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Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Occupation Photographer and later Editor-in-chief of the school newspaper
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Eyes Moderate gamboge
Mane Moderate orange (darker variant)

Moderate orange (lighter variant)

Coat Light yellowish gray
Cutie mark

Featherweight is a school-age pegasus colt who is seen in the episode Ponyville Confidential. He has brown mane color, a short brown tail, and a cream coat. His cutie mark is a feather. The name Featherweight refers to his gaunt stature and slight build. It is also taken from one of the lighter weight classes in amateur and professional boxing.


According to the writer M. A. Larson, Featherweight was originally called "Milquetoast", and he was the little brother of the previous Foal Free Press editor-in-chief Namby-Pamby.[1]


In Ponyville Confidential, Featherweight is revealed to have newly earned his cutie mark. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are upset with this, wondering how he could get his cutie mark before they did.

Featherweight later shows up in the meeting for the school's newspaper staff. He dashes out of the meeting to "document everything" as a photographer, after Diamond Tiara, who is the new Editor-in-chief for the school newspaper, orders him to do so. Later on, he helps Sweetie Belle and the other Cutie Mark Crusaders by taking a photo of Snips and Snails who managed to entangle themselves in gum and stick themselves to one another, which is later used in the school newspaper.

When "Gabby Gums", that is, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, say they are going to quit their job with the school newspaper, Diamond Tiara shows them embarrassing pictures of themselves in an attempt to blackmail them into continuing their job, taken by Featherweight in his efforts to "document everything."

Featherweight becomes the Editor-in-chief of the Foal Free Press, the school newspaper, after Diamond Tiara has her position revoked by Cheerilee.


Sweetie Belle and Featherweight S2E23

Featherweight image gallery


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