Cozy Glow
Cozy Glow ID S8E12

Cozy Glow in Marks for Effort
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Residence Ponyville (moved to as of S8E12)
Occupation Student at the School of Friendship
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Eyes Moderate scarlet
Mane ¤ Pale, light grayish arctic blue and light arctic bluish gray
Coat Pinkish gray
Cutie mark
Cozy Glow cutie mark crop S8E12
Voice Sunni Westbrook (English)
Myy Lohi (Finnish)

Cozy Glow is a female school-age Pegasus pony who appears as a supporting character in the season eight episode Marks for Effort. She has a pink coat, light blue mane and tail, scarlet eyes, and a cutie mark of a rook.[1]

Development and design

Cozy Glow has a similar cutie mark to Bright Smile, Ivory Rook, "Rubinstein", "Jaded Jasper", Rooks Rampart, "Check Mate", and S04E20 Unnamed Earth Mare #5.

Cozy Glow was inspired by late child actress Shirley Temple and Mary "Baby Doll" Dahl from Batman: The Animated Series.[2] She was designed by art director Matt Herring and character designer Kora Kosicka.[3]

Depiction in the series

Cozy Glow introducing herself S8E12

Cozy Glow meets the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Cozy Glow first appears in Marks for Effort crying outside the Cutie Mark Crusaders' clubhouse. When approached by the Crusaders, she explains them that she is having difficulty with her lessons at the School of Friendship and fears flunking out. The Crusaders, wanting to attend the School of Friendship themselves, offer to help her with her homework assignments.

The Crusaders teach Cozy Glow how to be friendly while doing nice deeds for Sweetie Drops, Mrs. Cake, and Big McIntosh. After Cozy gets an "A" on her assignment, the Crusaders assist her further by helping her study for an upcoming friendship exam, during which she learns about the values of friendship represented by the Elements of Harmony. However, Cozy fails the exam, and her very poor test answers cause Twilight Sparkle to accuse the Crusaders of intentionally bad tutoring, believing they did so out of spite for not being allowed to attend the school themselves.

Upon discovering this, Cozy Glow turns to the school's guidance counselor Starlight Glimmer and confesses that she failed the exam on purpose so that the Crusaders would be allowed to enroll at the School of Friendship. When the truth is revealed, Cozy apologizes to the Crusaders for her misguided intentions, and the Crusaders receive honorary School of Friendship diplomas and are appointed as friendship tutors. Cozy is last seen leaving with her new friends as they set out to tutor more students.

Cozy Glow appears again in an upcoming episode.


Cozy Glow ID
Cozy Glow is featured on a magazine​[​specify​]​ card.


"I'm Cozy Glow. It's very nice to meet you, but I don't know if I'll stay long. I'll probably flunk out. I'm having so much trouble with my friendship lessons."
— To Cutie Mark Crusaders, Marks for Effort
— Repeated line, Marks for Effort
"I never could have done it without your help!"
— To Cutie Mark Crusaders, Marks for Effort
"I guess I still have a lot to learn about friendship."
— Marks for Effort


Cozy Glow confidently answers "magic!" S8E12

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