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This page contains all the ponies up for placeholder name vote on /r/listofponies in the last five months (i.e. currently open polls), oldest to newest in each section. See the list of ponies for links to all polls sortable by various attributes. To learn more about the voting process, go here.

Pony not on the list? Request a vote!



Manehattan ponies

Popular ponies

Obscure ponies

Everypony else


Lists should be sorted in chronological order (newest last?): the six-character string after /comments/ in each URL is a chronological base-36(?) number. When looking at the list of polls, anything on this page lower than the last poll saying "5 months ago" should be removed and any new polls should be added. Keep track of the marking points to aid in updating:

  • Newest: 1hq5ax
  • Oldest: 16v1ts

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