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April 9, 2012
  • I live in Equestria
  • My occupation is MLP FiM/Equestria Girls
  • I am Male

About me:

FANMADE FlameStar101 Personality test
FlameStar101Added by FlameStar101

Hi everyone. I´m FlameStar101 and welcome to my page here on the wiki. My friends usually call me "Flame" so you may refer to me as Flame if you want to.

If you want to reach me, then please leave a comment in my talkpage and I´ll try and respond as soon as I can.

I tend to talk to my friends in the different pages here on the wiki, but you can mostly find me around the episode pages.

I´m usually online in between 11.00 am - 1.00 am (Europe time).

I think that´s about it. If you still have any questions about my personality, then please refer to this link right here. Also, please notify me if I make any mistakes around the wiki, because I might not notice it at first.

I may update this section, if I remember to do that of course.        

Hope to see you guys on the wiki! :)
FANMADE Flamestar101's OC Sunstar
My OC drawn by RealColorsplash.

My friend list:

People here on the wiki that I consider to be my friends.

The Mane Six:

FANMADE main cast
The Mane 6
FlameStar101Added by FlameStar101

I´ve come to realize that I really don´t have a pony that I like more than the other. They´re all really great ponies, and their personalities is the reason why I like all of them. They fill me joy everytime I watch a new episode of My Little Pony. I hope they´ll continue to make me smile until the very end of the series.

Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity.

My favorite episodes:

These are my personal favorites, but don´t get me wrong I like the other episodes, but these are the ones I like the most.

Elements Of Harmony 2 S01E01
The Elements of Harmony
Map of Equestria online version 2012-08
The Land of Equestria
PonyNewsAdded by PonyNews

My favorite songs:

These are the songs I like the most out of the ones that exist and I also have remixes of most of these. There are some fanmade songs as well but those are not included here since I want to have the original songs instead of fanmade ones.

Shortcut to pages:

Fanfic progress:

These are the fanfics I´ve been working on since I joined the wiki. Most of these somewhat resemble the actual TV series and some of them are things that would probably not happen in the actual series. I try to keep these from becoming inappropriate for readers and I try to make them interesting for everypony at any age. Anyways, here they are and most of them are fully completed, with the exception of 7 more seasons which I´m planning to create.

AiP CM Feather
MLP: Writing is Magic
URLAdded by URL

Completed Fanfics:

Some interesting pictures:

Twilight Sparkle Shocked S1E11
Wait where´s the snow, it´s suppose to be winter right? Oh, maybe I´m four months ahead. Oh well. Time to head out!
BluesirTheFoxAdded by BluesirTheFox
Applejack places her hoof on the tree-house's wall S1E18
This here house can withstand a storm of great force! However it will cost 200 bits if anypony want to live here!
Pinkie Pie behind a ceiling lamp in Cupcakes song S1E12
Hide and seek is my favorite since I´m usually the last pony to be found! I mean, who would search for me up here since that would be so random!
PonyNewsAdded by PonyNews
A grumpy Rainbow Dash S01E07
Note to self: Don´t perform Sonic Rainbooms if you´re in the middle of Ponyville, because otherwise you´ll have to pay for the reconstruction, which is not 20% cooler!
OcredanAdded by Ocredan

Fluttershy watches the CMC S1E17
Um... Have I missed something? Because everypony seems to be acting pretty strange. Please tell me you´re not changelings right?
Rarity looking through the newspaper S2E23
The dress in this news paper looks absolutely fabulous, if you compare with the dress I made yesterday. Perhaps my dress only needs a few more gems to make it perfect.
BobogooboAdded by Bobogoobo

In the end:

Okay, I think a Looney Tunes reference is the perfect way to end this page, and who fits in better than Pinkie Pie to end it all. Take it away Pinkie.

Pinkie Pie iris wipe S1E21
That´s all folks!

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