The workshop is a section of the wiki that hosts articles that do not yet meet the wiki's guidelines and therefore cannot be part of the main namespace. These articles almost always do not meet the length requirement. Suggestions for what can be added are included in the template at the top of every page.

Articles are moved here instead of being deleted when there is a good chance they can be expanded at the current time. The workshop is therefore a collection of sandboxes that can be edited communally, not just by the person who created the page. Please do not create pages here as placeholders; they should only be here if they currently have the potential to be full articles with enough help.

For discussion of Workshop pages, use the page's software-specified talk page. If the page is moved to the mainspace, the talk page should be left intact with a soft redirect to the wiki discussion forum placed at the top.

Please note that pages can be deleted from the workshop, if they seem to remain unexpanded for a long time. Please avoid creating new galleries or adding images to existing ones; galleries are meant to accompany existing articles, not to stand on their own.

This will include the workshop prefix automatically.
Remember to add the {{Workshop}} template.
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Index of workshop pages

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Workshop/List of unused charactersWorkshop/My Little Pony / Equestria GirlsWorkshop/My Little Pony The Movie Prequel
Workshop/PhonesWorkshop/Princess SkystarWorkshop/Queen Novo
Workshop/Restore the Elements of MagicWorkshop/Seaponies and mermaresWorkshop/Shadow Lock
Workshop/Songbird SerenadeWorkshop/StarsongWorkshop/Tempest Shadow
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