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FiM Wiki policies

The FiM Wiki primer points to important practices and guidelines for contributing to the wiki.


The FiM Wiki's community model and guidelines are based on Wikipedia's community model and guidelines. The contribution guidelines are determined by discussion and consensus. You may discuss the guidelines in the forums and suggest new guidelines or revisions of old guidelines.

Discussion and consensus

Consensus is the decision-making process that includes an active effort to incorporate editors' legitimate concerns, and the conclusion of this process. Contributors should be able to assume consensus for almost all good-faith edits that follow the wiki's guidelines. When a good-faith edit goes against consensus, it may lead to an editing dispute, which is solved by discussion that leads to consensus.

Official and non-official material

The wiki divides material into two main categories:

  • Official material, such as the show and production art.
  • Fan labor, which is almost everything not included in the previous category.

See more about the distinctions between these two types of material in the verifiability guidelines. Speculation should be limited to the speculation forum. Generally, the wiki only covers official material on the main namespace.

Articles, trivia, categories, descriptive file names, screenshots, and more

The following pages explain the wiki's guidelines and policies in a how-to fashion.

  • Help:Dos and Don'ts – an instructional list that briefly summarizes the guidelines.
  • Help:Writing an article – make sure you have enough to write about, avoid stubs.
  • Help:Style guide – avoid the passive voice; describe the show as a work of fiction without editorializing.
  • Help:Trivia – trivia should be highly relevant and specific and should be incorporated into the main body of the article if possible.
  • Help:Categorization – categories should describe the most important characteristics of a page.
  • Help:Descriptive name – file names should be descriptive and helpful for identification and searching.
  • Help:Screenshots – take PNG screenshots from a high-quality source, avoid image editing and upload with a descriptive name and categorization.


Finally, for the matter of style, there are slight differences from Wikipedia's manual of style. While Wikipedia strictly adheres to writing titles and names in a grammatically correct fashion, the FiM Wiki's style guide prefers titles and names as they appear in the show or official material. For this reason, the show's name is styled My Little Pony Friendship is Magic as it appears in Hasbro's press releases and the show itself. Similarly, episode names are styled the way they appear on the show.

Please remember that all the above guidelines are determined by discussion and consensus. As a contributor, you should participate in the discussion.

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