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Why hello there! The name's Ocredan but most people call me Ocre. I don't mind the name Big Dash or Dashie either. I'm an Admin here in the established wiki. I edit quite often and with me having administrator rights, I can help with any matter that concern the wiki itself. You can contact me on my talk page, or Skype (thunderfist. would be my account name). Enjoy your stay at the Friendship is Magic Wiki!}} Sometimes even I get affection :D

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I'm just a graduate of political science in his early 20s who also happens like Friendship is Magic. As far as my other interests go, I like excercising, films, good literature, birds, history, art and so on. The best place to find me would be Skype but sometimes I may visit the chat. I'll be more than happy to talk if I have time, for as far as real life goes, I'm incredibly busy. Have some links while we're at it.

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Here's my Original Character. His name is Wallan, a pegasus from Cloudsdale (not very original =P). His cutie mark is a shield with a tricolor pattern, modelled after the flag of the fictional state of Federal Republic of Ocredan. The shield resembles the willingness to defend those in need and defiance against all that threatens harmony.

He is a bouncer at one of the bars in Cloudsdale (I will specify that later) and thus meets a lot of folk in his line of work. I guess you could call him sort of my ponysona although he does differ from me in quite many aspects. I'll add more pictures as they come.

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Ocre's Top 10 Favorite characters (in order)

1. Rainbow Dash

What can I say about Rainbow Dash? She was the first character of the show I ever saw and right from the start she caught my attention. I liked her design, style and everything really and when I watched more of the show, I started to notice that I resemble Dash the most. She is just a character I <3 way too much
Rainbow Dash Popcorn 1 S1E21


2. Fluttershy

Fluttershy is one of the funniest characters in the entire show. Her whimsy attitude and cute voice simply make her adorable. Ever since I heard her *yay' for the first time, I didn't look back.

Fluttershy holding her breath S01E17


3. Applejack

Applejack hasn't been a big focus on the show really and that is a shame. I like the fact that Applejack is one of the more balanced characters of the show and while some people consider that a hindrance, I consider it a good thing. She is a voice of reason and she reminds me of other balanced main characters from my favourite shows whom I also like
Applejack "one of my favorites" S01E21


4. Twilight

The Element of Magic, the most talented unicorn in all of Equestria, she is a force to be reckoned with. Twilight is funny, smart and just maybe a teeny bit too focused on her studies, just like me when you give me a good history project. Tara Strong does an amazing job with this awesome unicorn
Crazy Twilight S01E10


5. Pinkie Pie

Pinkie is the most random character in the show and she certainly delivers. The energetic pink pony is a great boost whenever you need something random to cheer everything up a bit.
Pinkie Pie loves Gummy maybe a bit too much S03E11


6. Spike

Another voice of reason (mainly for Twilight), Spike has a great sense of sarcasm, often commenting on Twilight's actions or anything in general. Spike is a very likable character and I was pleased to see him getting an episode of his own.

Gems in Spike's eyes S3E11 (Promo)


7. Cutie Mark Crusaders

I didn't think I would like the Crusaders at first. They are kids and usually kids are annoying (No offense to anyone of course). However after seeing more of them, they quickly became my favourite supporting characters of the show. They are funny, cute and very likable.

Cutie Mark Crusaders excited "Crystal Empire?!" S03E11


8. Discord

The thing that made The Return of Harmony 1 & 2 great was the villain, Discord. John De Lancie was incredible as this chaos God who wants to make Equestria into a senseless realm full of chaos. He is just an awesome villain with many cool tricks up his sleeve.

Discord triplet judges S03E10


9. Rarity

The Main Six wouldn't be complete without Rarity. While she is my least favourite of the six, she still is a great character who stars in one of my favourite episodes, Sweet and Elite. I like Rarity's voice and her constant graving for fashion. I'd say that she is the most mature out of all of the main characters.

Rarity ready to get the dragon S1E7


10. Princess Celestia & Princess Luna

Last but not least, I put both the princesses in since I can't decide whom I like better. Pretty much the gods of Equestria, nuff said.

Princess Celestia but Twilight S3E1


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