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Noteworthy ID S03E05

Noteworthy in Magic Duel

Noteworthy singing S1E11

Noteworthy with an alternate tail style in Winter Wrap Up

Noteworthy Pegasus ID S01E16

Noteworthy as a Pegasus pony in Sonic Rainboom

Noteworthy animation error S1E26

Noteworthy cycloptic in The Best Night Ever

Noteworthy Crystal Pony ID S4E05

Noteworthy as an Earth Crystal Pony in Flight to the Finish

Noteworthy Unicorn ID S04E25

Noteworthy as a unicorn pony in Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1

Kind Earth
Sex Male
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Eyes Moderate gamboge
Grayish blue (some merchandise)
Mane Moderate cobalt blue
Coat Light cobalt blue
Magic aura Light cerulean (S4E25)
Cutie mark
PonyMaker Notes
Noteworthy alt cutie mark crop
(some merchandise)
Voice Brian Drummond (English)[1]
Masayoshi Sugawara (Japanese)
Kim Myung-joon (Korean)
Noteworthy is an Earth background pony with a light blue coat, a darker blue mane, amber eyes, and a cutie mark of two pairs of backwards-facing quavers (eighth notes). His name is not mentioned in the show, but he is named in merchandise and other media. He shares his design with Goldengrape and Coco Crusoe.

Depiction in the series

Flim pointing at a picture showing a pony with an irritated tongue S4E20
Noteworthy is mostly used as a background pony, but he has some more prominent appearances. He is part of the plant team in Winter Wrap Up, and gets covered in snow because of Twilight Sparkle's runaway snow plow. A Pegasus version of Noteworthy appears in Sonic Rainboom, tending to the snowflakes and rainbows in the weather factory. Noteworthy's first speaking role is in Over a Barrel, where he is the passenger of a horse-drawn carriage in Appleloosa. His face partially disappears for a few frames at the beginning of The Best Night Ever, giving him a strange cyclops-like appearance. In A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2, Noteworthy serves as one of Shining Armor's assistants in his wedding to Princess Cadance.

Noteworthy appears in Flight to the Finish as a Crystal Pony, in Power Ponies, in Three's A Crowd, in Pinkie Pride, where he has a singing role, in Simple Ways, in Filli Vanilli, and in It Ain't Easy Being Breezies. He appears in For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils at the Cutie Mark Crusaders' play, having extended lines of dialogue. He also appears in Leap of Faith, Trade Ya!, and Equestria Games. A unicorn version of Noteworthy appears in Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1.

In season five, Noteworthy appears at the end of The Cutie Map - Part 2 with green eyes, as a Pegasus weather factory worker in Tanks for the Memories, as a spectator at the Appleloosa Rodeo in Appleoosa's Most Wanted, in Make New Friends but Keep Discord, at Cranky Doodle Donkey and Matilda's wedding in Slice of Life, at the Grand Equestria Pony Summit in Princess Spike, in Party Pooped, and in Ponyville's shared dream in Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?


The following chart details Noteworthy's appearances in the show, using approximate times from various videos available online.

Season one
1 None
2 None
3 None
4 None
5 None
6 None
7 None
8 None
9 None
10 None
11 1:45 - seen in the crowd of ponies, after the opening sequence; 2:48 - seen on the plant team with Applejack; 3:36 - singing Winter Wrap Up with Cheerilee and Cherry Berry; 4:40 - collecting snow in a cart during Winter Wrap Up; 4:49 ~ 4:56 - plowing snow during Applejack's verse in Winter Wrap Up; 12:40 ~ 13:27 - plowing snow at other Earth ponies; 13:45 - looking toward Twilight Sparkle; 14:10 - seen as Twilight loses control of her magic; 14:15 - gets covered in snow; 14:46 ~ 14:49 - watching the avalanche Twilight causes; 15:10 - plowing snow with a dour expression; 18:35 - plowing fields under Twilight's direction; 19:31 ~ 19:36 - plowing fields at day and hauling hay at night; 19:52 - watering fields; 20:03 - hauling a cart of rakes

Duplicates: 12:41 - two in the far background; 14:46 - watching the avalanche Twilight causes; 18:35 - two in the same shot; 19:31 - on the left before drifting off-screen; 19:36 - in the background between Caramel and Dr. Hooves; 19:52 - one in the background

12 7:26 - next to Sea Swirl when Ace complains about his tennis racket
13 6:25 - next to Cherry Berry, watching the Long Jump
14 None
15 None
16 Pegasus version: 10:14 - inspecting snowflakes in the weather factory; 10:31 - carrying a rainbow mixer; 11:47 - creating clouds; 11:55 ~ 12:49 - admiring Rarity's wings
17 None
18 None
19 None
20 16:44 ~ 18:39 - at Fluttershy's second fashion show

Duplicates: 17:05 - one next to Coco Crusoe in the foreground

21 6:59 - appears as a resident of Appleloosa; 7:14 - "Aw, we just switched!"; 7:39 - Wild West-dancing with Golden Harvest; 15:55 - in a window with Dr. Hooves; 16:11 - with Cherry Berry, refusing to listen to Twilight; 16:23 ~ 16:34 - applebucking with Cherry Berry; 17:10 - raising a flag with Cherry Fizzy; 18:07 - hauling cart of pies with Cherry Fizzy; 18:23, 18:28 - awaiting the buffalo's attack; 19:25 - throwing pies at buffalo from atop a building; 20:34 - in the crowd of ponies and buffalo; 20:39 - cutting down trees (all appearances are while wearing a hat)
22 None
23 None
24 2:23, 3:57 - watching the meteor shower with Orange Swirl and Sweetie Drops
25 None
26 1:31 - approached by Rarity to pull the girls' carriage to the Grand Galloping Gala (animation error at 1:36); 3:50 - with a different mane style while pulling a carriage with Cherry Fizzy; 6:18 - in Pinkie Pie's fantasy sequence during her verse in At the Gala
Season two
1 None
2 None
3 None
4 None
5 None
6 12:21 - having a slice a pie
7 None
8 12:01, 12:35 - admiring Mare Do Well
9 None
10 None
11 None
12 None
13 None
14 7:50 - cleaning the rodeo grounds; 16:09 - walking with Goldengrape in the background
15 3:40 - looking mad when the cider runs out; 3:49 - in the crowd complaining; 5:09 ~ 8:46 - in the crowd during The Flim Flam Brothers
16 None
17 0:02, 3:30, 4:11 - in Ponyville Town Square
18 None
19 4:47 - in the Ponyville marketplace; 7:25 ~ 9:20 - at Iron Will's seminar
20 6:34 - shutting the door of a house in fear
21 None.
22 None.
23 0:02 - in wide-angle shot of Ponyville; 18:32 - leering at the Cutie Mark Crusaders
24 None.
25 None.
26 5:54, 5:58 - at the wedding during This Day Aria, Part 1; 6:17 ~ 8:25 - at the first wedding ceremony; 17:18, 18:28 - at the second wedding
Season three
1 None
2 None
3 13:23, 13:28, 14:17 - in the crowd complaining about Pinkie Pie; 15:14 - looking at Golden Harvest across the street
4 16:17 - at the Summer Harvest Parade
5 3:38 - in the crowd of ponies; 4:26 - watches Trixie cast her magic on Spike; 6:02 - running away from flying cart
6 None
7 None
8 None
9 None
10 None
11 None
12 None
13 0:24 - walking through Ponyville with Mayor Mare and Cherry Fizzy; 2:05 - in the crowd grumbling at Rarity; 3:04, 3:11 - in the crowd at Sugarcube Corner; 18:24, 18:41, 20:22 - at Twilight's princess coronation
Season four
1 None
2 None
3 None
4 None
5 20:27 - in the sweeping crowd shot

Duplicates: 20:27 ~ 20:31 - four in the crowd

6 5:26 - with a different mane style while pulling a carriage with Cherry Fizzy
7 None
8 None
9 None
10 None
11 1:54 - at the train station
12 0:01 - dancing in Appleloosa; 1:23, 2:40 ~ 3:11 - in Ponyville during Pinkie the Party Planner; 5:52 - seen during The Super Duper Party Pony; 8:05 - assisting with the party efforts; 14:12, 14:41 - watching Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich's goof off; 20:09 - seen during Make a Wish
13 0:08 - at the Ponyville Days Festival announcement; 5:05 - at the train station
14 10:08, 10:36 - at the Ponyville Pet Center fundraiser with Lyra Heartstrings; 10:19 - watching the Ponytones perform; 17:35 - watching Twilight and her friends chase after Fluttershy
15 None
16 4:11, 4:18 - watching the Breezies fly through Ponyville; 5:21 - gasping in horror

Duplicates: two at 4:11, one at 4:18

17 None
18 None
19 5:18 - in the auditorium lobby (speaking role)
20 3:35 - inside the tent; 19:13 - in the crowd of ponies

Duplicates: two at 3:35

21 None
22 1:43 - in a tent at the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange; 6:50, 8:14 - walking through the Traders Exchange; 13:34, 13:42 - in line for oat burgers; 19:17 - at the Traders Exchange trial
23 None
24 2:16 - at the Crystal Empire train station with Cherry Fizzy; 4:33, 5:44 - in the crowd before and during the procession; 14:34 - in the crowd, disgusted at Spike's singing of the Cloudsdale anthem; 18:29 - in the crowd reacting and fleeing from the ice cloud
25 Unicorn version: 20:05 - in an auditorium crowd; 20:07 - having his magic stolen by Lord Tirek
26 None
Season five
1 None
2 20:29, 20:31, 21:28 - at the town's victory party (different eye color)
3 None
4 None
5 11:01 - raking leaves with other ponies

Pegasus version: 12:16, 12:22 - walking with Parasol; 15:05 - inside the malfunctioning weather factory

6 0:03, 0:15 - at the Appleloosa Rodeo; 0:40 - talking with Braeburn; 12:26, 13:17 - in Trouble Shoes' flashback with a mustache; 17:40, 17:46, 18:36, 18:44 - watching the rodeo clowns
7 4:18 - standing next to Sassaflash and Orange Swirl
8 None
9 17:12, 17:54, 18:57, 19:43, 20:14, 20:54 - at Cranky Doodle Donkey and Matilda's wedding
10 0:01 - entering Canterlot Castle; 0:32, 1:08 ~ 1:33 - at the Grand Equestria Pony Summit; 11:45 ~ 12:24 - at a Canterlot cafe with Amethyst Star; 17:47 - in Fancy Pants' angry mob; 19:55 - listening to Spike's apology; 20:54, 21:12 - looking at the finished statue; 21:30 - seeing Spike about to sneeze
11 10:48 - in Dodge Junction
12 None
13 15:15 ~ 15:22, 16:40, 17:05 - in Ponyville's shared dream

Depiction in Rainbow Rocks

Noteworthy is one of many ponies seen in the establishing shot of Ponyville in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks.

Other depictions

Noteworthy is a playable character in Gameloft's mobile game, with the description "Noteworthy is an Earth pony with a cutie mark of two pairs of backwards-facing eighth notes. He is very helpful and remembers everything!" An in-game advertisement misidentified him as Parish Nandermane.[2]

Noteworthy has a major supporting role in Discord and the Ponyville Players Dramarama. He acts as the stage manager of the community musical, and is the most suspicious of Discord. Later, when some chaos occurs on stage, Noteworthy is the first to point an accusing hoof at Discord, and Discord immediately suspects Noteworthy of framing him. Later, when it turns out not to be Noteworthy, Discord apologizes to him at the cast party.


Noteworthy toy

Noteworthy, from the January 2012 mystery packs

Noteworthy appears in the third and ninth waves of mystery pack toys, being of the same pony kind and bearing the same coat color and mane color as the unnamed character on the show.[3][4] The toy's cutie mark is slightly different, being three single quavers instead of the two pairs of two beamed quavers. The toy's eye color is blue, in contrast to the show's brown, and its pose and mane style are the same as the Big McIntosh mystery pack toy mold. According to the third wave's European mystery pack collector card, Noteworthy "is so helpful." Much like the other male pony mystery pack toys, some of the non-English product descriptions use the feminine grammatical gender. Both waves' U.S. mystery pack collector cards list the name with a trademark symbol and state that Noteworthy "is very helpful and remembers everything!"[5][6] A November 6, 2013 "vorläufige Abbildung" image for mystery packs depicts him with one of the same designs and the same eye color as in the show.

Noteworthy appears on the Royal Wedding poster.

Noteworthy also appears with his name listed with a trademark symbol in Enterplay's collectible card game, which is the first time that he is simultaneously referred to by name and depicted with one of the same designs and the same eye color as in the show. His Gen Con Indy 2013 demo card attributes to him the quote "Sometimes you gotta just keep plugging away until something sticks." His card α #76 C gives him the description "As three-time winner of the Equestrian Hum Off, nopony can hum a tune like Noteworthy!" Both show him with an alternate tail style as in Winter Wrap Up.[7][8]

Noteworthy appears standing next to Sea Swirl on page 19 of the upcoming book Winning Style.[9]


Over a Barrel
Braeburn: And as you can see, we have all of the finest comforts. Like horse-drawn carriages!
"Black Stone": Okay, you pull now.
Noteworthy: Aww, we just switched.
For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils
Noteworthy: I liked some of those lines you said.
Sweetie Belle: Oh, really? Which ones?
Noteworthy: Uh, I don't really remember, but you were wearing a pink taffeta dress with lots of chiffon when you said them! Whoo-ee, that outfit was a dazzler!
Lemon Hearts: I liked that one almost as much as the one with the lacy trim and all the embroidered cuffs! [chuckles]
Noteworthy: That was a nice one too!
"Sometimes you gotta just keep plugging away until something sticks."
— Enterplay collectible card game Gen Con Indy 2013 demo card of Noteworthy


Snowed Noteworthy S1E11

Noteworthy image gallery

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