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Spa ponies

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Spa ponies
Spa ponies S1E20 thumb
Kind Earth ponies
Sex Female
Occupation Beauticians
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Eyes Moderate azure
Mane Light cerulean (Aloe)
Pale rose (Lotus)
Coat Pale rose (Aloe)
Light cerulean (Lotus)

The spa ponies are two twin Earth ponies who work at the Ponyville day spa.


Their appearance is similar to the babies of the G1 Surprise Twins Pony, and they share that color sceme. They also share the color scheme of the G2 Rose and Lily. They share Rarity's and Octavia's (minus the iris) eye design.

Depiction in the series

File:Spa pony s1e20.png
One of the spa ponies first appears in the episode Bridle Gossip, and later they appear together in Green Isn't Your Color. In the former episode, the spa pony only appears briefly in the final scene, asking Zecora for the ingredients of her herbal bath. She speaks with a strong but indistinct Eastern European accent.

The spa offers many services in Green Isn't Your Color, such as massages, mud baths, seaweed bath wraps, steam rooms, and even horn filing for unicorn ponies. Rarity comes in for her "usual" and returns for a second time as soon as she's finished. One of the spa ponies did not seem to notice that Fluttershy was not a unicorn pony when she attempted to give her a horn filing regardless before realizing her mistake. Another pony works at the spa, and she briefly appears in this episode, giving Rarity a massage.

"Aloe" and "Lotus" also appear in A Friend in Deed where they give Cranky Doodle Donkey a service as a gift from Pinkie Pie. Another pony appears behind the counter.

"Lotus" and the masseuse both appear in Ponyville Confidential, where one of them attempts to give Rainbow Dash a pony equivalent of a pedicure, which she refuses hastily.

Other media

A miniature collectible of "Lotus" was leaked in late July 2012.[1]

The spa ponies appear in the Comic Con 2011 promotional poster in front of the Shadowbolts.

The trading card of the Day Spa lists the spa ponies among its residents.

My Little Pony Friendship Express Train™ Puzzle Adventure shows "Lotus" with Twilight Sparkle in a screenshot from Ponyville Confidential. The game was released earlier than the episode was.

Animation errors

There are a few instances where one of the ponies' eye-shadow color is replaced with the other's.



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