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Dr. Caballeron's henchponies
Dr. Caballeron's henchponies ID S4E4

Withers, Rogue, and Biff (from left to right) in Daring Don't
Kind Earth (all except Rosy Thorn)
Pegasus (Rosy Thorn)
Sex Male (all except Rosy Thorn)
Female (Rosy Thorn)
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Eyes Moderate amber (Biff)
Light cobalt blue (Rogue)
Grayish amber (Withers)
Light cobalt blue (Pickpocket)
Brown (Rosy Thorn)
Mane Dark amber (Biff)
Brilliant orange (Rogue)
Azureish black (Withers)
Grayish scarlet (Pickpocket)
Orange (Rosy Thorn)
Coat Grayish amber (Biff)
Dark cyanish gray (Rogue)
Light sapphire bluish gray (Withers)
Opalish gray (Pickpocket)
Light blue (Rosy Thorn)
Relatives To Rosy Thorn:
Thaddeus Vine (brother)
Cutie mark
Biff cutie mark crop S4E4 (Biff)
Rogue cutie mark crop S4E4 (Rogue)
Withers cutie mark crop S4E4 (Withers)
Pickpocket cutie mark crop S6E13 (Pickpocket)
White rose with prickly thorns (Rosy Thorn)
Voice Pickpocket:
Colin Murdoch (English)
Biff, Rogue, Withers, Pickpocket, and Rosy Thorn are five ponies who have appeared in Daring Don't and Stranger Than Fan Fiction and/or chapter books as henchponies to Dr. Caballeron. Biff, Rogue, Withers, and Pickpocket are unnamed in the show, "Pickpocket" being a placeholder name, but the former three are named in chapter books, and Biff is also named in merchandise.


Biff shares his body style, eyebrows, and eye color with S04E04 Unnamed Earth Stallion #8, S04E04 Unnamed Earth Stallion #5, S04E04 Unnamed Earth Stallion #2, and S05E25 Unnamed Earth Stallion #1 and his body style and eyebrows with "Quick Trim".

Rogue shares his body style with "Real Article", S05E16 Unnamed Earth Stallion #17, and S06E03 Unnamed Earth Stallion #5.

Depiction in the series

Thugs surrounding A.K. Yearling S4E04
Biff, Rogue, and Withers first appear in the season four episode Daring Don't. They are first seen invading Daring Do's forest home and fighting her for the Ring of Destiny. When Rainbow Dash accidentally distracts Daring Do, the henchponies overpower her, and Dr. Caballeron seizes the Ring of Destiny from her.

When Caballeron and the henchponies are later approached by Daring Do in disguise, they prepare to sell the Ring of Destiny to her for a large amount of bits, but Ahuizotl arrives and scares them off.

Biff, Rogue, and Withers also appear in the season six episode Stranger Than Fan Fiction alongside "Pickpocket". They capture Rainbow Dash and Quibble Pants on multiple occasions, though the latter ensures their escape each time either by deceiving the crooks or setting off an ancient booby trap.

Other depictions

IDW comics

In My Little Pony: Friends Forever Issue #32, numerous generic-looking stallions appear as Dr. Caballeron's henchponies in his quest for Queen Parabola's treasure.

Chapter books

In the chapter book Daring Do and the Eternal Flower, Outlaw (implied to be Biff but unidentified), Rogue, and Withers appear again as Dr. Caballeron's henchponies. They ambush Daring Do at a dinner party hosted by the Equestrian Botanical Society, but she eventually overcomes them. Later, she meets Caballeron's fourth henchpony: a freelance adventurer Pegasus named Rosy Thorn.

Rosy Thorn briefly teams up with Daring Do to rescue Daring's uncle Gallant True from Ahuizotl. However, she is later revealed to be one of Ahuizotl's partners, and she betrays Daring in order to get her to lead them to the Eternal Flower.

Withers appears again in Daring Do and the Forbidden City of Clouds. He breaks into A. B. Ravenhoof's house in search of information about Cirrostrata, an invisible city in the sky.


Biff card MLP CCG
In the Crystal Games expansion set of Enterplay's collectible card game, Biff is named on card #156 R, which attributes to him and Daring Do the respective quotes "Running away, Daring Do? What are you, chicken?" and "Nopony calls me chicken..."


"Fan out! We can't let Daring Do rescue these two!"
— Pickpocket, Stranger Than Fan Fiction
"Well, not anymore! I was strapped for cash and he needed extra ponies. It was just a job! But I want to help you!"
— Rosy Thorn, Daring Do and the Eternal Flower
"I just thought it would be interesting to hear more about this thing that everypony wants so badly. Must be pretty special."
— Rosy Thorn, Daring Do and the Eternal Flower
"I told you she'd say that. Maybe I can convince them to help us. After all, we're old friends...."
— Rosy Thorn, Daring Do and the Eternal Flower
"If you're thinking about escaping—don't. You've seen me in action. I'm fast enough to catch you."
— Rosy Thorn, Daring Do and the Eternal Flower
— Withers, Daring Do and the Forbidden City of Clouds
"Running away, Daring Do? What are you, chicken?"
— Biff, Enterplay collectible card game The Crystal Games card #156 R of Biff


Thugs looking at the ring S4E04

Dr. Caballeron's henchponies image gallery

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