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  • RRabbit42

    The Everfree Northwest convention just posted news today that advertisement space in the convention's souvenir is now available. The sizes that are available are:

    • Quarter page ($50): 3"x4"
    • Half page ($90): 6-3/8"x4"
    • Full page ($160): 6-3/8"x8-1/4

    According to the news page, the ad would have to be submitted by May 4th, and the ad has to be in PDF, JPG, AI (Adobe Illustrator) or PSD (Photoshop) format at 300dpi or higher.

    If nobody objects, I'd like to put together a simple ad for the wiki. It wouldn't be too fancy, just something along the lines of "if you like the show, visit the wiki" and a couple of pictures. If someone can point me to where there's some high-resolution artwork that would be suitable, that would help, especially if there's a…

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  • Ghostkaiba297

    Well I'm sure we all heard Jim Miller's comment that he views the comics as canon and therefore Chrysalis survived. Well, aside from the fact that people continue to think that Sombra survived despite Meghan McCarthy saying he was dead, The Return of Queen Chrysalis has a plot hole in that the show depicted the changelings being scattered in all directions by the blast (with only one flying in the same direction as Chrysalis), while in the comics, they all land in the same area.

    But that is not the topic of this blog.

    It still got me thinking of the prospect of her being killed off in the comics. Now, I can't help but notice that Chrysalis and Sombra's comics are the only ones with present day events where Twilight learns of their backstorie…

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  • Avatar Light

    I enjoyed the episode Bloom and Gloom but if I wrote the episode I would change alot. Here's my version of the episode.

    The epsiode goes normally until Applebloom wakes up. Instead of it being a dream she wakes up in real life with her new cutie mark. Her talent will be potion making because I honestly think that fits Applebloom. Then just like in the actual epsiode she gets kicked out of the CMC. Then when she heads into the forest and meets Starlight Glimmer. After being told about cutie mark removal Applebloom accepts the deal and her cutie mark is removed. Applebloom comes back to Sweet Apple Acres and Applejack notices that she has been acting very dull and gloomy recently and asks Applebloom whats going on. She tells Applejack all abo…

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  • The Fennec Fox

    Heya, this blog is made for posting my scores onto here, the tables will be up shortly.

    Season 1 Scores
    Name Story Entertainment Score Description
    Friendship is Magic P1 4 4 4 Good setup for the characters we will know later on in the show
    Friendship Is Magic P2 2 3 3 Bad second part, but nice ending.
    The Ticket Master 3 4 3.5 Meh, nothing much to say here
    Applebuck Season 4 5 5 Applejack is having some catoonish moments, yay.
    Griffon The Brush Off 5 4 4.5 Underrated.
    Boast Busters 2 1 1 Thankfully, it at least did something.
    Dragonshy 5 4 4 I respect this more than i enjoy it.
    Look Before You Sleep 3 4 4 Not so interesting, but still heartwarming.
    Bridle Gossip 2 4 4 This episode lacks originality, but i love it.
    Swarm Of The Century 4 4 4 Hello M.A …

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  • Evil~Flutters


    April 20, 2015 by Evil~Flutters

    HEHE to bored but meh.Leave?No way so anyways im 18 irl i love Apples a lot my talent is drawing im an artist and stuff like that so yeah that is all u need to know :3

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  • Epicalaxy Master

    A few days ago, a list of possible episodes titles for season 5 was posted. We don't know if they are fake or real. I'm pretty sure we'll get the answer in a week or so. But until we find it out, why not play a little game? Here is the list:

    1.The Cutie Map Part 1

    2. The Cutie Map Part 2

    3.Castle Sweet Castle

    4.Bloom and Gloom

    5.Tanks for the Memories

    6.Appleloosa’s Most Wanted

    7.Make New Friends and Keep Discord

    8.The Lost Treasures of Griffinstone

    9.Slice of Life

    10.Princess Spike

    11.Party Pooped

    12.Amending Fences

    13.Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?

    14.Canterlot Boutique


    16.Rarity Investigates

    17.Made in Manehattan

    18.Brotherhooves Social

    19.Crusaders of the Lost Mark

    20.The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows


    22.What About Discor…

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  • Ghostkaiba297

    I've noticed a lot of people here hate Rainbow Dash. I know everypony's entitled to their own opinions and I can't force them to like her any more than they can force me to think Chrysalis and Sombra are still alive.

    But it seems her fanbase is getting smaller even faster than the show's fanbase. No one seems to like her anymore because they view her as self-centered and arrogant.

    I would like to take a moment to say that Rainbow Rocks should have no influence there because the human Rainbow Dash is not the same character as the pony Rainbow Dash, she is the human world's counterpart of her, like the scientist Twilight we saw in the postcredits scene, so she didn't go through as much character development as pony Rainbow Dash

    Again I cannot f…

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  • Googer

    Googe's Word Game

    April 20, 2015 by Googer

    Hai everyone, let's play a word game!

    Here's how you play the game:

    I say a word and the ending letter is what you have to use to start the next word. And the next user starts with the ending letter. For example, if I say "Fluttershy", you then say a word that starts with "Y" like "Yak", and then you say a word that starts with "K" like "Kitty".

    Have fun! ^o^

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  • Seaswirl10

    About me lately

    April 20, 2015 by Seaswirl10

    Hey there everyone! Recently you may have saw me complaining about how the show hasn't changed or it's the same thing every season or that the wiki has changed from it's golden age. While I do miss the old users particularly the inactive admins here, I can't control or predict when they'll come back, they were mainly the reason why I continued following the show because of how awesome they were and when they became inactive I started becoming upset about how the only thing discussed on the wiki is the show itself. That was mainly the reason for my behavior in recent weeks and I will admit I was planning on leaving the wiki at some point.

    Lately, I started following the show again after meeting a few newer users in the wiki who I won't name …

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  • Callofduty4

    It's been a long time that I've had to make a blog addressing the community. I don't like making these but right now I think that I need to.

    I'm somewhat disheartened with the attitude of treating users as tools who have a "job" to do. Everyone who is on this website who helps out is doing it purely as a volunteer. No one has assigned jobs. Chat moderators do not have a "job" to kick and ban people from chat. Administrators don't have a "job" to sit here and demote users and ban them from the website. That's not what any of us are here to do.

    Last night in the chatroom, a user was making a pretty weird speech about their interesting beliefs. It was going just about acceptably until they made a really dumb claim that I felt was ban worthy and…

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  • Meester Tweester

    Heeeeyyyy, everybody. It's Meester Tweester. Last episode, Apple Bloom took a trippy trip through Dream-ception. Today, you get to as well.

    1. State the you woke up from the previous dream.
    2. Get out of bed, get out of your bedroom, go downstairs, and go to the kitchen.
    3. State that Applejack noticed your cutie mark.
    4. Describe your cutie mark.
    5. Explain what you did because of your cutie mark until you wake up again.

    Alternatively, copy and paste "Then I woke up. I got out of bed, got out of my bedroom, went downstairs, and went to the kitchen. Applejack noticed my cutie mark." and skip straight to steps 4 and 5.

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  • Isabel Sparkle  

    I hope you like this quiz!

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  • TallTitan70

    Episode title   Number in season   Overall number   Rating   Comments/Notes
    Friendship is Magic 1 & 2 1 & 2 9 Outstanding: Great way to start the show off. Congratulations, Mrs. Faust.
    The Ticket Master 3 3 8.5 Wonderful: Fighting over another ticket Twilight had was admittedly kinda of interesting to watch.
    Applebuck Season 4 4 8 Great: 

    Applejack made this episode so funny.

    Griffon the Brush Off 5 5 4 Awful: 

    Gilda, who is totally hatable, ruined this plot. Like when she roared in Fluttershy's face.

    Boast Busters 6 6 3 Bad: 

    Trixie to me is unlikable and the plot was too ridiculous.

    Dragonshy 7 7 9 Outstanding: Fluttershy's character is greatly developed, and standing up to a giant red dragon? How impressive is that?
    Look Before You Sleep 8 8 7.5 Nice: Sl…

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  • EHAN

    This is a review. I think.

    Go watch it or something. Things happen.

    I promise it makes sense, I'm... just not sure how yet.

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  • TallTitan70

    A++ ~ A Masterpiece

    A+ ~ Incredible

    A ~ Amazing

    A- ~ Outstanding

    B+ ~ Excellent

    B ~ Wonderful

    B- ~ Great

    C+ ~ Good

    C ~ Nice

    C- ~ Decent

    D~ Okay

    D ~ Mediocre

    D- ~ Meh

    P ~ Neutral

    F+ ~ Awful

    F ~ Bad

    F- ~ Atrocious

    F-- ~ Catastrophe

    Season 1 (25) and Season 2 (24)
    Friendship is Magic A- The Return of Harmony A+
    - - - -
    The Ticket Master B Lesson Zero B-
    Applebuck Season B- Luna Eclipsed D
    Griffon the Brush Off F+ Sisterhooves Social B-
    Boast Busters F The Cutie Pox P
    Dragonshy A- May the Best Pet Win! C
    Look Before You Sleep C The Mysterious Mare Do Well F
    Bridle Gossip D Sweet and Elite D
    Swarm of the Century C+ Secret of My Excess A-
    Winter Wrap Up B- Hearth´s Warming Eve A-
    Call of the Cutie P Family Appreciation Day P
    Fall Weather Friends B Baby Cakes F
    Suited For Success D- …

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  • Mega Sean 45

    The first CMC episode this season, and I loved it! I actually thought I wasn't going to like it that much because it has something to do with Apple Bloom worrying about her CM, but it turned out that she is afraid of getting now! What a nice turn of events! Even though the story was pretty expecting, I don't really care about that. I mean, it is a kid's show after all! Everyone knew Luna was going to be in it! I just thought the voice Apple Bloom was speaking to was actually Luna herself, but nope! AB was pretty paranoid in this episode after all the trippy stuff that's been happening in the background! Big Mac speaking in full sentences must of been the most paranoid part for AB. It must've been a flashback for her during Ponyville Confid…

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  • The Real SilverSpoon

    New game! So you ask an MLP-related question, and a user will answer it in the most stupid, wrong way possible. Then s/he asks another question and the next user will reply, ask a question, and so on. I'll start.

    What's a cutie mark?

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  • The Real SilverSpoon

    I'm really nervous doing this, so I'd better get to the point. What was Hurt/Heal? I really want to know, and I don't know if I even need a whole blog to ask this, but I'd just really like to know. Okay, yeah, I'm a bit of a newbie; I only joined in May last year. Now, this is getting awkward, so... bye! (awkward)

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  • Silver Magnet

    is this ok...

    April 16, 2015 by Silver Magnet

    ok this is my first blog.... i have no idea what to do or anytrhing like that so i hope that it is ok to write this.

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  • Miipack603

    Hello everyone. I know this movie has probably been out for a while now, but I just saw it last night and - wow. Here are my opinions on this surprisingly-entertaining movie and I'm interested to know what all of you think about it. Spoiler alert: this may be a long blog post, so make sure you have enough time to read it all!

    When I first saw that they made the ponies into humans, I was initially turned off by the idea (I know, bad choice of words). After seeing so many of the episodes starring the ponies, I could not wrap my head around the thought of them becoming humans and thought that I would not enjoy it. After I read a little about the story, however, I decided to give it a try, and boy was I surprised.

    In a nutshell, Twilight's…

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  • Rainbowrules

    OCs are Finished

    April 16, 2015 by Rainbowrules

    The three OCs that were requested are finished! Hope I got them done in a more reasonable time! I have had lots of time to draw lately. 

    I am really sorry that Scootaloo kind of looks like a monster... I messed up on her eyes but hope it is alright! 

    If anyone wants their OC or a canon character drawn traditionally or digitally, just ask!

    Hope you guys like them! :) 

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  • CorpulentBrony

    Sorry it's been a while since I last rapped at ya, been busy with new pony, work, and school.  I know, same excuses as always!  I'm planning on working with a fellow brony analyst to do a proper review of Castle Sweet Castle, but wanted to let you guys know the Marefriend and I sat down together and recorded our thoughts immediately after watching the episode.  So check it out below:

    Also, last weekend was an open server weekend for the wonderful pony game Legends of Equestria.  Even recorded some of the fun for posterity:

    See ya later everypony!

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  • Miipack603

    Hello everyone, this blog post is to discuss my favorite character of the TV series, Friendship is Magic, and to hear who is your favorite character.

    My favorite character has to be Twilight Sparkle, with Fluttershy coming in at a close second. I really enjoy watching Twilight overcome all odds to help herself and her friends. My passion for Twilight came from when I watched Magical Mystery Cure for the first time, which was actually the second full episode I watched (the first being Swarm of the Country), and I really enjoyed the different angles it took on Twilight's character development. She is the perfect mix of energetic, caring, and kind while also fumbling and nerdy for me. As I've mentioned before, I really appreciate the chara…

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  • Ghostkaiba297

    Since the main thing people are tired of me talking about is King Sombra and his death, I thought I'd direct all that here and address everything about it to those who care.

    Now because we're all entitled to our own opinions, I can't force any of you to not be disappointed that he is dead. However, I still can't understand why people were disappointed with his death when they hated him so much. I mean, because people thought he was lame he can't have a lot of return value, can he? If he returned, he'd still not have a lot of screentime, lines, or backstory (which is what the writer of his Fiendship is Magic comic was going for). Look at the other villains, minus the ones reformed in their first appearance:

    • Discord - Is extremely popular, and…

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  • TheGuineaPig45

    Hey, everyone! It's TheGuineaPig45, with a preview of a game I'm going to make in the near future: Pony Arena, as suggested by Meester Tweester. Basically, in the game, two rivals will go head-to-head in a poll, and whichever one gets more votes by the end of each round wins. For example, rivals like EG and RR, the two Equestria Girls movies, or Trixie vs. Twilight, the two fighters in Magic Duel. Rivals can be characters, episodes, songs, items, or places. Multiple "battles" will go on in each round, and each round will go on for 5 to 7 days.

    So, as a little preview of the game, here's a battle I mentioned earlier: Trixie vs. Twilight. Whoever gets more votes will win the battle! Voting on the preview will go on forever, so everyone can get…

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  • CokeEpic
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  • CheeseGal


    April 14, 2015 by CheeseGal

    I just earned the dear Princess Celestia badge, does anypony know what the badges do?

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  • CheeseGal

    Is there a way to make my own Avatar instead having to choose between a puppy and a flower and all those other choices? I want to have a luna avatar [[File:FANMADE_Heart_Luna.jpg|thumb|I

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  • Star305

    If you have ever wondered what some of these words like mlp, or bronies, here are the answers for you!!

    To get us started, bronies is one of the many common words used to describe fans of My Little Pony.

    BRONIES- A bro, many times men, who adores the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV Show

    MLP- An abbreviation that spells My Little Pony

    PEGASISTERS- A girl, sometimes a woman or lady, who adores the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV Show

    That is all for now, if you find anything that you wuold like to add, please do!! Thanks!! Star out!!

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  • Meester Tweester

    Heeeyyyy, everybody! It's Meester Tweester! A simple contest today: who has the most Lucky Horseshoe badges? Now is the time to brag, because there's not much else you can do to plan for such an unexpected badge. You just have to edit often and/or get lucky! I have... five.

    What else is up? Well, I'm planning to draw a comic series (not pony-related), and Epic Pony War, the Hurt\Heal fanfic is still a thing! Watch out for those soon on Wikia and deviantArt.

    I almost forgot, Pony Voting is celebrating its 2nd anniversary soon on April 30th! I should do something for that. Drive home safely, and this had been Meester Tweester, saying goodnight Ponyville!

    1. 47 - ImperfectXIII
    2. 30 - Ozuzana
    3. 10 - PowerStar89
    4. 9 - Epicalaxy Master
    5. 7 - Crimson "Valent" Azure
    6. 7 …

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  • TallTitan70

    I came up with this idea that they should use for probably the show's finale of either season 6 or 7. My inspiration for this idea happens to come from a couple event matches I've played, but one of which I haven't played yet, from the extremely popular Nintendo crossover franchise Super Smash Bros. On one co-op event before the final one in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (My favorite Video Game of All Time), you have to fight all (5) of the playable antagonist characters in the game, including Two Dopplegangers of Two Nintendo Protagonists. I'm personally thinking that this show should do, or at least try doing something very similar to that. We unite 5 previous villains from the show, and make 2 dopplegangers out of the show's two antagonists…

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  • Crimson "Valent" Azure

    Pretty self explanatory, which of these commonly shipped stallions do you like the least? Explain why in the comments, if you could. Spike isn't an option because he's not a pony, and Discord's a genuinely good character.

    For me, it's a toss up between Soarin and Flash. Not because "they stole my waifu" but because they don't really have any real characterization other than being nice jocks. Soarin's a bit clumsy and a big eater, but he really doesn't have much character beyond that. You could argue they haven't been in enough episodes, but Soarin's been in at least 4 and Flash has been in two movies. There's no excuse for them not to have at least somewhat compelling characterization. And yeah, I admit, Soarin stole my waifu.

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  • Sergeant Spitfire

    Summer Ideas?

    April 12, 2015 by Sergeant Spitfire

    I know that for many of us, spring break has passed, or is currently going on. And for me, the last day of school is just in one month. The year flew by, and I am looking forward to the summer. However I am not sure what I am going to do. What are your summer plans? Chat? Vacation? Work? Whatever it may be I hope you have fun doing it. People in Australia, I am sorry since your winter is coming up. Also, first blog on this account, yay.

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  • CokeEpic

    I have my Review already in editing. I just wanted to hear what your thoughts were. I haven't heard anypony's thoughts on the Episode but I would like to.

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  • Flashbash000

    fanfiction part 1

    April 12, 2015 by Flashbash000

    It had been thunder storming in ponyville* for weeks. Princess Twilight Sparkle tried to command rainbow dash to change the weather. Strangly, the pegasus found it beyond her power. The two ponies enter the castle to talk about what they can do. They send a letter to princess celestia notifing her of a storm they can't remove. Twilight is quick to recieve a reply which says that canterlot is sunny, and that their view of ponyville is also sunny.  Twilight attempts to use her magic to stop the storm, but it doesn't work. Instead, she makes it worse when purple lightning emerges from the clouds and circles them. Rainbow Dash goes to clouds dale to ask the pegasus for advice. They say that stopping the storm is out of their control and that t…

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  • Nachtide


    April 12, 2015 by Nachtide

    K. So I have no life (for the moment). I'm making free vectors- only for people on this Wiki. If you're interested, please PM me on the chat.

    However, please realise that I'll probably put them up on my personal DeviantART for the sake of examples..

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  • SireneSong


    April 12, 2015 by SireneSong

    just realized that exsisted. blogs are dumg for my opinion since its like a secret diary but not secret. just a thing that everypony can read. this is probebly my first and the last blog here. bye.

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  • LolaBunny27

    Okay, first of all, this episode summed up in three words: Super Duper Awesome! I loved the episode so much! The struggle of Spike trying to keep Twilight away well the girls argue back at the castle was quite entertaing. Also that Twilight and spike visited the Library made me a little emotional. I loved the fact they mentioned the Golden Oak Library so much, and they also mentioned previous episodes and moments that felt so close to our hearts. The song was quite catchy too. Season 5 is looking good so far! As the girls began to argue, they all started fighting which made me want to laugh because it reminded me of how sometimes my friends and I don't always get along. However, in the end they realized it wasn't the castle or library itse…

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  • TallTitan70

    This is the episode I'm thinking about really hard for what it's now reminding off: I'm leaving my childhood home. This episode is now making me cry. :'( I never thought I'd ever leave the one and only house that shaped my whole life since I was 3. I'm soon going to 21. I lived in the same house for 17 years. Now that I think about it, I never want to leave it all, but I have to move on. I'd want to be out of my home state soon, but nothing will be the same without my childhood home. I feel I just never want to move on. I wish I could go back in time and buy it and not rent it from someone who already bulit it. I know everyone moves on, and so am I, but there's nothing I can do about it. My house is like my best friend since I was 3. When I…

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  • EHAN

    Today's episode is brought to you by pancakes.

    Anyways, we have a much shorter review for you guys this time around. Only 20 minutes! Huzzah!

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  • Rain Chaser

    I wanna apologize..

    April 11, 2015 by Rain Chaser

    Hay guys... Im not good at apologizing, but I gotta try because I just feel like it's a must after the blog I posted a week ago..

    I realy wanna apologize to the people that read my last blog. It was a stupid idea to post that kinda blog in a wikia like this and now I just wanna forget all about it. I should've thought the situation through before I acted.. I have to say that what I talked about in my last blog doesn't happen to me often so it was kind of a shock to me and I couldn't think. I've thought the situation through and I feel all good now. My hopes is that you guys can accept my apology because I REALY wasn't thinking when I posted that blog...

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  • Mega Sean 45

    To be honest, I enjoyed this episode much more than The Cutie Map. Twilight missing her old home at the library was expecting, and was also a good idea, and using the opportunity to help her friends out rather than hanging out at the castle, plus the reason why she does it was very interesting! I also loved the ending on how the Mane Five decorated the castle for her and Spike. It brought alot of feels to my heart, and it made me lead to believe that the tree roots on the ceiling with the memories is going to be our next friendship lesson journal, since the journal itself is pretty much complete, the tree roots is going to be replacing that, which is what I believe. We'll probably see it in action during Tanks for the Memories!

    Now the song…

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  • Deadshot1077

    My OC Red Blaze

    April 11, 2015 by Deadshot1077
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  • UltraRD

    After reading the comic,I wonder:What would happen if Sombra choose ignore his destiny,turn good and stay with Radiant Hope,instead of becoming an evil umbrum?Would he survive? Would his life be normal?Would he look like other ponies?


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  • The Real SilverSpoon

    Title says it all. I think I want to show one of my friends an episode of MLP, and I want to know which episode I should show them. I don't really know which one, so please give me your ideas. Also, if you don't have a suggestion you might be able to assist me by telling me what episode got you hooked.

    Thank you!

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  • Ghostkaiba297

    (Warning: Contains spoilers for Cutie Markless)

    • Nightmare Moon - Reformed
    • Discord - Reformed
    • Queen Chrysalis - Dead
    • King Sombra - Dead
    • Sunset Shimmer - Reformed
    • Lord Tirek - Imprisoned and de-powered
    • The Dazzlings - De-powered and run off
    • Starlight Glimmer - Run off

    (I know many of you disagree about Chrysalis and Sombra but this is not the subject of this blog and you can think whatever you want about them)

    First five are either killed or reformed, next is imprisoned but is unlikely to escape again, the next don't get any of the above three but lose all their power and their ability to sing (which might be why they're so popular). So, next villain? Didn't even bother with de-powering this time and had her run off a karma houdini. Even Sombambula lo…

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  • TallTitan70

    More details coming soon...

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  • Mega Sean 45

    Ralli, our beloved user has made a blog about which of the characters of the show are fits into the main position of the episodes? Who does the episodes mainly focus on? Well, I have a different opinion on some episodes for who's episode are who. Here's the list (special thanks to Ralli for the template). I'm only including the main cast on here though. I don't count side-characters (other than the CMCs).

    Twilight Sparkle 1 Friendship is Magic - Part 1, The Ticket Master, Applebuck Season (with AppleJack), Boast Busters, Winter Wrap Up, Feeling Pinkie Keen (with Pinkie Pie), A Bird in the Hoof (with Fluttershy)
    2 Lesson Zero, Luna Eclipsed, It's About Time, A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1, A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2
    3 The Crys…

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  • Fireshot Alextros Dash

    As I trotted up to the new pony,I said "Hello,my name is Fireshot,whats yours?" And then the pony responded "My name is Spiral Star...." And I said "Ok then,wanna be friends?" Spiral Star responded, "Sure!but please just call me Spiral,ok?" I said "Ok,sure thing Spiral! I trotted off down the hall with Spiral,neither of us speaking to one another.But then the bells "BAAAAAAA-DING-DONG-DING-DING"signaling the end of the school day,broke the silence,and Spiral said "Well...I gotta fly off home,sooo...nice meeting you Fireshot,and good-bye,see ya tommorow?" And I responded to him "Sure thing Spiral,and it was nice meeting you too!Bye!" Then I went off to find my sister,Rainbow Dash,but she wasn't where she usually was,waiting in the bleachers…

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  • Miipack603

    Hello everyone, for my first blog post, I thought that I would discuss my opinions on my favorite season finale thus far and also what you guys think.

    Favorite Season Finale: Magical Mystery Cure Reason: because it's awesome!. It has a good moral that teaches kids to never give up hope when faced with complete despair. I like how they handled Twilight Sparkle's character and the sequences in which she becomes a princess are just stunning from an animation stand-point. I also like how they dealt with each of the other main characters, as well, in that I believe they did a good job with how each one tries to deal with their dilemma, which made for some very humorous scenes. It also contains my favorite song of the FiM series, A True True …

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