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    Spike The Baby Dragon

    Yes it is me THE Real Spike *EQUESTRIA IS REAL!!!!* I asked Twilight if I could join and she said yes!!!! So yeah.....Pretty much,Hi!

    --Spike The Baby Dragon (talk) 11:54, July 31, 2014 (UTC)

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    Cutie Mark Crusader Craver

    So we all know how crucial Rainbow Dash's existence is. She's one of the spirits of the Elements of Harmony, and has more than once helped to save Equestria from total doom and destruction. But what would happen if she, for some reason (most likely due to frustration), wished that she was never born, and then gets sent into an Equestria where there was no Rainbow Dash? I have a plotline for this, but I'll just list off some of the things that I've come up with that she may discover.

    1. Equestria would be stuck in an eternal night

    2. Discord and Nightmare Moon would be co-rulers in a romantic relationship (shudder)

    3. The Apple family would be in a financial struggle

    4. Applejack would be part of a gang in Manehattan, in which Babs Seed also jo…

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    Chapter 6:

    July 30, 2014 by Thatlaughingmare

    (Well here's Chapter 6. Having trouble with titles. XD Any suggestions? Comment below!)

    Pinkie Pie sighed. What's the matter? You realized that friendship is completely useless? Big deal. Now you're turning into your egg-head friend, who worries about TESTS and friendships that are none of her business, Twilight Sparkle? Pfft, please! And you also realized that laughing is the second most stupidest thing unless it's and evil one? Nightmare Moon inquired, then giving an evil laugh. Pinkie Pie then gasped. What now? Having a heart attack? Nightmare asked, rudely. No, si-..I mean..royal..uh..highness.. Pinkie said, just now bowing down. WHAT?! This should have been over five minutes ago!

    Sorry, but I am just realizing something..

    Wouldn't that be your fir…

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    I am getting kinda tired of people saying MLP's references aren't references at all. Isn't this one of the things that makes the show so popular?

    Maybe I can accept Rarity Takes Manehattan if "Take/s Manhattan" is such a popular phrase appearing in more titles than just Jason Takes Manhattan. And I haven't heard anyone deny Icarus, Indiana Jones, Q, James Bond, The Big Lebowski, Team Rocket, the Marvel superheroes, or Batman. But the rest...

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Gorge of Eternal Peril below which Twilight nearly falls into but Rainbow Dash bites her tail to save her. The bridge even looks the same. Also, in the following episode, Rainbow Dash looks through the clouds the same way God does when he tells King Arthur to seek the Ho…

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    Crimson "Valent" Azure

    Sorry Yoshida, I beat you to it. :P

    It's back again and about time too. And this time, he's in the mood! Wait wrong song. Anyway, umm... this is yet another iteration of Rate the above user's avatar and profile. As usual here are the example and rules.

    Example (for those newcomers):

    Avatar: 8/10, nice resolution and it's of my favourite pony.

    Profile: 9/10 lots of cool pictures, an awesome song, and it's a background of my favourite pony.


    1. No being rude. This is a civil community. We don't want this blog to get deleted, so don't ruin it for others by rating people -23/10 or something. Be polite!

    2. No wars in the comments.

    3. Have fun!

    The first person to post in the comments gets to rate my avatar and profile. I wish you all good luck!


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    Ok, last season John De Lancie respectively respired his role as DISCORD. Did some of us think he'll be the only celebrity guest on the show? Most of us did until Weird AL Yankovic guest stared in the episode "Pinkie Pride".

    So this might give a potential chance that DHX Media and Hasbro Studios can get more celebrities to guest star on the show. I have a few ideas for celebrity guests and what roles they could play.

    .Tim Curry (as a villan, possibly a dragon based on his Rocky Horror character Frank-N-Furter. The dragon will be a "Dragony" a dragon that likes to look like a pony. (reminds you on how Frank is a "Sweet Transvesite).)

    .Gilbert Gottfried (as a griffon or two. Their appearances and personalities will be based on Gottfried's bird …

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    Crimson "Valent" Azure

    Pretty simple to understand game. All you do is check the time you posted and the hours and minutes are who you go out with tonight. You can do this as many times as you want. This game was made in April so it's been a while since I started this game. I hope you guys enjoy this game. I'm kind of bored


    2-KoolPrincessLunakaLunie/Princess Iris

    3-Unknown Prodigy


    5-Big Mcintosh

    6-Twilight Sparkle

    7-Sweetie Belle


    9-Jorge Esquivel

    10-Crimson "Valent" Azure

    11-Spike the Dragon (the user)

    12-Amelia The Writer

    13-OctaviaMelody1995 (Doopliss)

    14-Your choice! :P


    16-Guildmaster Grovyle

    17-Ms Black Ops


    19-Filly Please

    20-James the Bunny


    22-Timeless People

    23-Moonshine Stars

    24-Meester Tweester

    25-The Bunker …

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    Luna flew around viewing her dark and jeweled skies, until a pony from below screamed her [older] name in a squeaky voice. It had startled her at first. She looked down at who it was which had appeared to be--Pinkie Pie! Nightmare Moon narrowed her eyes. She couldn't help but ask, what is it, you annoying freak? Look, I have a beautiful sky to enjoy, so make it fast or I'll banish you to a dungeon in the Everfree Forest! Pinkie Pie laughed thinking it was a joke.Oh, don't be silly! You probably just need new friends since you haven't had any since Nightmare Night! she exclaimed. Nightmare Moon growled.

    C'mon, I know you need some because friendship is magic!

    You mean tragic. FRIENDSHIP IS TRAGIC!

    Nope! Just because I'm a party pony with a brain …

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    ( Well, thanks to silly me, this mistake is now present for all of my blogs. Just remember this if you're reading: read from lowest then start reading the recent chapters up last. )

    As Celestia recovered, she flew up to Nightmare Moon. I'm sorry, sister. But you'll be sent to the moon before you hurt any one of my subjects! Nightmare Moon laughed. Oh, how silly! I don't know if I should even be scared! Celestia sighed then flew back down. I can't believe I'm this could I? But this time..I shall make it last. Everypony shall learn the enjoyment in night!! Nightmare thought to herself. She laughed once more, then said aloud, Yes, the fun shall be doubled..

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    ( well sorry if Chapter 3 appears before the other two. Just read the two below first. I still don't know everything on here XD)

      Luna, stop with the roleplay! Princess Celetsia whispered to Luna, frustratedly. ROLEPLAY?! 'TIS A LIE! Luna argued, using the Traditional Royal Canterlot Voice. Celestia sighed then walked back up to the edge. I am very sorry about what is happening at this moment. May I ask of you all to leave at this moment? Again, sorry that the event was cut short! she said to the audience. The ponies were furious, but they got over it. Luna, what were you thinking?! Were you trying to make me look like a fool? Celestia asked. Luna closed her eyes ignorantly. Then so sudden, they opened. Inside...held her own nightmare. Luna spre…

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    Amelia The Writer

    New blog! Very simular to the other games like "Rate the avatar" or "rate the character" games..this time, it's movies :P

    Same rules..blah, blah, blah...rate the below user's movie from 1-10 and post another movie title for someone else to rate.

    I'll start! :P

    Equestria girls

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    July 28, 2014 by Thatlaughingmare

    So, everypony, I'm working on a little Fanfic.. I haven't really came up with a good title yet though. Anyways, I guess here are the first two chapters.. please don't judge /).(\

    Princess Luna watched carefully over her beautiful night through the telescope, making sure there were no threats upon Equestria, while her sister, Princess Celestia, slept peacefully so she would be ready to take on her day. Luna sighed at the fact that nopony was awake to cherish her night skies, but instead waited to cherished her sister's sunny skies. Stay strong, Luna. Transforming into Nightmare Moon did you no better...but worse, including I'll be banished for 1,000 years again, and when I return, everypony shall dislike me even more, she whispered. But there m…

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    The Dazzlings theory

    July 28, 2014 by EpicLuna

    Hello Luna here! I have a theory to talk about about the Dazzlings.

    So did anybody notice the red necklaces? Well if you see closeley there is magic and it is possibly making everybody argue. So now here is my theory about the Dazzlings. They are secretly creatures that feed off of music and battles so the necklaces help them with their troubles.

    COmment on what you think the Dazzlings are and if you agree about anything here.

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    Naku Mun is a Stallion Pegasus, his wings are about twice his length and can help him reach a max flying speed of about 300 m/s (meters per second), almost the speed of sound/Mach 1 (375 m/s). He has a pure white coat with black, messy hair resembling that of Vinyl Scratch. Naku is also relatively large for his species, being 4.3 feet tall and 4.5 feet long (This makes his wingspan 7 to 9 feet!!!). Naku Mun's eyes can very from Bright or Moderate blue to dim or shining red (this will be explained shortly).

    Naku Mun is not very social, sometimes even avoiding other ponies all together. However, when a friend is made, he is always a loyal companion and very protective. When alone, Naku sometimes talks to something that isn't there, or he sits…

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    Hey, remember when I made blog posts plugging my own art? Funny, huh?

    But enough about that; on to more thought-provoking matters. Equestria Girls sure has introduced a lot of characters into its dedicated mythos, hasn't it? But you may notice a number of characters suspiciously missing: Discord, Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, etc.

    And it got me thinking: what if some of these missing characters were in Equestria Girls? What would their respective roles be in the world of Canterlot High? How would they interact with characters already present (or not present)? A number of comments have been made about this already, but I don't think an actual discussion was made about it, so... here you go.

    Take a character (or characters) that hasn't yet app…

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    Season 5 discussion

    July 27, 2014 by Callofduty4

    Hey all, hot off the heels of last year's Season 4 discussion, here's season 5's discussion blog! Feel free to discuss anything regarding Season 5 here!

    • Animatic trailer
    • Gallery of images from the animatic trailer

    Transcluded from Equestria Daily

    • Every season they try to figure out a way to make the show bigger and better, but have trouble figuring out a way to top themselves. They totally figured it out for season 5 already.
    • Princess Luna has a nightmare, episode based on that most likely?
    • Entire solo song for Rainbow Dash
    • This season has the 100th episode, which is sufficiently awesome and focused on characters that have been on the show for a while, but mainly in the background. Coco Pommel returns for one!
    • Maud Pie returns. Entire Pie family…

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    Spoilers if you haven't watched the sneak peek of Rainbow Rocks!

    Based on first impressions, who's your favorite of the Dazzlings? Mine is Sonata Dusk.

    (This is just an excuse to show off your vectors, isn't it?)

    Shut up, voice in my head! You don't know nothin'!

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    so I see season 4 ended. well I always wondered that when are they going to make season 5 of mlp with Twilight and her friends, another main pony character, new pony character visiting Equestria, Twilight and her friends exploring new lands and locations or maybe a new kind of pony that came to Equestria. Can they be in different locations that Princess Celestia offered Twilight where to go , does pinkie pie founds a new kind coming to ponyvile, an evil moron tries to take over Equestria or something good or bad is going to happen? leave your comments to guess what might happen and also sorry bad grammar.

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    Crimson "Valent" Azure

    Pretty simple blog. If you could meet any fictional character what would you do with them?

    Example; If I could meet Rainbow Dash, I'd snuggle her and share rainbow popsicles with her.

    What would you do if you could meet a fictional character?

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    Mega Sean 45

    Season 5 Theory

    July 26, 2014 by Mega Sean 45

    As you may know, at Comic-Con, a sneak peek of season 5 has been released. If you want, you can see this clip here. If you don't want any spoilers, don't read this blog! Dumbledore gets killed at the end of book 6!

    Ok, so as it turns out, Twilight's new castle gave the Mane Six a map of Equestria. This gave me the feeling that in certain episodes around the season is gonna take place in certain towns in Equestria, including this new town seen on the clip. To be honest, at first, I really thought this town was Applelossa! But nope, I was wrong. Oh I hope Mareami becomes canon in here... I mean, Hoofball is canon now! XD So in this new town, every pony has equal signs as cutie marks, and every pony seems to act the same. Looks like we have a …

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    Enjoy everyone!

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    Time for another blog game   

    Here's how it works 

    One person comments a clue to what MLP character they are talking about 

    For Example: This pony is a member of the CMC but only has appeared in season 3 

    The next person to comment must guess the pony

    For Example: Babs Seed

    And the process repeats itself  

    The first person to comment must guess who this pony is:

    This pony is a hated character from Equestria Girls

    Have Fun!  

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    Crimson "Valent" Azure

    Well, today's the big day. My one year wikiversary has arrived. It's been a long year, and I've seen many people come and go (like Craterkid among other people). While many people I met when I first met have left  I have nonetheless met many friends who I expect to keep for many years to come, even after this show stops airing.

    It's been a long year of many ups and downs, but despite this rollercoaster of emotions, I have enjoyed my time here thoroughly. Especially the infamous Hurt/Heal game where I made a friend in Candle and Grovyle. I remember my first real friend on this wiki: Lasse200. It was because of him that the Rainbow Troupe was able to become a true contender in the Hurt/Heal blog.

    I'd like to extend my gratitude to all the frie…

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    343 TheGuiltyProphet

    I'm sorry

    July 25, 2014 by 343 TheGuiltyProphet

    Today, 25/07/2014, some awful things happened on chat. Some of which I am directly involved in. Such as continuing an argument that was occuring between myself and another mod. I realize that this is a poor example for me to set to our community and I apologize heavily.

    I removed my mod rights as a result of this but I got some encouraging words from Lunabotsmoonlight and others who encouraged me to get them back, so I did. I realize that today I have upset a number of people and all I can do is express my apologies. This includes the moderator who I accidentally offended today. Please note that is wasn't deliberate and that our misunderstanding got out of control, but I still respect you!

    Brother, my brother, tell me what are we fighting fo…

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    after many shorts from hasbro studios on their channel on youtube hasbro studios shorts

    non of this shorts appear what happen in the movie all what itS about was the mane 6 get their power

    and this is it

    Twilight is enjoying her new life as Princess of Friendship, and the Crystal Mirror has been transferred to her castle from the Crystal Empire. As Twilight and her friends and the Princesses are having a get together at Twilight's castle, Sunset arrives asking for Twilight's help back on Earth at Canterlot High as new trouble has appeared. Once Sunset explains the situation to everypony, Twilight agrees to return to Earth with her and help the Humane Five with stopping Adagio and restoring harmony to CHS.

    That's the best I can think of right n…

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    Today, I noticed that:

    • Turnabout Storm, Part 1, published in October 2011, contains a joke about the protagonist’s spikey haircut looking like a “porcupine”;
    • Turnabout Storm, Part 3: Twilight, published in September 2012, covers the same timespan as the previous episode (Part 3: Phoenix) but reveals different events by following different characters who go to different places.

    and then I saw Games Ponies Play, published in February 2013, which:

    • contains a scene in which Rarity briefly turns Twilight Sparkle’s mane into a spikey shape and says: “Imagine her mane turned into a porcupine.”
    • covers the same timespan as the previous episode (Just for Sidekicks) but reveals different events by following different characters who go to different places. …
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    Epicalaxy Master

    Now that Season 5 is confirmed, many people across the world start thinking: What will happen in the next season? We don't know for sure, but it's really fun to read each others' ideas. And this is what we'll do in this blog.

    The first persion writes down his or her episode idea. Only one episode per comment. The second persion has to rate it from 0-10 scale. Feel free to point out your favorite parts and what you think is wrong. Then the second persion writes another idea for the third persion to rate and so on.

    Here is my idea. The first to comments gets to rate it.

    Team Flightless: Scootaloo gets more depressed every time somepony mentions that she can't fly. And she's not the only one. Spike has a hard time being a flightless dragon. So S…

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    July 24, 2014 by JinxTheShadowyHero

    This upcoming Fan-work of MLP is going to be made by WhereIAmShego from deviantart and his felloe workers, including me! If you want to see and learn more, follow this link: [Link]

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    If you see this blog, than that means I can probably be able to comment and well ake this blog. I know I've spent tie at another place and I still will from time to time. If I can't post this, then well this is a waste and you guys won't see me again. So yeah, hopefully this is working so I can post.

    The reason I haven't been on the other place, was because of my lack of internet well I could still get on the 3DS, but I hate using the internet for that. It is slow and well can't load everything very well, so. Like the title says hopefully I'm back here, if my computer can let me comment here.

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    Hey everyone, as we go onto Thursday, it marks the one year anniversary of the famous blog Hurt and Heal which was created by The Candlekeeper on July 24 2013. The link to the blog is right here. I'm not going to bother to tell how the game works because I think most of you already know by now. In my opinion, this game changed the wiki completely in recent years by getting some of the users involved and no doubt a lot of friendships were made there.

    It was a game which we either hurt one pony or heal the other or double hurt/heal one pony and that game bring me very good memories!  Sadly, we never got to find out who was the last pony surviving because of reasons I won't mention here, but we did find out that Princess Celestia and the Solar…

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    the power of trixie comples you  (i dont actully know what comple means)

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    Storm Serenity

    Guess the Pony!

    July 22, 2014 by Storm Serenity

    This is a game that a Wiki I once edited played. It was basically figure out the pony based on the given facts. For example:

    Player One: Who is Twilight Sparkle's friend's sister's friend that has a white coat?

    Figure out the answer... To answer this, you gotta think: Twilight Sparkle's friend is Applejack, who has a sister named Apple Bloom. She has two friends- Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. Sweetie Belle has a white coat, so that would be the correct answer~!

    I'll start off this game: Who is Rarity's sister's friend's big brother?

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    Hi! So, from the titles, you can probably guess what this blog will be about. 

    Basically, what are your favorite emotes? 

    If you don't know what emotes are or how to use them, the format is but replacing the abcde with words from

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    Draw yo OC 2

    July 22, 2014 by NeonMelody

    Tatata welcome to my blog

    ~wat a bad intro~

    But you readed the title...(yeah read it if you didn't)


    And now you can shoose between: traditional and digital

    So go and write in comments your shoes and a pic of your oc (don't be scared I do them all) I ad him on your talk page and here:


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    Princess Fony Pony II

    I don't know if anyone has made a blog about this yet (probably), but I decided to make one. The title says it all. Do you like Princess Alicorn Twilight or Unicorn Twilight better? I honestly don't care.

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  • 145

    Truth or Lie?

    July 22, 2014 by Bluelighting

    This game was first created by ThePonyLover867.

    So I noticed that there hasn't been a new game in awhile so I cam up with one. (Yes, it is a below user game. ) The game is basically pretty easy. The person below you says a truthful statement, or a lie. The next user says that it is either or "truth" or a "lie." (Or they can guess. ) If the person above you guesses wrong, you can always correct them by responding to there comment. Just don't use hard statements that no one but you could get correct. (I don't think anyone has made a game like this yet. )

    So an example would be like this:

    Person 1: Twilight Sparkle is an unicorn.

    Person 2: Lie, she is an alicorn. Princess Celestia raises the sun.

    Person 3: Truth (This just keeps going.)

    • Don't use a…

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    IDW Skylanders Comic

    July 22, 2014 by GrandMike

    Yes it's true IDW has a Skylanders Comic coming out.

    Quite a growing company IDW is I wonder if Crossovers are gonna happen

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    Well, another long hiatus. I'm just going to tell you right now that this is going to be very common for at least another month, but I promise that I will have Chapter 15 out by tomorrow.

    This fanfiction is a loose retelling of an actualblog created by the Candlekeeper, called Hurt/Heal. This fanfiction contains foul language, violence, and decent amounts of blood. If you are under the age of 13 you should not read this. Read at your own risk.

    (Candle’s POV)

    We wait and wait. We wait for Celestia to lower the sun and for Luna to raise it. Then we wait some more. It feels like an eternity before we finally decide that the time is right for us to leave. We had been planning our escapade the entire day, and even after all the planning I feared w…

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    Why you no show Rarity affection?

    1.) Spike

    Rarity's last episode before Season 4 was Episode 35, Sweet and Elite. Her last shining moment (not shared with the other Mane 5) is in the following episode, Secret of My Excess, where she returns Spike to his original form.

    It's also the only episode where they both show each other affection. For the first two seasons Spike's crush on Rarity is clear, but whenever Rarity shows any affection to Spike, especially in Dragon Quest, Spike doesn't return it. He completely ignores her. Is he over her now or what? The only episodes where he seems to feel nothing for her are the ones where she loves him the most.

    2.) Lack of episodes

    Although she finally gets some more episodes in Season 4, it still stands t…

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    Crimson "Valent" Azure

    Pretty self explanatory. What you do here is post a character from MLP or something  else, and the next user has to rate them on a scale of 1-10.

    I'll start by posting a character from MLP, and the first user to reply in the comments  gets to rate the character and then post a character of their own.

    Let's get started, shall we?

    Gilda, (Ehan will like this...)

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  • 20

    Yea... I think you guys know what to do with this blog.... I don't know how many of these I've made, but it's been quite a few. x3 I made this one so Storm Serenity could get revenge on me for being so cruel with my questions.

    Have fun! c:

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  • 224
    Spike the Dragon


    What things annoy you alot?

    These are mine:

    The fact I'm a no life: I won't bring up drama, but I'm a no lifer.

    The fact I'm not short and cute irl: I'm not cute.

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  • 7

    Hey everyone it's neon here!! There comes a moment when you start to thinking: what should I do before I die??? And stuff like that well I made a small list with thing I wanna do before I die ^.^ :

    -catch a fish with my hands

    -jump from the Eiffel-toren

    -play hide and seek in the ikea

    -jump in a pool with you clothes on

    - meet all my 'online' friends

    -hold a koala

    -ride on a llama

    - find nemo

    - adopt a hedgedog

    - find the end of a rainbow

    -complete a scrapbook

    This was my list. What do you wanna do before you die?

    (Ps. I'm working my first 'pony version parody' thing the name will be Mary Sue. Wich me luck :3)

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    Storm Serenity

    Ask Me Stuff!

    July 18, 2014 by Storm Serenity

    I like answering questions, so feel free to ask me questions as you prefer. ^^

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  • 0

    A Test Blog

    July 18, 2014 by DaKitty

    I'm new to this whole thing, this is a test blog.

    I love these Wikis so far! Everything is so organized, I love organization. (That sounded geeky, didn't it?)

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    Greatness The NightWing


    July 17, 2014 by Greatness The NightWing

    I'm sorry if I'm inactive. I'll be most active on the Bronies Wiki and my dA.

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    Storm Serenity

    Spoilers for A Canterlot Wedding!!! Read at your own risk.
    This blog does not feature anything past that.

    Hello everypony!
    My name is Serenity, and I would like to discuss the matter of Twilight Sparkle and her sibling bond with her brother, Shining Armor. As we already know, Twilight Sparkle is a female unicorn who has recently learned the joys of friendship. Friendship is truly a magical ideal: you get the wonderful opportunity to enjoy your time with those precious individuals you care about.

    What about siblings?

    The question I would like to present in this topic of discussion perhaps lies in the answer: does Twilight truly worry about her brother for his sake, or does she fear losing him in the process of him marrying Princess Cadance?

    Let's proc…

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    Poofy pink

    We were walking along the main street of Darwin when we saw a whole bunch of guys that were standing by themselves they were looking very suspicious they started to wander over to me, Shelly, Destiny, Sarah, Kyle and Elle.

    This caused a problem which had to be solved Destiny started to say “they look kinda hot” they looked at her like she was an object that they could get rid of when they wanted to, Shelly then said to them “would you like to join us for ice-cream” they reply with “sure we will join you for ice-cream”.

    We then started to walk to the ice-cream shop, we got there and I pulled aside Shelly, Destiny, Sarah, Kyle and Elle, I told the guys to go ahead and we will be in a minute. They went inside I then said “Shelly do you think it…

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    Hidden temple.

    July 17, 2014 by Traval

    Dear Pony's of ponyvile:

    please allow Me and my philly to introduce ourselves:

    our names are: Stormcloud and Snowflake.

    Now then I am a  Former weather horse  and Snowflake is my 

    Little philly also  she is very shy about doing some things that she doesn't like.

    For example: having a bath and getting her tail touched also she only likes bubble baths

    for many years we haved lived  in  this very  well hidden temple as home 

    For you see  I was a very young horse and I fled from my Father's kingdom

    Cloud'sdale  and I also to  my little philly: Snowflake  with me so that we could start    

    a new life in this village called:ponyvile.

    my little philly  and left  in order to  find a shellter so that  we could start a new life in this village called:ponyvile…

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    Guildmaster Grovyle

    I am often asked questions along the lines of why I am so harsh on Flash Sentry and why I insist that the first motion picture of Friendship is Magic is, in simple terms, a mistake. My answers have been varied and posted in isolated threads; consequently, my position has been made clear, but the thoughts behind the position remain largely unknown. And so, on account of the synopsis for the sequel which was leaked yesterday, I have finally resolved to take a stand and explain myself. This is a complex matter, and although every question has been answered before, an appropriately complex answer is still nowhere to be found. That said, I intend to discuss both of the EG films with due attention to their most significant elements.

    It is only fitt…

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