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A new part to Play

Recent information has come around that Vinyl Scratch is actually going to have her own song come season 4. Now here is the big quesion; does this mean she might be getting a larger part to play? Everyone knows she is a background pony, and they are often left without voice or significance to the plots of the episodes. Derpy got a few lines, but a lot of people overrreacted to her and she was returned to a voiceless background pony yet again. However for Dj Pon3, as she goes by stage name, to actually have a song, that would either mean that her song is just something done in the background of the episode's plot, or she will play a much larger role than any background pony before. Some details hint at Pinkie Pie gaining a rivalry with someone who ends up challenging her ability to throw parties. Is Vinyl Scratch this rival? Unless they create a new pony to play antagonist (antagonist, not villain), then she might be the best choice. She is a party maker, as she is a DJ.

  • In a recent Twitter Q&A Meghan McCarthy stated the following:
"Speaking of background ponies, a fan favorite gets an official name and lots of screen time in Season 4."~Twitter Q&A.
  • The only fan favorites are Derpy, Vinyl, and Octavia. I doubt that they would try Derpy again, so that leaves Vinyl or Octavia. We should also note that Vinyl probably knows Pinkie Pie, as they seemed to get along fine in Vinyl's appearances in Canterlot Wedding Part 2 and Equestria Girls, though the latter should always be considered with a grain of salt. This further increases the possibility of a Pinkie and Vinyl episode.
  • Looks like the 'fan favorite' was the pony formerly known as 'Snowflake', now known as Bulk Biceps.  Derpy got a lot of screen time in the episode too!

Eye Color

  • A lot of fans are curious as to the eye color of DJ PON-3 since her eyes are hidden behind the sunglasses.
  • Plenty of fan-art assume it's red.
  • Her eyes may be blue because the magical glow of her horn is blue. All the unicorn ponies' magical glow was the same color as their eyes in season 1.
    • Might be an inconsistency. After all, Twilight has had different magic aura colors in season 1. Although one would handwave it off.
    • Twilight has had different colors of the aura, but that might be because her special talent is magic, therefore, she can perform greater magic spells that change the color of the magical aura of her horn. If you look at Rarity's magical aura, it stays the same blue of her eyes entire season 1.
    • Her eye color has been confirmed. I couldn't make out what it was, but it was similar to Rainbow Dash's eye color. 17:04, April 22, 2012 (UTC)
    • Vinyl's(no I will not refer to her as DJ P0N-3) eye color was stated to be identical to Rainbow Dash's eye color. Also, several unicorns have been shown to have magic auras more like their cutie mark than their eyes. After all, does Celestia have yellow eyes? No, but her cutie mark, a sun, is.

How about colored contacts? --Tigro Spottystripes (talk) 02:22, December 26, 2012 (UTC)


  • She may be a relative of Rarity as they are both white unicorns and because she was DJing her fashion show. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 8 August 2011n
    • But an animator has stated that she is actually pale yellow, not white. KErlend 20:37, March 10, 2012 (UTC)