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  • Amazingcocoguy923

    Welcome to my 2nd installment of Battle Of The Songs! Just a quick note to say that this program will be published on Wikia every 3 days. I've got two songs with amazing lyrics, beautiful instrumentals and powerful singing. So, let's see which song will top the comments off. Last battle, we had The Magic Inside winning the battle, but which song will win this one?

    This song had plenty of power in it and was amazing. So menacing, so evil-like and the voice is fantastic. If you listen to the instrumental to this song, it makes me forget that I'm even listening to a song from a kids' show. That's as good as it can get, guys.

    First we had a dramatic song, next we have such an emotional one. This song is as good as Out On My Own because of the vo…

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  • WindigoWinter

    Hi everyone! It's time for the long-awaited episode list for season 11 (fanon of course!)

    Theme of S11: Acceptance

    MLP Season 11 Episode List (Fanon)
    Episode Plot
    S11E01- Operation: Royal Disaster, Part 1 Twilight is sent to the city of Vanhoover where she discovered that a group of ponies called the 'Anti-Royal Brothers' is planning to abolish and destroy the monarchy!
    S11E02 - Operation: Royal Disaster, Part 2 After being captured and losing her horn and wings, it's up to Twilight to stop them frm destroying the monarchy, and saving Equestria from utter chaos (and not the Discord kind!)!
    S11E03 - A Friend, I Need Applejack learns that her friend, Rara, was crushed after rebellious ponies caused her concert room to collapse on her, and must acc…

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  • Spyro1996

    Stained Glass Windows have been an integral part of FIM since the Return of Harmony. I always look forward to seeing these majestic peices of art shine and glisten on the walls, and every Season I expect to see at least one new one, and for the most part I haven't been dissapointed. I'll never forget how awesome it was to see Discord make his first apperance slithering around the windows. It was unlike anything I'd ever seen before in an animated show, and was one of the highlights of the Season overall. If I had to pick a favorite window, I'd probably go with the one of Discord being turned to stone by Celestia and Luna, mostly because of the epic backstory that's implied in the image. So, fellow Wikians (is that what you guys are called?…

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  • Choong57

    -This is the 4th part of T2T II-A.
    -This part was inspired from MLA #22

    I run through the left path. During I run, it seems endless...
    I continue running, and hope for myself to save her sooner. Later, I realise Skyla hinted me about motherls status during our conversation at the beginning of our journey...

    "...I don't have a sister though, so I don't understand what the thief was saying."
    "Maybe you DO have a sister, and you just don't know about her?"
    "But my mother fell off a mountain!"
    "I think something––somepony saved your mother and took her to a safe place."

    " place?" I seems realize something, "Hmm... if that really happens..."
    I once again reach the village, but this time, the scenes I saw, it's just like a wasteland. Like G…

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  • MLP fluttershy

    Is your OC lonely? Looking for a nice pet for them? Well, here you go. 1 pet per OC First come, first serve

    Just comment the number you'd like (more to come)

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  • Thereselovesyou
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  • Amazingcocoguy923

    Welcome to my newest program! Battle Of The Songs! Today's battle is (you've already seen the songs in the title) The Magic Inside vs. Out On My Own!

    Two beautiful songs sang by two beautiful characters. But which song is the best? Both of these legends made me shed a tear, but I couldn't decide between these two. 

    This song is simply beautiful to the hearings of it, because it explains the true self of Coloratura. Her voice is on fire, she reminds me of Adele, I wish this song could be longer, but who cares? It doesn't matter about the length of the song, it matters about the true creation and the lyrics sang. The harmonious sound, the vivid voice, I could go on forever about this song... 

    Another beautiful song, the voice hooks me into the …

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  • Choong57

    So I decided to go through the right path. But just then, I was grabbed by something, it's my younger self. No wondered I'm invisible pony in the dream, but...why he's grabbing me? So I step backward, and start to having a conversation with him.

    "Are you believing in gods?"
    "Yes, I believed it," I said. "Since I was a colt, I always pray for them for seeking some advice or...whatever. But after turned into a young adult, I stopped praying, for no reason. Although I'm no longer for praying for gods, but I'm still believe they are real."
    "Looks like you are not a bad pony at all..."
    "Yeah... wait, what?"

    When I look around, I saw that colt--young me, has turned into a light spot. It spinning around me for a while, and go inside to my body, cause my…

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  • MLP fluttershy


    June 27, 2016 by MLP fluttershy

    If this is not allowed, please just let me know. I would like to give credit to a person that is wonderful in every way possible. She is one of the strongest girl's I know. She makes me laugh until my sides hurt and then some. She crazy and wild, but I love her. She my best friend and my other half. I would like to thank Maddie for being my best friend.

    Greasers forever

    I'm going to make her a award, she deserves it.

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  • MLP fluttershy

    RP anyone?

    June 26, 2016 by MLP fluttershy

    I can't find a RP buddy and it driving me crazy! I have a zoo full of OCs and most are crazy or just plain grouchy.

    Two-bit: Is there a Mickey mouse store here?

    Me: No! No Mickey Mouse!

    Two_bit: *goes to find a Mickey Mouse store*

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  • MLP fluttershy

    How did you end up at this wiki? For me, it was accidental. I came here, looking around and realized you can hook up with fb. It stuck.

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  • Yoshida Tadayoshi

    Never did my 1st and 2nd

    So, yeah, it's my third wikiversary. Been three years to the day I joined here. However, in a sense, I didn't "join" until a few months later.

    That's all I have to say.

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  • FandomIsTheBest

    They Were No Icons In There, Someone Please Fix This? All Icons Were Gone Expect For FlutterBot!

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  • Miipack603

    Hello everypony!  Darkblaze here with yet another blog post.  This time, I will be making a list of my favorite songs/stories/animations/etc that have been produced by fans of MLP.  The categories featured take inspiration from's various "Top 10" videos about the fandom.  I'd also like to hear what you guys have to say; what are some of your favorite works that have come out of this fandom?

    Works by the Brony Fandom:  Favorite Fanmade . . .

    • Song:  DISCORD (Living Tombstone remix), Join the Herd, and Real Pink Pony (Vannamelon cover)
    • PMV (pony music video):  "We're Going for a Ride" and Beat It PMV
    • 'Dramatic/Sad animation':  Lullaby for a Princess, Snowdrop, and Remembrance
    • Horror/Gory animation:  Smile HD and A Colt Classic
    • 'Parody…
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  • Amazingcocoguy923

    Can the hiatus be over already?!

    I really really really really REALLY want to see Season 6 Episode 13!!!

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  • Choong57

    Song Used : "Anima" by BrunuhVille

    I wander around, and I saw a forest. It looks more natural than present time. I walk to the village, and I saw it s wonderful. Yes, that's the place and time which the accident has happened. The villagers are so kind. When I passing by a house, I saw a young colt––myself, who stay at mother's side. Later, I remember the flashbacks when mom and I living together. I remembered that day, I put my ear besides mother's belly, and hearing a heartbeat inside it.

    "Mom, when will sister born?"
    "Hmm...properly soon at anytime."
    "Yay! I can't wait to see our little foal!"
    "(To baby) You'll soon got lovely brothers when you're born, sweetie."
    "(To baby) Hush now, foal. Don't worry, I'll stay on your side..."

    When I saw the …

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  • FinnXMarcy

    Liev Schreiber

    June 25, 2016 by FinnXMarcy

    Just found out today that he'll be playing the villain for the up-coming MLP film:

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  • TheGuineaPig45

    Hey there, everyone, and welcome to the all-new installment in the Pony Arena Game series: Pony Arena Tourney II, hosted by me, TheGuineaPig45!

    Wow. That last round was pretty intense! Cheese vs. Spike was really close, but in the end, was victorious. I expect the next few rounds to be just as intense, so be prepared as we move on!

    Anyway, this how the loser bracket works: the 32 characters who lost in Round 1 of Pony Arena Tourney II have all been placed in a bracket, in which the loser of the first matchup goes against the loser of the last bracket, and so forth. In each round, several matchups will take place, in which two of the losers go head-to-head in a poll. To play, all you have to do is vote on said poll, and whichever contestant g…

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  • TheGuineaPig45

    Hello, everyone, and welcome to the next installment in the Pony Arena Game series: Pony Arena Tourney II, hosted by me, TheGuineaPig45!

    Wow! That last round was crazy! There were so many ties, comebacks, and unexpected victors! I'm surprised with how it went, and I hope you're all happy with the results that came from it. Now, it's time to see how the other eight remaining characters will fare, as we move on to Round 3b of the game!

    So, here's how PAGTII works: 64 user-selected characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, its spinoff film series, as well as its official comic book series, have been selected to compete in the game. In each round, several matchups will take place, in which two of the competitors go head-to-head in a pol…

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  • Amazingcocoguy923

    Any ideas for episode 15 in Season 6? 

    Comment down below!

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  • Choong57
    • This part was feturing MLP Season 6(A) review instead of #58's story. The main story (T2T #58) will be release tomorrow.
    • So far, almost 2/4 story of T2T are done.

    When I look around at it, and shocked : my wings are gone!

    • The dream's alternation will affected Solunar's body status in reality.
    • Solunar passing by the past village.
    • Once again, Solunar remembered some flashback in the past.
    • The word "Hush now, Brighty. Don't be afraid, I'm staying on your side..." has possibly reused.
    • Solunar cried because he missed his unborn sister.
    • Solunar lose his wings for the first time (if Eclipsed's alternation failed, he will regain his wings).
    • The reason about Solunar's ascension has revealed.
    • Solunar's finally realize something (not fully).
    • Solunar confused about …

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  • Amazingcocoguy923

    Considering lots of comments on my last few pages, I came together with something new and fresh besides the main programmes I put on. Perhaps it would be best if I predict any episode ideas instead of everypony out there. Judging by some comments, I will take some ideas from some of them as they are appealing to the eye. 

    S06E13 - Flying Has To Have Courage (Scootaloo thinks that scootering on the ground is boring and wants to fly cool like Rainbow Dash. Judging by her wings, she makes a start on flying. Although, she's nervous and is scared to have lessons with Dashie as she might crash at her first attempt. When Rainbow Dash encounters Scootaloo in Ponyville trying to fly, she gives lessons out to her to make Scootaloo less afraid.)


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  • MLP fluttershy

    MLP references

    June 23, 2016 by MLP fluttershy

    I watched "three a crowd" and noticed some references. For one, it was discord rubbing a lamp. However, the one I found to be interesting was when he dancing around, he slides across the ground in socks, shirt and shades. 

    Let me know about references you caught that I've missed.

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  • Amazingcocoguy923

    I've got plenty of comments for the (Season 6 Episode 13) episode ideas.

    Who has any Season 6 Episode 14 ideas? Comment down below if you do! :)

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  • Choong57

    ||Season II (Unit A)||

    –––Chapter VIII : Into Past–––

    When Solunar slept at her bed side, she finally remembered everything. But what will be happened up next? The story

    While I'm sleeping, some flashbacks happened on my dream. Most of the flashbacks contains my past, and in one of my flashbacks, I clearly heard mom's voice.
    "Stay strong......MY SON!" She shouted, when she fell off the mountain.
    "MUM!!!" The young me screamed.
    It was in the next morning. I woke up from the nightmare, the sun was shining upon me.
    "No... (quickly breathing) It can't be..."
    Then my head immediately felt comfortable, just like somepony taking care on me. I soon realize Bright Sky is stroking my head softly. I usually think she is joking on me, and wonde…

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  • MLP fluttershy

    Here some thing for the great ocs! Post your ocs here! 


    Name. Sketch

    Title. Princess Sketch

    Age. Teen/young adult

    Personality. Creative, smart, kind, sarcastic at times, head strong

    Story. She was born a pegasus and usually played with her brother, Gusty Twister. Her two best friends are Ash and Twix. She was made princess by Celestia and her family and friends disappeared because of an evil mare. Celestia raised her until her coronation, when her family returned. She later adopts a baby that is the last of her kind. 

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  • MLP fluttershy

    Sketch spent the next few days learning to care for the baby and trying to think of a name for her. It was hard to name her, she didn't know anything about the baby past of anything. Sketch decided to wait and choose a name based on her personality. She was becoming a great flyer, making it a challange for Sketch to care for her. One morning, Sketch went to check on the baby and was shocked to see the room in total chaos. Plants were knocked over, dirt was all over the floor, the curtains were a tattered mess. The baby was nowhere in sight! Sketch ran through the castle and looked everywhere. What if she had been taken? Maybe that why the room was a mess! Suddenly, Sketch heard a giggle.

    Sketch followed the sound into the garden. Shooting …

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  • MLP fluttershy

    Hello everypony, it has come time for this event. Princess Sketch will become the new ruler of her kingdom! However, she can not rule alone. If your a stallion, come meet the princess. Are you ready to compete for the throne and the princess? Sketch will be the judge since the stallion will be ruling along side her. Anypony can enter, if your a stallion. 

    Will you be able to win the heart of the princess? Will you become the new prince of her kingdom? Come join the competition and find out!

    Just to clarify this is for other OC, you can enter your ocs in this

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  • TallTitan70

    Welcome to yet another duplicated profile page! This is the Super Mario Brony/TallTitan70 aka Tyler. I became interested in My Little Pony since July 17th, 2014. I've gotten into the show ever since giving it a try after hearing of Weird Al's performance and starting the show off from the very beginning just before Rainbow Rocks was released. Since then I've gotten my own blog after taking so much inspiration from ThomasandMollyfan23's own blog (The Railfan Brony Blog). I don't care what other people think of me in the end because I just love being a brony. Cause if being one is either wrong or stupid (or both), then I don't wanna be right or smart (or both)

    1. Twilight Sparkle
    2. Celestia
    3. Cheese Sandwich
    4. Rarity
    5. Pinkie Pie
    6. Cadance
    7. Moon Dancer
    8. Coloratura …

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  • Choong57

    Song Used : "Heavy" by The Glorious Sons
    !Language Warning.

    Continued from Part 1...

    Here's the (second bunch) sins about T2T Season I:

    61 - Zayn has suddenly been unstable since Goldust awaked from the deep sleep.
    I thought it's double personalities... (+1 sin)

    62 - "Darn it! What have you done to me!?" He do nothing to you, Zayn! (+1 sin)

    63 - "...when my body was injured before spring sprint, he choose you to help me win the champion. Heh, I'm actually broke your record at 1 year later on... (lol) But how about this? When you have been crowned that year's best student in the school, I was send to find an apple. He called it orders."
    -This seems familiar...Ah, God Of War III references. (+1 sin)
    -Also, copyright infringement. (+2 sins)

    64 - "...If you…

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  • MLP fluttershy

    Sketch worked in her art studio like she did at every free moment. It was a peacful summer day, a perfect day to go see her friends. She loved visiting the small village she was born and raised in. It held so many memories of her past. Even some secrets were in that village. She decided today she would take a carriage to the village and visit everypony. Suddenly, a guard pushed opened the door, startling Sketch. Nopony came in her studio, it had always been her place. If a guard barged in like that, it must be urgent. "I'm sorry your majesty, I didn't mean to startle you", the guard apoligized. Sketch stood up straight, her wings at her side and her head high. "There is, well, you need to see this", the guard struggled with his words. Sket…

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  • Amazingcocoguy923

    I know that the series is taking a hiatus, but I hate it when that happens. 

    This is going to be short.

    Any episode ideas for Season 6 Episode 13? Comment down below!!

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  • Awosome2000000

    This is a parody and a joke.

    Music Notes, Scooter Wheels, ad cutie mark crusaders' quest map, these were the ingredients chosen to creat the perfect little filly. But Luaren Faust added an extra ingredient, PowerPuff Girls refrence. Thus the cmc were born, using thier quest map, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Blossom lived thier live to finding thier and other ponies' cutie marks.

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  • Choong57

    Song Used : "Oh No" by Goodbye June

    Here's the (first bunch) sins about T2T Season I:

    This season has lack of grammers. (+1 sin)

    1 - ...when I opened the refrigerator, it was empty!
    Where did pony world got electric? (+1 sin)

    2 - "Hey Solunar!"
    Skyla didn't realize that Solunar didn't brush his teeth. (+1 sin)

    3 - "...why this pony sent you the letter?..."
    Because it's the lucky address? (+1 sin)

    4 - "You've been invited to a friend's dinner party!"
    And that friend is a mare! (+1 sin)

    5 - We saw somepony spying on us.
    Why he spying them in public? Don't he spotted by the customers early? (+1 sin)

    6 - "I think there's something important about it..."
    Spoilers! ^_^ (+1 sin)

    7 - Goal Score explained that one road lead to a castle, the second one to a village and…

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  • TheBluParchment

    This blog is dedicated to a similar one I encountered a while back. Here's a group of terrible OC designs I found through bad luck. Please note that this isn't a personal attack against people who prefer certain colour choices.

    This blog is also a memorial to all of the unfortunate pony souls that were unlucky enough to have these bodies and characters. If you please...a moment of silence... :(

    Listen to this while reading, it helps with the trauma:

    The only thing that needs destroying is that haircut. It's a crime against fashion and needs to be condemned. I like the shoes though...

    Jake is a Pegasus prince who was banished to Tartarus by Celestia for killing Twilight. His favourite hobbies are dark…

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  • Rallinale

    Greetings, fellow Wikians! So we're currently in the middle of the Season 6 mid-season hiatus, so I thought it would be a good time that we look back at the season so far with a "Let's Compare" blog!

    Now, during the middle of the previous two seasons, I made a poll blog asking you what your favorite episodes of the season so far are. In the case of last season, I also did a "least favorite" poll. For this season, however, I'm doing something different. I decided that I should make a "Let's Compare" blog of Season 6 so far.

    Here are all the Season 6 episode that have aired thus far:


    The Crystalling The Gift of the Maud Pie

    On Your Marks Gauntlet of Fire No Second…

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  • Amazingcocoguy923


    June 19, 2016 by Amazingcocoguy923

    I'm bored.

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  • Mega Sean 45

    Chapter Book Ideas

    June 18, 2016 by Mega Sean 45

    Well I gave you my ideas for episodes for the second half of the season and I also did some Friends Forever ideas, now I have some ideas for Chapter books, like ones for GM Berrow to write! Of course she can't see this, and I don't want her to, cause it'll just ruin the chances of them existing. Why bother freaking out about that? None of the show staff hang around here, except I did see that one snapshot that Nick did in the comment section of a page.

    But enough of that! How about some chapter book ideas!

    "When Applejack receives four free tickets to see the Country Bears band perform in Los Pegasus, she and her family find out that they're not the same band as they were when they were younger. During a backstage meet with the Country Bear …

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  • Fruity Treeze

    Title says it all. It doesn't neccesarily have to be your first episode, just the one that made you like the show. It would be nice if you tell why it helped make you a fan too.

    For me, it was Sisterhooves Social. I'm the older one of two siblings, so this episode really spoke to me on a personal level. I really saw a lot of myelf and my younger sister in Rarity and Sweetie Belle, and a bit in Applejack and Apple Bloom too. It was my fourth episode, but none of the other three I watched offered much in terms of emotions like this one did. It was the one that made me want to watch the whole series. Yes, it was that good.

    Okay, enough gushing about Sisterhooves Social. Which episode made you a fan?

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  • Amazingcocoguy923

    Here is the upcoming pages for my blog page.

    June 19 - Reacting Is Magic! Make Fluttershy Laugh!

    June 20 - Styling Is Magic! Starlight Glimmer's old Mane vs. New Mane

    June 21 - The Best Singer Out Of The Mane 6?

    June 22 - Shipping Is Magic! (more shipping!)

    Hope you enjoy these upcoming pages, and I'll see you next time!

    (from amazingcocoguy923)

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  • Greatispharoh

    Updated OC

    June 18, 2016 by Greatispharoh

    Well I updated my OC...

    Since everyone got confused last time I made K9 a bit more mature looking:).

    I'll add a photo once I figure out how to get this  darn photo insert button working.

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  • 93neptunium93

    This June 2016, i stumbled across a website called I discovered that MLP is frequently included in the worst TV shows lists. While it also appears in the best lists, it is frequently criticized and negatively commented.  Many TTT users (some of them are anonymous) are trying to take it out of the best TV shows list. Some said they want it to get cancelled

    The worst user i've met there (I go anonymous on the website) is EpicJake, he always compare MLP to bad shows like Barney and Friends and Dora the Explorer. He also said in Top 10 Characters we wanna punch in the face that he wants to punch Twilight Sparkle in the face. He even insulted an MLP fan on the website. I hate him so much that i consider taking down to …

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  • Amazingcocoguy923

    Rarity just opened up her third boutique in Manehattan, and her flagship store was a success! But there are three boutiques in place and which one is the best? I think I have an answer, but I won't reveal it until I place my opinions into a ranking list, which will be a short one. So, without further ado, let's compile this list! :)

    It is the home of Rarity, and is classified as a boutique, but I don't think that many customers do come in her boutique. Perhaps it is her homeplace which makes ponies busy, and I don't even see any sales that much, so I rank this boutique, last place.

    I don't mean (Season 5 Episode 14) I mean the fabulous boutique itself. The sales has improved greatly, and Rarity has found herself a good manager. Sassy Saddles…

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  • Greatispharoh


    June 17, 2016 by Greatispharoh

    Hello again Fellow Bronies, I am back:).

    I've been on and off the wikia but I felt like  coming back.

    Anything I misssed?.

    Anyways happy to be back, I'll catch up ASAP and see ya'll around:D.

    Auf wiedersehen.

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  • MLP fluttershy

    I am going to visit family, so I'll be gone until Sunday. Feel free to leave me messages on my wall, I appreciate the messages. If possible, I will hop on real quick. I get to meet my new cousin that is two now. I might be too busy with my family. I don't know....

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  • TheGuineaPig45

    Hey there, everyone, and welcome to the all-new installment in the Pony Arena Game series: Pony Arena Tourney II, hosted by me, TheGuineaPig45!

    Welcome to the SECOND round of the game! It's been pretty crazy so far, and I hope you've been enjoying it! I'm really sorry Round 2 took so long. Situations like that shouldn't happen anymore, though as my schedule is back on track now. Hopefully, the game will be releasing regularly from here on out! No more breaks! But, just in case I do become incredibly busy, each round has been extended to four days. I hope that's okay with everyone!

    Anyway, this how the loser bracket works: the 32 characters who lost in Round 1 of Pony Arena Tourney II have all been placed in a bracket, in which the loser of th…

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  • TheGuineaPig45

    Hello, everyone, and welcome to the next installment in the Pony Arena Game series: Pony Arena Tourney II, hosted by me, TheGuineaPig45!

    Welcome to the THIRD round of the game! It's been a wacky ride so far, but I hope you've been enjoying it! With some crazy losses already (Applejack ), and even a total knockout (Flam got zero votes), I'd say that Round 2 of this game was definitely one of the more unique rounds of the entire series so far! I had a lot of fun with it, and I hope you did too.

    It's also unique for how long it took. I am very sorry about this! Thankfully, my schedule is back on track and school is almost over, so the game should be releasing regularly from here on out! No more breaks! But, just in case I do become incredibly busy…

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  • Amazingcocoguy923

    Of course, every action-packed children's series needs a princess, and there are four of them. Pretty, Reliable, Incredible, Nice, Caring, Excellent, Self-Controlled, Saviours stand for P.R.I.N.C.E.S.S. Pretty catchy right?

    There is a list of ranking order for four princesses. But which one tales the top spot? We shall find out on the list which I am about to compile together!

    I don't dislike her, it's just that I find her a little TOO gentle. She may have married to Shining Armor but she can be a little too gentle at times and I feel like a true princess needs a little anger now and then. I am sorry to those who adore Princess Cadance, but she takes last place.

    She may be the co-ruler of all of Equestria, and she may had have epic battles wi…

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  • Amazingcocoguy923

    As the Mane 6 all have pets, I decided to compile a list in ranking order, to see which pet is the one for me. It has been difficult, and I had several minutes thinking and thinking which one should go where. So, without further ado, I shall start that list!

    I don't dislike Angel, it's just that he's kinda cheeky at the older seasons and pesky a lot, and when Spike is trying to take care all of the animals, he runs away, and he's the only one not captured yet. So I rank him 6th place.

    Is it me or is Opal's only reaction angriness? I don't know but she does smile. Once again, I don't think Opalescence doesn't really have that much personality, but she's cute and somewhat lively and easily gets bothered by Rarity. Therefore, I rank her 5th pla…

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  • TheBluParchment

    My personal list from best to worst:

    The Saddle Row Review

    No Second Prances

    Guantlet of Fire

    The Gift of Maud Pie

    Spice Up Your Life

    Newbie Dash

    A Hearth's Warming Tail

    On Your Marks

    Flutter Brutter

    The Crystalling

    Applejack's "Day" Off

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