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Life in Equestria
MLP FiM Music Life in Equestria HD00:44

MLP FiM Music Life in Equestria HD

Episode Magical Mystery Cure
Character(s) Twilight Sparkle
"Main Cast"/Crowd
Sung by Rebecca Shoichet
University of British Columbia Choir
Music by Daniel Ingram
Steffan Andrews (orchestration)
Lyrics by M. A. Larson
Length 0:42
Season Season 3
Episode Transcript Magical Mystery Cure
BMI Work No. 17338581
International versions

Life in Equestria is the seventh and final song featured in the season three finale, Magical Mystery Cure. It is a reprise of the episode's first song, Morning in Ponyville, and, like The Success Song and Love Is In Bloom, it is sung right at the end of the episode, as a finale song.


[Twilight Sparkle]
Life in Equestria shimmers
Life in Equestria shines
And I know for absolute certain
[Main cast and crowd]
That everything (that everything)
Yes, everything (yes, everything)
Yes, everything is certainly fine
It’s fine
Twilight Sparkle: Yes! Everything’s going to be just fine!

Other versions

MLP Friendship is Magic - "Life in Equestria" Music Video01:29

MLP Friendship is Magic - "Life in Equestria" Music Video

Music Video

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