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In Our Town
Episode The Cutie Map - Part 1
Character(s) Starlight Glimmer
Sung by Kelly Sheridan
Chorus[note 1]
Staff Katrina Hadley (storyboard)[1]
Music by Daniel Ingram
Caleb Chan (orchestration)[2]
Lyrics by Daniel Ingram
Length 2:22
Album Pinkie Pie's Party Playlist
Season Season 5
Episode Transcript The Cutie Map - Part 1
BMI Work No. 20324692
International versions
In Our Town (Album Version)
Length 2:25
Season Season 5
International versions

In Our Town is the first song of season five of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, featured in the season premiere The Cutie Map - Part 1. In this song, Starlight Glimmer and the dwellers of the title village sing about their life in the village and their way of living in equality.

Songwriter Daniel Ingram based this song on propaganda music from World War II.[3] It is the fourth track on the album Pinkie Pie's Party Playlist.

The version on the album has different choir vocals.


In Our Town - villagers equal sign formation S5E1
[marching drum cadence]
Starlight Glimmer: Heads high, ponies! Marching proud! [whistle blows] All together now! Every one of you! No pony left behind!
Life is so grand in Our Town
We're always filled with cheer
We never have to look around
To know that we're all here
In Our Town, in Our Town
We don't have to wait
To find out that our destiny
Is just to emulate
Starlight Glimmer: Let's see those big, happy smiles!
Life is a smile in Our Town
Our cutie mark's the same
Because we do not separate
Ourselves by more than name
In Our Town, in Our Town
We dare not compete
Winning only breeds the worst
Ego-filled conceit
Starlight Glimmer: You see? Now everypony wins!
Life is a joy in Our Town
We're all equal here
No one is superior
And no one shakes in fear
In Our Town, in Our Town
We work as a team
You can't have a nightmare
If you never dream
[Starlight Glimmer]
Other ponies argue
Do you ever wonder why?
When you think your talent's special
You don't see eye-to-eye
There's just too many differences
That lead to disarray
But when you learn to act as one
It's like a holiday
In Our Town, in Our Town
We don't complicate
When you learn to simplify
Life is oh, so great
Join in our utopia
Come out of the dark
Banded by equality
By our cutie mark!


  1. Choir includes Gabriel Brown.


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