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Brenda Crichlow
Brenda Crichlow profile
Full name Brenda M. Crichlow
Sex Female
Occupation Actress, voice actress
Voice roles Zecora
Amethyst Star (S5E9)

Brenda Crichlow (/ˈkrɪl/) is a voice actress in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Her most prominent role in the series is as Zecora.

Crichlow initially became involved with the series through her acting agent.[1] In her audition for Zecora, she first affected a higher-pitched, quick-talking Jamaican/West Indian patois. After series recording began, Crichlow settled on a slower, lower-pitched African accent at the direction of voice director Terry Klassen.[2]

During recording for Bridle Gossip, the show staff did not have time or resources to hire a Swahili translator, so Crichlow was asked to "ad-lib some African sounding gibberish".

Outside My Little Pony, Crichlow has provided voices for various supporting characters in The New Adventures of Madeline, Super Duper Sumos, Yakkity Yak, and Dinosaur Train.

In live-action film and television, Crichlow has starred in Look Who's Talking, Elf, Fantastic Four, Civic Duty, and The Possession, and she has had guest roles in McGyver, 21 Jump Street, The X-Files, Sliders, The Outer Limits, the 2002 version of The Twilight Zone, Smallville, Eureka, and psych.

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