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Lyra Heartstrings

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Lyra Heartstrings
Lyra about to cringe crop S02E25
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
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Eyes Moderate tangelo
Mane ¤ Pale, light grayish cyan with white highlights
Coat Very light aquamarine
Cutie mark
PonyMaker Lyre
Lyra Heartstrings is the partially fan-given name of a background unicorn pony frequently used by a layout artist for background gags. The name is not mentioned on the show, but it first appeared in merchandising as Heartstrings in the accompanying pamphlet of a mystery pack toy released in Europe in January 2012, and was later expanded to Lyra Heartstrings in a Playful Ponies toy, a trading card, the mystery pack toy's U.S. release, and another mystery pack toy. Her cutie mark is a lyre; "heartstrings" refers to deep feelings of love or compassion, commonly used in the phrase "tug at the heartstrings".

Depiction in the series

File:Lyra Heartstrings Crying.PNG
Lyra Heartstrings is frequently used by one of the show's layout artists for background gags,[1] such as bouncing on clouds, jumping around excitedly, drinking from a cup, or slouching like a person on a park bench. According to a layout artist on the show, background ponies are nameless, but this pony is labeled "Incidental Unicorn #2" at the studio. She cries when the parasprites eat her pie in Swarm of the Century. A list of her appearances is specified in the charts below.

Lyra Heartstrings frequently appears alongside Bon Bon. The pairing has been explained by a layout artist to be mostly coincidental and based on aesthetic considerations as far as season one is concerned.[2] The two are depicted talking in crowd scenes, enjoying a snack, and even fighting each other: They watch Applejack and Rainbow Dash during the Iron Pony Competition. They have a tussle with each other in the background of one scene of Lesson Zero for the possession of Smarty Pants. They stand next to a well in Secret of My Excess and get surprised by Derpy when she pops out of the well. Lyra Heartstrings stands next to Bon Bon in Hearts and Hooves Day in the village shot, and appears shortly in Apple Bloom's fantasy scene. She appears in multiple shots of the Smile Song, in of which she bounces off a roof with Bon Bon. She appears in the background throughout the market scene in Putting Your Hoof Down, at first slumped on a table, then later sitting up, holding a drinks cup and talking to Bon Bon.

Lyra Heartstrings also appears solo on occasion: A unicorn with her coat and eye color is disguised as a mummy in Luna Eclipsed. She is one of Queen Chrysalis's first bridesmaids in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 and A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2, along with Minuette and Twinkleshine. In Part 1, she comments on the bridesmaids' dresses, saying that she loves them. In Part 2, she speaks in unison with the other two brainwashed bridesmaids who are blocking Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadance's path. These two episodes were her only speaking roles thus far in the English dub. In the Italian version of Friendship is Magic, part 1 and the Polish version of Call of the Cutie also give her clearly spoken lines.


Minuette, Lyra Heartstrings and Twinkleshine brainwashed 2 S2E26

Lyra, along with Minuette and Twinkleshine, under influence of the Queen's spell.

There are a number of background ponies using Lyra Heartstrings's design with variations on her color scheme. They are included in the appearances table below. The most common of these is an Earth pony that matches Lyra Heartstrings exactly, save for the absence of a horn; this design is primarily used in crowd shots. A unicorn variety with red eyes appears occasionally in scenes where Lyra Heartstrings runs around town, either on her own - as in Applebuck Season - or as part of a throng of other ponies, as in Boast Busters and The Ticket Master. Not every "running Lyra" has red eyes, however; she does not in Hearts and Hooves Day, and while she has red eyes for most of the race in Fall Weather Friends, they are yellow at the beginning of the race in that episode. Examples are Amethyst Star and Diamond Mint, and she shares her mane style with Rose
Lyra Heartwings S01E16

A Pegasus variant in the background in Cloudsdale.

An earth pony with Lyra Heartstrings' coat, mane color and mane style, but red eyes, appears in two episodes: Over a Barrel and Luna Eclipsed. In both cases, she wears a bonnet. A Pegasus variant with Lyra Heartstrings' color scheme but wings and a different mane style appears briefly in the episode Sonic Rainboom.

The lyre is a common cutie mark in the series, but it also appeared in previous My Little Pony generations, for example on the G3 Earth pony Bee Bop.


Times stated below are approximate and taken from various videos available online.

Season One
1 2:43 – waving to Twilight as she runs past, 16:34 – yelling "Surprise!" at the party, 16:41 ~ 17:42 – mingling at the party, 18:48 – in the town hall next to “Bon Bon”, 19:28, 19:35 – hopping up and down excitedly in anticipation of Princess Celestia’s appearance, 19:46 – behind Pinkie Pie, 19:53 – talks to “Bon Bon” in confusion, 20:02, 20:08, 20:53 – lower body only, 21:06 – looking at Twilight, 21:23 – looking fearfully at Nightmare Moon.

Duplicates: 16:36 – behind Twinkleshine at the party, 17:00 – behind Minuette, 17:08 – duplicates behind Twinkleshine and Lemon Hearts, 17:17 – in the foreground, 18:46 – earth pony duplicate on the right balcony, seen again at 19:11, 20:15 – numerous earth pony duplicates in the crowd surveyed by Nightmare Moon.

2 20:15 – happily running towards Pinkie's party, 20:19 ~ 21:21 – in the foreground, 20:50 – standing in the crowd.
3 3:34 ~ 4:10 – in the stands in Rainbow's fantasy, 8:01 – watching Rarity dance in her fantasy, 17:11 – hears “Twilight has an extra ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala”, 17:25 ~ 18:01 – part of the mob crowding around and chasing Twilight.

Duplicates: 3:34 – one duplicate in the audience, 3:38 – another duplicate appears, 17:45 ~ 18:01 – entire pony posse intermittently duplicated for effect.

4 2:13 – running from the cow stampede in panic (eyes are maroon), 2:25, 4:44 ~ 7:41 – in the audience at the party for Applejack, 14:49 ~ 14:57 – getting free muffin samples, 18:14 ~ 18:23 – running about during the bunny stampede (eyes are maroon again).

Duplicates: 4:44 – several duplicates in the audience.

5 12:20 – talking to Golden Harvest and Rainbowshine, 13:41 – staring at Fluttershy (visible only very briefly), 19:19 – at Gilda’s party, 19:44, 20:37 – laughing at the mutual zapping.
6 1:27 – walking around with an earnest expression, 2:18 ~ 10:01 – earth pony version standing in the crowd for Trixie’s show, 4:50 – with her horn back, 9:12 – watching Rarity run away, 9:24 ~ 9:50 – near Twilight, 15:46 – part of the panic-stricken pony mob, 17:42 – watching the Ursa, 17:44 – emerging from the opposite side of the street, 18:04 – in the crowd congratulating Twilight, 18:35 ~ 20:30 – earth pony version in the crowd, 20:28 – (with her horn).

Duplicates: 2:21 – one earth pony duplicate in the crowd, 2:32, 3:27, 6:13, 6:38, 7:19, 9:12 – two earth pony duplicates in the crowd, 9:24 – one earth pony duplicate, 9:26, 9:35, 9:42, 20:28.

7 1:46 – appears to be stretching in the park, 2:19 – sitting like a human on a park bench, 2:35 – talking to “Bon Bon”, 2:46 – in the crowd listening to Twilight.
8 None.
9 None.
10 2:38 – stretching for a bunch of flowers on the ground in the park, 14:01 – with “Bon Bon” outside Sugarcube Corner and marveling at a parasprite, 14:08 – watching the parasprite eat their food and going teary-eyed afterward.
11 2:30 – jumping up and down excitedly in the crowd (without a vest), 4:08 – singing while attached to a cart of supplies (with an animal team vest), 4:34 – singing with a hedgehog on her back, 17:18 – arguing over the disorder of the wrap-up, 17:20, 18:06 – standing as other ponies walk off, 18:14 – standing on a stool with a nest in her mouth, 20:25 – in the crowd looking at the mayor and Twilight.
12 4:54 – talking to “Tornado Bolt”, 15:32 ~ 21:19 – at Diamond Tiara’s cute-ceañera, 21:16 – dancing.
13 4:21 – cheering for Applejack’s bell-ringer, 6:25 – drinking from a cup while watching Applejack leap, 6:31 – same thing but with Rainbow Dash, 6:40 ~ 7:25 – in the audience, 9:11 ~ 11:19 – watching the racers line up, 11:27 – at the starting line, 11:36 – starts running (contestant #18), 11:40 ~ 18:22 – running in the Running of the Leaves, 13:20 – passing Applejack, 14:31 – passing Rainbow Dash (contestant #81), 16:41 – (contestant #18), 17:15, 17:42, 18:20 – (contestant #81), 18:51 – bouncing happily near the finish line (tags are gone), 19:23 ~ 19:33 – in the crowd watching Applejack and Rainbow tussle (hornless), 19:29 – with her horn back, 19:57 – without her horn.

Duplicates: 6:59 – one earth pony duplicate in the background, 7:11, 7:24, 9:11 – one unicorn duplicate in the audience, 11:37 – entire pony posse intermittently duplicated for effect, 13:45 – three Lyra Heartstrings running, 16:41 – two Lyra Heartstrings, 18:51 – an earth pony duplicate in the crowd, 19:23 – many earth pony duplicates scroll by.

14 13:06 – at Rarity’s fashion show, 13:12 ~ 13:21 – looking at Hoity Toity as he walks up, 14:07 ~ – viewing the stage, 14:27 – grimacing at the dresses, 14:50 – listening to Hoity Toity (without her horn), 14:59, 15:18 – looking at Rarity.

Duplicates: 13:13 – at least four duplicates in the audience, 13:16 – two duplicates, 13:53 – six earth pony duplicates, 14:27 – two duplicates, 15:05 – one earth pony duplicate.

15 None.
16 13:08 ~ 13:31 – bouncing on a cloud in the audience for the Best Young Flyer competition, 16:05, 19:07, 20:04 – not bouncing, 20:35 – chilling out behind Princess Celestia, 20:56, 21:21.

Duplicates: 13:08 – one duplicate in the audience who’s not bouncing, 16:06 – another hopping Lyra Heartstrings, 19:07 – two hopping duplicates.

17 None.
18 14:43 ~ 20:03 – standing in the crowd for the talent show, 16:36 – staring at the Cutie Mark Crusaders (without a horn), 18:40 – starts laughing, 18:46, 20:02 – applauding.

Duplicates: 14:44 – three duplicates in the crowd, 15:05, 16:38 – four earth pony duplicates, 18:40 – two earth pony duplicates, 20:02 – five duplicates.

19 None.
20 10:01 – barely visible in the crowd at Fluttershy’s first fashion show, 10:09 – smiling at Fluttershy’s performance, 10:30 – in the sidelines of Fluttershy’s red carpet, 16:43 – standing near the exit in the audience at Fluttershy’s latest fashion show, 16:47 – behind Photo Finish, 17:04 – near the exit again, 17:19 – sees Fluttershy trip (hornless), 17:20 – gasps in horror behind Photo Finish (with her horn), 17:22 – near the stage watching Fluttershy act weird (hornless again), 17:29 – behind Photo Finish again (with her horn again), 17:30 – watching Fluttershy skid across the stage (without her horn), 17:33 – and float upside down, 17:41 – and act like a dog, 17:56 – looking displeased behind Photo Finish (with her horn back), 18:10 – looking to the source of the word “Bravo!”, 18:13, 18:18, 18:30 – listening to and agreeing with “Lyrica”, 18:37 – back near the exit in the audience as she cheers for Fluttershy.

Duplicates: 10:30 – one duplicate in the crowd, 17:05, 17:19 – one earth pony duplicate in the crowd, 17:22, 17:30 – two earth pony duplicates, 17:33 – one earth pony duplicate, 17:41 – two earth pony duplicates.

21 7:04 – in Appleloosa with a light blue headdress (hornless), 12:15 – walking in front of a house, 15:46 – running away from the stage with the Appleloosans, 15:56 – running through town, 19:04 – running from the buffalos, 19:20.
22 6:41 – listening to Princess Celestia’s announcement at her party, 6:49 – watching Celestia leave.
23 11:18 ~ 11:29 – standing in the audience for the performance in Rarity’s flashback, 12:02 – standing in the crowd for the sun-raising ceremony in Canterlot in Twilight Sparkle’s flashback, 12:04 – being pushed by young Twilight (without her horn), 12:12 – watching Princess Celestia take off (with her horn), 12:19 – watching the sun rise (without her horn), 12:25 – cheering.

Duplicates: 12:04 – one earth pony duplicate in the crowd, 12:12 – at least four duplicates in the crowd, 12:19 – one earth pony duplicate.

24 None.
25 None.
26 6:45 – singing after Twilight Sparkle’s part of the song, 9:20 – standing outside the VIP section of the Grand Galloping Gala, 9:22 – inside the VIP section, 11:48 ~ 12:05 – mingling in the crowd, 13:11, 18:23 – watching Applejack push in her apple cake.

Duplicates: 9:20 – one duplicate outside the VIP section, 9:22 – one duplicate inside the VIP section.

Season Two
1 None.
2 20:36-21:08 – several unicorn clones in the crowd.
3 16:34-16:46 – part of the crowd fighting over Smarty Pants, 16:48 - kicked away by Big McIntosh, 17:25 - fighting with Bon Bon over Smarty Pants, 17:55 - lying next to Dizzy Twister and Apple Bloom in the aftermath.
4 dressed up as a mummy: 06:38-06:57 watching Luna arrive, 13:17 cheering Luna on when she smashes pumpkins, 15:04 cowering, 15:47 standing around, 16:37 standing around sad, 21:06 laughing
pony with same design but red eyes and bonnet.: 14:42 behind Luna.
5 In the crowd.
6 Afraid of Apple Bloom's Cutie Pox.
7 None.
8 Admires RD then annoyed by RD and then admire the mysterious mare do well.
9 Seen in crowd, 2 clones in crowd too.
10 07:18 - Standing next to Bon Bon and being surprised by Derpy in the well.
11 Part of the play, seen opening the door for Princess Platinum and in the crowd.
12 None.
13 None.
14 2:42 - in the crowd cheering for Applejack.
15 Seen during the song, bouncing during the competition, saying no to Flim and Flam.
16 None.
17 0:02+3:31 in Ponyville square next to Bon Bon, 13:34 running around in a panic in Apple Bloom's imagination.;

Earth pony clone: 3:35 at the funeral.

18 Multiple times in Smile Smile Smile.
19 1:40 sitting on a table in the background reaching out for her soda cup,1:53 chatting with Bon-Bon.
20 4:26 listening to Twilight
21 None.
22 None.
23 None.
24 None.
25 As one of Princess Cadance's bridesmaids, along with Minuette and Twinkleshine ~ minor speaking role. ("I love them!")
26 Walks evilly towards Twilight and Cadance, under Queen Chrysalis's influence; during and after the wedding reception, ready to catch the bouquet, pushed aside by Rarity, unimpressed.
Season Three


File:Lyra Heartstrings.jpg
A pony toy named Heartstrings in Europe and Lyra Heartstrings in the U.S. appears in the January 2012 mystery pack toys, being of the same pony kind and bearing the same cutie mark, coat color, mane color, and eye color as the unnamed character on the show, though her mane is missing the light streak. Her pose and mane style are the same as the Twilight Sparkle mystery pack toy mold. The toy comes in two variations, light teal as the toy on the left picture in the gallery below, and Irish green as the drawing on the card. According to the European toy package, Heartstrings "sings all day". The U.S. mystery pack toy package has a longer description and reads, "LYRA HEARTSTRINGS sings and plays all day!"
Kmart Lyra Heartstrings Royal Wedding Playful Pony May 2012 in package

A "Royal Wedding" brushable toy named Lyra Heartstrings was displayed in prototype form at the 2012 Hasbro Toy Fair, and was released with a DVD of Lesson Zero by Kmart on May 4, 2012. This brushable toy's packaging still uses the eye design of Twilight Sparkle, but uses the mane style usually seen on Minuette and Sea Swirl. According to the package, Lyra Heartstrings "loves to play! She finds a way to have fun no matter where she goes". The "Wave 5" set of mystery pack toys also features a pony named Lyra Heartstrings, differing from the previous mystery pack release in that her coat is much lighter and her mane now has a white streak. According to the European toy package, Lyra Heartstrings "loves to play!"

The designer of the Comic Con 2011 promotional poster commented in an online forum that he intentionally placed Lyra and Bon Bon together for the poster, even though they were only coincidentally placed together in the series.[3]

Lyra adorns a collectible trading card along with Golden Harvest, with the description "There's two in every crowd! Lyra Heartstrings is an excitable pony often seen bouncing and grinning at the back of the herd or lolling in the park sharing bonbons with Golden Harvest, her PFF. Golden Harvest earned the nickname Carrot Top because carrots are always on her mind. These two ponies can be found all over Equestria, enjoying various activities like jumping across rooftops, running from buffalo, and joining in musical numbers!" carries Hasbro-licensed merchandise of fan designs of Lyra, often posed similarly to her slouch in Dragonshy. The products include T-shirts, art prints, dioramas, and others.



Lyra Heartstrings image gallery

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