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The Flim Flam Peelcore 8000
Character(s) Flim and Flam
Lyrics by Christina Rice
Appears in Friends Forever Issue 9

The Flim Flam Peelcore 8000[1] is a song from the IDW comics' My Little Pony: Friends Forever Issue #9, written by Christina Rice. Flim and Flam sing a part of this song on pages 20-21 after they have amended their quarrel. The song is intended to sell their latest product, the titular Peelcore 8000.


Friends Forever issue 9 cover A

Cover A of Friends Forever Issue #9, art by Amy Mebberson

[Flim and Flam]
Oh yes, your apples must be peeled
By George, and we have got a deal
You know it's really quite a steal
The Peelcore Eight Thousand!
You must remove that nasty core
But the time it takes is such a chore
Now your tears and toil they are no more
The Peelcore Eight Thousand!
Just step right up and test it out
You'll be satisfied we have no doubt
Can we hear everyone now shout it out?
The Peelcore Eight Thousand!

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