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Lyra Heartstrings id

Amethyst Star and Lyra Heartstrings, two unicorn ponies from Canterlot.

Unicorns are one of three kinds of ponies on My Little Pony Friendship is Magic who live in Equestria. They are characterized by their horns and their ability to perform magic.


Unicorns were introduced after Earth ponies in the original My Little Pony toy line. In previous animated series, they had the ability to teleport magically or "wink out", but did not ordinarily have any other magical abilities.

Depiction in the series

File:S2E11 unicorn banner.png
As the name suggests, all unicorns have a long horn protruding from their forehead which glows when their magical powers are used. Although they are associated with their magic, a unicorn's horn is strong and sharp enough to have mundane uses: one unicorn in Call of the Cutie uses it to pop balloons, and Twilight Sparkle uses it to charge an opponent on several occasions. Twilight Sparkle and Rarity are often seen using their intellects to compensate for their lack of physical strength, such as when Twilight earns fifth place in the Running of the Leaves in Fall Weather Friends and Rarity overcomes her captors in A Dog and Pony Show. It was stated in Boast Busters most unicorn magic revolves only around their natural talents (e.g. their jobs, hobbies, etc) as seen in Rarity's case, thus making unicorns like Twilight Sparkle unusual for having a talent that is magic itself. However, both Rarity (in The Cutie Mark Chronicles) and Twilight Sparkle (playing the role of Clever Clover in Hearth's Warming Eve) have stated that Unicorn magic itself does not happen without reason.

Also, twice in the series, their magic has been cancelled out. The first was when Twilight Sparkle was affected by the Poison Joke plant in Bridle Gossip, wherein the plant made Twilight's horn floppy, rendering it unable to do magic. In Ponyville Confidential, Sweetie Belle simply kicks Rarity's horn to cancel out her levitation spell instantly. The other pony races generally have difficulty competing with a unicorn's magical talent, as seen when Trixie easily bested Applejack and Rainbow Dash in a show of skill. This causes Rarity to state that only another unicorn could put Trixie in her place, although Twilight Sparkle was the only unicorn present able to outdo Trixie.

Pegasus unicorns

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are called unicorns in the prologue in Friendship is Magic, part 1, and Luna is called a "Pegasus unicorn" on Hasbro's My Little Pony Facebook page.[1] On merchandise the princesses, including Princess Cadance, are called "Pony Princesses"; in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1, Twilight Sparkle contrasts Cadance being a "princess" with herself being a "regular old unicorn." Despite this, storyboard artist Sabrina Alberghetti calls the princesses alicorns.[2][note 1]

Unicorn magic

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Twilight unleashes her magic S1E06

Twilight Sparkle exerting herself to manipulate large objects over a long distance with telekinesis.

Lauren Faust has stated that Earth ponies and Pegasi have passive forms of magic, but unicorns can actively perform magic.[3] In a retelling of the history of Equestria in Hearth's Warming Eve and in The Journal of the Two Sisters, unicorns controlled the sun and moon before the rule of Celestia and Luna.

A common ability among unicorns is using telekinesis to levitate or move objects, as seen with Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Trixie, and various background unicorn ponies. The ability to cast other spells varies widely and sometimes depends on the unicorn's special talent. Unicorn magic requires concentration and effort, as Twilight explains to Spike in Feeling Pinkie Keen and to Apple Bloom in Call of the Cutie. In Lesson Zero, Twilight says she needs a line of sight with an object to undo the spell she cast on it.

Colors of magic auras

When unicorns cast magic, it produces a colored aura around their horns and any objects their magic affects. The color of the glow is different among individuals, usually matching a prominent color of their cutie mark or the color of their eyes. This color is distinctive to each unicorn, and changes in this color can indicate when something is amiss.​[​specify​]​

  • Twilight Sparkle's magic aura is magenta, the color of the large star in her cutie mark.
  • Rarity's magic aura is blue, matching both her eyes and her cutie mark, though her aura is a lighter shade.
  • Flim and Flam's magic auras are both colored green, matching their eyes and not their cutie marks.

However, some characters' magical aura matches neither their eyes nor their cutie mark. This is the case with Trixie, whose magic aura is pink while her eyes are purple and her cutie mark is mostly blue or blue-gray.

During season one, the colors of individual characters' magic auras were often inconsistent from episode to episode; for example, Princess Celestia's magical glow varies throughout season one but is consistently yellow in Lesson Zero and A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2 as well as in season four's new opening sequence. Rarity's aura is blue in most of her appearances, but it is pink in Look Before You Sleep.

Baby unicorn magic

Pumpkin Cake chewing the toy 1 S02E13

Pumpkin Cake using magic.

The episode Baby Cakes features a little baby unicorn named Pumpkin Cake, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cake, who uses her magic unexpectedly when Pinkie babysits her and her Pegasus twin brother, Pound Cake. Rarity cautions the other ponies at the beginning of the episode that "baby unicorns get strange magic surges that come and go," and Pumpkin Cake experiences these surges when she's able to use her magic to teleport, walk through solid objects, levitate herself and other objects, and break the locks and chains that Pinkie put around the toy chest.


Canterlot is mostly populated by unicorns in its three appearances in Friendship is Magic, part 1, Sweet and Elite, and The Cutie Mark Chronicles. Notable exceptions are Hoity Toity and Celestia's pegasus pony guards. Ponyville has its share of unicorns, more or less equally with Earth ponies and Pegasi. In Applejack's visit to Manehattan unicorns are only seen as waiters, and the rest of the ponies there are Earth ponies. Since they lack the natural ability to walk on clouds, they should not be ordinarily present in Cloudsdale, but Twilight Sparkle casts a spell on herself and her friends that allows them to walk on clouds and attend a competition in Cloudsdale in the episode Sonic Rainboom.

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  1. The use of terms directly from the show supersedes other conventions.



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