Svengallop ID S5E24

Svengallop in The Mane Attraction
Kind Earth
Sex Male
Residence Manehattan
Occupation Coloratura's manager (formerly)
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Eyes Dark tangelo
Mane ¤ Pale, light grayish vermilion and light vermilionish gray
Coat Light chartreuse greenish gray
Relatives Crownpiece (sister)
Voice Colin Murdock (English)
Rainer Fritzsche (German)
Gianluca Iacono (Italian)
Kamil Dominiak (Polish)
Oleg Virozub (Russian)
Pavlo Skorokhodko (Ukrainian)

Svengallop is a male Earth pony and the antagonist of the season five episode The Mane Attraction. He is Coloratura's bossy and flamboyant former manager who exploits her for personal gain.

Development and design

His name and character are a play on Svengali from George du Maurier's 1895 novel Trilby.[1] His original name in development was "Pony Baloney", which was changed for being too obvious;[2] this name is similar to "Pony Bowl-ony", one of Mr. Kingpin's unused would-be names.

The original draft of The Mane Attraction depicted Coloratura outright firing Svengallop, rather than Svengallop voluntarily abandoning her in the final draft. According to Amy Keating Rogers, his continued shady dealings in Manehattan ultimately end in failure after the events of the episode.[3]

Depiction in the series

Svengallop appears alongside Countess Coloratura and her entourage in the season five episode The Mane Attraction when they arrive to Ponyville for the Helping Hooves Music Festival charity event. He assumes an overbearing role in Coloratura's career, disapproving of her interactions with "common" ponies. During his time in Ponyville, Svengallop makes numerous unreasonable demands to Pinkie Pie without Coloratura's knowledge, and he threatens to pull Coloratura out of the festival if Pinkie does not comply.

Applejack attempts to convince Coloratura of Svengallop's unscrupulous managing, but Coloratura is skeptical. Twilight Sparkle records Svengallop's backdoor dealings with Pinkie Pie, and Coloratura finally realizes the truth, outraged that her manager has been using her fame to manipulate others. When confronted by the furious singer, Svengallop tells her that the show will fall apart without him and leaves in a huff.

In season six, Svengallop makes a background appearance at Gladmane's resort in Viva Las Pegasus. In season eight, he makes a background appearance at DJ Pon-3's dance club in Grannies Gone Wild.

Other depictions

IDW comics

On My Little Pony: Nightmare Knights Issue #1 page 14, Svengallop appears in Princess Eris' casino.

Chapter books

In the chapter book Beyond Equestria: Pinkie Pie Steps Up, Svengallop appears in the penultimate chapter, having orchestrated a revenge plot against Coloratura with his sister Crownpiece to ruin Coloratura's career.

My Little Pony (mobile game)

Svengallop is a character in Gameloft's mobile game.

The Elements of Harmony Vol. II guidebook

SVENGALLOP is Countess Coloratura's scheming former manager. Nopony is fooled by his flashy flair and wily words anymore. It's clear he's totally out for himself. If Svengallop says he'll make a pony a star, tell that pony to pick up her hooves and hightail it.


"Clear the way! Stand back! Keep your hooves and tail to yourselves!"
The Mane Attraction
"Now that's how you make an entrance! Big, bold, absolutely stunning! Though it was muddied a bit with your interaction with that dusty farmpony."
— The Mane Attraction
"Oh, my shining star! Thanks to the sparkling costumes, dazzling choreography, and brilliant vocal effects that I designed, your performance was spectacular, Countess Coloratura!"
— The Mane Attraction
"You know the drill! Deliver, or the diva ditches your dippy charity!"
— The Mane Attraction
"I made you somepony! What can you even do without me?"
— The Mane Attraction


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