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For a list of all ponies appearing or mentioned in the show, see list of ponies.

This page lists reoccurring or major characters from the series and serves as an index for all character-based articles.


Main characters
Cutie Mark Crusaders

Apple family
The Cakes
School-age ponies

The Wonderbolts

Other pony characters
Tertiary characters
Inanimate characters

Non-pony characters
Animal companions
Creatures and animals

Background ponies
See also

Main characters

Most episodes focus on at least one of the following characters.

Twilight heartfelt happiness S3E13
Twilight Sparkle[R 1]
Applejack proud of herself S1E01
Applejack[R 1]
Fluttershy rolling her eyes S2E07
Fluttershy[R 1]
Rarity S1E1 thumb
Rarity[R 1]
Pinkie Pie S2E18 thumb
Pinkie Pie[R 1]
Rainbow Dash S2E7 thumb
Rainbow Dash[R 1]

Spike ID S4E24
Spike[R 1]

Supporting characters

Cutie Mark Crusaders
Apple Bloom ID S4E17
Apple Bloom[R 1][R 2]
Scootaloo ID S4E17
Scootaloo[R 1]
Sweetie Belle ID S4E19
Sweetie Belle[R 1][R 3]
Babs Seed ID S3E4
Babs Seed[R 1][R 2]

Equestrian royalty
Celestia talking ID S1E13
Princess Celestia[R 1]
Princess Luna ID S5E04
Princess Luna[R 1]
Princess Cadance ID S4E11
Princess Cadance[R 1]
Shining Armor ID S4E26
Shining Armor[R 1][R 4]
Prince Blueblood ID S1E03
Prince Blueblood
FIENDship is Magic issue 1 Princess Amore
Princess Amore[note 1]

Apple family
Granny Smith ID S2E06
Granny Smith[R 1][R 2]
Big McIntosh onstage ID S2E05
Big McIntosh[R 1][R 2]
Braeburn ID S1E21
Braeburn[R 2]
Aunt and Uncle Orange thumb
Aunt and Uncle Orange[R 2]
Hayseed Turnip Truck ID S2E9
Hayseed Turnip Truck[R 2]
Apple Strudel ID S2E12
Apple Strudel[R 2]
Applesauce ID S3E08
Auntie Applesauce[R 2]
Apple Rose ID S3E08
Apple Rose[R 2]
Goldie Delicious ID S4E09
Goldie Delicious[R 2]
The Apple Family together S3E08
The Apple family[R 2]

The Cakes
Mr. and Mrs. Cake[R 1]
Pound Cake Pumpkin Cake sitting smiling S2E13
Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake

Other featured characters

School-age ponies
Diamond Tiara ID S4E15
Diamond Tiara[R 1]
Silver Spoon ID S4E15
Silver Spoon[R 1]
Twist smiles ID S1E12
Snips talks to Spike ID S1E06
Snips[R 1]
Snails ID S1E06
Snails[R 1]
Sunny Daze and Peachy Pie thumb
Sunny Daze and Peachy Pie
Pipsqueak ID S4E15
Featherweight thumb S2E23
Rumble id S2E22
Zipporwhill ID S4E14

Main antagonists
Night Mare Moon S1E01 thumb
Nightmare Moon
(S1 premiere)
Discord scheme S2E1
Discord[R 1]
(S2 premiere)
Queen Chrysalis ID
Queen Chrysalis[R 1]
(S2 finale)
King Sombra
King Sombra[R 1]
(S3 premiere)
Sunset Shimmer id Equestria Girls
Sunset Shimmer
Lord Tirek ID
Lord Tirek
(S4 finale)
Adagio Dazzle Siren ID EG2
Adagio Dazzle
Aria Blaze Siren ID EG2
Aria Blaze
Sonata Dusk Siren ID EG2
Sonata Dusk
Starlight Glimmer with real cutie mark ID S5E2
Starlight Glimmer
(S5 premiere)
Other pony antagonists
The Great and Powerful Trixie id S1E6
Trixie[R 1]
Boy Bullies ID S1E16
Boy Bullies
Flim Flam Brothers back to back thumb S2E15
Flim and Flam[R 1]
Dr. Caballeron ID S4E04
Dr. Caballeron
The Mane-iac ID S4E06
The Mane-iac[R 1]
Suri Polomare thumb S4E08
Suri Polomare[R 1]
Non-pony antagonists
Gilda ID S5E08
Diamond dogs trio S1E19
Diamond Dogs[R 1]
Ahuizotl id S4E04
Garble Profile S2E21

Hoity Toity thumb 2 S1E14
Hoity Toity
Photo Finish S1E20 thumb
Photo Finish[R 1]
Sapphire Shores ID S1E19
Sapphire Shores[R 1]
Fancy Pants ID S2E09
Fancy Pants
Daring Do upset S04E04
Daring Do
Prim Hemline ID S4E08
Prim Hemline
Trenderhoof ID S4E13
Trenderhoof[R 1]

Spitfire ID S1E26
Spitfire[R 1] (leader)
Soarin' id S1E26
Soarin[R 1]
Fleetfoot ID S4E10
Fleetfoot[R 1]
The Wonderbolts mugshot
The Wonderbolts[R 1]

Other pony characters

Other pony characters
Royalguards characters
Royal guards[R 1]
Mayor thumb S1E11
Mayor Mare
Cheerilee Talking
Cheerilee[R 1]
Aloe and Lotus ready S2E18
Spa ponies
Sheriff Silverstar ID S5E6
Sheriff Silverstar
Davenport ID S3E13
Twilight Sparkle parents S1E23
Twilight Velvet and Night Light[R 4]
Pinkie Pie's family overjoyed by Pinkie's party S1E23
Pie family[R 5]
Joe worried ID S1E26
Star Swirl the Bearded ID S4E25
Star Swirl the Bearded[note 1]
Rarity and Sweetie Belle's parents S2E5
Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumbles[R 3]
Upper Crust Jet Set S2E9
Jet Set and Upper Crust[R 1]
Fancy Pants' entourage thumb
Fancy Pants' entourage
Fleur Dis Lee startled S2E09
Fleur Dis Lee[R 1]
Junebug ID S2E10
Steamer and All Aboard thumb
Train conductors
Filthy Rich ID S2E12
Filthy Rich
Cherry Jubilee id S02E14
Cherry Jubilee
Gizmo ID S2E19
Thunderlane S02E22 thumb
Cloudchaser and Flitter S2E22Flitter
Cloudchaser and Flitter
Blossomforth S02E22
Bulk Biceps ID S4E05
Bulk Biceps[R 1]
Lightning Dust ID S3E7
Lightning Dust
Ms. Peachbottom id S3E12
Ms. Peachbottom
Ms. Harshwhinny ID S4E05
Ms. Harshwhinny[R 1]
Flash Sentry ID S4E11
Flash Sentry[R 1]
Coco Pommel ID S4E8
Coco Pommel
Cheese Sandwich ID S4E12
Cheese Sandwich
Torch Song and Toe-Tapper thumb
The Pony Tones
Maud Pie ID S4E18
Maud Pie[R 1][R 5]
Silver Shill ID S4E20
Silver Shill
Teddie Safari ID S4E22
Teddie Safari*
Claude ID S4E23
Night Glider ID S5E2
Night Glider
Party Favor true form ID S5E2
Party Favor
Double Diamond ID S5E2
Double Diamond
Sugar Belle ID S5E2
Sugar Belle
Trouble Shoes ID S5E6
Trouble Shoes
Tree Hugger ID S5E7
Tree Hugger
Moon Dancer ID S5E12
Moon Dancer

Ponyville Hospital
Nurse Redheart id S2E13
Nurse Redheart
Doctor Horse ID S2E16
Doctor Horse
Nurse Snowheart ID S2E16
Nurse ponies

Tertiary characters

Book-exclusive characters
Comic issue 9 Sweetcream Scoops
Sweetcream Scoops
Comic issue 9 Sugar Grape
Sugar Grape
Observer ID comic M10
Flax Seed and Wheat Grass thumb
Flax Seed and Wheat Grass
Comic issue 7 MandoPony
Comic issue 10 Tealove
Comic issue M8 Inkwell
Comic issue 12 Diamond Rose
Diamond Rose
Hoofbeard ID Issue 14
My Little Pony G4 logo
Charity Sweetmint[note 2]
G4 Minty ID
Power Ponies ID Annual 2014
Power Ponies
Gallant True ID DDAC
Gallant True
Fawn Doo and Marcie Pan thumb
PheNOMNOMenons cart ladies
Book-exclusive villains
Big Boy and Runt ID
Big Boy and Runt[R 1]
Shadowfright ID Issue 6
Nightmare Rarity ID
Nightmare Rarity[R 6]
My Little Pony G4 logo
North Star[note 2]
Friends Forever issue 8 King Longhorn
King Longhorn

Inanimate and in-verse fictional characters
Bloomberg ID S1E21
Pinkie Pie's new friends S1E25
Pinkie Pie's imaginary friends[R 6]
Tom id S2E2
Smarty Pants id S2E3
Smarty Pants
Ancient leaders' representations
Pinkie Pie - Chancellor Puddinghead S2E11
Chancellor Puddinghead
Applejack as Smart Cookie S2E11
Smart Cookie
Rainbow Dash - Commander Hurricane S2E11
Commander Hurricane
Fluttershy - Private Pansy S2E11
Private Pansy
Rarity - Princess Platinum S2E11
Princess Platinum
Twilight - Clover the Clever S2E11
Clover the Clever

Non-pony characters

Non-pony equine characters
Zecora thumb S1E09
Zecora[R 1]
Cranky Doodle Donkey in Ponyville S2E18
Cranky Doodle Donkey[R 1]
Matilda ID S2E18
Mulia Mild S2E24 thumb
Mulia Mild
Seabreeze thumb S4E16
Bovine and other non-pony characters
Sea serpent S1E02 thumb 2
Steven Magnet
Little Strongheart Whistle S1E21
Little Strongheart
Chief Thunderhooves Face S1E21
Chief Thunderhooves
Iron Will S2E19
Iron Will
Gustave S2E24
Gustave le Grand
Scorpan ID
Scorpan[note 1]
Smooze ID S5E7
The Smooze
Prince Rutherford ID S5E11
Prince Rutherford

Animal companions
Angel thumb S1E07
Angel[R 1] (Fluttershy's)
Winona mug 2
Winona[R 1] (Applejack's)
Opalescence id S1E14
Opalescence (Rarity's)
Gummy bathroom floor S1E15
Gummy[R 1] (Pinkie Pie's)
Philomena head bonk S01E22
Philomena[R 1] (Celestia's)
Owlowiscious id S3E11
Owlowiscious (Twilight Sparkle's)
Tank flying around S2E7
Tank[R 1] (Rainbow Dash's)
Peewee just hatched S2E21
Peewee (Spike's)
Comic issue M10 Tiberius
Tiberius[R 1] (Luna's)

Creatures in groups
Breezies worried S4E16
Changeling swarm S2E26
The adult dragons S2E21
Dragons (adult)
Strawberry bats S03E08
Fruit bats
Parasprite S1E10 thumb
Phoenixes looking at each other 2 S2E21
Quarray eels S2E07 thumb
Quarray eels
Timberwolves S3E09 thumb
Ursa S1E06 thumb
Bats taking the apples S4E07
Vampire fruit bats
Windigoes 2 S02E11
Lone creatures
Cerberus S2E20 thumb
Chimera thumb S4E17
Cockatrice thumb S1E17
Hydra S1E15 thumb
Manticore thumb S1E02
Cragadile thumb S4E02
Orthros ID S04E22
Tatzlwurm ID S4E11

Wildlife thumbCreatures
Other animalsOther creatures

Background ponies

Main article: Earth ponies
See also: List of Earth ponies
This gallery serves as an index.

Main article: Pegasi
See also: List of Pegasi
This gallery serves as an index.

Main article: Unicorns
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This gallery serves as an index.

Main article: Crystal Ponies
See also: List of Crystal Ponies
This gallery serves as an index.

Main article: Foals
See also: List of foals
This gallery serves as an index.


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  2. 2.0 2.1 Never officially pictured outside of chapter book text.


  1. These names are placeholder names that have not been used on the show, by Hasbro, or stated to be official by the show's crew.


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