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The chat room is for socializing; it can be accessed here. This page contains the chat guidelines and an introduction to the chat and its features. Custom chat options are described in this chat options guide. Discuss changes in the chat guidelines in the chat discussion forum.

Chat moderators

Moderators are entrusted with rights to moderate the chat according to the guidelines. Moderators are assigned by an administrator.

Chat Moderators
Flash of Memory
Lelouch vi Britannia
Lieutenant Fony
Smith B.
The Candlekeeper

By default, administrators also have moderator abilities in chat.

Hope(N Forever)
Jonny Manz
Steph physarum


A few bots operate on the chatroom. Bots are selected through community consensus and any user may request a bot tag. A bot tag means the bots can edit without filling up WikiActivity.

The main bot, FlutterBot, responds to the following commands in the main chatroom:

Command Result
!seen Username The bot reports when Username was last seen
!ytoff Temporarily disable posting video details from YouTube links, reversed with !yton
!logs Provide a link to the log index
!updatelogs Update the latest log page
!rules Provide a link to this page, the chat guidelines

Below is a table displaying the approved bots, the bot operators, and a description of the bot commands and activities.

Username of Bot Developer(s) Purpose
FlutterBot Sactage Logging, general convenience.
Icecreambot Callofduty4 much fun and convenience.
Noteworthy 343 TheGuiltyProphet general convenience.

Chat logs

Chat logs are made public by bots for anyone to view on the log index. Only bots are allowed to create and edit logs. Old chat logs are removed from time to time.

Conduct in the chatroom

The chatroom is subject to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Wiki guidelines, abuse guidelines, and the chat guidelines in this page. Discuss these guidelines, their enforcement, or the actions of any moderator in particular, on the chat discussion forum or on a moderator's or administrator's talk page.

The following guidelines are enforced by the chat moderators to prevent disruption of the chatroom. The guidelines are general; this allows the chat moderators discretion in enforcing them. Violating these guidelines may result in a warning, kick, or ban from the chatroom. In general, if other chat users are complaining about a certain behavior, it should stop.

  • Please treat everyone with respect.
  • Do not harass other users.
  • Please do not discuss a topic that others find inappropriate or makes others uncomfortable.
  • Please do not discuss, link, or mention any of the following, whether explicit, implied, or censored:
    • sexual content
    • violent or gruesome content
    • harsh language or profanity. Links to websites containing harsh language must be accompanied with a notice.
    • any content that is found inappropriate. If you are unsure whether the content you are about to post could be found inappropriate, ask a mod in private before posting. Chatters' complaints about content or conduct is a sign that it is inappropriate.
  • Do not advertise other wikis, chatrooms, or websites.
  • Please limit the amount of roleplay, use of emoticons, chat bot commands, hard-to-decipher or non-English text, and other types of chat games.
  • Please avoid long multi-line messages that may disrupt the chatroom, such as song lyrics, ASCII art, and other long posts.
  • Please avoid posting excessively capitalized text ("ALL CAPS")
  • Please do not post your own personal information, especially if you are very young.
  • Do not post personal information of others. Do not request personal information from others.
  • Do not "backseat mod" or "minimod" by trying to enforce the guidelines when you are not a moderator. Instead, request that an active mod intervene.
  • Allow two days after an episode's airdate before discussing the episode's details ("spoilers") in the chatroom. It's permitted to discuss episode details while the episode is airing and up to 15 minutes after it aired.
  • If you wish to discuss or dispute a warning, kick, or ban that was given to you or any other chat user, please use private chat messages or preferably the chat discussion forum or a moderator's or administrator's talk page.


Evading a ban on an account using another account is strictly prohibited and doing this will result in the original account possibly having its ban extended, and any sockpuppet accounts being indefinitely banned.

Moderator guidelines

  • Moderators do not "outrank" other users. All users are treated equally with respect, and with regard to the guidelines.
  • Immediate bans and kicks are only to be issued in exceptional circumstances. Such as, spam, swearing, sockpuppeting and explicitly offensive content or conduct. It's advised to follow the three step procedure unless it's due to certain circumstances which are listed above. (Warn, Kick and Ban).
  • When a guideline is violated in a mild or non-disruptive way, provide a reminder of the guideline.
  • Please keep ban lengths short. Ban lengths are at the discretion of moderators, but bans over a day long should be reserved for very disruptive conduct.
  • Try not to come across as threatening or overpowering, following the warn, kick and ban procedure in a calm, collective and understanding way will get further.
  • Communicate with other moderators. If there is a disagreement, for example about a ban, a discussion in a private message or talk page should ensue before the ban duration is changed or removed.
  • Moderator discretion is important on this Wiki and will be protected unless there is clear evidence of abuse, bias or unfair practices.
  • Do not take personal sides in arguments. Neutral and professional points of views are acceptable, but personal views should not affect one's judgment. If there are suspicions of this occurring, the administration reserves the right to investigate.

Lapsing Rights

Chatmods who are inactive or have inconsistent/rare appearences in a course of three months can have their rights lapsed by an Administrator and have their name removed from the moderator list. This is to ensure our mod list is accurate and up-to-date.

If a Chatmod is able to return to regular activity, they can ask an Administrator (via talkpage) for their rights back. It is an Administrator's consensus to return the rights.

Recommended pings

Chatmods who use ChatHacks and pings may want to keep in their ping list the word "mod" and common variations of the mod's username, as well as chat-inappropriate words.


Chatroom policies are decided by discussion, voting and consensus in the chat discussion forum. Anyone may start a poll or discussion and anyone may vote. Chatroom policies are still subject to the wiki's guidelines. Wiki discussion should be held in the forum.

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