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    Yoshida Tadayoshi

    I never did any of these for a loooooooong time, and now, I revived my ask blogs.

    Go ahead, ask me anything. As long as it makes SENSE.

    (obviously, you are not asking the famous Yoshi we know about)

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    Meester Tweester

    Greetings, disappointments! I am the Candle Keeper, filling in for my loser brother MT while he trick-or-treats. Some of you have requested me to eradicate the fiendish Griffin the Brush Off... but of course I will meddle with your little heads until your skulls shatter from sheer rage. I welcome you all to play the special Halloween edition of the Episodic Pony War Game!

    (Music credit: Spooky Scary Skeletons (Remix) by The Living Tombstone)

    Meester Tweester was lacking creativity when he started this game — only one method of voting. Since this is the nerve-tingling night of Halloween, I summon three new chaotic methods of voting! Feast your blood-hungry minds on the votes explained below.

    Save: Exactly how you would normally vote in the previous …
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    Rainbow Princess

    About Me

    October 30, 2014 by Rainbow Princess

    Hi I'm 14 And My Fave Animes Are Sailor Moon, H.O.T.D, Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch And Many More

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  • 10

    Okay i took the test, and here's what i got!

    There they be! I'm like Applejack, which was a bit unexpected in my opinon. Oh well. Guess ya'll can call me... APPLESHAD! XD

    I might take the test again soon!

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  • 3

    This fanfiction is a loose retelling of an actual blog created by the Candlekeeper, called Hurt/Heal. This fanfiction contains foul language, violence, (fanservice), and decent amounts of blood. If you are under the age of 13 you should not read this. Read at your own risk.

    (Unknown’s POV)

    ‘Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.’ The phrase echoes in my mind. Over and over again in my sub-consciousness.

    Eventually the voice is replaced by Sea’s. ‘Wake up Silverheart. Wake up...wake up and face the one who died to defend you. He is your responsibility now. Wake up and smell the ashes.’

    Soon my consciousness stirs and feeling starts to return to my limbs and I see that I’m at the spot where Blue struck me down. Except this time Blue is gone and only the …

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    Are there any episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that are banned yet or will they or it be in the future?

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    Crimson "Valent" Azure

    Simply put, this is a blog where you can share your fondest video game memories.

    I'll start with a recent (by recent, I mean came out last year) game: Animal Crossing New Leaf. Now I never was a big fan of the Animal Crossing games, but I bought them all anyway just because they were a good time waster. Anyway, this set of villagers I really bonded with and not having played for nearly a month makes me wish I could travel back in time and start over.

    The villagers were Ruby the Peppy rabbit, Jay the awesome Jock bluebird, Coco the Normal/Nice rabbit, Kabuki the grumpy/cranky cat, Bob the Lazy cat (who's been a real party animal), Beardo, the Smug bear (obviously. His train obsession will be missed...), Pecan , the adorably snooty squirrel, P…

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    Cutie Mark Crusader Craver

    So, if y'all are familiar with the fan-game, My Little Investigations, listen up (for those who aren't, you may want to check it out first). I was watching a playthrough of that game (I can't play it, unfortunately), and it triggered something in my brain that made me want to create something like that. So I came up with a case that I think would be perfect for this game.

    So here's the case: Fluttershy has a small swampy habitat that is used to shelter certain creatures that cannot handle sunlight. To ensure of this, the swamp is surrounded by thick vegitation, including various exotic flowers. Among those flowers are a type called "Giant Butterfly Blossoms", which are very large, beautiful flowers, which Fluttershy was also growing for the …

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    Pony tomboys

    October 28, 2014 by 763492

    Can you list of the names of ponies that are tomboys?

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    I was thinking, if Universal would get the rights to use MLP from Hasbro to thier parks by turning them as a land and/or the attractions, it would be interesting if they could create two events with My Little Pony. For example, the first one they could do is the event themed to two of Hasbro's franchises such as My Little Pony and Transformers that would aimed towards little girls and boys with families, very simaliar to Disney's Pirate and Princess Party event at Disney parks, and it would be presented by Hasbro. And the second one would be a summer nightly fan party that would be aimed towards Bronies (adult male fans of MLP), created by the same people who made BronyCon convention and licensed by Hasbro. What would you think of that?

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  • 83
    Spike the Dragon

    What things can get on your nerves or annoy you a really lot?

    These would be my choices:

    1.When people call Football 'Soccer', bleh, just no, the one with helmets which is the false you see any use of your foot in it? No, I don't.

    2.Those 30 second long ads on Youtube and you can't skip them, oh please not them.

    3.Stereotyes, oh please not them! I seriously hate them, who's idea was it to make them?

    4.Homework, please get rid of it.

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    Hey everybrony. I just went onto Equestria Daily and found out that Lena Hall (who this year won a Tony for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for Hedwig) will guest star on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Here's the article:

    What's your thoughts on this?

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    Contains Rainbow Rocks spoilers

    Hmm..I re-watched the film and figured out 12 of the 16 bands whose icons appeared on the tourament chart near the beginning of the Dazzlings' "Under Our Spell" I don't have a picture yet, but I'll list the official names and unofficial names of the bands.

    Rainbooms: Our Humane 6 (icon: horseshoe and rainbow)

    Dazzlings: Our Villains (icon: musical notes and red siren pendants)

    Flash Sentry's band (icon: a speaker that looks like Flash's cutie mark)

    Trixie and the Illusions (icon: moon and stars like the one on Trixie's wizard hat)

    Snips and Snails' rap (icon: brick wall with graffti of a pair of scissors and a snail)

    Crusaders (icon: 3 skulls on fire; fire matches the girls' hair colors)

    Bulk Biceps and his violin (icon:…

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  • 185
    Amelia The Writer

    Just a random game I came up's pretty simple. Just give the below user a new username that fits them. For example.. Bluelighting - ToothlessLover (just a random thought XD) Get it? Have fun! The first comment starts with me.

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  • 4

    Here's my fan-made eight list of what I would love to see My Little Pony in theme parks that at some point.

    1. Universal Studios Florida - they could close down two attractions based on Barney and Curious George at Woody Woodpecker's KidZone section and replace them into a MLP-themed zone within that section along with attractions based on MLP.

    2. Wet n' Wild Orlando - they could build kids' water play area based on MLP at some point.

    3. Universal Studios Hollywood - they could make a Peter Pan-style dark ride based on MLP that would replace The Mummy ride.

    4. Some Six Flags theme parks - a MLP-themed 3D show that they could do.

    5. San Diego Zoo - at some point, the park would have a show featuring MLP characters who would teach the audience ab…

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  • 78
    Meester Tweester

    Heeeeyyyy, everypony! It's Meester Tweester! Today I will be answering some of the questions asked in the comments of recent rounds. In other news, we have reached the halfway point: 10 rounds in with 46 episodes down, and about 10 more rounds with 44 episodes left to ban. Anyways, today we get to play the Episodic Pony War Game!

    (Music credit: In the Hall of Mountain King by Peter Gynt and Kevin Macleod)

    "Hey Meester? I have an idea for one of the future rounds. People can vote on a saved episode to put it up for being banned again. For example, GG saves Griffon the brush off for the umpteenth time, we could vote and it could be banned automatically? How's that for a twist." -Crimson "Valent” Azure

    WIth less episodes to save, I sense I need somet…

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    Since the previous game of this was popular, which I was well surprised, I decided to make a round 2 of this game!

    Inspired by the popular "Rate the below character" blog games, I've made a similar type of that game. What you must do in this game is that you must describe the character posted below using 4 words. Here are the examples...:

    User 1: Twilight Sparkle

    User 2 (You): Princess, Smart, Cute, My Waifu. Applejack

    And so on...just like you rate the below character but this time using 4 words describing that character instead. Here are the rules...

    1. You can choose the same character as many times so other users can describe them with different words of their choice.

    2. You can choose other characters from other cartoons, games, movies, etc…

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    the mane twilight

    October 26, 2014 by Raritylunacelest

    Hi pegasisters and bronies! I haven't posting for a while and I'm sorry for that . I've been really busy lately BUT now im ready to continue. ok there has been something that has been bothering me since episode 1 of mlp. WHY does twiight get all the credit and attention ! I mean the others know friendship as much as twilight does. Don't get me wrong though I love twilight . I mean even though she is princess and the most important element than the others, she has been really humble. Some people don't usually act that humble when they are extremely given so much credit .But why is she being treated like she is the most important pony in Equestria. Sure she is Celestia's Star student, but that doesn't mean the others don't know anything abou…

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  • 8

    So, recently I have not been able to comment on certain blogs or even see the comments. Have I been banned? I don't remember doing anything wrong...But I seriously do NOT like not being able to comment on stuff. Anyone have any ideas? 

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  • 8

    I'd love to know.

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    How do you become a Brony?

    October 25, 2014 by Mays

    Hey, just a quick blog. I am not a Brony from what I know, but what makes you a Brony? What would you have to do to become one? Just a pure question, also this is my first ever blog on any wikia I am a member of so please don't be harsh.--MaysPeep! Peep! 16:27, October 25, 2014 (UTC)

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    Rising Dawn

    My fav is Princess Celestia. I have always liked how she related with others and her sense of regalness and kindness. She is also so mysterious. It makes me wonder what stories and secrets she knows :).

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  • 67
    Spike the Dragon

    Same as the other game, only you unban the user!


    User 1: -

    User 2:Unbaned for having a pink avi

    User 3:Unbanned for liking babies

    Have fun!

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    Fav Pony

    October 25, 2014 by Rainbowdash414

    Hi I'm skyler

    Tell me in the comments who your fav pony is or your oc name

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  • 25

    hi i like soarindash and Flash w\ twilight becuase they make sence to me

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  • 56
    Crimson "Valent" Azure

    Well it's been about a week since the last avatar rating, but I don't recall us ever doing one for signatures.

    I'm in avatar changing mood so let's give this a shot.

    Rate signatures on a scale of 1-10 like avatars.

    To use your signature use this

    (Change the name and remove the nowiki of course.)

    Have fun and enjoy.

    The first person to comment gets to rate my signature and avatar.

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    5000 edits AMA

    October 24, 2014 by EHAN

    So earlier today I reached 5000 edits on this wiki, and I thought I'd celebrate this milestone by having an AMA.

    (Also because I don't have much to do right now)

    So go ahead guys, Ask Me Anything!

    And have a cute gif as well.

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    MLP movie in 2017

    October 24, 2014 by Ghostkaiba297

    So, what are your expectations for it?

    2017. Making us wait two years after Season 5 for this movie? (with maybe an Equestria Girls 3 in between? In which case there has to be a male villain in Season 5) I am going to be extremely demanding about this one. (I don't usually say this anymore because my expectations for two-parters are lowered now, Tirek sure as hay exceeded expectations)

    • Lots of good songs
    • A dark and menacing villain on the same level as Chrysalis, Sombra, Demon Sunset, Nightmare Moon (in Princess Twilight Sparkle), and Tirek. With a huge epic battle at the end. Basically, everything Tirek is. Maybe have their own villain song like Chrysalis, but I won't be too demanding there. (And I kinda thought if they were going to do Tirek…
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    Crimson "Valent" Azure

    Welcome back to Pony War Game, inspired by both Hurt/Heal and Episodic Pony War game. This time, you have to save at least 25 ponies. 

    Synopsis: DHX has decided to remove certain characters from the show. It's up to you to decide which ones are eliminated and which ones remain. After 25 are saved, the remaining five will be eliminated from the show. (Don't worry, it's just a game.) 

    Have fun!

    Note: Any pony marked in bold or voted on in the comments is considered safe. I'm probably not going to be on the computer all day so I'll only be able to edit a few. If Rallinale or another admin could give me a hand and mark the safe ponies. You can only vote once at a time and must wait for someone else to vote before you can vote again.

    Twilight Spark…

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    Meester Tweester

    Heeeeyyyy, everypony! It's Meester Tweester! The comments are turned off for now, because this blog is embarrassingly unfinished and I wouldn't want to disappoint you guys again, so at least you get music, the voting template, and a patience poll. ROund 9 is over... and I think no one reads this text... so... yeah.

    (Music credit: Gymnopedie No. 3 by Kevin Macleod)

    Here is a poll. The results encourage me to sleep instead of staying up to write blogs.

    This has been Meester Tweester. Goodnight, Ponyville.

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    Crimson "Valent" Azure

    I just thought of a somewhat unique game. This combines the idea of three different games "Ban the below user", "Epic Pony War Game", and my character war game.

    The object is to say a character or episode of MLP (might change it to anything you want) and "ban" it for a silly reason.

    For example:

    Griffon the Brush off.

    Banned for being the worst episode ever. Gilda.

    Banned for not being a pony. Chrysalis.

    And so on.

    I'll start things off with my totally not girlfriend Rainbow Dash.

    The first user in the comments below has to ban her from MLP for a random reason.

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    A.K. Yerling

    Anypony know the name of the Tanning Pony & the 2 Sad Fillies in the Beginning of Pinkie Pies Smile Song?

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    Theme Song and The Show

    October 23, 2014 by Beeter56

    So, the show's theme song, which can be heard at the start of every episode's title sequence as well as a lyric-less version in the credits at the end of each episode (except Cheese Sandwich), may tell us the "feeling" the show has. There are many different episode types, but many revolve around the "social life," "frienship," and "adventure" themes.

    The lyrics obviousely correlate to the friendship theme and main "goal" of the show's characters. However, my main point here is the instrumentals, or what you hear when the credits appear at the end of each episode. I think the instrumentals show the true "feeling," like I said, of the show. Given that it has a decent amount of guitar, is fast paced, up-beat, and ends at each episode, it just …

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  • 18

    I would like for daring do to be at build-a-bear, since Trixie is at build-a-bear, why not have daring? what pony would you like build-a-bear to have next?

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  • 23

    I just wanna say that, you guys are all my best friends. I couldn't ask for a better bunch of people that understand me (most of the time. XD) and are good to talk to. I'm so happy, imma list everyone here who is my best friends:

    (Keep in mind this is not in a particular order.)


    Epic Ares

    666 Rebels Of Discord

    Princess Iris




    Rainbow Dash's Biggest fan





    Jorge "Button Mash" Esquivel


    Halo the pokemon handler


    Hyst, Leader of the Potatonesian Army




    Amelia The Writer


    Princess Fony Pony II


    The Candlekeeper




    A.K. Yerling



    Crimson "Valent" Azure


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  • 2

    Lord Tireks steal magic from the earth and pegasus ponies too?

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  • 24
    Spike the Dragon

    Pink is my favourite colour, and it's very cool.

    Do you like the colour pink?

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  • 11
    666 Rebels of Discord

    Today, marks the second year I have been a member of this simply amazing wiki. Through good times, and bad times, I enjoy chatting with all of you, and am honored to be a part of such a great wiki. Sure there may be problems, but they are solved. Sure there can be arguements, but we can forgive and forget right? Sure, there are some hardships. But I am not, and will not leave my second home. I'm so happy to have made so many great friends here. You all are the best, and I look forward to the years to come!


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  • 12

    We recently learned that a new My Little Pony movie was coming out in 2017, but, while we're waiting, you should enter this giveaway for the most recent MLP film, My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks! This movie featuring the Battle of the Bands storyline and was pretty great! Lucky for all you MLP fans, we have some My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks prizes to give away!

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  • 0

    Official Rules for My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Giveaway.


    2. Promotion Description.

    The My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Giveaway Contest (the “Promotion") is a sweepstakes promotion where individuals who create an account and leave a comment on the blog (note: you must be logged in to leave a comment) will be eligible to be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Accounts and blog entries completed from 12:01 on October 21, 2014 to 23:59 on October 28, 2014 (the “Promotion Period”) will be eligible to win three (3) prizes.

    One (1) grand prize winner will win: My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks equestrian girls singing toy dolls from Hasbro, My Little P…

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  • 4


    October 21, 2014 by RainbowDashLover4Ever


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  • 37
    Crimson "Valent" Azure

    Welcome back to Pony War Game, inspired by both Hurt/Heal and Episodic Pony War game. This time, you have to save at least. 

    Synopsis: DHX has decided to remove certain characters from the show. It's up to you to decide which ones are eliminated and which ones remain. After 30 are saved, the remaining five will be eliminated from the show. (Don't worry, it's just a game.) Next round I'll reduce it to 3 or 4 and we keep going until only three ponies remain.

    Have fun!

    Note: Any pony marked in bold or voted on in the comments is considered safe. I'm probably not going to be on the computer all day so I'll only be able to edit a few. If Rallinale or another admin could give me a hand and mark the safe ponies. You can only vote once at a time and …

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  • 5

    Okay! That took a while. :P It probably didn't turn out that great, but I hope it was what you wanted! 

    Sea, your's is still on the way. :) 

    If anyone wants me to draw for them, (traditionally or digitally, and it doesn't have to be an OC) I'd be happy to! 

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  • 41


    October 21, 2014 by FinnXMarcy

    What do you think the plot should be about?

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  • 0

    I got a 3DS XL.

    October 20, 2014 by TheToaMaster

    Yes. I have a 3DS XL. It is a Nintendo Entertainment System Decal version, and I got Super Smash Bros. I'm probably getting Pokemon X or Y, but games are expensive. :P

    If you wanna play with me, here is my friend code.

    5129 - 2873 - 7821

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  • 4

    This fanfiction is a loose retelling of an actual blog created by the Candlekeeper, called Hurt/Heal. This fanfiction contains foul language, violence, (fanservice), and decent amounts of blood. If you are under the age of 13 you should not read this. Read at your own risk.

    From now on chapters will be pulished biweekly. That is all. Happy reading

    (Blue’s POV)

    “Bunker!? What do you think you are doing here? Leave this place!” I snap.

    I hear Bunker chuckle, despite the gun blocking his mouth. He carefully places it back in its sheath and speaks, “Oh Blue, Blue, Blue. You think you can make me leave by threatening me. You don’t know me very well apparently. Now step away from Unknown and no one gets hurt.”

    I look down at Prodigy. He’s still mutte…

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  • 66
    Meester Tweester

    Heeeeyyyy, everypony! It's Meester Tweester! I would like to thank the considerable amount of following EPWG has gotten, I haven't been this proud of my blogs since Pony Voting. Anyways, today we get to play the Episodic Pony War Game!

    (Music credit: Rainbow Road from F-Zero X Expansion Kit by Taro Bando and Hajime Wakai)

    I have two apologies, 1) setting the music to "autoplay" by default, and 2) not posting EPWG last Friday. If all goes well, EPWG will have optional music and be posted every Monday and Friday. But hey, Rallinale did a pretty good job filling in for me last time! Yay!

    The episodes banned last time were Dragonshy, Call of the Cutie, Hearth's Warming Eve, Ponyville Confidential, Spike at Your Service, and Princess Twilight Sparkle - Par…

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  • 13

    So a topic of discussion is whether the Cutie Mark Crusaders will get their cutie marks.

    A lot of people here are saying they want that to happen in Season 5. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing it. We know what their special talents are, but they don't. I listed it as my number one thing we're least likely to see in a later episode.

    Now, here's the question: Do you really want them to get their cutie marks? Remember the rage when Twilight became an alicorn. "Oh no! She has wings now. She's a princess. She's not the same character we knew and loved for three seasons! Now she's a flawless Mary Sue! I'm leaving the fandom." Are you sure you don't feel the same way with them? Well, possibly, because I've heard comments that the whole "cutie mark c…

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  • 31

    favorite pony ever

    October 20, 2014 by LucaLuv

    ok tell me your fav pony and why.

    i like rainbowdash becuase she has tons of self confidence, she is always ready for a challendge, and she believes in her self(well sometimes).

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  • 21

    Okay, here's how this is gonna go down. Basically, your month will determine what movie you will see, and the day will determine who you will see it with. I'm gonna do it with users this time, because it will be more interesting.


    January: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

    February: How To Train Your Dragon 2

    March: The Lego Movie

    April: Frozen

    May: Transformers: Age Of Extinction

    June: Captian America: The Winter Soldier

    July: X-Men: Days Of Future Past

    August: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    September: Mr Peabody & Sherman

    October: Monsters University

    November: Godzilla

    December: A Million Ways To Die In The West


    1. Seaswirl

    2. Jorge

    3. Shadowgallade777

    4. Spike The Dragon

    5. Crimson "Valent" Azure

    6. NoktiKlepto

    7. Epic Ares

    8. Horizonfudgy

    9. Santamew

    10. G…

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