more interested in Princess Luna having a nightmare. I wonder what type of nightmare the writers are going to give the Princess of the night.

    Feel free to express your thoughts on Luna's nightmares or other Season 5 events.

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    This is a random blog to say hi, if you read this sorry (I really am) that I waisted your time.

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    Crimson "Valent" Azure

    That's right, tomorrow I'm going on vacation. I'll be gone for two days, returning on Friday I won't be responding to messages in the afternoon of tomorrow. 

    I hope to see you all soon. I'll be on the rest of today though.

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    Red suplexknight

    Episode Idea

    August 19, 2014 by Red suplexknight


    This episode should be aired near the end of the series, to kick off the Giant Monster Invasion arc, which I doubt will happen. about this?

    Title: Rise of the Evil Curtain

    Japanese Title: The Sadistic Enemy?! Temperor's Plan (サディスティック敵!?テンペラーの計画)

    Plot: Lately, there have been reports of ponies going missing. A monster known as Arigera appears in a forest and kidnaps unsuspecting ponies, then takes them back to his master, Alien Temperor. Once his cover is blown, Alien Temperor unleashes Arigera and 4 other monsters, Dorako, Femigon, Nosferu, and Bemstar. Can the Mane 6 stop him before he imprisons all of Ponyville?

    And will Tsubraya and Hasbro make this? Only time will tell.

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    hello friends and best friends i create that blog is batle for two sisters princess luna and Princess Celestia

    to be continued...

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  • 28

    What the title says lol. I'll start:


    That is all, if you want, post your rank. Have fun! *squee*

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    this is a song idea, this is inspired by the song "prayin' for daylight by rascle flats"

    I dont wana spend another lowly day, ohhhhhh

    I got the light turn up, the door is locked, the sun is raying down on me

    been doing the only thing that gets me thought the lowly day

    prayin' for moonlight, waiting for that new moon, so i can get up and act like everything is alright, princess come back to me and i will guard you thought the night, dont make me spend a nother lowly day, prayin' for moonlight

    i made a bad call, saying you will never leave

    if your getting your new life settle down, were dose that leave me

    prayin' for moonlight, waiting for the new moon, so i can get up and act like everything is alright, princess come back to me and i will guard yo…

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  • 185

    Yeah. Another one. I know a lot of users have done this blog already, like Crimson and Amelia, but I felt like starting it up again. Keep the lies wiki-friendly, which means:

    No cursing or vulgarity.

    So...yeah. I shall start.

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    It's My Birthday!

    August 17, 2014 by Ponydreamer125

    Well, technically it's tommorow, but we celebrate it today. Yayuh!

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    Crimson "Valent" Azure

    That's right, I figured it was high time to revive the third most popular blog on this wiki.  

    For those newcomers, the first person to comment on this blog must create a sentence about anything you want, starting with the letter A.

    The next person must then create a sentence with the letter B.

    Example: All the jocks at my school are kind of mean.

    But are the geeks nice?

    And so on and so forth. Before we begin, I'd like to thank James The Bunny for coming up with this, and the original six players of the game. 

    Shall we begin?

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    hey, everypony. I was scrolling through an old folder of mine and found some old MLP digital artwork I had done a while back, and let me be honest: They're terrible. I want to see some of YOUR first works of art that are pony related. I don't care if they where made on the comp or not. I just want to see how some of the great Artists we have in the fandom started out! Post a picture or description in comment. I have one rule:

       Do not insult or make fun of anypony's artwork.

    Happy commenting!

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    Yea, the name says it all... x3 Ask away~

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    Spike the Dragon

    Yep, I've been here for a year already. I've made a lot of good friends here and I do not have a lot to say, sorry :( But thanks for being so nice to me everyone! :)

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    Rainbow Dash's biggest fan

    The reason [Rainbow Dash] is AWESOME is because first of all she flies REALLY fast and she is the awesomest pony on the show. Her pinkie and Aj are my favoritest. I am now writing a comic book about RD and Pinkie Pie. Rainbow dash has bean my child hood favorite pony.(even though I hateold one) i wish i was on the show so BAD!iv'e already made my character and stories about her .If I was on the show it would change my whole life.I have a new life and new friends .I wish you guys could help!This is out to all the rainbow dash fans!!!!!! 

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  • 35

    i Start a blog on how DID YOU  become my little pony fan



    because the show because the internet

    MY reason is when i was watching the tv a chanlle called Hub network was aired my little pony

    in the begin i think it was a girls show but when i watch an some Episodes i say that a really good show

    and start searching the web for fandom and i found it

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    August 15, 2014 by Sonicthehedgehog158

    I saw this mysterious pony in two episodes, Winter Wrap Up and Pinkie Apple Pie. 

    At 20:49, a mysterious shadow pony with no hair and long legs. All black. This might be fake.

    At 16:06, when Pinkie tables Applejack, there is a pony in the bushes, and no eyes, a stallion with a similar appearance to a mare and the Slenderman's clothing. Oh, yeah and as the tackle goes on, he quickly disappears. This is not fake.

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    Amelia The Writer

    Hey guys! lately i've been curious about everyones top 3 favorite blogs. they don't have to be recent, just ones you haved found yourself enjoying the most

    here are mine:

    The Alphabet Game! by James The Bunny

    of course this would be my top favorite blog. thanks to the adventure roleplay we made there, i became much closer to some users i hadn't spoke with much..such as The Candlekeeper, Seaswirl10, KleptoBrony, Bluelighting, and last but not least UglyTurtle! :) i was already well acquainted with power, so having her there pushed me to play. anyway, i am truly grateful to James for coming up with the blog! i really enjoyed playing this with all of our adventurers! i hope we can eventually revive this.

    Birthday game with users - Romance! by S…

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    Robin Williams

    August 15, 2014 by FinnXMarcy

    Here are all the MLP tribute art for late comedian and actor Robin Williams:


    What were your reaction when you heard he was dead and that he committed suicide?

    Also, w…

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    Out of all the fantastic FIM comics that IDW has been releasing, which story arc (so far) is your favorite? 

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    Yoshida Tadayoshi

    Show your love for Griffons! If you have any for them. You know it EHAN, ye know it.

    But who is best Griffon?


    or Gustave le Grand?

    Rate him or her on a scale of 1 to 10!

    (For those that don't understand the joke, read any blog that contains "Gilda" in it)

    (For those that don't understand jokes, read the dictionary)

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    ~uuuuhhhh long title~

    Hey everyone I know I know this is not a blog that really relates mlp but I think I'm not the only pokemon fan here :3 ~yeah look at the username~

    But I was thinking and wondering what you guys though what they should add and/or delete in

    Omega ruby and alpha sapphire

    Personally I find it awesome that they 'remade' an old game back into the 'new' version. (Wich is not to be confused with black and white) I also played ruby and sapphire (though that I even wasn't even good enough to get one gymbadge XD) when I heard the news, it feld the same as a new episode of mlp. I also hope they will still have the clothes and hair feature because that's AWESOME. I was a huge fan of pokemon x and y. (I became first time champion there…

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  • 38

    Okay, so I'm going to do something a little different this time: I'm going to try an attempt at a poll.

    Since Fluttershy has been voted the Fan Favorite Pony at least twice (once in a 2013 poll held by the Hub Network, which led to a marathon of four Fluttercentric episodes on said channel in September of that year), I thought I'd ask you, what's your favorite Fluttershy episode?  You can also say why in the comments if you want to.  Also, if there are any episodes I may have missed, please feel free to let me know.  :)

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    Spike the Dragon

    Hi, I decided to make a new game.

    This is how it goes:

    Someone says a sentence, then someone else says a sentence with that word in it, then that person says a word, and someone else uses that word in a sentence and on and on...


    User 1: Ponies.

    User 2: Ponies are cute. Winter.

    User 3: Winter is my favourite season. Bread

    And on and on...

    Get it?

    I'll start off by saying:


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    Trollpasta Steve
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    Imtheauras pony maker!!!

    August 12, 2014 by Imtheaura

    Hi im imtheaura and today im going to make a game so the rules are pretty simple and all you do is make a pony but heres the catch:

    1. it cannot be an already existing pony (unless its urs)

    2. i do not atollerate swears and please dont swear to describe a pony (please)

    3. make it original! dont use others ideas!

    4. if you drew it after you are welcome to add the photo after im done typing this

    5. please be nice! nobody wants to be insulted now do they?

    so thats about it oh and i will start with describing my pony (i drew it on a notepad so dont even think bout copying me)

    princess luckwing

    she wears amulets said to make one super lucky.she uses her magic to spread luck acrost equestria

    mane/tail has the rainbow dash like style (more crazy like when…

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    A normal day of MLP

    August 12, 2014 by SkullCandy214

    Sitting on the computer and watching My Little pony. Finished the whole thing on Netflix but watching it again, Season 3 - Episode 4 "One bad apple" One of my favorites. Just a normal day of MLP.  

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    As of lately, Gilda has recieved a lot of attention due to a certain user. Now, let's give some attention to the other griffon, shall we? Twirl your mustaches (fake mustaches are allowed) everybody! And welcome to the Gustave le Grand club!

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    Professor Pickles

    Side Note: I know you think this is too long didn't read, but I'm grateful if you guys stick around and read the speech I typed. 

    Hello everyone, I am here to type down my thoughts, journey, and more on my time on this wiki. I, Professor Pickles (known as Haedman), have some words to say. Ever since I joined this place, I wondered what joys this website will bring me. Maybe I'll love it, or maybe I'll despise it. Well, it started out fresh for me in the beginning. I made a lot of friends who I'm still friends with today, and I well also made some enemies. However, I still managed to keep my cool from bad influences on the wiki and become a well known active user. Over time, I started to feel different. Different as if this place wasn't doin…

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    Amelia The Writer

    yeah.. theres been alot of avatar rating blogs, but it's been awhile since this last profile rating :P but here are a few rules... Do NOT rate someone's profile unless you've taken time to check it out or see if it's been updated. and you can't rate the same user more then twice in a row. give others a chance to be rated. and i also don't want people to give a poor rating to a user they happen to be upset with, give them your honest opinion. so let the ratings begin! the first person to comment will start by rating my avatar and profile

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    Princess Iris

     Yep, ever since I saw the episode, A Canterlot Wedding back in Season 2...I was thinking about this, and I wondered, if Changelings were real, but WE were the Changelings, what pony would you wanna change into? 

      Like, would you wanna turn into, an alicorn or an earth pony? or a different animal like,  ? 

      I think this is a fun way to express your thoughts about everypony and who your favorite ponies are, and what you like about them, which will make you wonder why you would wanna turn into that certain pony, or animal.

      If I was a changeling, I would turn into a unicorn, not because I love them, but because I can do magic spells, and not have to hold stuff in my hands all the time, plus I like the idea of items floating around in the air…

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    I'm back

    August 11, 2014 by Seaswirl10

    Well the title says it all. 

    I'm back from my break and it turned out that it actually worked. The last few months, I spent a lot of time away from the wiki because it was a major distraction and I wanted to spend time with my close friends. One main reason for my break was because my behavior on the wiki was not as good and I was sort of scaring people off. But that's all gone now thanks to my close friends here.

    Since my best friend here is no longer on vacation, I thought I can continue to what I was doing before I sort of left. And that was modding chat and re-doing edits.

    Well, anyway I'm back and I don't think anyone notices.

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    Who am I?

    August 10, 2014 by Diet-Raindrops

    So, I am a pony. My name is diet Raindrops, and I am a pegasus. I destroy clouds, hence the name. Any questions? Ask. I'm still trying to get the hang of things here, so tips are nice. :)

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    Trollpasta Steve
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  • 17

    So, I've decided to start marathoning the show again while we wait for Season 5. I just got done with the first Season, so I've decided to make my personal rankings for the episodes from my favorite to my least favorite. And yes, I will be doing this for every other season as well.

    Keep in mind, these are MY opinions. If you disagree with any of these, that's perfectly fine, just don't call me a moron for not liking an episode you liked and vice versa. Also, if you rank the episodes differently from mine, feel free to post a comment with your rankings.

    With that being said, Let's get started.

    1. Sonic Rainboom

    2. Party of One

    3. A Dog and Pony Show

    4. Fall Weather Friends

    5. Suited for Success

    6. Swarm of the Century

    7. The Best Night Ever

    8. The Cu…

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    Spike the Dragon

    Note before I get to things: If I recall, it's been 2 days since I last made a blog, but that thingy admins told me to wait three days after posting a blog, but the previous one was not a blog, so is this ok?

    Time for the game!

    Know the Tonight you go out with game? Well, here's a slightly bigger version of it, this is how it goes:

    Know how you get someone from hour and minute in the original? In this one, you get people from that aswell as your shirt colour and the last digit of your edit count (from your profile header)

    Here's the thingies:


    2-KoolPrincessLunakaLunie/Princess Iris

    3-Unknown Prodigy


    5-Big Mcintosh

    6-Twilight Sparkle

    7-Sweetie Belle


    9-Jorge Esquivel

    10-Crimson "Valent" Azure

    11-Spike the Dragon (the user)


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  • 3

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    Why mlp is NOT lame

    August 9, 2014 by Devgwen

    MLP is not lame because it has a lot of things other shows don't. It has a good amount of action, catchy songs, and lessons that aren't just for girls and are good for both genders. The show has heart, and the characters of the mane six have charm. Together with their different personalities they reflect real life friendships. They don't always get along but they always get back together in ways that actually work. Besides the mane 6, they have a great cast of supporting characters, not to mention an excellent rogues gallery line up. Every episode is original and fresh, and teaches an important lesson.

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  • 1

    This is just for fun so what you do is you make a non used pony name (mine i drew on a notepad is called luckwing)

    and give that pony a personality. another user can reply and say that they like the idea and gives them the reason.


    1 be nice and have fun

    2 if you drew it thats great its allowed

    3 please no swears about that pony cause it isnt neccicary

    4 TASTE THE RAINBOW!!!! (jk)

    okay have fun (fair warning anyone who steals my pokemon game will be eliminated *jk again*

    imthheaura out!!!!!

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  • 140

    Okay, this is my first time making a blog game...

    Inspired by the popular "Rate the below character" blog games, I've made a similar type of that game. What you must do in this game is that you must describe the character posted below using 4 words. Here are the examples...:

    User 1: Twilight Sparkle

    User 2 (You): Princess, Smart, Cute, My Waifu. Applejack

    And so on...just like you rate the below character but this time using 4 words describing that character instead. Here are the rules...

    1. You can choose the same character as many times so other users can describe them with different words of their choice.

    2. You can choose other characters from other cartoons, games, movies, etc. 

    3. If you don't know that character, ignore it and let other us…

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  • 138
    Guildmaster Grovyle

    The moment of truth... Let's see what the wiki thinks.

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  • 0
    Rainbow Dash's biggest fan


    August 8, 2014 by Rainbow Dash's biggest fan

    Well hi again guys.......I have real life friends and I need to speak to them so ......sorry......

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  • 97
    Spike the Dragon

    Fluttershy is best pony and she will dominate Gilda.

    Gilda sucks. Fluttershy is better.

    Fluttershy x Ehan is best shipping.

    Time to show some Fluttershy images....

    Fluttershy is better than Gilda

    Does this cheer you up, Ehan?

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    So, without G1, MLP: FiM wouldn't exist.

    If you like it, then tell who is your favorite pony from G1.

    If you don't, tell why you don't like it.

    I am okay with it. My personal favourite is Gusty and Fizzy.

    • This was a blog from my old account.
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    What pony is?

    August 6, 2014 by Dokifabulous

    Hello, everypony. I'm new, here, with a question. What pony is? In my old toys I found this:

    Could you tell me the generation pony name and information please.

    - Dokifabulous

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