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aka Impy

  • I live in Manehattan
  • I was born on March 24
  • My occupation is Digital artist
  • I am A MAN! *punch*
"Politics is the polite way of telling people you know that you think they're stupid."
— Burnie Burns, Rooster Teeth Productions


– "Light your heart up", Aimee Blackshleger, Kill la Kill

FANMADE Nightmare Moon 1 by ZuTheSkunk
FANMADE Pinkie's Listening by Quasdar
FANMADE Rocking Sunset 02 by Kanduli
FANMADE Derpy Cloud Bounce by The-Coop

Hiya, willkommen, konnichi wa, and fourth greeting of your choosing. I'm ImperfectXIII, and I am both a proud admin of this wiki and a ponies enthusiast. Welcome to my humble shrine.

FANMADE Pony Personality Test ImperfectXIII
  • The first episode of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic I EVER watched was Swarm of the Century
  • I love a lot of fan-made MLP music, especially by MandoPony and Eurobeat Brony
  • My favorite MLP fan fiction is ROBCakeran53's "My Little Dashie" (cried the first time I read it)
  • I have a PSN ID: "ImpyThirteen" (PS3)/"Impus Tredecim" (PS4)

Masquerade ID S1E26

One of my favorite background pony models for some reason. What can I say? I really like her mane. XD

Favorite Mane 6 Pony: Pinkie Pie
Favorite Cutie Mark Crusader: Scootaloo
Favorite Princess: Princess Luna
Favorite Villain: Nightmare Moon
Favorite Background Pony: DJ Pon-3
Favorite Voice Actor/Actress: Tabitha St. Germain
Favorite Singer: Kazumi Evans
Favorite Season 1 Episode: The Cutie Mark Chronicles
Favorite Season 1 Song: At the Gala
Favorite Season 2 Episode: A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2
Favorite Season 2 Song: Smile Song
Favorite Season 3 Episode: Magical Mystery Cure
Favorite Season 3 Song: A True, True Friend
Favorite Season 4 Episode: Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2
Favorite Season 4 Song: You'll Play Your Part
Favorite Season 5 Episode: Crusaders of the Lost Mark
Favorite Season 5 Song: The Pony I Want to Be

Some of my favorite quotes in the series:

Twilight Sparkle: Now what do we do?
Fluttershy: Uh... panic?
Suited For Success
"Dude, that's creepy."
— Spike, Owl's Well That Ends Well
"You're... going to LOVE ME!"
— Fluttershy, The Best Night Ever
"Hey, Twilight, what's soaking wet and clueless? Your face!"
— Fluttershy, The Return of Harmony Part 2
"Thy backside is whole and ungobbled, thou ungrateful whelp!"
— Princess Luna, Luna Eclipsed
"I didn't learn anything! Ha! I was right all along!"
— Applejack, The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000
"That's an apple tree."
— Cheerilee, Hearts and Hooves Day
"This donkey is really, really BALD!"
— Pinkie Pie, A Friend in Deed
"Fighting's not really my thing; I'm more into fashion. But I'll rip you to pieces if you touch one scale on his cute little head!"
— Rarity, Dragon Quest
Pinkie Pie: Now we just need to find out who done it.
Twilight Sparkle: You mean, who did it.
Pinkie Pie: Exactly. Who did-done-dood it.
MMMystery on the Friendship Express
" Fine, I'm guilty! I wear false eyelashes! Oh, and I took a bite of the cake."
— Rarity, MMMystery on the Friendship Express
"Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake! Clap your hooves and do a little shake!"
— Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadance, multiple episodes
"Why does life have to be so ironic?!"
— Sweetie Belle, One Bad Apple
"Now, Ahuizotl, you know I love you, but I can't give you the ring 'til I've properly proposed."
— Daring Do, Daring Don't
"Think of the cider! Won't somepony please think of the cider?!"
— Rainbow Dash, Bats!
Applejack: Yeah, you were pretty rotten.
Rainbow Dash: Wow, Applejack. I know your thing is honesty, but come on!
Rarity Takes Manehattan
" I love bein' covered in mud! "
— Rarity, Simple Ways

  • Hi! Welcome to Impy's gallery of ME!
  • Hee-hee! Black Snooty! Ahh... I crack myself up sometimes.
  • 'Giggle at the ghosties'! Words to live by!
  • Awww, poor Pinkie. I mean, poor me!
  • No occasion's too small for a party!
  • Is this what they call 'breaking the fourth wall'? Sorry, Mr. Fourth Wall! Didn't mean to break you!
  • Eeeeeee! The Grand Galloping Gala!
  • Smile for the camera!
  • Now stick your tongue out for the camera!
  • Can't watch a good movie without popcorn.
  • Aren't I cute? Impy sure thinks so!
  • Rawr! Ready to face that mean old dragon!
  • Hahaha! I look so silly, don't I?
  • Ooh... Maybe there's a bit of an Evil Enchantress in ME too...
  • Fluttershy isn't the only one with a Stare...
  • I love playing the trombone! What's YOUR favorite instrument?
  • Cutie Pinkie again!
  • Streamers?! What was I thinking?! Rarity's dress is SOOO much prettier!
  • Okie-dokie-lokie!
  • Whoops! Too much helium!
  • Mmm! Juicy!
  • Cuteness: am I doing it right?
  • Hey there, big boy. Want a...cupcake?
  • Oops! Did it again, didn't I?
  • CANDY!!!
  • Pie tastes so much sweeter when it's all over your face!
  • And that's how Equestria was made! ...I think.
  • Why, yes, Mr. Bond, I DO expect you to talk.
  • Aah! Angry Pinkie!
  • And we're back to Happy Pinkie!
  • There's no worse feeling than thinking your friends don't wanna be your friends anymore...
  • Uhhh... Not my strongest moment...
  • Hee-hee! My hair's so bouncy!
  • I love trampolines!
  • So excited for the Gala!
  • 'To whoop!' And there was much whooping!
  • Don't I look cute in my Gala duds?
  • I'm at the Grand Galloping GALAAAAAAAA...!
  • ...What? It's chocolate rain, for pony's sake!
  • Never too old for Nightmare Night!
  • Mmm... Candy...
  • I'm a chicken! Ba-GAWK!
  • Comedy is easy! Lying is hard!
  • Make it stop! Oh, make it STOP!
  • Morning, Impy! You have a good night's sleep?
  • Party cannon: never leave home without it!
  • I love playing Chancellor Puddinghead because I love balancing a bowl of pudding on my head!
  • I am just about to be BRILLIANT!
  • Ugh... Too many cherries...
  • Nopony breaks a Pinkie Promise!
  • Cider season's my favorite time of the year! ...Well, next to Hearth's Warming Eve.
  • Looky, looky! Another cute picture of me!
  • Now THERE'S an award-winning smile!
  • Booga-booga-booga!
  • When my friends are smiling, I'm smiling too!
  • Twice the Pinkie!
  • Everypony smile now!
  • Are you smiling yet?
  • Make this user page super-duper with a gallery of me: Check!
  • Forever's a LONG time to a pony. That's as many as four evers. And that's terrible.
  • I've got suction-cup hooves. Do YOU have suction-cup hooves? ...I didn't think so.
  • You can never have too many Pinkie Pies!
  • More hooves makes you run faster, right?
  • Look at me! I'm a firecracker!
  • Wanna party? Do ya? Do ya? Huh-huh-huh?
  • I'm great at parties AND panicking.
  • D'awwwww...
  • Elementary, my dear Impy!
  • KA-BOOM!
  • Cheering up sad crystal ponies is fun!
  • Want a Pinkie Hug?
  • Hee-hee! My head's a clock!
  • Ooh, the Pinkies have been doubled again...
  • ...And again...
  • ...And again...and again...and again-- Aah! Make it stop!
  • I bet Lyra's sooooo jealous...
  • Is this face crazy enough for you?!?
  • Nothing like curling up with a good book.
  • Is it time to panic? I think it's time to panic!
  • Moustaches are fun too!
  • Laughter is the best medicine!
  • Want a cinnamon bun?
  • Having a cutie mark that isn't yours: not fun. Even WITH a catchy song.
  • ...What?! Water chutes are tricky to fix!
  • When I say "Pinkie", you say "Pie!" "Pinkie"...!
  • "PIE!!!"
  • I do a mean sprinkler impression, don't you think?
  • "Transformers"? What's that? Some kind of fancy-schmancy cupcake?
  • "Nervicited" is TOO a real word! Look it up!
  • Hugs! Hugs are always good! ...Whoa. Déjà vu.
  • My hunches are always right! I wonder why that is.
  • Creamy, creamy frosting... Yum...
  • I may think outside the box, but I can still color INSIDE the lines!
  • And for my next trick...
  • I wonder what else I don't know how to play. Tuba? Bassoon? ...Glockenspiel?
  • Ring-a-ding-ding!
  • Sing us a song, you're the piano mare...
  • What? Doesn't YOUR imagination bring YOU cake?
  • Happy National Random Holiday Party Day!
  • WOO-HOO!!!
  • Can't have a Random Holiday Party without a Random Holiday Party hat!
  • It's a looooong way back to Ponyville. Better paint the trail so we don't get lost.
  • I claim this junk pile in the name of Pinkieland!
  • Wheeeeeeeeee!
  • Suddenly Pinkie!
  • Apple Bloom's not the only one who's good at loopty-hooping.
  • I can skate on ice skates AND brushes! Jealous?
  • Wanna see me run to the bakery and back? ...Wanna see me do it again?
  • Super-speedy pie in the face!
  • Is playing Tag with super speed cheating?
  • When you've got super speed, there's ALWAYS time for cupcakes!
  • Stop the bats! Stop the--! ...Wait, is this supposed to be a serious song?
  • What will I wear on my head next? Maybe a cowpony hat?
  • Betcha didn't know I could do this. Neither did I!
  • Oopsies! Sorry, Applejack!
  • Flutterbat! Don't let her bite you!
  • She'll never get me down here!
  • I vant to suck your juice!
  • Nom.
  • Oh, right. Fake fangs.
  • C'mon, Mr. Cabbie! Give a smile!
  • Peek-a-boo Pinkie!
  • I guess I should've picked a better hiding spot in a LIBRARY.
  • Wait... I'm related to WHO?!
  • This is better than cotton candy...
  • ...on top of a fountain of chocolate!
  • Me gusta.
  • Hey, cousin! Let's go bowling!
  • Apple family hug!
  • Best family twirl ever!
  • Oh, most joyous of joys!
  • Everypony else is grinning. I should grin too so I don't seem weird.
  • GAAASP! Is it my turn to sing?!
  • When you're family, you MAKE the time.
  • What sounds better? Pinkiesonic or Pinkieroid?
  • Whoooaaaa... That's deep, man.
  • I like scary caves! ...Is that strange?
  • Best duckface ever!
  • Ain't I a stinker?
  • Look, look! I'm part of the family too!
  • "P" for Ponyville!
  • Too loud?
  • What do I do with these now? Maybe I can give them away to cheerleaders less fortunate.
  • Come with me, Discord, and I'll tell my life story!
  • We meet again, Mr. Fourth Wall...
  • Checklists... How does Twilight make it look so easy?!
  • I believe I can fly...
  • Parties = serious business.
  • Your Cheesy Sense sensed I had a Pinkie Sense? Sense-ception!
  • Party time!
  • But... I thought my parties were the best...
  • (Concerned friend! Quick! Act natural!)
  • What? Laughter is the best medicine!
  • Special delivery party!
  • It's okay, balloony. I'm sad too.
  • I wonder when they'll come for a visit...
  • I want adventure in the great wide--! Wait. Wrong cartoon.
  • The return of "Pinkie Present Pie"!
  • Unicorns can have their magic duels. I prefer party duels.
  • Ooh, I snagged me a big one!
  • Party cannon in yo' face!
  • Pinkie and Cheese: soul mates in partying.
  • My friends make great backup dancers.
  • I must go now. My planet needs me.
  • Everypony do the flop!
  • FLOP!
  • Bow before my superior turkey calling skills! Gobble-gobble-gobble!
  • Told you I had suction-cup hooves.
  • Awww... I made Fluttershy sad. Now I'm sad.
  • The Hayburger has the BEST milkshakes!
  • Hanging from my tail is fun!
  • Can't... handle... the cute!
  • May... EXPLODE!
  • I love my big sis SOOOOO much!
  • ...But I guess my friends don't.
  • When in doubt, build an obstacle course!
  • Can I interest you in a fancy hat?
  • Mmmm! Rock candy!
  • Holla at your filly!
  • Any historical figure that wears bell-bottoms is alright by me!
  • Aah! Scary, scary books!
  • I can be veeeeeery convincing.
  • What do you mean you don't like vanilla?!
  • Wanna cheer with me? It's easy! Just go "OHMYGOSH" over and over again!
  • Get it? "Loooooooong face"? Hee-hee!
  • My turn, my turn!
  • Reveal to me your secrets, Boneless...
  • Th-th-th-that's all, folks!
  • Double batter-folding with my eyes closed. Impressed?
  • Don't be mad, Dashie. You look so glittery!
  • Drumming is fun!
  • Potato, to-mah-to, tomato, po-tah-to... Let's call the whole thing off.
  • What do you mean I'm too old to play on a rocking horse?!
  • Oh, we're goin' to the hukilau... Huki-huki-huki-huki-huki-hukilau...
  • Yee-haw! Ride 'em, cowgirl!
  • I'm a whiz at making paper planes.
  • Selfies with my besties!
  • I hunger... for pie...
  • Do you think I could pull off a beard? ...No?
  • Can't read my Pinkie Pie poker face.
  • Mmmm... Milkshake...
  • I'll save these for later.
  • Soooo magical...
  • Twilight and me are the best of besties!
  • Don't I have the cutest pajamas ever?
  • This is less fun than previously indicated...
  • Rockin' out with the Rainbooms!
  • Anybody here remember fun?! Because I sure don't!
  • Rainbow Power! ...Again!
  • Whoooaaaa... Equestria be trippy, man...
  • Mom and Dad! I mean, Virtual Mom and Dad!
  • I'm being sneaky... Nopony can see me...
  • Hey. My eyes are up here, bucko.
  • Don't trust their smiles, Fluttershy.
  • "Equestria"! Big "A"! Get it? ...No?
  • Spare me from the baked bads!
  • I actually miss the cardboard...
  • Bad touch! Stranger danger!
  • I'm feeling a little "unpink" right now.
  • Cool balloonoculars, Party Favor!
  • Look at me! I'm Santa Hooves! Ho-ho-ho!
  • Mmmm, pancakes...
  • Are the party cannons under HERE?
  • Anyone for seven-layer what's-that-flavor mystery surprise?
  • Aww, look at the cute wittle Tanky-wanky getting ready to hib-- ...You know...
  • Dashie's scary when she's mad!
  • I hate to see my friends cry... Especially Fluttershy!
  • I love making snow angels.
  • Found you! Now you count and I'll hide!
  • My big sis is the best at telling jokes!
  • Go, Smoozy! It's your birthday!
  • The map beckoneth us.
  • On an adventure with my PFF Dashie.
  • Well, that's not very nice...
  • Why, King Grover, you charmer you.
  • No singing, no parties, no bakery?! WHERE AM I?!?
  • Baking powder: never leave home without it. Just like party cannons.
  • Baking powder: fluffy baked goods and friendships or your bits back!
  • Your mane is so warm, Flutters.
  • Pink-a-boo!
  • Everything's fine! Nothing to worry about!
  • I take it back! EVERYTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!
  • This was... poorly thought-out.
  • I want to hold your hoooooof...!
  • Party Pinkie has arrived!
  • I should go flying with Twilight more often.
  • Party for Moon Dancer!
  • Nothing more fun than slumber parties with friends.
  • Oh, no... The cakes! They're biting back!
  • Ever have a tasty food dream and wake up with your pillow gone?
  • Want a strawberry cinnamon cilantro cupcake?
  • ...No, you're right. That's a terrible recipe.
  • ...A REALLY terrible recipe.
  • News about babies is the greatest!
  • Keeping secrets is NOT the greatest.
  • Just a grown pony sucking on a pacifier. Nothing suspicious about that.
  • Nopony will recognize me in this disguise.
  • I stand corrected.
  • Keeping secrets is exhausting work.
  • So... many... Pinkie Promises...
  • Want some balloonoculars? Party Favor's been giving me some pointers.
  • It's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-document!
  • Evil, evil balloons!
  • Woof, woof! Pinkie-dooby-doo!
  • I might actually explode this time!
  • ...There, see? Told you.
  • Digga tunnah, dig-digga tunnah...
  • I'm not Pinkie! I'm a, uh... Canterlot pinkwood tree.
  • Pinkie Pie: master of camouflage!
  • Very few bakers know the secrets of the mysterious "pie-cake".
  • Argh, me CHS hearties!
  • Don't I make a cute cowgirl?
  • So YOU'RE the other Twilight! Nice to meetcha!
  • Let's liven up this shindig.
  • I got my own party cannons now! KABOOM!!!
  • Time to show Crystal Prep how to reeeeally bake!
  • Your move, Crystal Prep.
  • Woooow, Sugarcoat... Do you have the same speaking coach as me?

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