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Tara strong with princess twilight
Tara Strong and the character she voices
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This is a list of voice actresses and actors, or cast who have voiced characters in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Please only list verifiable entries, and put speculative entries in notes or in the comments section. The list is sorted by surname, then by character name. The credit is for speaking voices, or singing voices if noted in parentheses. Season and episode tags are specified for any character that has more than one voice actor (when appearing more than once) or when there is no identifying name. Please do not use sites like IMDb as sources. For verification, every page linked to for a character listed here should contain a reference for the voice if it is not listed in episode credits.












Portuguese (Brazil)


  • Iulia Tohotan
  • Alina Leonte
  • Ioana Perneș
  • Gabriela Codrea
  • Carina Cheregi
  • Olivia Fodor
  • Ioana Dagău
  • Lucia Rogoz
  • Mirela Corbeanu
  • Carina Marin
  • Richard Balint - Discord
  • Anca Sigmirean
  • Petre Ghimbășan
  • Ion Ruscuț


Spanish (Latin America)

Promo Dubs - Demo (DVD) Version
Dub ActressCharacter! Episode
Christine Byrd Rarity S1E03
Giset Blanco Applejack
Elsa Covián Pinkie Pie
Maggie Vera Rainbow Dash
Mireya Mendoza Fluttershy
Isabel Martiñón Spike
Characters with singing voices
CharacterDub ActressSinging VoiceSeason
Apple Bloom Susana Moreno Susana Moreno Season 1
Annie Rojas Season 2
Sweetie Belle Christine Byrd Carolina Ayala Season 1
Leyla Rangel Season 2
Christine Byrd Season 3
(99 Buckets of Oats On the Wall)
Scootaloo Gaby Ugarte Maggie Vera Only Season 1 (Dub actress)
Season 1 and Season 3 onwards (Singing Voice)
Roxana Pastrana Season 2 onwards (as Dub Actress)
Only Season 2 (as Singing Voice)
Princess Celestia Rebeca Patiño Alma Delia Pérez Season 3 (Singing Voice)

Most famous dubbing voice actors and people
Recognized dubbing voice actors by My Little Pony
Dubbing voice actors who are currently dubbing characters voice
Dubbing voice actors who dub characters in few episodes
Character with more dubbing actors
Dubbing voice actors who aren't currently working in My Little Pony dubbing
Retired dubbing voice Actress

Characters and Dubbing Voice Actors(resses)
Dubbing Voice Actor(ress)Character(s)Episode(s) or Season
Carla Castañeda Twilight Sparkle All Series
Carolina Ayala S1E14 - S1E21
Elsa Covián Rarity All Series
Claudia Motta Applejack All Series
Melissa Gedeón Pinkie Pie All Series
Maggie Vera Fluttershy, Rainbowshine All Series
Spike S1E4
Cecilia Gómez All Series
Cadet #2 S3E7
Analiz Sánchez Rainbow Dash All Series
Christine Byrd Trixie All Series
Princess Luna Season 1
Irene Jiménez Season 2
Laura Ayala Season 3
Photo Finish All Series
Rebeca Manríquez Zecora Season 1
Gabriela Guzmán Season 2
Spitfire Seasons 1 and 2
Dulce Guerrero Season 3
Paula Arias Esquivel Sweetie Drops, Upper Crust All Series
Eduardo Garza Jet Set S2E9
Additional voices My Little Pony Equestria Girls
Belinda Martínez My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Luis Leonardo Suárez
Rafael Pacheco
Alan Bravo My Little Pony Equestria Girls
Alondra Hidalgo
Andrea Orozco
Fernanda Robles
Jaime Alberto Carrillo
Ricardo Bautista
Valentina Souza

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