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please remove files from this list that you have fixed

Note: it's more helpful if you fix all errors in a file at once rather than only the one you are focused on.

See also Project:DPL.


Some more errors, including other characters used as apostrophes (could use DPL for that if you know the possibilities):

Serial naming

Lots here.

(and others from this episode)

DPL - Results from this dpl may vary
Listing 277 pages out of 277 found
  1. (Move) (Links) Adagio Dazzle cutie mark crop 1.png
  2. (Move) (Links) Adagio Dazzle cutie mark crop 2.png
  3. (Move) (Links) Adagio Dazzle cutie mark crop 3.png
  4. (Move) (Links) AiP Messy house 2.png
  5. (Move) (Links) Alicorn Twilight reveal 2.png
  6. (Move) (Links) Alternet Universe Sombra Guards Comic issue 18.png
  7. (Move) (Links) Applejack anthro ID EG RR short 7.png
  8. (Move) (Links) Babs Seed IDW Annual 1.png
  9. (Move) (Links) Babs looking outside S3E04 2.png
  10. (Move) (Links) Backround pony crop comic issue 1.png
  11. (Move) (Links) Berry Pinch Cutie Mark 1.png
  12. (Move) (Links) Berry Pinch Cutie Mark 2.png
  13. (Move) (Links) Berry Pinch Cutie Mark 3.png
  14. (Move) (Links) Berry Pinch Cutie Mark 4.png
  15. (Move) (Links) CMC in MLP theme version 3.png
  16. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Applejack 1.png
  17. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Applejack 2.png
  18. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Applejack 3.png
  19. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Applejack 4.png
  20. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Applejack 5.png
  21. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Applejack 6.png
  22. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Fluttershy 1.png
  23. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Fluttershy 2.png
  24. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Fluttershy 3.png
  25. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Fluttershy 6.png
  26. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Pinkie Pie 1.png
  27. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Pinkie Pie 2.png
  28. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Pinkie Pie 3.png
  29. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Pinkie Pie 5.png
  30. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Pinkie Pie 6.png
  31. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Pinkie Pie 7.png
  32. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Princess Celestia 1.png
  33. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Princess Celestia 2.png
  34. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Rainbow Dash 1.png
  35. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Rainbow Dash 2.png
  36. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Rainbow Dash 3.png
  37. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Rainbow Dash 4.png
  38. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Rainbow Dash 5.png
  39. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Rainbow Dash 6.png
  40. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Rarity 1.png
  41. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Rarity 2.png
  42. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Rarity 3.png
  43. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Rarity 4.png
  44. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Rarity 5.png
  45. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Spike 1.png
  46. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Spike 2.png
  47. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Spike 3.png
  48. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Spike 4.png
  49. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Spike 5.png
  50. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Spike 6.png
  51. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Twilight Sparkle 1.png
  52. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Twilight Sparkle 2.png
  53. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Twilight Sparkle 3.png
  54. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Twilight Sparkle 4.png
  55. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Twilight Sparkle 5.png
  56. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Twilight Sparkle 6.png
  57. (Move) (Links) Canterlot Castle Twilight Sparkle 7.png
  58. (Move) (Links) Chrysalis Stained Glass Window Comic 18.png
  59. (Move) (Links) Cover B MLP FIM 12.png
  60. (Move) (Links) Crystal Empire Seek & Find level 2 screenshot 1.png
  61. (Move) (Links) Crystal Empire Seek & Find level 2 screenshot 2.png
  62. (Move) (Links) DJ Pon-3 listening to music comic issue 9.png
  63. (Move) (Links) Derpy Stained Glass Window Comic 18.png
  64. (Move) (Links) Diamond Tiara S1E12 thumb 2.png
  65. (Move) (Links) FANMADE "It's About Time" parallel world theory 1.png
  66. (Move) (Links) FANMADE "It's About Time" parallel world theory 2.png
  67. (Move) (Links) FANMADE "It's About Time" parallel world theory 3.png
  68. (Move) (Links) FANMADE "It's About Time" parallel world theory 4.png
  69. (Move) (Links) FANMADE "It's About Time" parallel world theory 5.png
  70. (Move) (Links) FANMADE "It's About Time" parallel world theory 6.png
  71. (Move) (Links) FANMADE "It's About Time" parallel world theory 7.png
  72. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Adamoaknine OC 2.png
  73. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Apple Bloom "Aren't you going to stay for brunch" S1E01 version comparison 2.png
  74. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Applejack 1.png
  75. (Move) (Links) FANMADE At the beach 3.png
  76. (Move) (Links) FANMADE At the beach 6.png
  77. (Move) (Links) FANMADE At the beach 7.png
  78. (Move) (Links) FANMADE At the beach 8.png
  79. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Autumn Hail Equestria Girls 2.png
  80. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Autumoasis art 1.png
  81. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Background 6.png
  82. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Cadance 2.png
  83. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Cherrypop 2.png
  84. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Crazy Twilight 2.png
  85. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Crystal 2.png
  86. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Derpy 1.png
  87. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Derpy 2.png
  88. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Diamond Tiara 2.png
  89. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Discord 2.png
  90. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Fluttershy 1.png
  91. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Fluttershy is 4.png
  92. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Hotshot's kid 1.png
  93. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Hotshot's kid 2.png
  94. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Karate Pegasi 2.png
  95. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Lime 2.png
  96. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Lyra 2.png
  97. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Lyra 3.png
  98. (Move) (Links) FANMADE MLP Birthday game 3.png
  99. (Move) (Links) FANMADE MLP stamp 2.png
  100. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Michael's OC 2.png
  101. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Mistletoe 2.png
  102. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Nyx 2.png
  103. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Oakydoke drawing 1.png
  104. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Pick a base 1.png
  105. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Pick a base 2.png
  106. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Pick a base 3.png
  107. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Picture 2.png
  108. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Picture of me 4.png
  109. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Pierce Goldeneye 3.png
  110. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Pinkie Pie 1.png
  111. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Pinkie Pie vector 2.png
  112. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Pinkie umbrella hat 2.png
  113. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Pinkie umbrella hat 3.png
  114. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Pkv 1.png
  115. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Pkv 3.png
  116. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Ponies episode 5 from season 4.png
  117. (Move) (Links) FANMADE PonyWithBackground 2.png
  118. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Poor Luna 2.png
  119. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Pound Cake 2.png
  120. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Princess Cadance 1.png
  121. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Princess Samara 2.png
  122. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Pumpkin Cake 2.png
  123. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Qaesxer's OC Trial 1.png
  124. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Qaesxer's OC Trial 2.png
  125. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Queen Chrysalis 1.png
  126. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Rainbow Dash 1.png
  127. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Rainbow Dash Human Gala 2.png
  128. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Rainbow Dash Human Superhero 2.png
  129. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Rainbow Dash Human Superhero 3.png
  130. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Rainbow Dash Human Superhero 4.png
  131. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Rainbow Dash Human Winter 2.png
  132. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Rainbow Dash flying 2.png
  133. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Rainbow Dash makeover 2.png
  134. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Rainbow Dash makeover 3.png
  135. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Raindrops 3.png
  136. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Rarity 1.png
  137. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Rarity Floatie 2.png
  138. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Red Flare 2.png
  139. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Scarlet Steam 1.png
  140. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Scarlet Steam Disguise 1.png
  141. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Scootaloo 3.png
  142. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Scootaloo Vector 2.png
  143. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Shining Armor 2.png
  144. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Shiraz the Reshiram 2.png
  145. (Move) (Links) FANMADE SilverBolt OC 2.png
  146. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Slenderpony potentially watching the Mane 6.png
  147. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Spearmint Mark 3.png
  148. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Spike 3.png
  149. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Stargirl64 OC 2.png
  150. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Sukanar Meme GG 1.png
  151. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Sukanar Meme GG 2.png
  152. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Sweet Treat 2.png
  153. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Sweet Treat 3.png
  154. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Sweet Treat 4.png
  155. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Sweetie Belle 2.png
  156. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Sweetstallion's OC 2.png
  157. (Move) (Links) FANMADE The Dark Heart 3.png
  158. (Move) (Links) FANMADE The Dark Heart 4.png
  159. (Move) (Links) FANMADE The Digitalized Mane 6.png
  160. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Twilight Sparkle 2.png
  161. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Twilight Sparkle Cartoon Style 8.png
  162. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Twilight Sparkle by empty 10.png
  163. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Twilight message 1.png
  164. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Twilight message 10.png
  165. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Twilight message 2.png
  166. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Twilight message 3.png
  167. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Twilight message 4.png
  168. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Twilight message 5.png
  169. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Twilight message 6.png
  170. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Twilight message 7.png
  171. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Twilight message 8.png
  172. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Twilight message 9.png
  173. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Twist 2.png
  174. (Move) (Links) FANMADE UniCandy OC 2.png
  175. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Vocal Mane 6.png
  176. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Watchful Eye Concept 2.png
  177. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Young trixie 2.png
  178. (Move) (Links) FANMADE Zecora 3.png
  179. (Move) (Links) FANMADE adopt a pony 1.png
  180. (Move) (Links) FANMADE pony sona 2.png
  181. (Move) (Links) Filly DJ Pon-3 from IDW Comics Issue 11.png
  182. (Move) (Links) Film Flam Brothers Stained Glass Window Comic 18.png
  183. (Move) (Links) FlashinthePan QandA 1.png
  184. (Move) (Links) FlashinthePan QandA 2.png
  185. (Move) (Links) Fleetfoot ID comic issue 9.png
  186. (Move) (Links) Fleetfoot cutie mark comic issue 9.png
  187. (Move) (Links) Flim Flam Brothers micro comic 10.png
  188. (Move) (Links) Flim Flam brothers in comic issue 10.png
  189. (Move) (Links) Fluttershy blowing up balloon 2.png
  190. (Move) (Links) Friends Forever issue 9 Jonagold 1.png
  191. (Move) (Links) Friends Forever issue 9 Jonagold 2.png
  192. (Move) (Links) Friendship is Magic Region 4 Volume 1.png
  193. (Move) (Links) Friendship is Magic Region 4 Volume 2.png
  194. (Move) (Links) Friendship is Magic Region 4 Volume 3.png
  195. (Move) (Links) Hasbro shopping bag 1.png
  196. (Move) (Links) Hasbro shopping bag 2.png
  197. (Move) (Links) Homsar Runner Post 3.png
  198. (Move) (Links) Hoofbeard ID Issue 14.png
  199. (Move) (Links) Italian 'Previously on My Little Pony' - Season 1.png
  200. (Move) (Links) Italian 'To Be Continued...' - Season 1.png
  201. (Move) (Links) Italian Show Logo - Season 1.png
  202. (Move) (Links) Italian Show Logo - Season 2.png
  203. (Move) (Links) King Sombra in Comic issue 17.png
  204. (Move) (Links) Lights going out 1.png
  205. (Move) (Links) Lights going out 2.png
  206. (Move) (Links) Luna rises IDW comic issue 8.png
  207. (Move) (Links) MLPEG Friendship Games Flash Sentry doll 1.png
  208. (Move) (Links) MLPEG Friendship Games Flash Sentry doll 2.png
  209. (Move) (Links) MLP Rainbow Power logo and Mane 6.png
  210. (Move) (Links) MLP Soundtrack Album Cover 2.png
  211. (Move) (Links) MLP Theme part 1.png
  212. (Move) (Links) MLP Theme part 2.png
  213. (Move) (Links) MLP opening train version 2.png
  214. (Move) (Links) Malice's Face 2.png
  215. (Move) (Links) MatrVincent 3.png
  216. (Move) (Links) Meeting Sensei 2.png
  217. (Move) (Links) Meeting Sensei 3.png
  218. (Move) (Links) Meeting Sensei 4.png
  219. (Move) (Links) Meghan McCarthy news for season 4.png
  220. (Move) (Links) Ms. Harshwhinny 2.png
  221. (Move) (Links) My Little Pony mobile game screenshot 1.png
  222. (Move) (Links) My Little Pony mobile game screenshot 2.png
  223. (Move) (Links) My Little Pony mobile game screenshot 3.png
  224. (Move) (Links) My Little Pony mobile game screenshot 4.png
  225. (Move) (Links) My Little Pony mobile game screenshot 5.png
  226. (Move) (Links) Nightmare Moon in Friends Forever issue 7.png
  227. (Move) (Links) Observer cutie mark crop comic 9.png
  228. (Move) (Links) Octavia pulling cello and pushing leaf comic issue 9.png
  229. (Move) (Links) Pinkie Pie ID 04 16.png
  230. (Move) (Links) Pinkie Pie cartoony 1.png
  231. (Move) (Links) Pinkie Pie cartoony 2.png
  232. (Move) (Links) Pinkie Pie cartoony 8.png
  233. (Move) (Links) Pokémon Kingness version 2.png
  234. (Move) (Links) Pony Confidential 2014-05-12 - MLP Season 5.png
  235. (Move) (Links) Pony Crowd 2.png
  236. (Move) (Links) Pony age 1.png
  237. (Move) (Links) Power Ponies Go - Hum Drum gameplay 1.png
  238. (Move) (Links) Power Ponies Go - Hum Drum gameplay 2.png
  239. (Move) (Links) Power Ponies Go - Mare-velous gameplay 1.png
  240. (Move) (Links) Power Ponies Go - Mare-velous gameplay 2.png
  241. (Move) (Links) Power Ponies Go - Matter-Horn gameplay 1.png
  242. (Move) (Links) Power Ponies Go - Matter-Horn gameplay 2.png
  243. (Move) (Links) Power Ponies Go - Radiance gameplay 1.png
  244. (Move) (Links) Power Ponies Go - Radiance gameplay 2.png
  245. (Move) (Links) Power Ponies Go - Zapp gameplay 1.png
  246. (Move) (Links) Power Ponies Go - Zapp gameplay 2.png
  247. (Move) (Links) Power Ponies Go level 5 opening 1.png
  248. (Move) (Links) Power Ponies Go level 5 opening 2.png
  249. (Move) (Links) Princess Coronation promotional wallpaper 2.png
  250. (Move) (Links) Rainbow Dash S1E06 crash 2.png
  251. (Move) (Links) Rarity replying to Twilight S2E9 2.png
  252. (Move) (Links) Replacing a file Step 1.png
  253. (Move) (Links) Replacing a file Step 2.png
  254. (Move) (Links) Replacing a file Step 3 Picture 1.png
  255. (Move) (Links) Replacing a file Step 3 Picture 2.png
  256. (Move) (Links) Replacing a file Step 4 Picture 1.png
  257. (Move) (Links) Replacing a file Step 4 Picture 2.png
  258. (Move) (Links) Replacing a file Step 4 Picture 3.png
  259. (Move) (Links) Replacing a file Step 4 Picture 4.png
  260. (Move) (Links) Replacing a file Step 4 Picture 5.png
  261. (Move) (Links) SDCC Power Ponies stand 2.png
  262. (Move) (Links) Sea serpent S1E02 thumb 2.png
  263. (Move) (Links) Shadowfright ID Issue 6.png
  264. (Move) (Links) Sombra being read to FF issue 4.png
  265. (Move) (Links) Sonic Advance 3.png
  266. (Move) (Links) Sonic art assets dvd 3.png
  267. (Move) (Links) Spitfire Final Scene 3.png
  268. (Move) (Links) Spitfire IDW Annual 1.png
  269. (Move) (Links) Star Swirl the Bearded ID Friendship Forever Comic Issue 2.png
  270. (Move) (Links) Star Swirl the Bearded comic issue 17.png
  271. (Move) (Links) Sukanar Meme GG 3.png
  272. (Move) (Links) Tornado Bolt Cutie Mark 2.png
  273. (Move) (Links) Trixie Alicorn Stained Glass Window Comic 18.png
  274. (Move) (Links) Troll pirate 2.png
  275. (Move) (Links) Twilight Sparkle trotting alongside her friends 2.png
  276. (Move) (Links) Winona mug 2.png
  277. (Move) (Links) Young Mayor Mare from IDW Comics Issue 12.png

Tagless images

Images in Category:Episode images (including all subcategories) that do not have a tag. Technically, if there are any images in here that shouldn't have a tag added, they shouldn't be in the episode category because that image cannot be found in the episode. (If you like, we can discuss whether it would be effective to create subcategories for promotional images for each episode, something like that.) Note that images used on Wikia Quizzes can't be renamed because those quizzes can't be changed - I removed the quiz images that I saw in the list. Once this list is done, if desired, I can rerun it to search for ones that have the "S" or "E" but lowercase. As always, please don't just do this mechanically - bring up issues if any, and make sure each image is dealt with as well as possible.

File:Twilight Sparkle and Spike in balloon 2 S1 Opening.png
File:Twilight Sparkle and Spike in balloon S1 Opening.png
File:Twilight Sparkle and Spike landing in Ponyville S1 Opening.png
A bunch of tagless profile images can be found on the list of ponies. (7)6(four) (talk) 00:58, October 7, 2013 (UTC)

Fanmade Snowdrop images

It'd be good to somehow indicate that these images are unrelated to the official Snowdrop, but I haven't thought of a good way to do so. (7)6(four) (talk) 09:28, September 21, 2013 (UTC) EDIT: Updated link. (7)6(four) (talk) 18:27, September 27, 2013 (UTC)

File:FANMADE Snowdrop AVI.png
File:FANMADE Snowdrop8.png
File:FANMADE Filly Snowdrop.png
File:FANMADE Snowdrop 20 years later.png
How about a prefix or suffix of "SFS" to indicate this Snowdrop as an original character of Silly Filly Studios? furdklZ.png 2xoHxMt.gif 18:49, September 21, 2013 (UTC)
I think the difference in appearance, plus the fanmade tag, is sufficient indication. ~Bobogoobo (talk) 40px-Lyra_speaks_S2E25.png 00:38, September 22, 2013 (UTC)


Add/remove as necessary. –Throwawaytv 12:30, December 9, 2011 (UTC)

These are automatically generated lists, so there are probably a few descriptive file names in the bunch. –Throwawaytv 13:13, December 9, 2011 (UTC)
Nice. What do you use to automatically write to this list? --Callofduty4 22:19, December 9, 2011 (UTC)
I fetched the list of all files from Special:ListFiles and filtered it with vim. –Throwawaytv 06:39, December 10, 2011 (UTC)

As seen on Lauren Faust/Gallery, I don't see any system for naming concept art and the like. I haven't looked around in detail about any of this, but it seems to me that a "Concept" prefix as with "FANMADE" could be appropriate. Many of those already end with "sketch," but others aren't named very well. Also, I'd be happy to help with this project, but it seems normal users don't have permission to rename files :/ Let me know what I can do. ~Bobogoobo (talk new) | 07:50, June 24, 2012

There is no real prefix or system for naming anything that isn't a screenshot from the show or a fanmade image. While it's an awesome idea, I don't think it would be appropriate to have a prefix system for concept art, as what is out there now is all there is unless one of the crew releases another storyboard or something along those lines. Fanmade images and show screenshots are constantly being added, and therefore need some kind of deeper organization. What we can use is the prefix system for toys. Their file names are all over the place lately, perhaps we could use the prefix "TOY". Anyways, I see you found the {{File rename}} template. That was a template made because regular users do not have the rights to rename files. The Image Control group was made to help with the renaming of images, so the burden wouldn't only be on admins. More details can be found on the linked forum.  Food 25px-Surprise.png  08:37, June 24, 2012 (UTC)
Makes sense, thanks. Would you be able to recommend me for the group, then (or if not, could someone else who sees this)? I realize I don't have very many edits here yet, but I have over 9,000 and am a Bureaucrat on a decently-sized wiki (link on my user page). I don't think I'll be uploading (m)any images, but I'm good at keeping them organized and categorized and enjoy doing so, and have done this quite a bit on said other wiki. ~Bobogoobo (talk new) | 08:35, June 24, 2012
Done. Give it a couple of days.  Food 25px-Surprise.png  08:37, June 24, 2012 (UTC)
Thanks. According to the comments so far, I'll need some more edits. Categorize (etc.) ~325 more images tomorrow? Challenge accepted :P. ~Bobogoobo (talk new) | 10:03, June 24, 2012
You might want to mention on the page that it takes significantly more than steady editing, having the recommended number of edits, and desiring to start helping with the duties, in order to receive support :S ~Bobogoobo (talk new) | 04:31, July 4, 2012

I have two questions on season/episode tagging convention:

  1. Is it mandated somewhere that they be at the end of the file name, or is that just general consensus and they only need to be somewhere in the name? If they're supposed to to be at the end, this list could contain a link here as more that need to be renamed. Otherwise, there are way too many of those to bother with.
  2. Is there a standard for how many digits to include? I've taken to using S__E__ (e.g. "Bridle Gossip" is S01E09), so that things are consistent in length, though I could see an argument for S1E9 in that case, reducing length. I really prefer zero-padding the season when the episode number is greater than 10, though, and so I prefer the consistency of always zero-padding.

Thanks. ~Bobogoobo (talk new) | 04:31, July 4, 2012

The S&E numbers should be at the end; at least, that seems to be the consensus. As for the numbering, I prefer the S_E_ style, i.e. S1E9 (like you mentioned). And unlike where the S&E numbers go, there seems to be no clear consensus for this. -- This is Jonny Manz, signing off! 06:22, July 7, 2012 (UTC)

I could easily paste a ton more undescriptively named images from PrefixIndex, but I'm not sure if that would be helpful, as I just get them from searching the character name as the prefix, which anyone can do. It might be more helpful to link directly to PrefixIndex in the character's section. What do you all think? ~Bobogoobo (talk) 40px-Lyra_speaks_S2E25.png 21:25, October 31, 2012 (UTC)

I support that, the list can get overwhelmingly long and hard to scroll through sometimes. Steph physarum (talk)35px-Filly_Rarity_crop_S1E23.png 21:50, October 31, 2012 (UTC)

Things like "Philomena id.png" don't need to be added to this list because they are consistent with all the other profile images, but we do need to get some kind of official policy for those, I think. ~Bobogoobo (talk) 40px-Lyra_speaks_S2E25.png 01:18, December 2, 2012 (UTC)

I usually add the season and episode number, in case someone wants to find the scene where the screenshot was taken. Also, could the Pinkie Pie1, Pinkie Pie2 file names be added as well (if there is an automated way of doing it)? Thanks. Steph physarum (talk) 35px-Filly_Rarity_crop_S1E23.png 02:26, December 2, 2012 (UTC)
Yeah, makes sense, that's what I usually do with other things too. Might need a lump list of all the id images for that, if we want to do all of them that way. And yep, done. ~Bobogoobo (talk) 40px-Lyra_speaks_S2E25.png 03:30, December 2, 2012 (UTC)
Thanks again. Steph physarum (talk) 35px-Filly_Rarity_crop_S1E23.png 03:34, December 2, 2012 (UTC)

Some promotional images to clean up

(This was originally just going as another section on the list, then it turned into a rant. ^^ For your reading pleasure and perhaps some discussion on the issues I raise, here you go.) Every image on this blog is stupidly named and all copied from another website (and then improved after Anon marked them), partly this one, as usual with no explanation or attribution at all because people suck. They're all promotional images of some kind, though I don't know the exact source, and I think they're all categorized but I suppose they need to be added to all relevant Other or Promotional gallery sections. I don't think the one is exactly notable enough for use on Medley's and Parasol's main pages, though, since it just looks like a bunch of stock images pasted on a background. These definitely need better names, though I'm not sure what more we can do than "Promotional a bunch of ponies on a generic background.jpg". Joyful fun times! Okay, looking at the comments on that blog, I kind of want to delete it because that JERK is saying "oh thank you" for the images they just COPIED BADLY from some other site. WOW I'M SO IMPRESSED. Can we add this to the guidelines for blogs? If you upload a bunch of bad images with no explanation it'll be deleted. Especially if you claim credit for creating them when you obviously did not. ~Bobogoobo (talk) 40px-Lyra_speaks_S2E25.png 11:36, December 11, 2012 (UTC)

Images Renamed

As of December 20, 2012 all png images listed in the forum have been renamed. The only files left are jpgs which will eventually be deleted and replaced. I want to thank all the admins and IC who cooperated on cleaning this once "impressively long" forum. Keep up the good work. The Americanized Brony16:49, December 20, 2012 (UTC)

We're far from done, the list was by no means a complete list of unsatisfactory file names. Even Bobogoobo's sandbox list isn't complete. Not to mention the abundance of low-quality files that persist in galleries everywhere. Steph physarum (talk) 35px-Filly_Rarity_crop_S1E23.png 23:38, December 20, 2012 (UTC)
I was refering to the forum, not the wiki overall :P The Americanized Brony03:49, December 21, 2012 (UTC)
Yep, thanks everyone! If you want more to work on for now, start on the "junky names" section in my sandbox which Steph linked above (please don't edit it though, I'll do that myself). I'll fill this forum back up once I get some more sets done. (I'll be home for two weeks of break starting tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have time to work on my code.) ~Bobogoobo (talk) 40px-Lyra_speaks_S2E25.png 08:36, December 21, 2012 (UTC)
Well, it appears the list is now empty... again. On to replacing JPGs until more misnamed files are added.. The Americanized Brony20:35, December 25, 2012 (UTC)
I apologize, I was unclear about "Bon Bon" files. I meant that they weren't of any high priority, but if you're looking for things to rename you can definitely work on those. We should certainly use a character's most official name as much as possible. I moved over some stuff from my sandbox, and there's always more to find. I'm going to try finishing the jpg-finding automation next, though. Thanks for your help! ~Bobogoobo (talk) 40px-Lyra_speaks_S2E25.png 02:57, December 26, 2012 (UTC)
No Problem, glad to be able to help the wiki :) The Americanized Brony03:03, December 26, 2012 (UTC)

More non-descriptive names for files

Sorry to bother and make admins and image control people do more work, but don't you think that file names like :File:S3E08 Bat Attack 4.png are non-descriptive names? People now are starting to do that, and the population of those non-descriptive is starting to grow thanks to some other people. Files like the one I just mentioned don't tell anything about what is happening in the scene. Sorry, again, if I have to cause more work for you guys... ;( (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ ☂ᗩᒪḰ℃◎ᾔ⊥ґї♭ṧ €∂ї☂¢øυᾔт 15:51, December 28, 2012 (UTC)

You mean instances where people are too lazy to differentiate between Bat Attack 3.png and Bat Attack 4.png? I guess they're not ideal, but as long as they have the season and episode tag, as well as some description ("Bat Attack" in this case), they're not a pressing problem.
On another note, Bobogoobo, would it be possible to run a search for images in episode and character galleries missing the season and episode tag? Steph physarum (talk) 35px-Sprinkle_Medley_places_a_hat_on_a_snowman_S1E11.png 16:21, December 28, 2012 (UTC)
That is true... (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ ☂ᗩᒪḰ℃◎ᾔ⊥ґї♭ṧ €∂ї☂¢øυᾔт 16:40, December 28, 2012 (UTC)
It's not your fault, and I think it's better to be aware of these kinds of things. I'm actually very aware of this particular problem, and making a function that will recognize and list serial names like that is on my list of things to do. Unfortunately, I've had very little time to work on my program recently, so I haven't been making much progress. And good point Steph, I'll add that on the list :P. I don't even know the full contents of the list at this point much less the priorities, so I'm not sure when I'll get to that particular task. ~Bobogoobo (talk) 40px-Lyra_speaks_S2E25.png 01:16, December 29, 2012 (UTC)


Can regular users rename files? How can I mark a file for deletion? Also, why do some file names have "W" in them? And how do you find unused files?

--Who would win in a fight between you and yo mama? 03:16, January 1, 2013 (UTC)

I'll answer on your talk page. Steph physarum (talk) 35px-Sprinkle_Medley_places_a_hat_on_a_snowman_S1E11.png 03:40, January 1, 2013 (UTC)

Could someone make a program that would go through all of the images and find the ones that aren't 1280x720? --Who would win in a fight between you and yo mama? 05:52, January 9, 2013 (UTC)

It's on my list of things to do. Not sure when I'll get to it, haven't been spending much time on code recently, but I want to. It'll take a very long time to run, judging by the runtime for the other HTML-grabbing program I've been working on, so I'll probably have to let it run overnight once it's done :P. ~Bobogoobo (talk) 40px-Lyra_speaks_S2E25.png 07:10, January 9, 2013 (UTC)
Heh, couldn't resist now that you asked, didn't take too long to code it up since I had the hard part already done. It should be working properly so I'll start it when I go to bed in a few minutes and paste up the list when I wake up in a new forum: Forum:List of non-720p images. I warn you all, it's probably going to be extremely lengthy... ~Bobogoobo (talk) 40px-Lyra_speaks_S2E25.png 08:13, January 9, 2013 (UTC)
I'm so excited!
--Who would win in a fight between you and yo mama? 09:40, January 9, 2013 (UTC)
I'm going to do one bit at a time so it's not overwhelming, since the program ran into some trouble. First part is up now, will probably move to the next one (will be quite a bit larger) by tonight. ~Bobogoobo (talk) 40px-Lyra_speaks_S2E25.png 22:11, January 9, 2013 (UTC)
You should make a program to find all the JPGs.
--Who would win in a fight between you and yo mama? 03:05, January 14, 2013 (UTC)
I started one, and I've been meaning to finish it, but I haven't gotten to it. (The one I did for Forum:List of .jpg files was from a manually compiled source file, but that is a complete list I believe as of the time I made it.) Maybe I'll try doing it now, before I forget what I was doing :P. ~Bobogoobo (talk) 40px-Lyra_speaks_S2E25.png 03:31, January 14, 2013 (UTC)
I think that the list should be organized by episode number.
--Who would win in a fight between you and yo mama? 04:21, January 14, 2013 (UTC)
Finished the automated program for a first run. Thank you very much for being my motivation to finish all these things. It would be pretty difficult to organize that one by episode and I think it's fine enough as is. ~Bobogoobo (talk) 40px-Lyra_speaks_S2E25.png 08:13, January 14, 2013 (UTC)

Fanmade images

Though this wiki has had a rule to upload fanmade images to the wiki with the prefix "FANMADE," some people still accidentally upload fanmade images without noticing that they have to use the prefix, and that fanmade prefix is forgotten in some cases (EX: :File:Bea order zps473e63b7.png). Is it possible we can clean out all of thos fanmade pony images too? (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ ☂ᗩᒪḰ℃◎ᾔ⊥ґї♭ṧ €∂ї☂¢øυᾔт 23:05, January 13, 2013 (UTC)

Yeah, that's a constant battle, and the easiest way to update them is to look through Category:Fanmade images since it's in alphabetical order, so anything before or after the stuff starting with "FANMADE " needs to be changed. ~Bobogoobo (talk) 40px-Lyra_speaks_S2E25.png 02:34, January 14, 2013 (UTC)
It's actually too bad I'm not an Image Control, because I can't rename images. (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ ☂ᗩᒪḰ℃◎ᾔ⊥ґї♭ṧ €∂ї☂¢øυᾔт 15:22, January 20, 2013 (UTC)
If you meet the requirements, feel free to make a request on the thread. B0lGGoQ.gifOz   15:35, January 20, 2013 (UTC)


What is the problem with "Serial naming" files? We do not have any rules that requires S#E# to be only in the end of the file name and not in the beginning or about whether is should have the leading zero (S01/S0). Teyandee (Talk) 16:51, June 25, 2013 (UTC)

Neither of those, though I think most people prefer the tag at the end and it's certainly more consistent for the wiki overall. Anyway, the problem with those is "File:<whatever> 1" "File:<whatever> 2" "File:<whatever> 3" which often signifies undescriptive naming and/or potential duplicates. ~Bobogoobo (talk) 40px-Lyra_speaks_S2E25.png 04:33, June 26, 2013 (UTC)

Question mark in filenames

I notice files with question marks (or at least the last three files I've seen) don't generate thumbnails. Upon renaming, they do. Should this be fixed, or would it be considered a non-issue as long as the image itself is still viewable? furdklZ.png 2xoHxMt.gif 01:49, December 18, 2013 (UTC)

I would prefer if we don't remove those question marks. Hopefully Wikia will fix this problem soon (I was recently told code fixes may not be released until January). I've made sure they're aware of this particular issue. Until then, just ignore it maybe. ~Bobogoobo (talk) 40px-Lyra_speaks_S2E25.png 04:43, December 18, 2013 (UTC)

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