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School in imagine spot 1 S2E17

The schoolhouse.

The Ponyville Schoolhouse is a school for foals located in Ponyville and featured in the wide shot in the title sequence, and its interior is first featured in Call of the Cutie, where Cheerilee teaches her class about cutie marks.


Cheerilee's class S1E12

Some of Cheerilee's students in class.

The schoolhouse is a prominent location in several episodes. When Apple Bloom gets her first cutie mark, a hoop, in The Cutie Pox, she shows off her new-found talent of hoop-dancing at the schoolyard. Cheerilee encourages her to give the other foals a lesson in hoop-dancing. Granny Smith delivers her story of the foundation of Ponyville to Apple Bloom's classmates at the schoolhouse in the episode Family Appreciation Day. In Hearts and Hooves Day, Cheerilee's class celebrates Hearts and Hooves Day by giving each other and Cheerilee valentine cards. The school's basement serves as headquarters for the school's newspaper Foal Free Press in Ponyville Confidential.

The schoolhouse is briefly featured in the following episodes: Feeling Pinkie Keen, where Pinkie Pie rolls around on the grass at a playground next to the schoolhouse; The Show Stoppers; The Cutie Mark Chronicles; Party of One; A Friend in Deed, where the schoolhouse appears during the Smile Song; at the beginning of Hurricane Fluttershy in a wide shot of Ponyville; in Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2 in a wide shot of Ponyville again; and a brief appearance in Castle Mane-ia.

In Flight to the Finish, Ms. Harshwhinny visits the schoolhouse and tells the foals in Cheerilee's class about a competition to carry the flag at the Equestria Games. In Filli Vanilli, The Pony Tones sing in front of the class while Fluttershy lip-syncs from a nearby bush outside. In Twilight Time, the fillies and colts are seen playing four-square.


Hasbro produces a Ponyville Schoolhouse playset that includes Cheerilee, a diorama of the schoolhouse, and a few more items. One of the trading card series includes a card of the Ponyville Schoolhouse. The schoolhouse is mentioned briefly in Gameloft's My Little Pony videogame: "A teacher at the Ponyville Schoolhouse, Cheerilee adores all of her students."



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