Magical Friendship Tour
FANMADE Magical Friendship Tour side A variants
Both variants' side A.
Released September 16, 2014
Length 29:06 (Celestia Variant)
31:58 (Luna Variant)
Genre Soundtrack, Children's Music
Label Hasbro Studios
Artist Daniel Ingram
Recorded 2009–2011
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Magical Friendship Tour is a vinyl soundtrack album containing select songs from the show released exclusively by Hot Topic in September 2014, at stores on the 16th and online on the 30th.[1] The albums contain songs previously released on the albums Songs of Friendship and Magic and Songs of Ponyville. The release comes in two editions with full graphics on the record: one themed around Princess Celestia and one themed around Princess Luna.


Side A

  1. Twilight's Failure Song
  2. Love Is In Bloom
  3. The Flim Flam Cider Song
  4. Becoming Popular
  5. May the Best Pet Win!
  6. Art of the Dress
  7. Ballad of the Crystal Ponies

Side B

  1. Find a Way
  2. Raise This Barn
  3. The Laughter Song
  4. At the Gala
  5. Make a Wish
  6. Apples to the Core (Celestia Variant exclusive)
    Winter Wrap Up (Luna Variant exclusive)
  7. Babs Seed (Celestia Variant exclusive)
    The Smile Song (Luna Variant exclusive)


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