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May 8 2012 - June 3 2013
June 3 2013 -

Please use this page to nominate contributors for image control rights, which allow contributors to rename or delete images.


  • Nominations by administrators should be discussed for at least two days. If the nomination is without objections, the nominee should be added to the imagecontrol group by a bureaucrat within a few days. Otherwise, if an objection is raised, the discussion should continue until consensus is reached.
  • Nominations by contributors other than administrators need to be vetted by an administrator before a discussion is held. The following are the suggested vetting criteria:
    • The nominee should have at least 400 edits on the wiki, of which at least 100 edits in the file namespace of categorizing uploaded files.
    • The nominee should be involved in finding misnamed files in the forum.
    • The nominee's recently uploaded files must have descriptive file names.
  • Imagecontrol rights may be removed without discussion in case of abuse, in the case that the user has made fewer than ten edits in the last 45 days, and only after discussion supporting removal in any other case. This discussion may only be made after the image controller has been warned at least once on their talk page.

Please read the image control help page to make the best use of the image control rights.

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