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The chat room is for socializing; it can be accessed here.

Chat moderators

Users who were either promoted through community voting or promoted by an administrator; entrusted with rights to moderate in chat. See /Mod Timetable for rough times at which each moderator is active/inactive.

Chat Moderators
Cherno Alpha
Dusk Shine
Fony Pony
General Twilight
Juan Brony Bro
Moonshine Stars
Nihilus Nix
Pony and meatball
Princess Iris
Professor Pickles
The Candlekeeper

By default, administrators also have moderator abilities in chat.

Hope(N Forever)
Jonny Manz
Steph physarum


A few bots operate on our Chat. Bots are selected through community consensus and any user may request a bot tag. A bot tag means the bots can edit without filling up WikiActivity. Below is a table displaying the bots, their owners and what they do for our chat.

Username of Bot Developer(s) Purpose
FlutterBot Sactage Logging, general convenience.
Icecreambot Callofduty4 Logging, much fun and convenience.
Noteworthy 343 TheGuiltyProphet Logging, general convenience.


  • The chat hosts chat bots which are used primarily for logging the chat. These logs are made public for anyone to read on this page.
    • The chat bots can also respond to commands, and post the information of YouTube videos when a YouTube link is posted. A list of commands can be found here.
  • For information on how to use the chat options, see this guide.

Guidelines and policies


Please do not:
  • Link or otherwise reference any content (censored or uncensored) such as videos, pictures, etc. in the main chat that is one or more of:
    • Material that contains swearing. Links that contain swearing are permitted but should be accompanied by a notice saying so
    • Excessively violent
    • Sexual
    • Otherwise NSFW material
  • Link to any "chan" website (e.g. 4chan)
  • Use any cuss words, including censored/abbreviated cuss words.
  • Flood the chat with repetitive posts/ASCII art/song lyrics/nonsense/bot commands
  • Use excessive amounts of capital letters or non-English languages
  • Overuse emoticons/create multiple posts one after another containing solely emoticons
  • Link other chats
  • Talk about MLP episodes in a spoilerific manner until 2 days have passed after an episode has first aired. Links to potentially spoiling content are permitted but must be clearly labelled. This rule comes into effect 15 minutes after a new episode has finished airing.
  • Advertise. This includes advertisement of other websites, petitions, blogs and videos, among other topics.
  • Discuss bans excessively. Concerns about bans may be raised with moderators/admins in PM. Minor questions about bans (such as "Is X banned?") are permissible.


Please do not:
  • Harass other users in any manner
  • Ask for or give out without permission any personal information
  • Discuss matters which other users may find offensive
  • Post inciting messages or engage in trolling
    • Including "passive trolling" - the process of making users uncomfortable without necessarily breaking any other rules
  • Create drama by bringing real life issues into the chatroom which may disturb or upset others, or otherwise cause disruption
  • Role play excessively
  • Use the emoticons in a hostile manner
  • Tread on moderators' feet. If there are moderators around, let them deal with any situations.


Evading a ban on an account using another account is strictly prohibited and doing this will result in the original account possibly having its ban extended, and any sockpuppet accounts being indefinitely banned.

Moderator guidelines

  • Moderators do not "outrank" other users. All users shall receive equal treatment.
  • Before a kick is given, a warning must be given to explain to the user what is wrong with their behaviour. Likewise, a warning must also be given before a ban.
    • The sole exceptions to this are offensive content/spam, and sockpuppet accounts.
  • Do not use threats to make a point.
  • Give bans only when necessary, and keep ban lengths as short as possible. Bans are at the discretion of moderators/admins, however they must still be kept appropriate.
  • Communicate with other moderators. If there is a disagreement, for example, about a ban, a civil discussion in a PM should ensue before any ban is undone.
  • If you feel uncomfortable dealing with a situation for any reason, do not hesitate to ask another moderator for help.

Recommended pings

Chatmods who use ChatHacks and therefore have access to pings are recommended to keep some specific words on their pinglist. Such words could include "mod" and any commonly used variations of the mod's username as well as forbidden words.


Chatroom policies are decided by discussion, voting and consensus in the chat discussion forum. Anyone may start a poll or discussion and anyone may vote. Chatroom policies are still subject to the wiki's guidelines. Wiki discussion should be held in the forum.

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