For the male Earth pony/female unicorn, see Golden Delicious.
Goldie Delicious

Goldie Delicious ID S4E09

Goldie Delicious in Pinkie Apple Pie

Young Goldie Delicious ID S7E13

Young Goldie Delicious in The Perfect Pear

Kind Earth
Sex Female
Residence A cabin not far from Ponyville
Sweet Apple Acres (formerly)
Occupation Historian
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Eyes Very light chartreuse green
Mane Light gambogeish gray
Very light pistachio when younger
Coat Light amber
Relatives Granny Smith (cousin)
Apple family
Cutie mark
Goldie Delicious cutie mark crop S4E09
Voice Peter New (English)
Luise Lunow (German)
Mirosława Krajewska (Polish)[1]
Anda Tămășanu (Romanian)
Rocío Prado (Latin American Spanish)[2]
Valentyna Sova (Ukrainian)

Goldie Delicious is a relative of the Apple family introduced in Pinkie Apple Pie. She keeps a number of cats and she is shown to be a hoarder of items and heirlooms.

Design and development

Peter New was cast as Goldie Delicious based on his imitation of Tabitha St. Germain's voice as Granny Smith.[3]

Depiction in the series

Season four

Goldie Delicious is first mentioned early on in her debut episode. Granny Smith calls her a cousin and describes her cabin as an "Apple family history museum". Applejack, Apple Bloom, Big McIntosh, Granny Smith, and Pinkie Pie travel to her cabin to find out for sure of Pinkie Pie is a relative of the Apple family.

When Goldie Delicious is introduced, she is shown to have a large number of cats as companions, including a full-grown cheetah. She also keeps a multitude of assorted items and Apple family heirlooms, and her cabin appears to be kept in a state of untidiness. Among her belongings is a complete record of the Apple family tree.

Goldie greets Applejack's family and Pinkie Pie amicably when they visit her. She apologizes to them when she fails to give them the answers they seek about Pinkie Pie's genealogy, and she gives them a new wagon to replace the one that collapsed on their way to her cabin.

As Pinkie Pie and the Apples return to Ponyville, Goldie is shown to have on her wall photographs of other Apple family members, including Auntie Applesauce, Half Baked Apple, Apple Split, Florina Tart, Jonagold, and "Apple Mint", as well as a photograph of "Pitch Perfect".

Goldie Delicious makes a brief appearance in Filli Vanilli during the Pony Tones' first performance of Find the Music in You, whilst carrying a saddle bag full of cats.

Season six

In Every Little Thing She Does, Goldie Delicious appears in one of Applejack's scrapbook photos with her cats, and Applejack credits her as saying, "If you can't say anythin' nice about anypony, come sit by me!"

Season seven

In The Perfect Pear, Goldie Delicious tells Applejack, Apple Bloom, and Big McIntosh the first part of their parents' love story and reveals that their mother is a member of the Pear family.

Other depictions

Goldie Delicious is a playable character in Gameloft's mobile game. Her in-game description states, "Goldie Delicious loves her cats as much as she loves solving genealogy mysteries! If Apple is your last name, Goldie Delicious will use her in-cider knowledge to cultivate a connection!"


"Now that's how you run an errand."
Pinkie Apple Pie
"Y'all sure you don't want to take any of these Apple family heirlooms home with you?"
Pinkie Apple Pie
"Now that's how you make an entrance!"
The Perfect Pear
"And these here are cat treats from your great grand-uncle Oakey Smoke! Don't you fret, they're s'posed to be that crunchy."
— Enterplay collectible card game Canterlot Nights #90 R card of Goldie Delicious


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