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Special Talent

It could be that Diamond Tiara discovered her talent as a beauty pageant star. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontrib

  • One alternative, proposed in some fanfictions, is that her talent is leadership. This makes a degree of sense; she certainly acts as a leader to Silver Spoon and serves as an effective (if tyrannical) editor of the Foal Free Press.
  • While the leadership thing and the beauty pageant thing are both indeed valid, there is another possibility. Diamond Tiara could very well be a jeweler. Tiaras are jewelry, so it's definitely possible. And I know we haven't seen such a thing yet in the show, but that still doesn't mean we can rule out that possibility.


  • Her mother may be Nurse Sweetheart, as they have extremely similar color schemes. KErlend 18:51, March 5, 2012 (UTC)
  • Her mother could just as easily be Suri Polomare (also pink with a purple mane), an Earth Pony who showcases a "big city attitude" and lives in Manehattan but used to be a resident of Ponyville. It would explain how Babs Seed (from Manehattan) knew who Diamond Tiara's mother was, despite having only recently met Diamond Tiara.
  • In Luna's shared dream from Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?, Rainbowshine is seen running from the same house that Filthy Rich is in. While this is a dream and can therefore be considered mute, if Diamond Tiara's mother was Rainbowshine, a Pegasus, it may offer an explanation for why Diamond acts the way she does. Because her mother can fly while she cannot, this could create huge self esteem issues for her because she may see her mother as special while Diamond herself is simply 'normal'. The idea of a Cutie Mark was first addressed as the one thing that makes a pony special, which may make Diamond Tiara feel she needs to look down upon those who do not have Cutie Marks, to reinforce the idea that she is special. Her vested interest in interacting with Twilight Sparkle seen in Twilight Time may be another attempt to make herself feel special by associating with a Princess. She may also have had the experience necessary to make Scootaloo feel worse than ever about being unable to fly if it is a feeling Diamond herself is familiar with from having a Pegasus mother.