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"Friendship is Magic"

Hello Wikian, Why did I choose the name MysteriousForce (AKA Divine Intervention)? Because of our role of anonymous users in keeping Wikis up to date, for those that will seek for knowledge. The editors are the "Mysterious Force" of Wikia, working behind the scenes so fans can find valuable info from their favorite show. I'm a fan of many wikia pages, such as the following: Phineas and Ferb, FullMetal Alchemist, Bleach and Pokemon (the game, not the show) and I decided to finally join this wiki since I'm a huge fan of the show and thought I could be helpful. I play video games being my favorite franchises Call of Duty and The Legend of Zelda. My favorite music is rock and some of my favorite bands are Muse, OneRepublic, Linkin Park and The Killers. I love working on computers, so I'll be learning a bunch of nice tricks to do on websites. I have a PlayStation 3, so I'll spend some time there too, mostly on the current Call of Duty game.

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Twilight Sparkle

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She reminds me of my passion to read books and being well informed. I like to know the truth about many things, and the different points of view regarding them. I like to think that ignorance is not an option, knowledge is might and it will lead us out of darkness. Twilight's voice actress is also my favorite, Tara Strong, also known as the "woman of a thousand voices" she has voiced many of the most celebrated cartoon characters of recent times.

Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash sees Rarity falling S1E16

Rainbow Dash is 20% cooler than the rest of the herd, she was the reason I started to watch MLP, thanks to the viral video "Everything goes well with Guile's theme" I got interest in the show, ultimately leading me to love Friendship is Magic. That's why Rainbow Dash will be the coolest pony, no matter what.

Applejack ready to get the dragon S1E7

I honestly didn't like this character when I was starting the show, but as I kept grinding the episodes found that Applejack is a well balanced pony and is a character that has much to offer. Applejack although not being a "perfect" pony has proven to be able to adapt and improve as the series have progressed, and also has being able to admit when she is right about stuff.

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