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Since none of Scootaloo's relatives have ever been mentioned, it is possible that she is an orphan, which would explain why she has latched onto Rainbow Dash so much. -Flying High's signature 22:47, August 30, 2011 (UTC)

Something about the relations of all pegasus ponies is quite mysterious. What about the relatives of Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy? We do not have anything but one weak hint: Cloud Kicker and Alula competed alongside at the Sisterhooves Social, so they might be sisters. Linneer 18:16, November 17, 2011 (UTC)

I have a theory about pegasus relations:

Classic architecture (Roman columns) in Cloudsdale as well as the Roman dress and militant attitude presented in the Hearthswarming Eve pageant likens tradional pegasus culture to Roman culture. In ancient Rome unwanted children were traditionally "exposed outside the house or in some public place".(A History of Private Life from Pagan Rome to Byzantium, Harvard 1987) It is convenient that unwanted infants can simply be dropped off of the edge of the floating city, or some number may even be dropped accidentally. Orphaned pegasi may be common. Horsey Horsenstein (talk) 02:30, October 8, 2015 (UTC)

Scootaloo who is a pegasus pony is related to Cheerilee (in G3) who is a earth pony. This means that either Scootaloo is a adopted orphan like the theory above or pony family's can be multi pony type.

This has been confirmed as of season 2, episode 13 Baby Cakes. Different pony types can be born to other pony types if they have a tiny bit of another pony type's blood in them. Scootaloo could have Earth Pony or Unicorn parents who she doesn't relate to at all. This could also explain why she doesn't fly.

Not necessarily. Although Cheerilee was Scootaloo's sister in G3 (aka "the generation nopony here really cares about") things can change from generation to generation. I think that she is not an orphan. It seems a little heavy for a childrens cartoon.

Maybe she's Cheerilee's accidental child from her college years? 14:25, May 25, 2013 (UTC)MadmanJohnson

This might be false but she might be related to Fluttershy due to them being pegasus and similar color palate. Scootaloo has dark pink hair & fluttershy has light pink hair. And Scootaloo has orange coat while fluttershy has yellow. And personality has nothing to do with it.

That's not very likely because Fluttershy, who represents the element of kindness after all, absolutely makes no difference between Scootaloo an the other CMCs. At least on S1E17 it seems that Fluttershy doesn't know much about Scootaloo. She just treats her like one filly among the others. Linneer 08:20, January 1, 2012 (UTC)
Who knows? She could have parents that are taking hundreds of business trips to and from. Or that Rainbow Dash maybe her cousin or something like that. Derpy Up sig text 00:24, May 11, 2012 (UTC)
They already said that Scootaloo isn't related to Rainbow Dash in the slightest. That includes being a cousin. But the parents could be taking business trips or just are hidden in their houses waiting for a Scootaloo episode so they can magically appear just like Sweetie Belle's parents. 06:53, August 8, 2012 (UTC)'
She could be an orphan, but I heavily doubt that would get referenced in a Y rated show. So unless their making a Y-7 episode, I bet she has a family but we never see them because their working or somethingSerpentaxy400 (talk) 15:45, August 9, 2012 (UTC)
This is WAY too unrealistic for a show for seven-year-olds, but I think Scootaloo's parents abused her.
 If that's the case then how did they get away with the dark plot of the Season 2 Finale hmm? Dugario34

(talk) 13:16, August 9, 2013 (UTC)

If she is an orphan, I doubt it would be said/referenced on the series. She might as well be, there is just no evidence. However, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.{{SUBST:User:Afliador8/Signature}} 02:13, August 31, 2013 (UTC)

This is just a really stupid theory of mine, but So like, there's a picture on a website (4Chan, I think) of Luna on the moon, trying to give air to her baby, but it fails. Well, I was thinking, what if that actually happened, but instead of dying, she used up most of the magic that she could to send her to Earth. Who is that pony? Scootaloo. Nothing is known about her family, no one knows where she was born, and, if I'm right, then the Luna Eclipsed episode would've been sadder, since her own child was scared of her. I know they look nothing alike and junk like that, but I'm just sayin. And I thought of a reason why Scootaloo can't fly well. Maybe, upon getting sent to Earth, On the landing, she didn't land as softly as Luna had wanted, so something happened to the nerves in her wings, making her unable to use them very well. Just some thoguths and theories. ~Sor

I figure that Scootaloo could be an orphan in much the same way that Applebloom technically is; I.E. parents who have passed and are taken care of by another family member. However, familial relations aren't exactly an important aspect of this show, unless it's an Applejack episode. Even two of the main characters haven't had any of their family shown. I think the only way we'll see any of Scootaloo's family is if she gets an episode to herself without CMC involvement.

Found an interesting info from a site called "motherly scootaloo".It talks a bit about her relations.Check it out sometime.-Sandsnake7 Elite Corps

The Scoots-Centric Episode

I'm guessing "Scoots Learns to Fly"? Scootaloo is known for her flying ineptitude and it finally comes to a boil. In the end, she finally figures out how to fly. It doesn't earn her her cutie mark, but it lifts her spirits. 00:34, February 1, 2012 (UTC)

But who will teach her to fly though will be the next question brought up. Many fan artists have made fanon art of her learning to fly from Derpy. It does makes sense cause Derpy is a pegasus. But Scootaloo won't have to worry about her failure at flying like in Ponyvile Confidental anymore. Derpy Up sig text 00:28, May 11, 2012 (UTC)

I heard a rumor that Mrs. Faust had wanted Scootaloo to be handicapped, and that her episode(s) would revolve around her goals vs the reality of her situation.
--Who would win in a fight between you and yo mama? (talk) 09:36, August 9, 2012 (UTC)

That rumor is false due to the fact that it may be a little too much for a kid's show. 06:24, August 25, 2012 (UTC)
Sadly, it isn't, but as of that Mrs. Faust no longer execute MLP, things may change a bit on season 3.
How can you know? As soon as you can, it isn't a rumor any more. --Linneer (talk) 09:01, December 4, 2012 (UTC)
  Link to a comment she made on DeviantArt - While that doesn't actually CONFIRM anything, it still confirms that she thought about it. Also, if a kid's show can handle bullying, it can handle issues like disabilities and being an orphan, which, at that age, is much less of an issue in comparison to bullies.

Other Possible Talents

Scootaloo would have been the pony dancing rather than singing in the Cutie Mark Crusader's performance at the talent show. If Sweetie Belle realized she was a fantastic singer and Applebloom realized she was good at home design, Sweetie Belle would be the singer and Applebloom would of constructed the set and handled special effects. This leaves Scootaloo as the dancer for the group which may imply she has an undiscovered talent in dancing. -Anon

Well, since all of the CMC have exposed their talents already, and Apple Bloom's 'dance' was actually just martial arts, it is likely not dancing at all. Dancing and choreography are different in that choreography is any sort of routined movement. Scootaloo is seen on her scooter many times and is obviously talented at tricking on it. This leads me to suspect that she is not good at 'dancing' specifically, but rather, nimbleness/agility/gymnastics. She also tends to use her wings for balance and speed rather then flight, hinting at my theory. -XXeDA