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Prologue: Dreaming of Midnight Sparkle

The Legend of Everfree

Camp Everfree / Away from it all

Gloriosa Daisy and Timber Spruce

Tent assignments / Twilight and Timber

Gloriosa and Filthy Rich / Settling In

A magical mystery

Down by the docks / The Wondercolts' gift

Campfire stories / The legend of Gaia Everfree

Midnight haunts Twilight

Magic stirring at the camp

The Midnight in Me

Twilight and Timber, part 2

Rock climbing / New magic

Explosions, speed, and animals

Paper lanterns

Sunset pursues Twilight / Empathy

Twilight, Sunset, and Timber

Wondercolts fix the dock

Embrace the Magic

Tensions rising / Sunset and Flash Sentry

Investigating the rock quarry

Gloriosa Daisy's memories

The power of the geodes

Gloriosa goes on the attack

We Will Stand For Everfree

What the Rainbooms always do

Sunset and Twilight to the rescue

Consumed by Equestrian magic

I am Twilight Sparkle!

Aftermath of the battle

The Crystal Ball / Legend You Were Meant To Be

New beginnings / Where did the magic come from?

Epilogue: The completed dock

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