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Lucky Clover

Lucky Clover Pegasus ID S01E16

Lucky Clover as a Pegasus pony in Sonic Rainboom

Lucky Clover Crystal Pony ID S4E05

Lucky Clover as an Earth Crystal Pony in Flight to the Finish

Kind Earth
Sex Male
Residence Neighboring Carousel Boutique, Ponyville
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Eyes Pale, light grayish cobalt blue
Mane Dark gray
Coat Light cobalt bluish gray
Cutie mark
PonyMaker Clover
Voice Brian Drummond (English, S1E26)[1]
Andrew Francis (English, S2E25)[2]
Yoshiyuki Shimozuma (Japanese)
Kim Myung-joon (Korean)
Lucky Clover is a male background Earth pony with a light gray coat, dark gray mane, and light blue eyes. His cutie mark, three four-leaf clovers, resembles that of a female G1 pony named Clover. He first appears in Winter Wrap Up, and has speaking roles in The Best Night Ever and A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1. The show does not name him, but he receives his name from merchandise, other media, and promotional material. Lucky Clover also shares his design with Dr. Hooves and Meadow Song, and shares his mane and tail style with Crescent Moon and Buddy.

Depiction in the series

Lucky Clover has background appearances in many episodes, as well as two speaking roles.

Season one

Rarity wins over stallions S1E26

Lucky Clover and Caramel being flattered by Rarity.

Lucky Clover appears as a background pony several times in Winter Wrap Up as one of the ponies clearing snow. He appears a couple of times carrying snow away in a carriage in Ponyville. He also appears several times manning a snowplow at Sweet Apple Acres. He later appears as a resident of Appleloosa in Over a Barrel.

In The Best Night Ever, a version of Lucky Clover appears with a light blue coat. He and Caramel are flattered by Rarity and convinced into pulling their carriage to the Grand Galloping Gala. Later on, when Spike tries to get them to walk faster, Lucky Clover angrily says to Spike, "If you weren't friends with our neighbor Rarity..." while shaking his hoof.

Season two

Lucky and Wildfire S2E25

Lucky Clover with Wild Fire.

Lucky Clover appears twice as a judge in Sisterhooves Social, awarding a ribbon to Amethyst Star and Dinky Doo in the pie-eating contest and awarding a ribbon to Berryshine and Piña Colada in the final race. During The Wonderbolts Derby in Sweet and Elite, Lucky Clover serves as the flagpony, waving the checkered flag to both start the race and mark its end.

In A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 during a flashback to Twilight Sparkle's childhood, Lucky Clover is seen in Canterlot arguing with Wild Fire. After Princess Cadance casts a love spell on them, they instantly stop arguing. Later in the same episode, he appears in the Canterlot Castle kitchen assisting Applejack.

Season three

In The Crystal Empire - Part 1, Lucky Clover is among the ponies at the Crystal Faire when Rainbow Dash flies back to the Crystal Empire palace with the flag. He also appears in Apple Family Reunion among the crowd of ponies taking part in the raising of the Apple family barn.

Season four

The Ponyville teams in the stadium S4E24

Part of Ponyville's team of athletes for the Equestria Games.

Lucky Clover appears in Flight to the Finish in the crowd at the Crystal Empire Stadium. He also appears in Rainbow Falls as a pegasus. In Pinkie Pride, he is among the ponies partying in Appleloosa, the ponies singing about Pinkie Pie in during Pinkie the Party Planner, the ponies wecloming Cheese Sandwich in The Super Duper Party Pony, and the ponies watching the Goof Off.

In Simple Ways, he is among the ponies outside Town Hall when the Ponyville Day's Pony of Ceremonies. In Filli Vanilli, he is among the ponies listening to The Pony Tones at Mayor Mares ribbon-cutting ceremony, and at Sugarcube Corner when Fluttershy is revealed to have been singing behind the curtain. In It Ain't Easy Being Breezies, he is among the ponies outside Town Hall watching the breezies pass through Ponyville. In For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils, he is in the lobby following the Cutie Mark Crusaders' play. In Leap of Faith, he is among the audience of ailed ponies singing during Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic, and at the pool. In Trade Ya!, he is seen walking around the Exchange and is present at the trial at the end of the Exchange. In Inspiration Manifestation, he attends the Foal and Filly Fair.

In Equestria Games, he is part of the Ponyville delegation in the titular Games, and does pull-ups on a pair of still rings on the train on the way to the Crystal Empire. Later, he is seen both on the field during the opening ceremony as well as among the Games' spectators.

Season five

Lucky Clover sees trees with leaves intact S5E5

Lucky Clover observes trees that have had leaves replaced in their branches.

In Tanks for the Memories, Lucky Clover helps prepare Ponyville for winter, appearing as both a pegasus and an earth pony, briefly appearing with a different mane style when he is covered in snow from clouds that Rainbow Dash attempts to squeeze into a tree cavity. In Appleoosa's Most Wanted, he watches the Appleloosa Rodeo. In Party Pooped, he appears in Dodge Junction. In Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?, he appears in Ponyville's shared dream.

In Brotherhooves Social he swings a jumping rope with Royal Pin for Apple Bloom and "Orchard Blossom" during the social. In Crusaders of the Lost Mark he is seen speaking with Shoeshine during The Pony I Want to Be and witnesses Diamond Tiara knock over Goldengrape's cart of apples during Light of Your Cutie Mark. In Scare Master, he is among the ponies decorating Ponyville for Nightmare Night, pulling a cart full of pumpkins.


Shamrock ID S1E21

"Shamrock" looks similar to Lucky Clover.

Some background pony variants using Lucky Clover's basic design exist. These include Lucky Clover's appearance in The Best Night Ever, when he is seen with a blue coat. A Pegasus version of Lucky Clover appears in Sonic Rainboom as a contestant in Best Young Flyer competition, in Rainbow Falls near the train station, and in Tanks for the Memories moving clouds below Cloudsdale. Additionally, this also includes his presence in Hearth's Warming Eve, when he, along with several other ponies, is seen in the play with a lighter coat and with makeup around his eyes. Finally, he sometimes has a different design in Equestria Games and Tanks for the Memories.

There are several pony variants that use Lucky Clover's basic design. In Over a Barrel and The Last Roundup, a mustached pony ("Shamrock") who bears a striking resemblance to Lucky Clover appears in Appleloosa and Dodge Junction. In Putting Your Hoof Down, a pony (Felix) with the same color scheme and cutie mark is shown walking in the background, but with a different mane style and different eye color. In The Mysterious Mare Do Well, another mustached pony ("Pine Breeze") seen staring at Rainbow Dash appears with the same color scheme, but with a different cutie mark and different mane style.


The following charts detail Lucky Clover's appearances. Times are approximate and taken from videos available online.

Season one
1 None.
2 None.
3 None.
4 None.
5 None.
6 None.
7 None.
8 None.
9 None.
10 None.
11 4:40 - Singing Winter Wrap Up and helping clear snow from branches with a carriage. 5:48-5:55 - Singing. 12:40 + 12:55, + 13:26 + 13:48 + 14:09 (duplicate) + 14:49 - In a snowplow clearing snow. 15:19-15:24 - Helping clear snow with a carriage. 17:17 + 17:41 + 17:45 + 17:51 + 17:52 + 17:59 - In the crowd. 18:07 - Helping. 18:35 + 18:41 - Snowplowing.
12 4:57 - Briefly seen close up walking around Ponyville.
13 6:25-06:31 - In the audience of the Iron Pony Competition.
14 None.
15 None.
16 13:14 + 14:10 - Seen as a contestant at the Best Young Flyer competition, with Pegasus wings
17 None.
18 None.
19 None.
20 16:44 + 17:05 + 18:13 + 18:38 - watching Fluttershy model
21 6:55 - Mingling with other ponies. 7:13 - Drawing a picture of a horse-drawn carriage. 7:35 - Dancing in Appleloosa with several other ponies. 13:38 + 13:44 (duplicate) + 14:55 + 15:12 + 15:32 + 15:42 (duplicate) - In the audience of Pinkie's show. 16:47 - Boarding up a window. 17:02 - Making apple pie. 17:06 - In the audience watching the Appleloosa flag go up. 18:00 - At the wooden barricade waiting for the buffalo to attack. 18:03 - Watching a cart of apple pies being carried. 18:18 - Waiting for the buffalo to attack armed with apple pies. 19:07 - Throwing apple pies at the buffalo. 20:30 - Watching the buffalo leader.

Throughout the episode, Lucky Clover is always seen with a western-style hat.

22 None.
23 None.
24 None.
25 None.

1:33 + 1:38 - Being Flattered by Rarity. 1:40 + 3:17- Carrying the carriage to the Gala with Caramel. 3:35 - Yelling at Spike. 3:42 - Carrying the carriage to the gala (his main is different as a result from an animation error). 3:52 - Stops the carriage in front of the gala.

He appears in this episode with a blue coat.

Season two
1 None
2 None
3 1:32 - walking through Ponyville
4 None
5 16:11 - presents Amethyst Star and "Dinky Doo" with a ribbon; 19:21 - presents Berryshine and "Piña Colada" with a ribbon
6 16:22 - watching Apple Bloom's cutie pox go out of control; 16:43 - "Cutie pox?!"
7 None
8 2:14 - watching Rainbow Dash save Aura
9 6:17, 6:40, 6:47 - as a flag-waver for the Wonderbolts Derby; 10:06 - in a checkboard shot of ponies during Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know)
10 None
11 4:01, 5:04, 5:34, 5:40, 5:56, 6:01, 6:56 - acting in the pageant (lighter coat color)
12 None
13 None
14 7:50 - sweeping the rodeo grounds; 16:04 - at the train station with Shoeshine and "Shady Daze"
15 4:36 - looking toward the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy; 6:08, 7:01 - in the crowd during The Flim Flam Brothers
16 None
17 4:11 - in Ponyville Town Square
18 None
19 1:39, 1:47, 1:54, 2:31, 3:22, 6:25 - in the Ponyville marketplace; 7:50 ~ 8:20 - at Iron Will's seminar (with several duplicates)
20 None
21 None.
22 None.
23 None.
24 None.
25 9:56 ~ 10:08 - arguing with Wild Fire before Princess Cadance casts her love spell; 11:30, 11:44 - preparing food with Applejack and others
26 8:20 - looking at Queen Chrysalis
Season three
1 20:51 - among the ponies at the Crystal Faire
2 None
3 13:27, 14:17- in the crowd complaining about Pinkie Pie
4 16:03, 16:40 - at the Summer Harvest Parade (with several duplicates)
5 3:38 - in the crowd of ponies; 4:26 - watches Trixie cast her magic on Spike; 16:44 ~ 17:20 - watching Twilight and Trixie's second duel
6 None
7 None
8 18:09 - seen at the beginning of Raise This Barn
9 1:51 - standing in the Ponyville marketplace
10 None
11 None
12 None
13 7:58 - walking through Ponyville, looking mad; 13:17 - in a marching band during A True, True Friend; 18:41 - at Twilight's princess coronation
Season four
1 None
2 None
3 None
4 None
5 20:27 - at the very left of the sweeping crowd shot
6 None
7 None
8 None
9 None
10 4:14 - talking with a Pegasus mare, with Pegasus wings
11 None
12 0:01 - dancing in Appleloosa; 1:35 - in the Ponyville marketplace; 2:01, 3:09 - with other ponies during Pinkie the Party Planner; 6:09, 6:35, 6:40 - seen during The Super Duper Party Pony; 16:32 - watching Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich's goof off
13 0:04, 0:13 - at the Ponyville Days Festival announcement
14 14:43, 14:54 - at Mayor Mare's ribbon-cutting ceremony; 16:26 - watching the Ponytones perform; 16:48, 16:54 - watches Fluttershy reveal herself; 16:57 - cheering for Fluttershy
15 None
16 Yes
17 None
18 None
19 4:38, 5:07 - in the auditorium lobby
20 3:35 - inside the tent; 6:33, 6:55 - seen during Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic; 14:38 - toweling himself off; 20:09 ~ 21:02 - in the crowd of ponies
21 None
22 0:13 - at the Rainbow Falls train station; 4:44, 4:50 - walking through the Traders Exchange; 19:17, 19:42 - at the Traders Exchange trial
23 0:08 - watching Pinkie Pie trot across the Fair
24 0:11 ~ 1:34 - on the train to the Crystal Empire; 2:23 - getting off the train; 5:44, 7:20 - in the Equestria Games crowd; 6:09, 6:10 - awaiting the lighting of the torch; 8:20 - listening to Shining Armor; 14:37 - listening to Spike sing; 18:30, 18:32 - watching the ice cloud fall
25 None
26 None
Season five
1 None
2 None
3 None
4 None
5 5:06 - pushing clouds with other Pegasi (Pegasus version); 8:05 - raking leaves (different mane style); 9:51 - noticing leaves on the trees; 19:32 - standing next to Lemon Hearts; 21:30 - skating on the frozen lake
6 0:05 - at the Appleloosa Rodeo; 5:00, 5:15 - in the crowd worried about Trouble Shoes; 12:26, 13:27 - in Trouble Shoes' flashback; 16:05, 16:36, 16:45 - watching the hay bale monster stack; 16:53, 17:57 ~ 19:05 - watching the rodeo clowns; 19:15, 19:20 - looking at Trouble Shoes; 19:59 - listening to Apple Bloom; 20:27 - listening to Trouble Shoes

Duplicates: one at 18:36

7 None
8 None
9 None
10 None
11 10:48 - in Dodge Junction
12 None
13 15:15, 17:09 - in Ponyville's shared dream
14 None
15 None
16 None
17 13:11 - holding one end of Apple Bloom and "Orchard Blossom's" jump rope
18 7:58 - selling something to Shoeshine; 13:20 - standing next to Merry May
19 None
20 None
21 1:43 - decorating Ponyville for Nightmare Night
22 None
23 None
24 None
25 None
26 3:25 - talking to another pony
Season six
1 None
2 None
3 None
4 None
5 None
6 6:11 - playing catch with Apple Cobbler; 18:47 - in the crowd for Trixie's show
7 0:01 - talking to Golden Harvest
8 0:06 - walking with Dark Moon; 13:26 - standing with a cart
9 None
10 None
11 None
12 None
13 None
14 17:25 - watching the Applewood Derby with Golden Harvest; 21:13 - watching the do-over of the Derby
15 None

Depiction in Rainbow Rocks

Lucky Clover is one of many ponies seen in the establishing shot of Ponyville in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks.

Other depictions

Lucky Clover Facebook Promo
Lucky Clover appears on IDW's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #1 page 17, being carried in the air by Wild Fire. He also appears on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #41 pages 12 and 17.

Lucky Clover is an available playable character in Gameloft's mobile game, with the description "The luckiest pony you know. He has a cutie mark of a four-leaf clover." He was added to the iOS version of the game on March 12, 2013 and to the Android version of the game on March 28, 2013.

On March 17, 2013, Hasbro's My Little Pony Facebook page posted an image of Lucky Clover and wrote "Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the luckiest pony out there, Lucky Clover!"[3]


A partially translucent mini-figure toy of Lucky Clover was leaked in early August 2012,[4] and its corresponding collector card was leaked in late November 2012; the toy and card were released as part of the seventh wave of mystery packs in January 2013.[5] The figure uses the Big McIntosh mold but features the color scheme and cutie mark of the show character. According to the card, "LUCKY CLOVER knows working together makes any job easier!" His name comes both from the card and from the packaging of the wave, which each list the name as a trademark. A mystery pack wave 7 image formerly displayed by a mystery pack listing on the website of the Greek company KAPSIS depicts Lucky Clover, referred to as "Lucky/Shamrock", with the same design as in the show.[6]


The Best Night Ever

Spike: Then let's get moving! Hyah!
Caramel: Excuse me!?
Spike: Um... I...
Lucky Clover: If you weren't friends with our neighbor Rarity... Hmph!

A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1

Wild Fire: I am going for a hooficure and that is that!
Lucky Clover: You are not going-
Wild Fire: I am!
Lucky Clover: I've already paid for three this month!
Wild Fire: My girlfriends are all getting their hooves done! And you said that onl--
Lucky Clover and Wild Fire: [arguing] [suddenly stop arguing]


Fleetfoot wins the Wonderbolts derby S2E9

Lucky Clover image gallery

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