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Lyra Heartstrings

Lyra about to cringe crop S02E25

Lyra Hearstrings filly ID S4E12

Lyra as a filly in Pinkie Pride

Teen Lyra ID

A picture of young Lyra on Friendship is Magic Issue #11 cover A

Lyra as an Earth pony ID S1E21

Lyra Heartstrings as an Earth pony in Over a Barrel

Lyra Heartstrings Pegasus ID S2E22

Lyra Heartstrings as a Pegasus pony in Hurricane Fluttershy

Friends Forever issue 7 Alicorn Lyra

Lyra Heartstrings as an Alicorn pony in Friends Forever Issue #7

Lyra Heartstrings ID EG2

Lyra Heartstrings as a human in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

Kind Unicorn
Human (EG)
Sex Female
Residence With Sweetie Drops[1]
Occupation Ponyville Choir member (Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity)
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Eyes Brilliant gamboge
Mane ¤ Pale, light grayish cyan with white highlights
Coat Very light aquamarine
Magic aura Brilliant gold (S2E11, S4E25, and Friendship is Magic Issue #20)
Orange (S4E20)
Cyan (S4E22)
Nicknames Ly (The Periodic Table of My Little Pony)
Cutie mark
PonyMaker Lyre
Voice Britt McKillip (English)[2]
Asami Yoshida (Japanese)
Anca Sigmirean (Romanian)
Lyra Heartstrings, occasionally called simply either Heartstrings or Lyra, is a female unicorn pony who frequently appears as a background character and occasionally in more prominent roles. She has a magic mint coat, brilliant cyan mane and tail with a white streak, sunglow eyes, and a cutie mark of a lyre. The word "heartstrings" refers to deep feelings of love or compassion and is commonly used in the phrase "tug at the heartstrings" which means to cause strong feelings of affection or sympathy.

Design, development, and production

Lyra Heartstrings shares her design with Amethyst Star, Diamond Mint, and Lemony Gem. Her mane style is the same as Rose's and Silverspeed's, and she shares her tail style with Royal Ribbon. She has the same cutie mark as other ponies from the current generation and previous My Little Pony generations. Respective examples are the Earth pony Lyrica Lilac and the G3 Earth pony Bee Bop.

Part of Lyra Heartstrings' name, Lyra, was given by fans before it was adopted officially by Hasbro. Her name first appeared in merchandising as Heartstrings in the accompanying pamphlet of a mystery pack toy released in Europe in January 2012, and was later expanded to Lyra Heartstrings in a Playful Ponies toy, a trading card, the mystery pack toy's U.S. release, another mystery pack toy, a mobile game, a board game, a dog tag checklist,[3] and a collectible card game. Her name has not been mentioned in the show.

According to a layout artist on the show, background ponies are nameless, but Lyra Heartstrings was labeled "Incidental Unicorn #2" at the studio prior to being named in merchandise and other media[4] and is still labeled "Incidental Unicorn #2" at the studio as of May 22, 2013.[5] The same layout artist has used Lyra for background gags,[6] such as jumping excitedly, drinking from a cup, or sitting like a human on a bench. Sweetie Drops and Lyra Heartstrings frequently appear together, a pairing explained by the artist to be mostly coincidental and based on aesthetic considerations, as far as season one is concerned.[6] The artist has referred to Lyra and the Earth pony variant of Lyra with moderate cerise eyes as the same pony.[7][8]

Regarding the Alicorn variant of Lyra Heartstrings in the IDW comics' My Little Pony: Friends Forever Issue #7, colorist Heather Breckel stated on July 9, 2014 "Tony drew it, I just thought it looked like her"[9] and "I have no idea if it was intentional or not, and was in the zone when I colored it so I didn't think anything of it. I just like putting Lyras everywhere  :yay:",[10] and editor Bobby Curnow stated on July 10, 2014 "That would be a mistake!"[11]

Depiction in the series

Season one

Lyra Heartstrings crying S1E10

Lyra Heartstrings cries when her pie is eaten by parasprites.

Lyra Heartstrings' first appearance is in Friendship is Magic, part 1 in Canterlot, where she walks with Amethyst Star and waves to Twilight Sparkle. She later attends Pinkie Pie’s surprise party for Twilight in Ponyville.

Lyra Heartstrings and Sweetie Drops watch the Iron Pony Competition in Fall Weather Friends. In Swarm of the Century, the two marvel at a parasprite that hovers over their table before gobbling up their food, making Lyra cry.

Season two

Minuette, Lyra Heartstrings and Twinkleshine brainwashed 2 S2E26

Lyra Heartstrings is bewitched to serve Queen Chrysalis in the season 2 finale.

Lyra Heartstrings and Sweetie Drops tussle for Smarty Pants in Lesson Zero. In Luna Eclipsed, a unicorn with her coat and eye color is dressed as a mummy for Nightmare Night.

In The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, Lyra Heartstrings is among the crowd of ponies, beside Rainbow Dash, gazing upon Flim and Flam's Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000. She also sings along during the Flim Flam Brothers song.

In Secret of My Excess, Lyra and Sweetie Drops are surprised when Derpy pops out of a nearby well. In Hearts and Hooves Day, Lyra Heartstrings appears next to Sweetie Drops in the village shot and later in Apple Bloom's fantasy scene. In A Friend in Deed, she, Sweetie Drops, and other ponies hop on roofs during Smile Song. In the market scene of Putting Your Hoof Down, she is slumped on a table. Later, she is sitting up, holding a drink, and talking to Sweetie Drops.

In A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1, Lyra Heartstrings, Minuette, and Twinkleshine are the unwitting bridesmaids of Queen Chrysalis, who is disguised as Princess Cadance. Lyra Heartstrings says she loves the bridesmaids' dresses that Rarity has made. They are bewitched to do Queen Chrysalis' bidding in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2, and try to stop Twilight and the real Cadance from escaping. They are freed from Chrysalis' control by the end of the episode.

Season three

In Magic Duel, she drinks from a cup and stands next to Sweetie Drops. The two dive for cover when Twilight zaps Pinkie. In Magical Mystery Cure, she attends Twilight's coronation. During the last song of the episode, she jumps excitedly in the crowd as Twilight and her friends pass by.

Season four

Judges scoring dive S4E20

Lyra is a tough judge.

Lyra Heartstrings appears in Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 1, Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2, and Rainbow Falls. In Pinkie Pride, she appears in the present day and a filly version of her appears in a flashback. She also appears in Simple Ways, Filli Vanilli, It Ain't Easy Being Breezies, and For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils. In Leap of Faith, she appears as a judge of the synchronized swimming contest. While the other judges give Granny Smith and Apple Bloom a 10, she seemingly gives them a "01", although it turns out she was holding the score mark upside down. She appears briefly in Trade Ya! In Equestria Games, she is seen going through a magic inhibitor that disables all unicorn magic in the Equestria Games stadium. She also appears in Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1 and Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2.


Lyra Heartstrings runs from the bunny stampede S1E04

Running Lyra with moderate cerise eyes.

A number of background ponies have Lyra Heartstrings' design with variations on her color scheme. They are included in the appearances table below. The most common of these is an Earth Pony that looks like Lyra Heartstrings without a horn. A Lyra Heartstrings with moderate cerise eyes occasionally appears in scenes where Lyra Heartstrings runs around town, either on her own - as in Applebuck Season - or as part of a throng of other ponies, as in Boast Busters and The Ticket Master. However, “running Lyra” does not have cerise eyes in Hearts and Hooves Day, and while she has cerise eyes for most of the race in Fall Weather Friends, they are yellow at the beginning of the race. An Earth pony variant with moderate cerise eyes and a bonnet appears in Over a Barrel and Luna Eclipsed.

A Pegasus variant with Lyra Heartstrings' color scheme but with wings and a different mane style appears briefly in the episode Sonic Rainboom.


Times stated below are approximate and taken from various videos.

Season one
1 2:43 – waving to Twilight Sparkle as she runs past, 16:34 – yelling "Surprise!" at the party, 16:41 ~ 17:42 – mingling at the party, 18:48 – in the town hall next to Sweetie Drops, 19:28, 19:35 – hopping up and down excitedly in anticipation of Princess Celestia’s appearance, 19:46 – behind Pinkie Pie, 19:53 – talks to Sweetie Drops in confusion, 20:02, 20:08, 20:53 – lower body only, 21:06 – looking at Twilight, 21:23 – looking fearfully at Nightmare Moon.

Duplicates: 16:36 – behind Twinkleshine at the party, 17:00 – behind Minuette, 17:08 – duplicates behind Twinkleshine and Lemon Hearts, 17:17 – in the foreground, 18:46 – earth pony duplicate on the right balcony, seen again at 19:11, 20:15 – numerous earth pony duplicates in the crowd surveyed by Nightmare Moon.

2 20:15 – happily running towards Pinkie's party, 20:19 ~ 21:21 – in the foreground, 20:50 – standing in the crowd.
3 3:34 ~ 4:10 – in the stands in Rainbow Dash's fantasy, 8:01 – watching Rarity dance in her fantasy, 17:11 – hears “Twilight has an extra ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala”, 17:25 ~ 18:01 – part of the mob crowding around and chasing Twilight.

Duplicates: 3:34 – one duplicate in the audience, 3:38 – another duplicate appears, 17:45 ~ 18:01 – entire pony posse intermittently duplicated for effect.

4 2:13 – running from the cow stampede in panic (eyes are maroon), 2:25, 4:44 ~ 7:41 – in the audience at the party for Applejack, 14:49 ~ 14:57 – getting free muffin samples, 18:14 ~ 18:23 – running about during the bunny stampede (eyes are maroon again).

Duplicates: 4:44 – several duplicates in the audience.

5 12:20 – talking to Golden Harvest and Rainbowshine, 13:41 – staring at Fluttershy (visible only very briefly), 19:19 – at Gilda’s party, 19:44, 20:37 – laughing at the mutual zapping.
6 1:27 – walking around with an earnest expression, 2:18 ~ 10:01 – earth pony version standing in the crowd for Trixie’s show, 4:50 – with her horn back, 9:12 – watching Rarity run away, 9:24 ~ 9:50 – near Twilight Sparkle, 15:46 – part of the panic-stricken pony mob, 17:42 – watching the Ursa, 17:44 – emerging from the opposite side of the street, 18:04 – in the crowd congratulating Twilight, 18:35 ~ 20:30 – earth pony version in the crowd, 20:28 – (with her horn).

Duplicates: 2:21 – one earth pony duplicate in the crowd, 2:32, 3:27, 6:13, 6:38, 7:19, 9:12 – two earth pony duplicates in the crowd, 9:24 – one earth pony duplicate, 9:26, 9:35, 9:42, 20:28.

7 1:46 – appears to be stretching in the park, 2:19 – sitting like a human on a park bench, 2:35 – talking to Sweetie Drops, 2:46 – in the crowd listening to Twilight.
8 None.
9 None.
10 2:38 – stretching for a bunch of flowers on the ground in the park, 14:01 – with Sweetie Drops outside Sugarcube Corner and marveling at a parasprite, 14:08 – watching the parasprite eat their food and going teary-eyed afterward.
11 2:30 – jumping up and down excitedly in the crowd (without a vest), 4:08 – singing while attached to a cart of supplies (with an animal team vest), 4:34 – singing with a hedgehog on her back, 17:18 – arguing over the disorder of the wrap-up, 17:20, 18:06 – standing as other ponies walk off, 18:14 – standing on a stool with a nest in her mouth, 20:25 – in the crowd looking at the mayor and Twilight.
12 4:54 – talking to “Tornado Bolt”, 15:32 ~ 21:19 – at Diamond Tiara’s cute-ceañera, 21:16 – dancing.
13 4:21 – cheering for Applejack’s bell-ringer, 6:25 – drinking from a cup while watching Applejack leap, 6:31 – same thing but with Rainbow Dash, 6:40 ~ 7:25 – in the audience, 9:11 ~ 11:19 – watching the racers line up, 11:27 – at the starting line, 11:36 – starts running (contestant #18), 11:40 ~ 18:22 – running in the Running of the Leaves, 13:20 – passing Applejack, 14:31 – passing Rainbow Dash (contestant #81), 16:41 – (contestant #18), 17:15, 17:42, 18:20 – (contestant #81), 18:51 – bouncing happily near the finish line (tags are gone), 19:23 ~ 19:33 – in the crowd watching Applejack and Rainbow tussle (hornless), 19:29 – with her horn back, 19:57 – without her horn.

Duplicates: 6:59 – one earth pony duplicate in the background, 7:11, 7:24, 9:11 – one unicorn duplicate in the audience, 11:37 – entire pony posse intermittently duplicated for effect, 13:45 – three Lyra Heartstrings running, 16:41 – two Lyra Heartstrings, 18:51 – an earth pony duplicate in the crowd, 19:23 – many earth pony duplicates scroll by.

14 13:06 – at Rarity’s fashion show, 13:12 ~ 13:21 – looking at Hoity Toity as he walks up, 14:07 ~ – viewing the stage, 14:27 – grimacing at the dresses, 14:50 – listening to Hoity Toity (without her horn), 14:59, 15:18 – looking at Rarity.

Duplicates: 13:13 – at least four duplicates in the audience, 13:16 – two duplicates, 13:53 – six earth pony duplicates, 14:27 – two duplicates, 15:05 – one earth pony duplicate.

15 None.
16 13:08 ~ 13:31 – bouncing on a cloud in the audience for the Best Young Flyer competition, 16:05, 19:07, 20:04 – not bouncing, 20:35 – chilling out behind Princess Celestia, 20:56, 21:21.

Duplicates: 13:08 – one duplicate in the audience who’s not bouncing, 16:06 – another hopping Lyra Heartstrings, 19:07 – two hopping duplicates.

17 None.
18 14:43 ~ 20:03 – standing in the crowd for the talent show, 16:36 – staring at the Cutie Mark Crusaders (without a horn), 18:40 – starts laughing, 18:46, 20:02 – applauding.

Duplicates: 14:44 – three duplicates in the crowd, 15:05, 16:38 – four earth pony duplicates, 18:40 – two earth pony duplicates, 20:02 – five duplicates.

19 None.
20 10:01 – barely visible in the crowd at Fluttershy’s first fashion show, 10:09 – smiling at Fluttershy’s performance, 10:30 – in the sidelines of Fluttershy’s red carpet, 16:43 – standing near the exit in the audience at Fluttershy’s latest fashion show, 16:47 – behind Photo Finish, 17:04 – near the exit again, 17:19 – sees Fluttershy trip (hornless), 17:20 – gasps in horror behind Photo Finish (with her horn), 17:22 – near the stage watching Fluttershy act weird (hornless again), 17:29 – behind Photo Finish again (with her horn again), 17:30 – watching Fluttershy skid across the stage (without her horn), 17:33 – and float upside down, 17:41 – and act like a dog, 17:56 – looking displeased behind Photo Finish (with her horn back), 18:10 – looking to the source of the word “Bravo!”, 18:13, 18:18, 18:30 – listening to and agreeing with Lyrica Lilac, 18:37 – back near the exit in the audience as she cheers for Fluttershy.

Duplicates: 10:30 – one duplicate in the crowd, 17:05, 17:19 – one earth pony duplicate in the crowd, 17:22, 17:30 – two earth pony duplicates, 17:33 – one earth pony duplicate, 17:41 – two earth pony duplicates.

21 7:04 – in Appleloosa with a light blue headdress (hornless), 12:15 – walking in front of a house, 15:46 – running away from the stage with the Appleloosans, 15:56 – running through town, 19:04 – running from the buffalos, 19:20.
22 6:41 – listening to Princess Celestia’s announcement at her party, 6:49 – watching Celestia leave.
23 11:18 ~ 11:29 – standing in the audience for the performance in Rarity’s flashback, 12:02 – standing in the crowd for the sun-raising ceremony in Canterlot in Twilight Sparkle’s flashback, 12:04 – being pushed by young Twilight (without her horn), 12:12 – watching Princess Celestia take off (with her horn), 12:19 – watching the sun rise (without her horn), 12:25 – cheering.

Duplicates: 12:04 – one earth pony duplicate in the crowd, 12:12 – at least four duplicates in the crowd, 12:19 – one earth pony duplicate.

24 None.
25 None.
26 6:45 – singing after Twilight Sparkle’s part of the song, 9:20 – standing outside the VIP section of the Grand Galloping Gala, 9:22 – inside the VIP section, 11:48 ~ 12:05 – mingling in the crowd, 13:11, 18:23 – watching Applejack push in her apple cake.

Duplicates: 9:20 – one duplicate outside the VIP section, 9:22 – one duplicate inside the VIP section.

Season two
1 None.
2 20:36-21:08 – several unicorn clones in the crowd.
3 16:34-16:46 – part of the crowd fighting over Smarty Pants, 16:48 - kicked away by Big McIntosh, 17:25 - fighting with Sweetie Drops over Smarty Pants, 17:55 - lying next to Orange Swirl and Apple Bloom in the aftermath.
4 Dressed up as a mummy: 06:38-06:57 watching Luna arrive, 13:17 cheering Luna on when she smashes pumpkins, 15:04 cowering, 15:47 standing around, 16:37 standing around sad, 21:06 laughing.
Hornless with moderate cerise eyes, wearing a bonnet: 14:42 behind Luna.
5 18:25, 19:04 - in the crowd watching the race, 19:23 - carrying Berryshine and Piña Colada.
6 16:43 - saying "Cutie pox?" along with the crowd.
7 None.
8 02:20, 03:14, 04:28, 04:31, 04:51, - cheering for Rainbow Dash, 16:17 disappointed towards her, 17:43, 17:56 - in the thank you parade for Mare Do Well.
9 05:46 - Three clones in the crowd, 07:36 in the crowd again.
10 07:15 - Standing next to Sweetie Drops and being surprised by Derpy in the well.
11 03:52 - in the crowd, 05:43 acting in the play, 05:48 opening the door for Princess Platinum, 20:05 in the crowd again.
12 None.
13 None.
14 03:03 - in the crowd cheering for Applejack.
15 02:27 - waiting in the line, 02:54 - buying cider, 05:01, 05:25, 06:07, 06:09, 06:29, 06:34, 06:59, 08:45 - appearing several times during the Flim Flam Brothers song, 12:52, 13:10, 13:41, 17:45, 18:40, 19:20, 19:43, 20:21, 20:32 - appearing in the crowd.
16 None.
17 0:02+3:31 in Ponyville square next to Sweetie Drops, 13:34 running around in a panic in Apple Bloom's imagination.;

Earth pony clone: 3:35 at the funeral.

18 05:10, 05:17, 05:36, 05:47, 05:57, 06:08 - during Smile Song.
19 1:40 sitting on a table in the background reaching out for her soda cup, 1:53 chatting with Sweetie Drops.
20 4:26 - listening to Twilight.
21 None.
22 6:00 - in Fluttershy's flashback (as a Pegasus)
23 10:05 – reading the Foal Free Press
24 None.
25 12:50 As one of Princess Cadance's bridesmaids, along with Minuette and Twinkleshine ~ minor speaking role. ("I love them!")
26 6:17 ~ 8:39 - at the first wedding ceremony; 6:38 - "You aren't going anywhere."; 7:22 - "I want it!"; 14:25 - being chased by changelings; 20:09 ~ 20:30 - at the wedding reception; 20:35 - in a photo of Rarity and Fancy Pants; 20:36 - watching Princess Cadance and Shining Armor leave; 21:00 - when Rarity catches the bouquet
Season three
1 None
2 None
3 13:23 In the crowd complaining about the Pinkie clones.
4 12:50 In the crowd during the Harvest Day Parade, listening to Sweetie Drops.
5 18:08 Drinking a soda next to Sweetie Drops before Twilight performs a fake spell on Pinkie Pie.
6 None
7 None
8 None
9 1:49 Seen in the market next to the apple stall.
10 None
11 None
12 None
13 18:24, 20:22 - at Twilight's princess coronation; 20:53 ~ 21:07 - in the crowd during Life in Equestria

Duplicates: 19:03, 19:06 - one in the crowd; 20:53 - two in the crowd

Season four
1 7:58 - in the crowd of worried ponies
2 20:24 - in the crowd at the Summer Sun Celebration
3 None
4 None
5 None
6 None
7 None
8 None
9 None
10 4:13 - sitting on a bench with Sweetie Drops; 4:49 - on the Equestria Games tryout fields
11 None
12 3:09 - with other ponies during Pinkie the Party Planner; 5:20 ~ 6:44 - seen during The Super Duper Party Pony; 7:22, 7:35 - in the crowd admiring Cheese Sandwich; 13:10 ~ 16:32 - watching Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich's goof off; 18:21, 18:29 - in Cheese Sandwich's flashback during Cheese Confesses (as a filly); 19:39 - walking to the party; 19:48 - swimming in a giant punch bowl; 20:09, 20:36 - seen during Make a Wish
13 0:10 ~ 0:58 - at the Ponyville Days Festival announcement; 4:51, 5:05 - at the train station; 21:20 - watching the Ponyville Days fashion show
14 4:13 ~ 4:46 - listening to the Ponytones rehearsal; 10:05 - at the Ponyville Pet Center fundraiser; 10:08, 10:36 - next to Noteworthy; 12:16, 12:20 - cheering for the Ponytones; 15:35 - in a line of ponies outside Sugarcube Corner; 17:35 - watching Twilight and her friends chase after Fluttershy

Duplicates: one at 12:16

15 None
16 2:14 ~ 3:28 - in a crowd of ponies; 3:16, 3:58 - shielding her eyes; 4:26, 4:44 - watching the Breezies fly through Ponyville
17 None
18 None
19 5:13, 5:40 - in the auditorium lobby
20 4:42, 5:10, 6:36, 6:42 - seen during Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic; 14:38 ~ 16:19 - as a Ponyville Swim Meet judge; 16:04 - near Flim and Flam's tonic stand

Duplicates: one at 14:38 and 15:36

21 None
22 0:36 - welcoming Princess Twilight to the Traders Exchange; 14:26, 14:32, 15:32 - in the background; 15:10 - in an ever-condensing crowd of ponies; 17:20 - trading items with Berryshine (different aura color); 18:16, 18:21 - at Pinkie Pie's auction of Twilight's books; 19:17 ~ 19:58 - at the Traders Exchange trial
23 None
24 7:20 - in the Equestria Games crowd; 11:39 - in the stadium lobby; 11:51 - having her magic disabled; 14:34 - listening to Spike sing; 16:33, 18:14 - watching the ice archery event; 18:30 - watching the ice cloud fall; 20:46 - watching the closing ceremonies
25 19:54, 20:00 - in an auditorium crowd; 20:07, 20:12 - having her magic stolen by Lord Tirek
26 20:19 - walking up to Twilight's castle; 20:30 ~ 21:14 - seen during Let the Rainbow Remind You

Depiction in the comics

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Comic issue 20 cover RE Lyra reading Ponies
Lyra Heartstrings appears on Issue #1's pages 5 and 17 and the Ghost Variant wrap cover RE back, Issue #4's Hot Topic cover and T-shirt, Issue #5's page 3 and Midtown Comics cover RE, Issue #8's page 14, Issue #9's pages 4 and 13-14 and a con cover and The Fall of Sunset Shimmer page 2, Issue #10's cover A, pages 13 and 15, and the Hot Topic cover, Issue #11's cover A in a yearbook picture and Comics World cover RE, in Issue #12, on Issue #20's Phoenix Comics & Games (and Everfree Northwest) exclusive cover RE reading a publication titled 'Ponies',[12] on Issue #23 pages 8, 16, and 21, and on Issue #28 page 1.[13]

My Little Pony Micro-Series

Lyra Heartstrings appears on Issue #2 page 19 and Issue #3 page 2.

My Little Pony: Friends Forever

Lyra Heartstrings appears on an Issue #1 Larry's Comics and Jetpack Comics cover RE, on Issue #7 pages 3—as an Alicorn—and 22 and two Jetpack Comics covers RE, on Issue #9 pages 3-5, 7, and 21, on Issue #10 page 1, on Issue #12 pages 13 and 20, and on Issue #15 page 19.

Depiction in Rainbow Rocks

Lyra and Sweetie Drops' piano duet EG2

Lyra and Sweetie Drops' duet.

A human counterpart of Lyra appears in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks alongside Sweetie Drops as one of the students arguing.

Lyra and Sweetie Drops perform a piano and vocal duet (the vocals are not heard over Under Our Spell), but they get eliminated from the battle by Trixie and the Illusions.

Unicorn Lyra also appears with pony Sweetie Drops in the town square in the establishing shot of Ponyville.

Other depictions

Chapter books

In chapter 13 of Pinkie Pie and the Rockin' Ponypalooza Party!, "Pinkie Takes Action!", Pinkie Pie says Lyra Heartstrings is a musician. In Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare, Lyra Heartstrings appears in chapters 3-4. In Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity, Lyra Heartstrings appears in chapter 11. In Applejack and the Honest-to-Goodness Switcheroo, Lyra appears in chapters 1 and 14. In Fluttershy and the Fine Furry Friends Fair, Lyra appears in chapter 2.

My Little Pony (mobile game)

Lyra Heartstrings is one of the available playable characters in Gameloft's mobile game. A promotional image posted by the official Facebook page of the game on May 7, 2014[14] uses fanart of her,[15] which also appears to match the game's icon of her.

My Little Pony mobile game description

This loving and compassionate unicorn has a lyre for a cutie mark and will certainly tug at anypony's heartstrings!


A mini-figure toy first released in January 2012 appears in the third wave of mystery packs and in a Hasbro-licensed board game, being of the same pony kind and bearing the same cutie mark, coat color, mane color, and eye color as the unnamed character on the show, though her mane is missing the white streak. Her pose and mane style are the same as the Twilight Sparkle mystery pack toy mold. The toy comes in two variations, light teal as the toy pictured to the right, and Irish green as the drawing on the card. The European mystery pack release names her Heartstrings and includes a collector card stating that she "sings all day!" The U.S. mystery pack release names her Lyra Heartstrings and includes a collector card stating that she "sings and plays all day!"[16] The European board game release's Swedish, Danish and Finnish descriptions all name her Lyra Heartstrings as well, while its Norwegian description names her Lyra Heartstring.
Kmart Lyra Heartstrings Royal Wedding Playful Pony May 2012 in package

Doll for Lyra Heartstrings pony version

A "Pony Wedding" brushable toy named Lyra Heartstrings was displayed in prototype form at the 2012 New York Toy Fair, and was released later in the same year, sometimes with a MiniDVD of Lesson Zero. This brushable toy's packaging still uses the eye design of Twilight Sparkle, but uses the mane style usually seen on Minuette and Sea Swirl. According to the package, Lyra Heartstrings "loves to play! She finds a way to have fun no matter where she goes".

The fifth wave of mystery pack toys features a second mini-figure named Lyra Heartstrings, differing from the first mini-figure in that her coat is much lighter and her mane now has a white streak. The European release includes a collector card stating that she "loves to play!" The U.S. release includes a collector card that uses the same description as the previous U.S. collector card.

Upcoming toy releases displayed at the 2013 New York Toy Fair include a Toys "R" Us exclusive brushable release arriving in-store Summer 2013[17] and a third mini-figure with the same pose and mane style as the Rarity mini-figure toy mold.[18]

Pop includes Lyra Heartstrings.

Lyra Heartstrings Sweetie Drops Comic Con poster

Lyra Heartstrings in the Comic Con 2011 poster.

The designer of the Comic Con 2011 promotional poster commented in an online forum that he intentionally placed Lyra and Sweetie Drops together for the poster, even though they were only coincidentally placed together in the series.[19]

There is a Lyra Heartstrings Funko figure. A Sweetie Drops Funko figure's online description mentions that "Sweetie Drops is an Earth pony who is identified as a background pony who lives in Lyra Heartstrings."[20]

Lyra adorns a collectible trading card along with Golden Harvest, with the description "There's two in every crowd! Lyra Heartstrings is an excitable pony often seen bouncing and grinning at the back of the herd or lolling in the park sharing bonbons with Golden Harvest, her PFF. Golden Harvest earned the nickname Carrot Top because carrots are always on her mind. These two ponies can be found all over Equestria, enjoying various activities like jumping across rooftops, running from buffalo, and joining in musical numbers!"

In Enterplay's collectible card game, an older version of a card of Zecora, shown at BronyCon 2013, bears the title "Lyra Heartstrings & Bon Bon",[21] and α #201 UR, a card of Lyra Heartstrings, gives her the description "Of all the ponies Twilight Sparkle told about her adventures through the magic mirror, Lyra was by far the most curious." In the game's expansion set The Crystal Games, #39 R and #ƒ18, cards of Lyra, list the quote "Bon Bon! BON BON! Over here!" carries Hasbro-licensed merchandise of fan designs of Lyra, often posed similarly to her slouch in Dragonshy. The products include T-shirts, art prints, dioramas, and others.

A Rainbow Rocks doll of Lyra has been listed on Hasbro's website.[22]


"I love them."
A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 and Mini Pony Collector's Guide
"You're not going anywhere."
— In unison with Minuette and Twinkleshine, A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2
"I want it!"
— In unison with Minuette and Twinkleshine, A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2
"Would you like to come have lunch with us?"
The Fall of Sunset Shimmer
"She has a point."
Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare
Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity
Lyra Heartstrings: Wow, Rarity! You've really outdone yourself this time.
Lyra Heartstrings: I want to wear it every day!
"Bon Bon! BON BON! Over here!"
— Enterplay collectible card game The Crystal Games #39 R and #ƒ18 cards of Lyra
"Wow, this brings whole new meaning to the word "snow bank!"
— Enterplay Facebook post[23]


Sweetie Drops and Lyra Heartstrings excited S2E15

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