Sunshine Petals
Sunshine Petals ID S4E8

Sunshine Petals in Rarity Takes Manehattan
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
More info
Eyes Brilliant harlequin
Mane ¤ Two shades of pale, light grayish purple
Coat Pale, light grayish olive
Cutie mark
Sunshine Petals cutie mark crop S4E8
Sunshine Petals cutie mark crop S5E16
Sunshine Petals is a female unicorn pony with a gold coat, light purple mane and tail, green eyes, and a cutie mark of two (sometimes three) flowers. She is unnamed in the show, but she is named in merchandise.

Development and design

Sunshine Petals shares her design with Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine, Apple Stars, "Ocean Breeze", "Precious", "Rosewood Brook", Cipher Splash, "Nook", S02E05 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #1, S04E08 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #1, S04E12 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #4, S04E24 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #2, S04E24 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #3, and S05E02 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #1, and her mane and tail style with "Golden Glory" and S04E24 Unnamed Earth Mare #4.

Enterplay collectible card game developer Trevor McGregor has stated on Facebook that a supposed Generic card #12 F of this pony is not real.[1]

Depiction in the series

Sunshine Petals first appears in the season four episode Rarity Takes Manehattan selling flowers in Manehattan. During the song Generosity, Rarity buys a flower from her to give to "Sourpuss".

Later, in the season five episode Made in Manehattan, Sunshine Petals watches the Midsummer Theater Revival organized by Applejack, Rarity, and Coco Pommel. She also listens to Twilight Sparkle's Cutie Mark Magic lecture at the School for Gifted Unicorns in The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 1.

In the season six episode The Gift of the Maud Pie, Sunshine Petals appears at the Manehattan flea market.


Sunshine Petals is named with a trademark symbol in the Ponymania Friendship Blossom Collection, bundled with brushables of Princess Cadance, Helia, Lotus Blossom, Rose, and Lily Valley.


Season four

Rarity Takes Manehattan

Season five

Made in Manehattan

The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 1

Season six

The Gift of the Maud Pie

Season seven

Parental Glideance



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