Not to be confused with the Pegasus pony of the same name.
(Silver Stream)

Silverstream ID S8E1

Silverstream in School Daze - Part 1

Silverstream seapony ID S8E2

Silverstream as a seapony in School Daze - Part 2

Kind Hippogriff
Sex Female
Residence School of Friendship, Ponyville (as of S8E2)
Seaquestria (formerly)
Occupation Student at the School of Friendship
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Eyes Moderate blue violet
Mane ¤ Light cornflower blue and light cornflower bluish gray
Coat Light magentaish gray
Pale, light grayish orchid beak and claws/fins
Relatives Sky Beak (father)
Ocean Flow (mother)
Terramar (younger[1] brother)
Queen Novo (maternal[2] aunt)
Princess Skystar (cousin)
Unnamed cousins
Voice Lauren Jackson (English)
Myy Lohi (Finnish)
Alexandra Corréa (European French)
Paulina Moś (Polish)
Jussara Marques (Brazilian Portuguese)

Silverstream, or Silver Stream, is a female Hippogriff/seapony and one of the "Young Six"[3][4][5][6] who appears in season eight of the show as a student at Twilight Sparkle's School of Friendship.


Silverstream has the same name as a character in Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare, published four years before her introduction in the series.

Silverstream was presented as a seapony named Silver Stream in her introduction at the HASCON "First Look at My Little Pony Season 8!" panel on September 9, 2017.

Depiction in the series

Silverstream excited to meet Ocellus S8E1
In the season eight premiere School Daze - Part 1 and Part 2, Silverstream enrolls in Twilight Sparkle's newly opened School of Friendship as a student, having been brought to Ponyville by naval general Seaspray to represent the Hippogriffs. Initially, Silverstream is particularly excited to be at the school, but Twilight's strict adherence to the Equestria Education Assocation's guidelines cause the school courses to be dull and boring.

When Silverstream cuts class with Sandbar, Smolder, Gallus, Yona, and Ocellus, the six hang out together and slowly become good friends. They later return to school for Friends and Family Day, but they accidentally ruin the event and cause damage to the school. Chancellor Neighsay of the EEA perceives their fun and games as an attack orchestrated by other non-pony creatures, and the offended tribe leaders pull their students out of school, including Silverstream.

Silverstream joining hands with Twilight S8E2
Not wanting to say goodbye to each other after the school is closed, Silverstream and her new friends go into hiding at the Castle of the Two Sisters. The six have fun together at first, but they are eventually attacked by ferocious puckwudgies, prompting the Mane Six to save them. When Silverstream and her friends are asked to come back to school, they are reluctant to continue their boring lessons, but Twilight and the others assure them things will be better and more fun than before. After Twilight defies the authority of Chancellor Neighsay and reopens the School of Friendship, Seaspray allows Silverstream to re-enroll at the school, much to her extreme delight.

In Surf and/or Turf, Twilight travels to Mount Aris to have Silverstream's parents, Sky Beak and Ocean Flow, sign a permission slip so that Silverstream can go on field trips. In Horse Play, she takes part in Twilight's play about Princess Celestia. In The Parent Map, Silverstream appears flying outside the Castle of Friendship.

In Non-Compete Clause, Silverstream and her friends go on a teamwork-building field trip with Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Though their constant arguing and vying for the next "Teacher of the Month" award gets in the way of any learning, Silverstream enjoys herself throughout the entire outing, eventually declaring it the "best field trip ever".

In Molt Down, Silverstream briefly appears when Spike is outside the School of Friendship.

In Marks for Effort, she is seen attending one of Fluttershy's classes, flying with the butterflies Fluttershy brought for the students to make friends with. She is later seen exiting the school with her friends after a test.

In A Matter of Principals, Silverstream and her classmates are shown various magical artefacts by Twilight just before she is summoned by the Cutie Map. During the "Spell-venger Hunt", Silverstream is paired up with Gallus. When they find the crown of King Grover, they are chased by portraits enchanted by Discord. She and her friends are present when Starlight Glimmer apologizes to Discord for not including him and offers him the job of "vice headmare".

In The Hearth's Warming Club, a prank ruins the Hearth's Warming tree, andthe students are all under suspicion for it, and charged with cleaning up the mess while they are questioned one by one. During this time, Silverstream tells her friends about the Three Days of Freedom Festival her fellow Hippogriffs celebrate. When the guilty party doesn't come forward, the students start accusing each other. When Gallus confesses that he was the culprit, resulting in him having to stay for friendship lessons over the holidays, Silverstream and the others all choose to stay with him.

In Friendship University, she and her friends are seen looking at a flyer for the University.

Other depictions


Hippogriff Silverstream appears on the cover of the adaptation Meet the New Class.[7][8]


Hippogriff Silverstream and seapony Silver Stream appear simultaneously in the promotional music video Saved by My Friends.

My Little Pony (mobile game)

Silverstream is a character in Gameloft's mobile game.


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Starting with The Maud Couple, Silverstream also appears in both seapony and Hippogriff forms in the theme song.


A brushable figure of Hippogriff Silverstream is included in the upcoming Friendship is Magic "Kindness Lessons" toy set with Fluttershy.[9]


Silverstream getting super-excited S8E1
Among the Young Six, Silverstream is portrayed as incredibly hyperactive and bubbly, similar to Pinkie Pie and her cousin, Princess Skystar. Stated to have lived underwater for most of her life, she is very curious about the world about her and unfamiliar with creatures like changelings and griffons or social concepts like boredom and sarcasm. She is particularly fascinated by stairs, since there were none in her undersea home.


"Ponies can turn into changelings?!"
School Daze - Part 1
"I spent most of my life in a coral reef underwater. I was a seapony, but now I'm a Hippogriff. Long story. Anyway, wow! Is that a yak?!"
— School Daze - Part 1
"Is this what boring is? Am I bored?"
— School Daze - Part 1
"Congratulations, Yona! You are officially the weirdest thing I've seen so far!"
— School Daze - Part 1
"Uh, maybe skipping class wasn't the best idea?"
— School Daze - Part 1
"You guys! I just found stairs! [...] Stairs are awesome! We don't have anything like them underwater 'cause, you know, no way to climb 'em!"
School Daze - Part 2
"This place has everything! If only my family back home could see it..."
— School Daze - Part 2


Silverstream excited to have found something S8E2

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