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Sunburst colt ID S5E26

Sunburst as a colt in The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2

Sunburst Crystal Pony ID S6E2

Sunburst as a crystal unicorn in The Crystalling - Part 2

Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Residence Crystal Empire
Unnamed village (formerly)
Occupation Flurry Heart's crystaller
Student at School for Gifted Unicorns (formerly)
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Eyes ¤ Gradient of dark cornflower blue to moderate cyan
Mane ¤ Vivid and brilliant vermilion
Coat ¤ Brilliant gamboge with light apple greenish gray spots
Magic aura Light yellow
Relatives "Sunswirl" (mother)
"Sunspot" (father)
Cutie mark
Sunburst cutie mark crop S5E26
Voice Ian Hanlin (English)
Henning Nöhren (German)
Massimo Di Benedetto (Italian)
Ángel de Gracia (European Spanish)
Dmytro Harbuz (Ukrainian)

Sunburst is a male unicorn pony, Starlight Glimmer's childhood friend, and royal crystaller to Flurry Heart. He first appears as a colt in the past in The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2, and he appears as a full-grown stallion in present day in the season six premiere.

Development and design

Sunburst bears different resemblances to S04E12 Unnamed Unicorn Stallion #1 and Gaffer.

Sunburst's name was previously used for a G1 Earth pony boy.

Depiction in the series

In The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2, Starlight Glimmer takes Twilight Sparkle and Spike back in time to her youth. They witness young Sunburst and young Starlight playing a book-stacking game, but young Starlight's move almost makes the books topple over her. Sunburst saves her by using telekinesis to put all of the books back on the shelf. It is this moment that earns him his cutie mark. After which, Starlight loses touch with Sunburst and, because he earned his cutie mark before her, she starts believing that cutie marks tear all friendships apart.

In The Crystalling - Part 1, Starlight says that Sunburst "knew everything there was to know about magic" when they were foals (contradicted in the flashbacks by Starlight being better at spells than him) and would occasionally help her along in her magic development. When Starlight later approaches him in the Crystal Empire to reconnect with him, he acts mainly awkward around her, purporting to be an important wizard.

However, it is later revealed in The Crystalling - Part 2 that, although Sunburst is very knowledgeable about magic, he is untalented at casting it. He uses this knowledge of magic to help Starlight and her friends restore the Crystal Heart and complete the newborn baby Flurry Heart's Crystalling ceremony. Following this, Sunburst is appointed as Flurry Heart's "crystaller" and magic advisor, and he and Starlight promise to stay in touch.

Sunburst also appears in The Times They Are A Changeling, staying close to Flurry Heart during a suspected changeling incursion. In To Where and Back Again - Part 1, when Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, and Flurry Heart are captured by the changelings, Sunburst dispatches Thorax to help save Equestria.

Other depictions

Chapter books

Sunburst is mentioned in chapter 12 of Princess Cadance and the Spring Hearts Garden, "Crystal-Blue Persuasion". He is stated to be visiting Starlight Glimmer in Ponyville. Sunburst is also mentioned in chapters 5, 6, 8, and 11 of Starlight Glimmer and the Secret Suite.

My Little Pony (mobile game)

Sunburst is a character in Gameloft's mobile game.


"S-Starlight! My goodness, it-it's been a long time!"
The Crystalling - Part 1
"So... the Princess of Friendship wants you and I to be friends again?"
— The Crystalling - Part 1
"I know Princess Twilight is keen on the two of us rekindling our friendship, but... it's been so long."
The Crystalling - Part 2
"No rest for the wizardly."
— The Crystalling - Part 2
"You know, I'd like to help, I-I really would. I-I just have so much, um, important wizard work to do around here."
— The Crystalling - Part 2
"I'm not an important wizard! I'm not even a wizard at all!"
— The Crystalling - Part 2
"Reading about magic is one thing, but you don't know what it was like at magic school! To know so much and not be able to do any of it!"
— The Crystalling - Part 2
"Did you really travel through time?"
— The Crystalling - Part 2
"Like I'd ever lose touch with my oldest friend."
— The Crystalling - Part 2
"This changeling replaced your friend to get close to the baby! What other explanation could there be?!"
— To Spike, The Times They Are A Changeling


Sunburst shines bright S5E26

Sunburst image gallery

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