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Image control is a set of user rights that allow a user to move (rename) and delete images. They can also edit blogs and comments for completion of their tasks. Contributors may nominate other contributors or themselves in the nomination thread. A list of current imagecontrol members can be found here.

Notes on renaming files

  • Image Control members have the option to enable gadgets to facilitate the renaming, updating, and deleting of images in Special:Preferences.
  • Be sure to uncheck the "Leave a redirect" checkbox when renaming an image, since files don't need redirects.
  • Be sure to leave the namespace dropdown set to "File"; files have to remain in the file namespace.
  • When an image is renamed, pages linking to it are not automatically updated; each of them has to be manually updated, unless the image queue renaming gadget is enabled by the user, and its button is clicked, rather than the "Rename page" button. You can request that someone perform the update with a bot on the bot to-do list page. When updating image links, please check all appropriate namespaces, not just the main namespace.
  • Before renaming profile images, check if they are linked on the protected thumbnail page. If they are, follow the link to the character's poll and notify the person conducting the poll that the image name has changed.
  • Please do not use '' (double ') in file names; use " instead. [[File:Fluttershy, ''I really am a doormat'' S2E19.png|20px]] will not show an image, while [[File:Fluttershy, "I really am a doormat" S2E19.png|20px]] will show an image.
  • Before renaming an image, please check if there are any similar images. If yes, please consider renaming the higher quality version (if it is misnamed) and delete or add {{Delete}} to the lower quality file(s).
  • Look at Category:Files that need to be renamed occasionally to make sure that no specific images are requested to be renamed, and remember to remove the template after renaming the image.

High-frequency edits

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