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Welcome to the wiki discussion forum! This is a place to ask for help from other members of this wiki's community, discuss articles and templates, make suggestions and requests, and talk about anything related to the wiki. To add a new topic, type the title in the box below then click "Add new topic".

Please note that substantial changes must be open for at least ten days. For more details, see the discussion guidelines.

For other sources of help, please see the help category.

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Regular Threads
TopicLast EditedLast Editor
Parent Pages02:53, April 15, 2014Bobogoobo
Glitch?22:47, April 8, 2014Bobogoobo
"new" category?16:44, April 5, 2014Bobogoobo
Line Breaks14:38, April 3, 2014GamerBoi42
Spring 2014 Background Image00:34, April 1, 2014Bobogoobo
List of ponies - Crystal Ponies subpage17:15, March 26, 2014ImperfectXIII
RE: Relevance of blogs00:18, March 26, 2014KleptoBrony
RE: Comment Deletion19:25, March 25, 2014Callofduty4
Delete Alicorn Rarity from her Infobox20:41, March 21, 2014Kinrah
Key article?22:20, March 20, 2014Liz99
Interwiki see also links to Gameloft wiki04:05, March 16, 2014Dinoguy1000
Forms gallery21:45, March 9, 2014Bobogoobo
Pluralized article titles01:59, March 4, 2014Guildmaster Grovyle
CCG name revision22:46, February 15, 2014Flippy Bear
'Featured characters' on episode articles05:28, February 4, 2014Mega Sean 45
Moving "Soarin" to "Soarin'"02:39, January 24, 2014Jonny Manz
Wonderbolt and Apple family names in guidebook23:11, December 9, 2013(7)6(four)
Continuous Threads
TopicLast EditedLast Editor
Image control group nomination thread21:21, April 17, 2014343 TheGuiltyProphet
Bot to-do list04:20, April 13, 2014Bobogoobo
Category-link synchronization22:49, April 11, 2014Jr Mime
Featured article17:52, April 2, 2014ImperfectXIII
Rollback group nomination thread23:27, March 20, 2014Callofduty4
List of .jpg files00:08, March 14, 2014Reversalmushroom
List of misnamed files00:38, February 8, 2014Jr Mime
Contributor of the Month00:52, February 7, 2014TheUltimateH4M
ShowToyComparison15:21, January 3, 2014Jr Mime
PonyComparison20:24, January 2, 2014Jonny Manz
Tips and tricks23:42, December 13, 2013Jojowerid
Comment control group nomination thread13:50, October 26, 2013Ozuzanna
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