• JVJ

    Bat Ponies

    February 19, 2018 by JVJ

    Bat ponies only appeared in the show in the second season episode Luna Eclipsed as royal guards for Princess Luna.

    Where in Equestria do Bat ponies live?  Maybe in caves and mountains, and seldom in urban areas.

    Are they considered a separate pony race, or a subspecies of pegasus?

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  • Bluethunder25

    My name is Bluethunder25, but you already know that since you read my name on the blog post. Point is, I'm a Brony. Now I'm a late bloomer than the rest of you as I mentioned in a previous blog that I didn't start watching MLP: FiM until March of 2015. Still, with that being said, I have come to love the show and it has replaced Kim Possible as my all time favorite show. (still love ya, Kimmie)

    Now in addition to this, I am also a fan of Linkara's History of Power Rangers videos. For those of you who don't know, those are a series of videos where he gives in-depth analysis on each season of Power Rangers; covering character arcs, themes, etc, etc. I've also been watching Suede's Pokemon Journey videos where he covers every episode of the fi…

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  • FirePuppy

    In past seasons, we've had the Cutie Mark Crusaders interacting with each member of the Mane Six. There's been adventures like Stare Master, Somepony to Watch Over Me, Forever Filly, Parental Glideance, and in Equestria Girls, The Canterlot Movie Club (the first CMC adventure in EG). And as an extra, Pinkie Pie was seen the second-most in One Bad Apple (which, by the way, was still just a minor appearance either way, something she had the most of in CMC episodes).

    But Sunset Shimmer, the number one main character in Equestria Girls, still doesn't have one yet! Can anyone think of ideas for between her and the CMCs? Appreciate it!

    Shown: Sunset Shimmer walking with the Crusaders (from My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks)

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  • EmpressYzma

    I like to consider Season 1 the 'Bronze Era' as it's the beginning of a great series, and although its quality, both in humour, emotion, design and characterwise are still middling, it still can be considered in a rapidly growing 'bronze era'.

    These three seasons have had the biggest, most significant inclusions and changes as well as host ~60-70% of the fan-favourite episodes of thos day. From as early as Return of Harmony to Twilight's Kingdom, this era can easily be considered golden. We have had introductions to vicious villains with vile plans like Discord, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra and Tirek, as well as had some epic moments, such as the Canterlot wedding, the return of a long-lost Crystal Empire, Twilight finally becoming an alico…

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  • BiggerNate91

    EG Megan Williams?

    February 19, 2018 by BiggerNate91

    I found this picture a while back (fan-made, mind you), which made me think: Could Megan Williams make an appearance in Equestria Girls?

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  • Birdy18

    A Dark Theory

    February 18, 2018 by Birdy18

    I have a somewhat dark theory about MLPFiM: The entire setting takes place on a toy set.  I don't have much evidence of this other than the weather being physically made in Equestria, Discord's reference in the Rainbow Rocks short and Tirek's Reference in that one Digital Series short.

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  • Dry63

    Sunset Shimmer is a character that has done a rare one-eighty when it comes to fans liking her.

    Initially an antagonist in the first Equestria Girls movie who was reformed at the end, Meghan McCarthy made the right choice when Sunset was in included in Rainbow Rocks and given more a more complex development that truly redeemed her in the eyes of Bronies and others. Since then, fans not only began to include her on their favorite characters lists but also began to ask questions that the crew or even McCarthy may never have thought of.

    The fans wondered the usual things like where does she live, where's the Human Sunset, will her and Princess Celestia make up, etc. These desires are relatively minor in terms of storytelling, but if crew finds a w…

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  • CartoonLuver123

    There are two Equestria girls I have a crush on but I can decide on one so I would like your help, and here are the choices and reasons:

    A: Rainbow Dash I like her because she is smart, funny, understanding, warm, kind, charming, and sweet.

    B: Applejack I like her because she is nice, friendly, perky, understanding, kind, motherly, and I dig her Southern Accent.

    Who do you think I should date?

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  • BiggerNate91

    Betrayed - A Short Fic

    February 17, 2018 by BiggerNate91

    Pinkie Pie's POV of the falling-out on Basalt Beach.

    I took a gasp of air as I surfaced.

    None of us could believe what happened. One moment we were seaponies, happily swimmimg around with our new friends, having a great time, and the next thing we new, we were washing up on a beach, cast out of the seaponies' home. And whose fault was it?

    None other than Twilight Sparkle.

    Applejack was the first to speak up as we walked on the beach. "What were you thinkin'?! I mean, stealin' their pearl?!

    Twilight hung her head. "It was the only was to save Equestria."

    Was she serious? "Cept it wasn't!" I said to her. "We did what you told us and that's what made her realize we were ponies worth saving!"

    Suddenly, I connected the dots. I let out a gasp of realiz…

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  • CartoonLuver123

    Excuse me fans of Equestria Girls, I have a confession: I have a huge crush on Rainbow Dash and Applejack. And I also want some advice: How can I tell the actual Rainbow and the actual Applejack how I feel about them?

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  • BiggestThomasFan

    It's been a whole year since I last did one of these polls, so I thought I'd start another one. This time, I'm asking you what your favorite shipping involving Big Macintosh is. Although he's now in a relationship is Sugar Belle, as of Hard to Say Anything, I wonder if people still ship Big Mac with someone else.

    Which Big Macintosh shipping do you like the best? Big Macintosh and Twilight Sparkle Big Macintosh and Rainbow Dash Big Macintosh and Pinkie Pie Big Macintosh and Rarity Big Macintosh and Applejack Big Macintosh and Fluttershy Big Macintosh and Spike Big Macintosh and Cheerilee Big Macintosh and Marble Pie Big Macintosh and Sugar Belle Big Macintosh and Caramel Big Macintosh and Shining Armor Big Macintosh and Braeburn Others

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  • FirePuppy

    According to what I think, here's the list of episodes focusing on each main character, from most to least.

    Note: If a character has appeared for less than a certain amount of screen time in episodes that seem to focus on them (usually ranging from the minimum of 46% to 52%, depending on how much screen time they got in other episodes), those will be considered "penalty" episodes and will therefore be disqualified, with a few exceptions (*).

    She was the hardest, considering as though she is the main character of the show after all.

    # Episode title Notes
    1 Friendship is Magic - Part 1

    2 The Ticket Master

    3 Winter Wrap-Up

    4 Feeling Pinkie Keen First episode with Pinkie Pie.
    5 Lesson Zero

    6 It's About Time

    7 A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 First appearanc…

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  • Crimson "Valent" Azure

    You know this episode, so let's jump right into it. This is a review of what I believe to be possibly the worst episode of FiM ever. And while it may be as bad as say Newbie Dash in terms of cruelty, it's still pretty bad, and there's no excuse for this kind of episode in an idealistic world like FiM.

    (Warning: Wall o' Text)

    First the episode starts with Fluttershy trying (and failing) to get Angel Bunny to eat a salad. I will state that for the record I don't mind Angel Bunny EXCEPT in this episode. This episode in my eyes is the only reason why he's on people's worst character list. And I feel jerk/egotist characters can be written well if they have a good reason for their jerkitude/egotism. Rainbow Dash is an excellent example especially …

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  • FirePuppy

    Last night, I've been seeing people in total disagreement over whether Starlight Glimmer should be a main character or not. Here's what they said:

    "Starlight Glimmer is not a main character because official material/sources do not designate her as such. It has nothing to do with my personal views. If people want to treat Starlight Glimmer as if she's part of the main cast, that's their prerogative. It has no bearing on how the Wiki operates. It's as simple as that."

    "The mane 6 don't need more screen time at all. We've seen enough of them for the past 6 years, what can seriously be done new with them?"

    "I'm just going to go ahead and remind you that Hasbro is very hands off with designing the merchandise and the merchandise is often filled wi…

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  • Mega Sean 45

    So close to the finale now! Almost caught up on all the episodes! Time for Uncommon Bond! Are any of you even reading these? I don't wanna do these for no reason.

    I knew Starlight Glimmer would have a part in here, but I also thought this was a Spike episode at first. Starlight had a ton of episodes this season, Spike had one, it woulda made sense. However, this episode was really needed! I'm glad Starlight and Sunburst's friendship wasn't completely forgotten about, especially after Celestial Advice when his picture wasn't even on Starlight's mirror. I know how close Starlight and Trixie are, but using Sunburst has a one-time plot device would be pretty unwise for the writers to do, but I'm glad that wasn't the case! I'm really glad we got…

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  • Browngstu19
    1. The Dupont Diamond: Part 1: Daring Do helps the Mane 3, but get captured.
    2. The Dupont Diamond: Part 2: Daring Do helps the Cutie Mark Crusaders, but get captured.
    3. The Dupont Diamond: Part 3: Daring Do saves the Mane 3 and the Cutie Mark Crusaders from Ahuizotl.
    4. Bad Tank: When Trixie casts a spell on Tank, he goes crazy.
    5. Scootaloo’s Wild Ride: When Scootaloo throws her old scooter away, she gets a unicycle.
    6. Something Special On The Other Side: Pinkie Pie gets split into the two opposites of herself.
    7. Rainbow Dash Sings The Blues: Rainbow Dash decides to retire from the Wonderbolts.
    8. Applejack’s Applogy: Applejack gets Rainbow Dash fired from the Wonderbolts.
    9. Spa Trouble: The spa twins argue about who gets to take the day off.
    10. Earthquake In Califoalnia:…
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  • Mega Sean 45

    Alright, three more blog posts! Secrets and Pies is next!

    I don't really have much to say about this episode other than it was pretty good! I know honesty can be tough to spare people's feelings, so this was a pretty interesting moral! Though this episode would've worked so much better in a past season. Besides, both Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash had four episodes this season, and Spike only had one, this could've been made way for a second Spike episode while this episode coulda been earlier or later, one of those. But that doesn't mean I don't like this episode! I really enjoyed it! It was humorous, heartwarming, and so many supporting character cameos appeared! Though I kinda question Rainbow's methods to get rid of Pinkie's pies. Why does…

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  • Dry63

    Pre-Thoughts on Season 8

    February 8, 2018 by Dry63

    NOTE TO THE EDITOR: This is not a spoiler page but preconceptions of the upcoming season as well as the premiere. Anything written here is meant for discussion and NOT to reveal any news or potential spoilers.

    Upon reading the release date of Season 8 and reading the synopsis, many thoughts came into my head as to what direction it could go.

    It's no secret to us by now that Twilight and her friends would open up a "Friendship School" as their friendship journeys begin to broaden in the show's ever expanding storyline. We have new characters joining the Mane 6 that plant the seeds of new potential and maybe even callbacks to earlier escapades of the ponies as they are now looking at what they used to be before becoming who they are today.

    The …

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  • Mega Sean 45

    Sigh... let's get this episode over with. -_-

    I think you know why I'm really disappointed about this episode, but I'll save that for the end. For now, let's talk about the positives of the episode, because I do admit, there are a ton of positives! I'm really glad we got to know Twilight Velvet and Night Light, and alot more than we did on The Crystalling - Part 2! I gotta say, Twilight's mom is alot like my own! She doesn't relax on vacations, she wants to do everything and anything, and so do I! Twilight's dad is the one who likes to relax, and so does my own! The difference between Twilight's dad and mine is that my dad isn't really as enthusiastic as Twilight's dad is! He's a bit more... laid back. Shining Armor, wow was he a highlight …

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  • Mega Sean 45

    We're cuttin' it close to season 8, and the new Equestria Girls! So c'mon, Marks and Recreation! GO!

    So this episode is kinda similar to my Cutie Mark Industries idea, or at least, that's how it started. In Cutie Mark Industries, the Cutie Mark Crusaders aren't getting much cutie mark help coming in, so Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon advertise them nationwide, which makes them tired out. But this episode kinda cancels that out cause the Cutie Mark Daycamp idea sounds like something that would handle large quantities of ponies that need cutie mark help. So in the beginning of the episode, it looked like the Crusaders JUST made up the camp idea, even though they thought of it back in Fame and Misfortune. That looks like a bit of a continuity …

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  • FirePuppy

    With Season 8 finally (and partially) unveiled, it's that time again! I'm putting up suggestions for the main characters' appearances for this season.

    For already released episodes:

    • Y = At least one appearance where the character is the focus of a shot
    • S = At least one appearance where the character is the focus of a shot, without spoken dialogue or narration
    • B = Background appearance or an appearance where the character is not the focus
    • M = No appearance, but a mention by name or title
    • N = No appearance and no mention by name or title

    For episodes not yet released:

    • A = This character will or has to make an appearance in the episode
    • R = This character is recommended for appearance but not guaranteed to appear, or is not recommended but might still make an …

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  • SailorMoonDisneyGirl626

    Since we have 3 Hearth's Warming Eve episodes, we should have another Nightmare Night episode (even though we have two of them). 

    How about one that involves Starlight, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Gabby?

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  • Mega Sean 45

    I have a whole list of season 9 episode ideas ready to go, but before I do that, I need to get the rest of these opinion blogs out of the way. I know it's been taking me a while to do these, and I should really get them done before the next EG, and especially the next season! So let's head on to A Health of Information!

    So we got two Zecora episodes in a row! Lucky her! Really makes up for her lacking appearances in season 6! Now usually it's Zecora helping other ponies out, but this time, it's Zecora who's in trouble and somepony else needs to help her, and what better pony to do that than Fluttershy? I figured it would be her to star in this episode, and it really develops her character! Pretty much Flutters has to do the most difficult t…

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  • SailorMoonDisneyGirl626

    I think that Lightning Dust and Wind Rider would team up to get revenge on Rainbow Dash. That might happen. What do you think?

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  • EmpressYzma

    Even more ideas just now organized into a list, and this isn't a prediction for S8/9/etc it's just my season of ideas.BTW S9 is just the placeholder for the season.

    EmpressYzma's Season Idea
    Episode Number Name
    Description Preferred Writer

    S09E01 Prism Pristine: Part 1

    A mysterious 3D  polygon-built guest visits Equestria; only to begin to terrorize and absolutely destroy it by a forced transformation into prism; Twilight and Spike battle their way into the heart of Equadilateria (Equestria) and save their friends.

    Meghan McCarthy


    Prism Pristine;

    Part 2

    After being captured and imprisoned in the Cubic Caverns, Twilight alongside other creatures trapped with her creates a rebellion and stages a coup against Shape-Shift. Meghan McCarthy



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  • Dry63

    EQG Movie Mash Up

    February 2, 2018 by Dry63

    You've seen the four Equestria Girls movies compared as a whole, but when the films are mixed up in pairs then there's a different outcome. When each of the movies are paired off, we can safely say we prefer one over the other no matter how we think of the films as a whole or had awful we thought one of them was.

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  • Otherside86

    Opposite 3

    January 31, 2018 by Otherside86

    Opposite 1:
    Opposite 2:

    I had a new claim for an opposite of MLP:FIM. I now see that the anime Naruto is opposite to My Little Pony. MLP has tug on everyone's heartstrings with relatable morals, cartoon humor, and the personal relationships between characters. Despite the anime's violence and overextended filler and story arcs; Naruto became popular through drama, excited problem solving, and an understanding of the core of each characters and the lore of their world with every episode.

    Although it is not MLP style, it would've been epic if it got a few pointers from Naruto's unique choreography in their action sequences. Could you…

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  • CyberRaptorX5074

    -1500 Years ago-

    It has been many Years since the Kirins settled on Ape-Pan, helping the Ape-Tribes with their Civilization. Architecture, farming, Sorcery, the Taming of Lions as Guardbeasts and Technology. The fives Races worked as one. The First Emperor, Sun Wukong, despite his long Lifespan passed away, but his Bloodline continued. At the Shrine of the Sanzu River, new Demon-Monkeys entered the Land, everytime it was Time for a new Emperor. Currently, there is the 4th Emperor, Ryuuji Wukong. He had black Fur, red Eyes, silver Clothing and his Club is mixed with a Crossbow. He was described as hot-headed, happy go-lucky, punching first and asking Questions later.

    At one Summer, Ryuji and the whole Empire met one of his greatest Challenge. …

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  • SailorMoonDisneyGirl626

    It would be awesome to have a mad scientist villain besides the Mane-iac in the show. One that is not from a comic book.

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  • SailorMoonDisneyGirl626

    Do you think there's a possibility of Queen Chrysalis teaming up with Tirek?

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  • Crimson "Valent" Azure

    Note: If it gets too personal in the comments, I'll request this deleted but here goes.

    There's characters you love, characters you wish would have more roles, boring characters and annoying characters. But what are some characters that you just cannot stand, no matter how hard you try?

    Here's my list and remember: it's just an opinion and if you like any of these characters, thank your lucky stars you can find something in these characters that I didn't. My worst list has fluctuated at times and quite a few of these characters I used to like but now don't.

    10. Angel Bunny: Yeah you saw this guy coming but to be honest, I actually don't get the hate behind him. I mean he's probably on no one's favourite list but he's tolerable and a good foil…

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  • Dereviewer

    Return of Sombra?

    January 21, 2018 by Dereviewer

    Hey guys, it's Dereviewer, and like a lot of you, I'm super excited to see Season 8 of MLP FIM. But I wanna tell you guys something I realized. I rewatched the episode "The Crystal Empire" from Season 3, and I watched the scene where King Sombra was destroyed. I looked really close and I noticed that Sombra's horn flew off into the distance as he died. So I got to thinking. What if in Season 8, another villain finds Sombra's horn? There could be some sort of resurrection spell and the horn could be a crucial ingredient to cast it. So there could be a possibility that he could return after all. But what do you guys think of this? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

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  • Goiasmlp2000

    Season 9

    January 21, 2018 by Goiasmlp2000

    I came up with my own ideas for Season 9. I really really want these episodes to actually be aired. If they did, I would watch them right away. Here’s my Season 9 list of ideas:

    1. Celestial Eclipse, pt. 1- Mane 6, Pillars, Starlight Glimmer, Sunburst, Stygian, and Trixie are having a good time together when the sky becomes dark. They see what is happening and talk to Celestia and Luna.
    2. Celestial Eclipse, pt. 2- Celestia is sick. Luna tries to do her job until she feels better, but Luna didnt do so well. Mane 6, Pillars, Starlight Glimmer, Sunburst, Stygian, and Trixie must help Luna and try to heal Celestia.
    3. Writing Marks - The CMC suddenly start realizing that their Cutie Mark camp is dying, and they need to find a way to renew it.
    4. Killing Two…
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  • 9073

    Season 9 Episode Ideas

    January 21, 2018 by 9073

    There going to be a final season nine.

    I swear I didn't think I was able to make this episode list! I had so much trouble making it! I had to make sure in these ideas I get what I wanted in the season, but at the same time, I had to be fair enough to all the other main cast, plus give the pillars a little something! It's not a Scorpan-season all season like I wanted to make, but I think it looks better this way! Let me know what you think in the comments below! Also I'd be glad to see your own ideas for season 8 as well in your blog posts! :D The friendship school really isn't mentioned in any of the synopsises, but it's there!

    Synopsis (Part 1) a pony in a cloak journey to the Arctic North when she searches for anything of the Arctic. When …

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  • CyberRaptorX5074

    -2995 Years ago-

    It has been 5 years since the Demon King was killed and Sun Wukong was declared Emperor of Ape-Pan.

    Since the Day of Unity, the Four Tribes began to work together as one. The Elders of each Tribe became the Royal advisers of the Emperor, each with a different task. The First Thing that was done, after the Defeat of the Demon King, was the construction of a Town as the new Capital of the Empire, at the Foot of Mount Fury near the Sanzu River, first named Sarudo. In the Middle of Sarudo, the Palace of Wukong was built.

    During one Day, the young Emperor was thinking.

    Sun Wukong: Hm.....

    Elder Orangutan: Is something Wrong, My Lord?

    Sun Wukong: Orangutan. You are the smartest among the Four Apes, right?

    Elder Orangutan: Well yes, why…

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  • Austin012599

    This blog is where I decided to have a voting poll to take place at. A voting poll that asks what characters from the 2017 MLP Movie you want to see make future appearances. Click yes, no, or maybe to vote for what characters you do or do not want to see make future appearances. It wouldn't hurt for you all to comment as well.

    Characters Yes No Maybe
    Tempest Shadow/Fizzlepop Berrytwist 16
    Grubber 11 3 4
    The Storm King 3 14 3
    Capper 18
    Captain Celaeno & Her Crew 15
    Princess Skystar 17
    Queen Novo 16
    Songbird Serenade 9 5 3
    Verko 3 11 4
    Storm Creatures 3 11 5

    Forgive me if I messed up something concerning the grid, but, this is my first time making a voting poll.

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  • Mega Sean 45

    So it's a bit weird that dog Spike hasn't had one short for himself yet. Summertime Shorts, Better Together, and Choose Your Own Ending! Not one yet! So, while we wait for his short(s) to show up, any of you have any ideas on what he can do?

    First I have a couple of Better Togethers:

    • A Dog's Best Friend - Twilight and Fluttershy decide to take Spike to the Dog Park so he can make friends of his own, but he doesn't fit in with the other dogs, and a dog named Garble starts to pick on him for having an owner, and that he's not a real dog. Garble's definition of being a real dog is eating trash, rough-housing, and hoarding all the bones they can get, and to not have an owner. When Spike runs out in despair, one of the dogs, Ember, felt bad for hi…
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  • Meester Tweester

    Heeeeyyyy everybody, it's Meester Tweester! My profile said that five years ago today I joined this wiki. That's not only an amazing anniversary, but it also reminds me of everything this community on this website has done for me and how I've grown as a person.

    I started out discovering FiM on YouTube in November 2012 when The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 episode appeared on the right sidebar of YouTube one day. I heard about it once before in pre-algebra and wanted to go into it with an open mind to give it a fair chance, even though my sister watched G3 when she was little and I hated that version of MLP. To my surprise, I loved it! I didn't know any of the characters yet, but the cartoon was so charming I looked into it more online! S…

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  • JVJ

    When was the biggest turning point of the current version of My Little Pony?

    My answer is the Season 3 finale Magical Mystery Cure, when Princess Celestia turned Twilight Sparkle from a unicorn into an alicorn.

    This is probably the logical answer to the question, since "Twily" is the most important MLP character.

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  • Dry63

    After re-watching Shadow Play and taking into account the continuity of the series, I discovered my own plot holes that are now within the series. Plenty have already made these accounts already, but I think I made a list that not only points them out but also a possible solution to fixing them because, after all, the show is still loose in continuity. This means that the vagueness of time and history can bring new events into the show later on.

    One can argue that legends are legends and they can as they get passed down but the general theme and person do not change.

    Personally, I’ve never taken the comics or most of the books into canon unless they were the EG series or Amy Keating Rogers’ book due to the latter being on the writing staff. …

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      Hello everyone!! I'd like to say 'hi' and would love to thank you for taking me on a wonderful journey on the paths of Equestria. I'm hoping to make friends quickly and wondering more about the place! I'm happy to be joining on the community and I'm going to continue more about the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic wiki! I hope to see more around, as well hoping on meeting new-comers for me! Well, more likely, hope to see you around!!! 

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  • Choong57

    Song used : "Times of Our Lives" by Tyeron Wells
    ~This is an original content

    Part 31/32 : When Wedding Ceremony Held –

    "She almost did before seeing Rainbow Dash standing on your back," said Goldust.
    "Okay, I better go to check her condition, so I had to visit her sickroom now." I said. "You had to stay with Leath together, considering she's still got scared by the recent incident…"
    "You got this, Sol."
    After he and I aparted, I went towards Tiles  ward and then saw her has awaked just now. "How is your condition?" I ask her
    "Doctor says I'm fine, just stated that I got excessive fatigue and overusing magic for over a week…" Tiles smiled. "Plus I finally surprised to hear that I killed Huntrabane with my rage-filled magic, so I can finally abl…

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  • CyberRaptorX5074

    The Islands of Ape-Pan, 3000 Years ago.

    The Land was divided by the four Ape-Tribes. The Gorillas, The Chimpanzees, The Orangutans and the Gibbons. Seperated by rivalry and Wrath, waring with each other for Decades. They could have eliminated each other, if it wasn't for One Event. At the Tallest Mounatin at the South of the Country, Mount Fury, a giant crack was created at the Foot of the Mountain, with red Smoke escaping, but also something Worse. A Giant Creature, covered in Leathery Skin and Black Stripes. Seven Horns, Four Arms and five fiery Eyes. The Eldest of the Tribes called it, the Demon King.The Calamity of Tartarus. Everyone tried to confront him, but with no affect. Along with Demon King, the Souls of the damned have risen fro…

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  • CyberRaptorX5074

    Hello there People. Some weeks ago, i came up with an Idea for making a Story in the MLP Universe, and i guess i have enough Stuff to Start it in a Blog.

    The Title of the Story "The Tales of Ape-Pan". It mostly takes Place in a Banana-shaped 3-Island Empire at the East-Coast of the Same Continent that has the Griffon Kingdom and Dragon Realm. The Name of the Empire is, you guessed it, Ape-Pan, and is based on a mix of Feudal and futuristic Japan with a bit of China mixed into it. This Empire is inhabited by 5 Normal Races: Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Orangutans, Gibbons and Kirins. Similar to Equestria, there is also a rarer 6th Race which is Ruler and Protector of the Nation. The Demon Monkey-Clan, the Most Powerful Race there being based on Su…

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  • Bigpurplemuppet99

    Well it's been 6 days since the last blog post was posted. So I've decided to post one for everyone right now. What does everyone want to talk about? The new announcement of the new 1 hour EqG special coming next month? What do you all think of it? 

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  • Coachzprincesslover456

    Hi there. Name's Inez. And I came up with an idea.

    If only there was a show starring Fluttershy and Rarity's human world counterparts. In this series, Fluttershy is hired as an animal vet and must face every obstacle in order to become the town's ost popular vet. Meanwhile, Rarity sires to become a fashionista. However, some forces of evil will be a huge problem for them, as they want to make Fluttershy and Rarity their slaves, but they always win to the villains.

    In this show, Fluttershy is much more brave and stronger than in the original series. Meanwhile, Rarity is more patient and open-minded and is willing to fight along with Fluttershy. There will also be cameos from the other ponies, including the other Mane 7 and Starlight.

    You might…

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  • TD-Follower

    Modem Oddness

    January 3, 2018 by TD-Follower

    Huh, so search engines and video streaming sites are inaccessible yet wikia pages and other sites are.

    Update: now its like nothing's wrong and everything's working again. Now all I have to do is regret that there is no blog deletion option owing to the now-pointlessness of this particular post.

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  • FirePuppy

    It just happened to me tonight. I was at 144 out of 200 days, but now, it's reset back to 1. I was looking forward to earning that Element of Magic badge, and I was so close! But now I have to start over to the beginning and contribute every day again through July 20.

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  • QueenCupcake025


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  • Electos

    I wanted to make a Wiki for MelissaCom to torment people freely so she doesn't do it on the Flipline Wiki. However, things didn't go as planned. She got blocked there and she moved here. Like on the Flipline Wiki, she'll sreate sockpuppets to do her work. ImperfectXIII and Bdj610, the head of the Flipline WIki should discuss what to do with MelissaCom.

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