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Return to The Crystal Empire - Part 1

Is there inconsistency in timeline?

How Princess Luna could fight King Sombra 1000 years ago if she was imprisoned in the Moon at that time? (In the very first episode she tells that she was locked for a 1000 years. And it was more than 1 year ago.) —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 12:48, 15 December 2012‎

  • Maybe Celestia fudged the number a little; the Crystal Empire disappearing for 1000 years sounds a lot better than 1003 years

Possible Connection Other Episodes

The disappearance of the Crystal Empire could be connected to the story, there are some differences but since even Celestia knows little about the Empire when it reappears this could be due to the story being embellished over time or that the events leading to the Empire falling also caused the rise of Discord. Considering that the Empire was supposed to radiate hope and love it would make sense that it's disappearance would cause the creation of a holiday celebrating love to try and fill the void. Similarly, if it was distributing love throughout Equestria, perhaps Changelings didn't have to hunt prior to this because there was love readily avalible in nature, or at least they didn't have to hunt as much.