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Thunderlane S02E22 thumb

Thunderlane in Hurricane Fluttershy

Thunderlane Earth pony ID S4E10

Thunderlane as an Earth pony in Rainbow Falls

Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Residence Ponyville
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Eyes Light gold
Mane ¤ Light cyanish gray with lighter streaks
Coat Dark magentaish gray
Relatives Rumble (brother)
Cutie mark
Thunderlane Cutie Mark
Voice Trevor Devall (English)[1]
Yoshiyuki Shimozuma (Japanese)
Robson Kumode (Brazilian Portuguese)
Arturo Castañeda (Latin American Spanish)
Thunderlane is a male Pegasus pony who first appears in the episode Hurricane Fluttershy. He has a dark gray coat, amber eyes and a blue-silver mane. His cutie mark is a storm cloud with a lightning bolt descending from it.

Depiction in the series

Season two

Happy Thunderlane S02E22
Thunderlane with a few other Pegasi in Hurricane Fluttershy.
OzuzannaAdded by Ozuzanna
Thunderlane[2] first appears in the film-reel scene in Hurricane Fluttershy: he coughs, and Rainbow Dash warns him that he better not be sick for the upcoming tornado that the Pegasi have to create. Twilight Sparkle blames him for coughing during the talk Rainbow Dash gives to the group of Pegasus ponies before they begin measuring their wingpower. She sprays him with disinfectant, and he protests that it was Blossomforth who coughed. Rainbow Dash claims that he is just trying to get out of the event because he is lazy, and orders him to be the first test flier. Thunderlane is annoyed at being first up and glares at Blossomforth. After positioning himself at the starting line, he blazes down the track with a look of determination and is recorded with 9.3 wingpower, receiving cheers from crowd and an adoring look from Cloudchaser. On the day of the tornado itself, Thunderlane is missing, and Rumble, his brother, tells Dash that Thunderlane is at the Ponyville hospital due to him having the flu.

Thunderlane later makes a minor appearance as a member of a crowd in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2. He appears in the shot after Twilight Sparkle straightens the crest on Shining Armor's chest.

Season three

Thunderlane appears again in Wonderbolts Academy as one of the recruits for The Wonderbolts. He is paired up with Sunshower Raindrops and made the lead pony of their duo. When Lightning Dust's tornado puts Rainbow Dash's friends in danger, Thunderlane catches Rarity, and gets a hug for his efforts.

Season four

Thunderlane appears in Rainbow Falls on the train with another speaking role, this time joined by "Helia" regarding the event they are participating in.

Thunderlane is set to appear along with "Helia" in an upcoming Equestria Games episode of season four.[3][4]


A mini-figure toy of Thunderlane was leaked in late July 2013.[5] Thunderlane appears on the Season 2 poster.


"It wasn't me, it was Blossomforth."
Hurricane Fluttershy
"Too bad we can only compete in one event. [sighs] But, rules are rules."
Rainbow Falls


Nopony's getting sick on my watch S2E22
Thunderlane image gallery


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