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  • Losdermylittlepony

    I just recently found out that the guy I have a crush on is TOTALLY flash sentry. and I mean TOTALLY! this whole twilight sparkle thing is getting really weird!

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  • Rainbowrules

    Hey guys! Sorry (again, I know) for the long wait, I've been very busy with... well summertime. 

    Anyways I hope you like them! I really liked how the Dash and Scootaloo one came out. :3 

    If anyone wants their OC or a canon character drawn traditionally or digitally, just ask! 

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  • Rallinale

    Greetings, fellow Wikians! Fences have been amended, so it's time that we compare all the twelfth episodes of ther show, shall we? Here are the episodes.

    Season 1
    Call of the Cutie
    Season 2
    Family Appreciation Day
    Season 3
    Games Ponies Play

    Season 4
    Pinkie Pride
    Season 5
    Amending Fences

    All you need to do is to rank the episodes above from your favorite to least favorite. It's also appreciated if you give your thoughts on these episodes too.

    Here's my ranking.

    1. Pinkie Pride: This is a great musical episode that hits all the right notes when it comes to character development and sheer entertainment value. I love Pinkie and the conflict surrounding her feeling of inadequacy in the face of a new party planner, which really does a great job at highlighting …

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  • AlicornTwilightSparkle

    Hey again Everypony, another request skin for this ETS 2 game, Fluttershy skin, kinda sorry for the Trailer I can't find the fit image for it, so I use the Mane 6 for the Trailer, what do you guys think ?, if you want some request just tell it to me, I will try to make it 

      03:24, July 5, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Guildmaster Grovyle

    Yes, I've been gone all day. I will be gone tomorrow too. Why? Well, it all comes down to this.

    1. I am too busy to watch the new episode. And as some of you already know, I furiously avoid wiki activity when spoilers lie there. I will still take talk page messages, but otherwise I'm gone until I see it firsthand.
    2. Independence Day at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

    So, here's to all the Americans here on the wiki and to those who on July 4th, 1776 founded on this earth a new nation—one conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all are created equal. (And even if you don't give a hoot about that, you're here on this wiki—like it or not—because of an American corporation.)

    I salute you all and wish you the fullest of freedom's blessings.


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  • Losdermylittlepony

    I just recently discovered that I am a lot like twilight sparkle for instance, I love reading and studying, I have an older brother that is an awful lot like shining armor that likes a girl that is like princess cadence, and I have a life sized spike! (don't judge me ) I will record more details of me acting like twilight on this blog.

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  • Meester Tweester

    Heeeeyyyy, everybody! This marks my 4000th edit! It's not record-breaking (hi, Impy, with 77K edits), but it's a great achievement for me. I want to thank everyone here, I've made so many great friends.

    I'm accepting human drawing requests now, and I'll draw as many as I can. Please describe the human as much as you can in words, or give me an existing image. My deviantArt is

    This has been Meester Tweester, and goodnight Ponyville!

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  • Daisy drops

    pony girls

    July 4, 2015 by Daisy drops

    why are the main characters are girls?

    because girls party really hard.

    girls can party to the max!

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  • Mega Sean 45

    Wait who's pooping? This party is pooping! Time to review Party Pooped and only one day to spare until the next episode! So yaks are visiting Ponyville to form an alliance with the Equestrians, and of course things go wrong pretty quick. The yaks smash everything like the Hulk. Why bother forming an alliance with them then? Kick them out? I'm sure Celestia could use her strong alicorn magic to solve the war problem. :P I mean these yaks are just rude, and ponies in Equestria are too nice. I mean they're friendly ponies but they're not suckers. Are they that desperate?

    So the Mane Six take the yaks around Ponyville to help them feel at home, and I like how the amount of characters appeared in this episode! I like it when alot of side-charact…

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  • Crimson "Valent" Azure

    This is it. The FlutterDash comic we've all been waiting for! Maybe not all of us, but definitely me.

    I wanted to do a video review like EHAN and ToskiHero, so you could see my handsome visage my ugly mug, but A: I don't want to steal EHAN and ToskiHero's thunder, and B: I'm not really comfortable doing video reviews yet. Once I have a good set up, I'll probably do them.

    Anyway, in case you didn't for whatever reason see the image above, yes, there are spoilers for the comic here. If you don't want to be spoiled you could either pirate it (not recommended or endorsed by me), or support the IDW team and buy a physical copy or a digital copy on iTunes. Either works.

    Anyway! Without further ado, the review will be in a few lines so scroll down.


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  • TheGuineaPig45

    Hello, everyone! It’s TheGuineaPig45, with the tenth round of my second game on the wiki, Pony Arena! In this game, two rivals, whether they are characters, episodes, or songs, will go head-to-head in a poll, and whichever one gets more votes by the end of each round wins! Each round will feature four matchups, and anyone can suggest a matchup if they please!

    This is the tenth week of the game, making this officially longer than my previous game here on the wiki! And, it may become even longer, but I'll get into that later.

    So, as the title of the blog suggests, this is a special round! Instead of featuring two rivals in each matchup, each matchup features three rivals! Also, there are a few more polls than usual in this one.




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       Mine is Aria Blaze Because I love her Personality. Who is your favorite pony and why?


    No swearing, Making fun of others, spamming, ETC

    If rules are broken, whoever broken a rule will be reported to an admin.

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  • UnknownProdigy: The One that Rose from the Ashes

    Well...Today the sun rose in the east, beating down on the Earth as the sixth month of the fifteenth year of the twenty-first century dies. Jume 30th, a rather insignificant day. A day where nothing important has probably ever happened. A day where people go about their daily lives, not caring about such an insignificant day. But on this day, exactly two years ago, a small little user ventured onto this wiki. His name was UnknownProdigy...He didn't know anybodu, but he quickly made new friends. He was difficult in the beginning, random and strange. He's still difficult in his own way now, but aren't we all? When he first came to town, a blog was formed. A strange blog, with a strange premise. Some call it foolish, some were very serious. M…

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  • AlicornTwilightSparkle

    Hey again Everypony, I'm done doing this request on ETS 2 Skin, CMC Skin, I hope you guys enjoy it, and what do you think ? 

      06:04, June 30, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Awosome2000000

    Could "Sparity" become canon.

    NO is my answer due to that he is a kid and she is an Adult(maybe not but still much older than them), even if you did mange to make him a pony, he will still be a colt.

    And because in MY HEADCANON she loves him like her child, and that what I want to be canon.

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  • Vinyl809

    Favourite pony

    June 29, 2015 by Vinyl809

    my favourite ponies would have to be.....

    .lyra heartstrings


    vinyl scratch


    photo finish

    berry punch

    and derpy hooves.

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  • Shadowgallade777

    I have decided yet again to do an MLP Birthday Game! This one is about romantic stuff, i guess. So, i wonder who is the lucky pony you'll get?


    January: You & X got out to the Grand Galloping Gala.

    Feburary: You take X out to the movies.

    March: You and X share a passionate kiss.

    April: You propose to X, and they say "YES!"

    May: You send X a secret admirer letter, but they know it's you.

    June: X screams out how much they love you... IN PUBLIC. O.O

    July: X sends you a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

    August: You wirte a poem about X, saying how much you love them.

    September: You and X become the next official OTP.

    October: X surpise hugs you out of nowhere!

    November: You and X go out on a date to the Crystal Empire.

    December: You and X snuggle on t…

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  • FinnXMarcy


    Somebody has to message Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr Party Pooped a picture of the Beatles reference to them.

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  • Spike the Dragon

    Title says it all, what is your favourite video game for a handheld console?

    For me, it's probably Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS, it was really fun, especially the courses and kart customisation and the character roster was great.

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  • Rallinale

    Greetings, fellow Wikians! Another new episode, another "Let's Compare" blog! Today, we'll be comparing the eleventh episodes. Here they are.

    Season 1
    Winter Wrap Up
    Season 2
    Hearth's Warming Eve
    Season 3
    Just for Sidekicks

    Season 4
    Three's A Crowd
    Season 5
    Party Pooped

    All you need to do is to rank the episodes above from your favorite to least favorite. It's also appreciated if you give your thoughts on these episodes too.

    Here's my ranking.

    1. Party Pooped: This is yet another very good Pinkie Pie episode. Like with her other episodes, the writers manage to balance her comedic personality with some meaningful characterization, as she is faced with the challenge of trying to please such unpleasable yaks. Her pure dedication in her job as portrayed in th…

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  • MrLazarV

    About our project

    Hey everypony ! Have you ever dreamed of a page where you can watch every episode of MLP: FiM in every language? If so, your dream came alive ! Me and some other bronies are working on this HUGE project. What are we doing basically? Uploading every episode in every language ! We want an organized place where everypony can watch everything available. Now you might ask: "Who are working on this ?" The answer may be surprising: not so many people. The list of people working on this can be found at the end of this message . If you have anything to note, or anything to say, just let us know in the comment section of this blog , or write on our talk pages. This page will be updated almost EVERY single day. Have fun writing comme…

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  • Guildmaster Grovyle

    Dear pony:

    Hello! I humbly approach you today with an urgent business proposal on behalf of the House of Bhayes of Yakyakistan. This proposal concerns the fortune of my son Lord Allaway, who sadly passed away last week during a stay in faraway Griffonstone. I cannot claim the entire sum left by my son myself because of my noble status in a country whose borders remain closed to griffons due to Griffonstone's contentious claim of a coal mine within the state of Yakyakistan. The Kingdom of Griffonstone will soon appropriate my son's wealth for itself unless my family's property falls to 49% of its present value—unfortunately, this would leave us poorer than if we were to let the griffons keep the sum.

    Your assistance is requested (as a non-Yak…

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  • SirFortesque93

    WARNING: this blog contains some spoilers for not aired episodes, avoid to read it if you don't want anything spoiled.

    After the official revelation of the next two episodes, it's pretty much confirmed that this  list is official, but seeing the titles I got a suspect.... it's just me, or aside Brotherhoof Social (that it'll be Twilight + Applejack since they're the only Mane 6 with a brother), we won't get any other Applejack or Spike episode for the rest of the season? I mean let's take the second half of the titles, it's pretty easy think who's the centric character of it:

    Canterlot Boutique: Rarity;

    Scare-Master: Fluttershy;

    Rarity Investigates: Rarity (maybe Rarity + Twilight);

    Made in Manehattan: Rarity;

    Brotherhooves Social: Applejack + T…

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  • Pinkgirl234

    Time is fast isn't it?

    Anyway, I am still fine and you can see I am still in this wiki.Still a Pegasister aaaaaand still likes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I am just not editing much here lately but I am still Wiki-active.

    So anyway, how about you guys? How are you all?

    MY CURRENT STATE: I am somehow feeling unwell, or A.K.A. I'm feeling quite a little sick.

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  • EHAN

    I still think that's an incredibly dumb episode title but whatever.

    For those of you that don't watch our long reviews, this is one of our shortest videos in a while, clocking in at about 25 minutes.

    Go watch it for opinions and stuff, as per usual.

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  • TallTitan70

    They're the ones that are definately the most lesson worthy of the show. Welcome to my blog and here I'm counting down one of my biggest subjects on this wiki: The Top Ten My Little Pony: Frienship Is Magic Episodes (of the first four seasons). For my list of my favorite episodes from My Little Pony I've chosen them based on their plots, memorably spectacular moments, and their lessons of friendship that they've taught me. And just to let you know the messages/morals of these episodes aren't the biggest focus on them, but mainly for how excellent their plotlines where paced. This is only my opinion, and I've changed it several times overtime, so don't be strongly judgemental or outrageous and just respect my opinion if you don't see your pers…

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  • SweetiebelleAndFluttershy

    Fluttershy is my favourite, but Sweetiebelle is my second favourite. 

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  • SweetiebelleAndFluttershy

    Fluttershy is my favourite !

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  • SweetiebelleAndFluttershy

    She's my favourite pony ! 

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  • AlicornTwilightSparkle

    Hey guys, this is another skin mods that I make by myself on ETS2 (Euro Truck Simulator 2), what do you guys think of my works ? 

    01:53, June 27, 2015 (UTC) Read more >
  • DaisyGameGirl4

    My OC!

    June 27, 2015 by DaisyGameGirl4

    Name: Peach Hearts Cutie Mark: Two hearts, intertwined to make a peach tree branch with a peach on it. Race: Earth Pony Coat Color: Light Lime Green Eye Color: Green Mane Color: Red that fades into very light pink. Personality: Adventurer, curious, street smart. Crush: Flam (the brother without the mustache) B.F.F.s: Babs Seed, Applejack, Big Macintosh, Pinkie Pie, Apple Bloom, Derpy Hooves. Catchphrase: Name a road, I've traveled it! Worst Enemies: Rarity, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon.

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  • Whitehorse24

    Xbox one vs Ps4

    June 27, 2015 by Whitehorse24

    There has been many debates over the Xbox one and the Ps4. Which one would you prefer?

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  • Syi-fyi

    Through out the series of the Mlp franchise their has been speculation as to how many pony species they're are and weather or not they all have magical abilities. I aim to dispell any false thoughts about the basic species and any other I'll conceived notions using information that is sum what logic partly things I've heard from reliable sources but mostly fact and my own enterpitation of thinngs.

    Earth ponies- are the strongest of the pony species, with strong back legs and a powerful kick they are built for hazordus plains. When faced with a Challenger they use they're front and back legs to defend and are sometimes know to bite. Diet- Carrots, Apples, Other vegitation and/or fruit, more than not baked goods. They are omnivores as eggs are …

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  • Pony and meatball sub

    Ignore random Lucky Star music
    So I love food so much and this fluffy pony drawing quickly turned into a plump cookie pony...

    Yeeah awkward! So it gave me an idea to make food ponies but I need your help! Im not just going to make regular food ponies. Im gonna make wacky and bizarre food ponies. So from you I need a name and food its named after of! Be wild and best of all make me hungry! My only rule is nothing meat related cuz I'm a pescatarian! And don't judge anyone. I will pick best names and do a poll. Try to get your "recipe" on the top! Deadline is July 1st! Top 5 winners gets to keep OC I design but only first place gets a super duper art request! I will draw anything you like (unless NSFW)so get posting cuz I'm starving.

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  • Mega Sean 45

    So we got a Spike episode this season! Cool! It's also known as Princess Spike, so I wonder what's going to happen on here? Hmm, to make sure nothing disturbs Twilight, Spike has to make sure nothing bothers her. Ok so it's a Spike and Twilight episode. Not something to fill out in the bingo slot, because I said Spike and another pony that's NOT Twilight or Rarity. Well you know what? I prefer a Twilight and Spike episode than a Rarity and Spike episode to be honest.

    Now at first, it was a cool episode. I was thinking Spike could be the reasonable one once again for a change. It would be nice to have an episode when Spike fixes something without messing anything up, like helping someone out. It started off like that, but it turns into that …

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  • XD1
    Check out these My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comics variants from IDW - exclusively for San Diego Comic Con!

    • “Night of the Living Apples,” Part 1! Bad apples have come alive and determined to take over all of Ponyville! Don’t miss the exclusive cover by Tony Fleecs done in the EC Cover tradition!

    $5, Limited to 500 copies, 3 per person

    • This collection of the entire mini-series boosts a special convention variant featuring a cover with the iconic villains of Equestria by Thom Zahler.

    $25, Limited to 100 copies, 3 per person

    For a full list of your convention must-haves, download the ultimate IDW 2015 SDCC Exclusives Shopping Guide PDF complete with full descriptions and cover images!

    Are you planning to attend San Diego Comic Con 2015?

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  • Shadowgallade777

    Music is Fluttershy's Theme from Fighting Is Magic.

    Yup! I wanna know what Fanmade MLP Games you are looking forward to most! I have a little list of my own that i can't wait for, and you too can check them out by searching for them on Google!

    List of Fanmade MLP Games i am hyped for:

    • PonyKart (W.I.P)
    • Super Smash Ponies (W.I.P)
    • HorseGame (DEMO Available)
    • Five Nights at Pinkie's (W.I.P)
    • Legends of Equestria (W.I.P)
    • Ponymon Dusk/Dawn (Currenty in Alpha 0.4)

    That's basically it, so why don't you tel me what Fanmade MLP Games you can't wait for! And as i said, you can search up those games and check them out!

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  • Dsin01

    MLP renders in SFM

    June 25, 2015 by Dsin01

    this is the 3rd blog post where i take request and post stuff i make. First one was drawings...then it was blender SFM. like always i seem to (even if i said it or not) take why not say i will take request now. (if you want me to make somthing in SFM just ask But uh...please keep in mind... im not a pro at SFM...yet.

    Whats sfm?

    SFM is a Movie maker on steam. (steam is a place where you can buy many many games for PC.)  SFM is free but... SFM is a EVERY big program.....anyway SFM is used for a lot i say...odd...things.. some every weird stuff... that makes no sense....

    Stuff i used

    Just like blender the rigs/models i used are not mine... they are made by other people...those people are every awesome peo…

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  • FinnXMarcy

    Where is Rarity or Applejack?

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  • TheGuineaPig45

    Hello, everyone! It’s TheGuineaPig45, with the ninth round of my second game on the wiki, Pony Arena! In this game, two rivals, whether they are characters, episodes, or songs, will go head-to-head in a poll, and whichever one gets more votes by the end of each round wins! Each round will feature four matchups, and anyone can suggest a matchup if they please!

    This is the ninth week of the game! Wow. If this game continues, the game will be longer than my previous game! Also, just so you know ahead of time, the next round will have another "Do you want more" poll. More rounds would mean themed rounds!

    Anyway, have fun with the game!


    Voting Ends Today!

    Our first matchup is one very very similar to the one last week involving Starlight Gl…

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  • TheodoreRowy

    A fun clip from Pixar about what goes on in the writers room or a storyboard meeting:

    This is a good demonstration of how there's no set way for things to happen in fiction. The character can "produce a map" in a variety of ways, and each one has wide implications on the fictional physiology of the character, but in the end it's just writers and storyboarders picking a design or idea that they like best. The depiction on screen is not inherently related to "powers and abilities" the characters possess; it is only a depiction that the writers or storyboarders chose to present.

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  • Crimson "Valent" Azure

    Hello everypony, this is based off of Rallinale's blog series about comparing numbered episodes. But let's compare episodes by writer instead! This time, I'll pair up two writers and we rank their episodes together. This is because ranking episodes by one writer when he or she has only written two (Scott Sonneborn for example) would be unfair.

    Today we'll be looking at Charlotte Fullerton and Ed Valentine. Both have written episodes I've liked in the past, however both have their share of duds (actually Ed doesn't have any because he's only written two episodes both of which i liked) but I'm sure we'll be able to rank both of these writer's works.

    Feel free to give reasoning behind your choices as well.

    I'll rank mine now and post the reasons…

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  • Sergeant Spitfire

    We are nearly at the halfway point in season five, and I, myself, have only watched until episode 6. So, how is it so far? What do you guys like? What do you all dislike about it? How can it be improved? I have heard a lot of controversy on how it is doing so far, and I'd like to hear from the community. I might decide to invest time in it, I might not, I don't know, that's why I made this blog haha.

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  • EHAN

    What's this? A ramble that's negative? What is this madness?

    Nah but this is the first dud of S5 so far, in our opinion at least.

    But this episode is a very particular kind of bad. Not in the way you'd expect.

    Go check out this strange case of an episode as we pick it apart.

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  • DaisyGameGirl4

    Episode 100

    June 23, 2015 by DaisyGameGirl4

    Okay, Slice of Life is out, the only reaction I had all episode was fangirl squealing and yelling, "Hasbro is listening to us!!!!!" #Fangirl

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  • FlameStar101

    I really didn´t want to post this blog to be honest, but if I don´t speak up about how I got treated about the conflict between me and PowerStar89 last year, then the admins of this site are just going to simply ignore it´s existance and PowerStar89 will just get away without any sort of warnings whatsoever (I have already recieved enough warnings as it is from both this site and MLP forums).

    You (the admins) have already read what you needed to know about what I had done towards PowerStar89 (and yes, I do regret what I did back then, but it doesn´t change the fact how PowerStar89 behaved during that point against me), but did it ever cross your mind (Callofduty4, Imperfect, Rallinale) to ask what PowerStar89 had done towards me, because yo…

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  • Awosome2000000

    New fans may wonder, whch episodes they might watch, you may say the pilot, ut it is just un realastic alot, and the new commers will think it is a bunch of fantasy, since the sun rise by its own, anyway my first episode is Suited For Sucsess.

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  • Female Foxy 1987

    Mine is RD :P 

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  • YumiFanJump
    1. I realized that my comment on "Battle" was long, so I'm making a post (BTW I don't know where that "1." came from):

    Danish 10/10 Adagio's voice is great!

    Dutch 8/10 Took points off because when Sonata and Aria say "beter" sound a little old. Otherwise, it's fine.

    German 10/10 I love Adagio's voice!

    Norwegian 9/10 Beautiful!

    Swedish 7/10 Sometimes it feels like they're doing sounds, but still fine.

    French 6/10 It sounds kinda... quiet.

    Italian 10/10 One of the best!

    Brazilian Portuguese 9/10 Adagio sounds somehow old but not enough to ruin the song.

    European Portuguese 10/10 Love it!

    Romanian 10/10 My language never dissapoints me!

    Latin Spanish 7/10 Umm...

    Castilian Spanish 5/10 Adagio sounds too old.

    Czech 9/10 Same as Brazilian Portuguese.

    Polish 5/10…

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  • Prettyfennekin22800

    I need my OCs as shown so I can do stuff like this with my OC (Or mascot in that picture) with a car that suits him/her...

    you give me the image down in the comments by putting it as the picture, then I'll download ir (Might tweak it a little) starting off.. comment saying "I'd like to help, which OC?" the first one is Motion Control her eyes look like that no black in her eyes, why? her backstory! in an nutshell, she can't close her eyes all the way because of a tragic accident and when she tries to, blue sparks come out of her eye... why? because of the accident... but I'll go in depth of her enitre backstory on a seperate blog... ok now!

     so if there are dupiclatace pictures I choose which is better... 

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