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Speculation/Statistics18:59, March 30, 2015Mega Sean 45
Speculation/Statistics/Season four14:59, March 29, 2015Mega Sean 45
Speculation/Statistics/Season three14:56, March 29, 2015Mega Sean 45
Speculation/Statistics/Season two04:05, March 29, 2015Mega Sean 45
Speculation/Animation14:39, March 25, 2015Jasonbres
Speculation/Animation/My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks00:50, March 24, 2015TheGuineaPig45
Speculation/Rainbow Dash22:03, March 22, 2015Mysteroo
Speculation/Discord21:50, March 22, 2015Mysteroo
Speculation/Star Swirl the Bearded21:40, March 22, 2015Mysteroo
Speculation/Animation/Season one17:10, March 19, 2015ILoveTogekiss
Speculation/Scootaloo20:57, March 18, 2015Conspirapon3
Speculation/Statistics/Films18:47, March 17, 2015Mega Sean 45
Speculation/Statistics/Season one23:03, March 15, 2015Bobogoobo
Speculation/Luna Eclipsed16:58, March 8, 2015ImperfectXIII
Speculation/Character Ages09:48, March 4, 2015BenRG
Speculation/Animation/Season four20:26, March 2, 2015Cheetodust
Speculation/Friendship is Magic, part 211:25, February 23, 2015Tycio
Speculation/Three's A Crowd13:17, February 9, 2015Xannot
Speculation/Princess Cadance06:38, February 6, 2015Rillegas08
Speculation/My Little Pony Equestria Girls01:19, February 6, 2015Ajedi32
Speculation/Owlowiscious10:44, January 23, 2015Wratched
Speculation/Magic21:23, January 21, 2015SWNerd
Speculation/Animation/Season two21:46, January 15, 2015Foodbandlt
Speculation/How old are the ponies?00:46, January 9, 2015Jayfeather Thrag
Speculation/Daring Do21:55, December 11, 2014ImperfectXIII
Speculation/Twilight Sparkle18:53, December 5, 2014Revan74
Speculation/Princess Luna17:03, December 4, 2014DBZFan12
Speculation/Timberwolves00:42, November 23, 2014Manninghoof
Speculation/Ahuizotl05:03, November 13, 2014ImperfectXIII
Speculation/Animation/My Little Pony Equestria Girls23:52, November 10, 2014ImperfectXIII
Speculation/Boast Busters14:35, October 26, 2014Wizeman
Speculation/My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks09:20, October 23, 2014BenRG
Speculation/Equestria06:06, October 14, 2014Arisaka
Speculation/Lord Tirek05:20, October 6, 2014SliverEmperor
Speculation/Fluttershy17:13, September 20, 2014Liz99
Speculation/Animation/Season three18:28, September 9, 2014Aleksusklim
Speculation/MMMystery on the Friendship Express21:15, August 13, 2014Sonicthehedgehog158
Speculation/The Mysterious Mare Do Well18:04, August 6, 2014Sandstorm the animus SandWing
Speculation/Alicorns12:41, July 12, 2014MasterNexus
Speculation/Feeling Pinkie Keen15:49, July 6, 2014ImperfectXIII
Speculation/Male matches for mane 602:33, June 16, 2014Tycio
Speculation/Twilight's Kingdom - Part 206:08, June 15, 2014Schneiderman Brony
Speculation/Allusions04:52, June 10, 2014Bulbajer
Speculation/Princess Celestia17:59, June 2, 2014Tycio
Speculation/King Sombra17:55, June 2, 2014Tycio
Speculation/Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 223:16, May 21, 2014Tycio
Speculation/Friendship is Magic, part 122:38, May 21, 2014Tycio
Speculation/Twilight's Kingdom - Part 106:13, May 4, 2014Wubblez123
Speculation/It Ain't Easy Being Breezies19:38, April 12, 2014DBZFan12
Speculation/Twilight Time20:44, April 9, 2014Shadowwing09
Speculation/For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils21:25, April 6, 2014DBZFan12
Speculation/Power Ponies21:15, April 6, 2014DBZFan12
Speculation/Twilight's Kingdom18:50, April 6, 2014Al1g0n10
Speculation/Soarin01:54, April 2, 2014TheUltimateH4M
Speculation/Apple Family Reunion16:14, March 26, 2014Dr blankflank
Speculation/Somepony to Watch Over Me02:04, March 9, 2014Near-sighted Jedi
Speculation/It's About Time13:24, February 10, 2014JAK0723
Speculation/DJ Pon-301:28, January 30, 2014BobTheMad
Speculation/Animals04:42, January 27, 2014Danieltepeskraus
Speculation/Rainbow Falls15:52, January 22, 2014Wizeman
Speculation/Diamond Tiara02:25, January 8, 2014Beavercartoon
Speculation/Apple family00:55, December 15, 2013Jr Mime
Speculation/The Crystal Empire - Part 120:06, November 24, 2013Motion Paradox
Speculation/Rarity07:07, November 23, 2013Mike Rosoft
Speculation/Octavia Melody01:54, November 17, 2013Masternachos
Speculation/Hearth's Warming Eve00:12, October 25, 2013Motion Paradox
Speculation/The Wonderbolts22:11, October 2, 2013Callofduty4
Speculation/Sunset Shimmer01:38, September 23, 2013Wizeman
Speculation/Ponyville Confidential02:47, September 11, 2013Wizeman
Speculation/Magical Mystery Cure02:56, September 6, 2013Wizeman
Speculation/Poison joke12:39, August 24, 2013Catluvr2
Speculation/A Friend for Life18:34, August 20, 2013Steph physarum
Speculation/Philomena04:08, August 12, 2013Zomg12
Speculation/Lesson Zero14:20, July 10, 2013Bobby 64
Speculation/Spike19:39, June 18, 201392.15.136.69
Speculation/Sweet and Elite05:57, June 11, 2013AarrowOM
Speculation/Dragon Quest09:40, May 7, 2013Bobogoobo
Speculation/Queen Chrysalis22:06, April 19, 2013Ghostkaiba297
Speculation/Suited For Success16:09, March 31, 2013AzureZenith
Speculation/Hearts and Hooves Day18:33, March 21, 201399.246.113.236
Speculation/Season four21:05, March 17, 2013Ghostkaiba297
Speculation/The Crystal Empire - Part 200:45, February 26, 2013Ghostkaiba297
Speculation/Sleepless in Ponyville01:13, February 14, 2013Foodbot
Speculation/Pinkie Pie01:13, February 14, 2013Foodbot
Speculation/Gems01:48, February 10, 2013Spartan J73
Speculation/Games Ponies Play02:01, February 4, 201376.9.74.241
Speculation/Keep Calm and Flutter On23:11, January 13, 2013Leafheart123
Speculation/Look Before You Sleep21:43, January 11, 201379.157.107.65
Speculation/Sonic Rainboom19:54, December 26, 2012Tigro Spottystripes
Speculation/A Bird in the Hoof17:21, December 26, 2012Yarnek
Speculation/Magic Duel03:34, December 26, 2012Tigro Spottystripes
Speculation/The Ticket Master03:13, December 26, 2012Tigro Spottystripes
Speculation/Trixie14:33, December 2, 2012OctaviaMelody1995
Speculation/Sweetie Drops01:22, November 30, 2012Pikmanipulator
Speculation/Cutie mark12:11, November 24, 2012Bobogoobo
Speculation/The races16:37, November 1, 2012Jonny Manz
Speculation/The Return of Harmony Part 121:31, October 16, 2012SweetieBot
Speculation/Read It and Weep20:23, October 16, 2012SweetieBot
Speculation/Cutie Mark Crusaders05:19, July 30, 201298.116.140.212
Speculation/Winter Wrap Up13:35, June 30, 2012Weather Dash the alicorn
Speculation/Call of the Cutie09:20, May 23, 2012Alah601
Speculation/Bridle Gossip01:49, April 16, 201297.119.194.10
Speculation/Hoity Toity09:56, April 5, 2012Ashmist
Speculation/The Show Stoppers15:27, March 17, 2012TheSitcomLover
Speculation/Secret of My Excess17:15, March 16, 2012TheSitcomLover
Speculation/A Friend in Deed17:28, February 18, 2012Jaden Von Bat
Speculation/Applebuck Season21:35, January 30, 2012Kinrah
Speculation/Golden Harvest13:29, January 28, 2012Blunt Pencil
Speculation/Green Isn't Your Color22:46, January 22, 2012Felix900
Speculation/Gummy20:04, December 27, 201168.121.167.62
Speculation/Pony Parents17:09, December 16, 2011Lukethehedgehog
Speculation/The Return of Harmony Part 223:42, September 26, 2011Callofduty4
Speculation/Sweetie Belle14:03, September 19, 2011PonyNews
Speculation/Over a Barrel19:17, September 6, 2011PonyNews
Speculation/Griffon the Brush Off20:28, August 29, 2011SweetieBot

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