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Life in Equestria

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Life in Equestria
Episode Magical Mystery Cure
Character(s) Twilight Sparkle
"Main Cast"/Crowd
Sung by Rebecca Shoichet
University of British Columbia Choir
Music by Daniel Ingram
Steffan Andrews (orchestration)
Lyrics by M.A. Larson
Length 0:42
Season Season 3
Episode Transcript Magical Mystery Cure
International versions
Life in Equestria
(Music Video Version)
Length 0:42
Season Season 3
International versions

Life in Equestria is the seventh and final song featured in the season three finale, Magical Mystery Cure. It is a reprise of the episode's first song, Morning in Ponyville, and, like The Success Song and Love Is In Bloom, it is sung right at the end of the episode, as a finale song.


[Twilight Sparkle]
Life in Equestria shimmers
Life in Equestria shines
And I know for absolute certain
[Main cast and crowd]
That everything (everything)
Yes, everything
Yes, everything is certainly fine
It’s fine
Twilight Sparkle: Yes! Everything’s going to be just fine!

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