For the song about the village, see In Our Town.
Equality village celebrating S5E2

Our Town in The Cutie Map - Part 2.

Our Town[1][2][3][4][5] is a village in Equestria that is first featured in the season five premiere. Among its pony residents are Night Glider, Sugar Belle, Double Diamond, Party Favor, Feather Bangs, and temporarily its founder Starlight Glimmer. Though earlier overviews of Equestria do not note the village, the Cutie Map points it out north-northwest of Manehattan while an official map places it south of the Crystal Mountains. It is called Starlight's Village in The Art of Equestria and The Town With No Name in Cutie Map Quest: A Punch-Out & Play Activity Book.


S5 animatic 74 The first glimpse of the town

Our Town in the San Diego Comic-Con 2014 animatic.

The village was "always just referred to" as Our Town by crew[2] and another name was not thought of, according to season six supervising director Jim Miller.[6] "Fandom can decide what to call the village" in M.A. Larson's opinion, according to a tweet on April 8, 2015.[7] When asked whether or not Starlight Glimmer's village has a name, Miller replied "We refer to it as 'Our Town' but as of yet, it has no official name."[8] Signature My Little Pony Special magazine issue 1's Equestria News has since officialized Our Town's name.[1]

Depiction in the series

Village's two rows of houses S5E1
Some time prior to the events of The Cutie Map - Part 1, Starlight Glimmer establishes Our Town and becomes its leader. She convinces its residents that their lives will be happier and fuller without their cutie marks. As a result, everyone in the village, with the exception of Starlight herself, lives "cutie unmarked" and talentless under the imposed banner of equality. To reflect this, all of the houses in Our Town are arranged into two parallel rows that form an equal sign, with the exception of Starlight's once again.

When Twilight Sparkle and her friends visit the town, as directed by the map in Twilight's castle throne room, Starlight and her followers show how content their lives are there. As they explain through the song In Our Town, they "do not separate [themselves] by more than name," they "dare not compete," "no one is superior," and "you can't have a nightmare if you never dream." By the end of Part 1, Starlight uses her magic to remove the Mane Six's cutie marks as well and make them permanent residents of the village.

In The Cutie Map - Part 2, the Mane Six expose Starlight's dark secrets to the other villagers and collapse the illusion of Starlight's perfect society. With the help of Party Favor, Sugar Belle, Night Glider, and Double Diamond, the Mane Six reclaim their cutie marks and drive Starlight Glimmer into retreating. The residents of Our Town decide to stay in the village that has become their home, and they are last seen celebrating the return of their cutie marks.

In The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2, a reformed Starlight, along with Twilight Sparkle, returns to the village to apologize to the inhabitants. In To Where and Back Again - Part 1 and Part 2, the village celebrates its Sunset Festival. In both parts, a large tree is shown to now reside where Starlight's house once stood.

In Rock Solid Friendship, the town appears seen in flashback, in the early stages of construction. In Hard to Say Anything, Big McIntosh makes the latest of several apple deliveries to Sugar Belle's bakery.


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