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| Images may not reflect a specific pony's cutie mark exactly, because cutie marks are sometimes mirrored or rotated, even on the same pony. These instances are not specially marked. Unnamed parents and siblings of main characters are listed below the main character's name ("Pinkie's dad", for instance).

Aceunknownartist says it is tennis balls
Afferoscroll1gray/yellowAiP CM Scroll
Airheartcloud with rain1white/grayin Hurricane Fluttershy
Airheartcloud with lightning bolt1purplein Boast Busters
All Aboardpocket watch1white/yellow/black
Allie Waystar (art deco)3pink/bluePinny Lane cutie mark crop S2E6
Aloeflower (lotus)1whiteAloe cutie mark crop S2E18
Alulaflower1pink/yellow/greenAlula flower cutie mark crop S1E12
Alulafeather1whiteAlula feather cutie mark crop S1E12
Ambrosiaapple slices3redAmbrosia cutie mark crop S2E8
Amethyst Stargemstone3light bluePonyMaker Gemstones
Apple Bloomnone
Apple Briocheunknownpony unidentified in the show
Apple Brown Bettyunknownpony unseen in the show
Apple Bumpkincaramel apple3red/brown
Apple Bytesapple core1green/yellow
Apple Ciderapple core3red/yellow
Apple Cinnamon Crispunknown pony unidentified in the show
Apple Cobblerapple pie with apple slice1brown/green
Apple Dumpling3red
Apple Fritterapple fritter3brownApple Fritter cutie mark crop S2E25
Apple Munchiesapple core3red/yellow
Apple Pieapple pie3brown/gray
Apple Polishapple1red/green/brown
Apple Strudelunknown
Apple Tartunknown pony unidentified in the show
Apple Tartycupcake3green
Applejackapple3red/greenAiP CM Applejack
April Showerscloud with rain1white/gray?
Archerbow and arrow1goldArcher cutie mark crop S1E12
Aunt Orangeorange wedge3orange
Baked Appleunknown pony unidentified in the show
Bakey Applecupcake3brown/green
Balladlyre1gold/greenPonyMaker Lyre
Banana Fluff3blue
Baritonemusical note (double quaver)2black
Bastion Yorsets / George Washingtonylaurel wreath1gold
Beauty Brassunknown
Bee Boplyre1gold/greenPonyMaker Lyre
Bell Perin
Berry Frostnone
Berry Iciclecarrot3orange/green?
Berry Pinchclover1greenin Call of the Cutie, 15:33
Berry Pinchgemstone3redin Call of the Cutie, 16:17
Berry Pinchhorseshoe1goldin Call of the Cutie
Berry Pinchhorseshoe1purplein Call of the Cutie and Hearth's Warming Eve
Berry Pinchsundae1green/whitein Ponyville Confidential (one scene)
Berry Pinchnone
Berryshinegrapes (bunch)/strawberry1purple/redAiP CM Berryshine
Big Macintoshapple half1green
Big Wigart deco star3red/pinkBig Wig cutie mark crop S2E8
Bill Neigh
Black Stonecherry pair1red/black
Blazeunknowncovered by Wonderbolts uniform
Blue Bellenone
Blue Bonnethorseshoe2gold/silver
Blue Harvestunknown
Blue October / Blueberry Muffinnone
Blue Skiesnone
Blueberrygrapes (bunch)/strawberry1purple/red
Blueberry Cakenone
Blueberry Cloudcloud with lightning bolt1blue/yellow
Bon Bonwrapped candy3blue/yellowSweetie Drops&#039;s cutie mark crop S2E08
Bon Voyagecloud with sun1white/yellow
Brindle Young
Bruce Manefive pointed star3white
Burnt Oaknone
Caesarlaurel wreath1gold
Candy Manenone
Candy Manebubble7pink
Candyliciouswrapped candy3purple
Cappuccino / Lukestar surrounded by four smaller stars1gold/white
Caramelcaramel apple3brown/redin Winter Wrap Up, for a handful of shots
Caramel Applecaramel apple3brown/red
Chancellor Puddingheadunknownpony unseen in the show
Charcoal Bakescupcake3
Checkered Flagcheckered flag1black/white
Cheerileeflower (smiling)3yellow/pinkCheerilee cutie mark crop S1E12
Cheerileeumbrella3purplein Family Appreciation Day, for two shots starting at 11:16
Chelsea Porcelaintea set1white/yellowChelsea Porcelain cutie mark crop S2E8
Cherry Berrycherry pair1red/black
Cherry Colacherry pair1red/black
Cherry Jubileecherry pair1red/greendifferent to the other cherry marks
Cherry Strudelcherry pair1red/black
Chilly Puddlenone
Chip Mintnone
Chocolate Blueberrylightning bolt2yellow
Chocolate Suncompass rose (sun styled)1yellow/orange
Chocolate Taillaurel wreath1gold
Cinnamon Swirlabstract spiral1white
Clip Clopclown horn1red/light blue
Cloud Kickercloud with sun1white/yellow
Cloud Showers
Cloudchasercloud with sun1white/yellowin Hurricane Fluttershy (for one shot)
Cloudchasershooting star1blue/yellow
Clover the Cleverunknownpony unseen in the show
Coconutpalm tree1green/brownAiP CM Beach
Comet Tailcomet1bluePonyMaker ShootingStar
Commander Hurricaneunknownpony unseen in the show
Concertoapple fritter3brown
Cormanocherry pair1red/black
Coronetcrown1goldCoronet cutie mark crop S1E12
Cosmiccrescent moon1blue
Cotton Cloudycloud with protrusion1gray
Cotton Cloudybow and arrow1goldin Ponyville Confidential (one scene)Cotton Cloudy cutie mark crop S2E23
Cotton Topunknown
Crafty Cratecrate1brown
Cream Puffnone
Creme Bruleehorseshoe3blue
Cyan Skiesnone
Daddy Hooves / Daddy Doo / Nimbosunknowncovered by lab coat
Dainty Dovelaurel wreath1pink/purple
Daisydaisy pair1white/yellowDaisy cutie mark crop S2E8
Daring Docompass rose1gold
Davenportquill and sofa1white/blue
Deep Bluefish2blue
Derpybubble7grayDerpy Hooves Card Creator cutie mark
Dewdropraindrop3bluePonyMaker Drops
Diamond Mintgemstone3light bluePonyMaker Gemstones
Diamond Tiaratiara1silverDiamond Tiara cutie mark crop S1E12
Dinky Doononein Winter Wrap Up, Sisterhooves Social (among others)
Dinky Doopillow1grayin Call of the Cutie
Dinky Doobow and arrow1goldin Call of the CutieCotton Cloudy cutie mark crop S2E23
Dinky Doodolphin2bluein Call of the Cutie
Dinky Doohorseshoe1purplein Call of the Cutie
Ditzy Doounknownpony unseen in the show
Dizzy Twistertornado3gray
DJ Pon-3musical note (double quaver)1black
Doctor Stableheart monitor1green/white
Dollar / Cashier / Money ShotUSD symbol1gold
Dust Deviltornado3gray
Earl Greyteacup1pink
Eiffeltaiko drum2brown
Electric Bluelightning bolt2yellow
Elphaba Trotunknown
Emeraldgemstone2light blue
Endless Cloudscloud1white
Evening Starnone
Featherweightfeather1whiteFeatherweight cutie mark cropped S2E23
Felixclover3greenPonyMaker Clover
Fiddlesticksclef (treble)1light blue
Film Reelfilm negative strip1white/black
Filthy Richbag with dollar symbol3brown
Fire Streakunknowncovered by Wonderbolts uniform
Flamapple with slice taken out1red/yellow
Flashlightning bolt1white
Flash Bulbfilm negative strip1white/blue
Fleetfootunknowncovered by Wonderbolts uniforn
Fleur de Lisfleur-de-lis3gold/purple
Flimapple slice1red/yellow
Fluttershybutterfly3blue/pinkAiP CM Fluttershy
Forest Spiritnone
Frederic Horseshoepinmusical note (double quaver)2white/black
Fruitbasket / Froot Loopsunknowncovered by costume (but probably none)
Fuzzy Slippersunknown
G. Raffunknown
Gerigolf club with two balls1gray
Ginger Goldapple fritter3
Glory / Spring Freshunknown
Golden Deliciousapple3yellow
Golden Glorylaurel wreath1green
Golden Harvestcarrot3orange/green
Goldengrapegrapes (bunch)2greenPonyMaker Grapes
Granny Smithapple pie1brown/grayGranny Smith cutie mark crop S1E8
Granny Smith's father (Pokey Oaks)acorn and four seeds1
Granny Smith's mother (Sew 'n Sow)sewing machine1
Grape Soda
Graphitestar3whitein It's About Time
Great Scottunknown
Green Gemgemstone4greenPonyMaker Emerlands
Hairy Tipperdisco ball1light blue
Half Notenone
Half Notepillow1in Call of the Cutie
Happy Trailshorseshoe3
Hard Knocksunknown
Harpica / Golden Sunrise / Lyrenettelyre1gold/greenPonyMaker Lyre
Harpo Parish Nadermanelyre1gold/white
Harry Trotterunknown
Hay Feverunknownmostly out of frame
Hayseed Turnip Truckturnip3white/purple
Heraldscroll1gray/yellowAiP CM Scroll
Herculesscroll1gray/yellowAiP CM Scroll
High Scorenone
High Styleunknown
High Windsunknowncovered by Wonderbolts uniforn
Hoity Toityfan (paper)1yellow
Holly Dashstrawberry1red
Honey Dropnone
Honeysucklelightning bolts2yellow
Hors D'oeuvreserving-dish1silver
Horse, MDstethoscope and first aid kit1gray/white
Horte Cuisineserving-dish1silver
Hot Wheelsflaming tire1black/orangeHairpin Turn cutie mark crop S1E12
Hugh Jellyunknown
Icy Dropnone
Icy Rainraindrop3bluePonyMaker Drops
Jack Hammertoolset (screwdriver and screws)1
Jangleshorseshoe2in The Best Night Ever
Jazzmusical note (double quaver)2bluePonyMaker Notes
Jeff "The Dude" Letrotskiunknown
Jennyhourglass1brownAiP CM Hourglass
Jesús Pezuñaunknown
Jet Setjet3white/blue/gray
Jim BeamI-beam1grayJim Beam cutie mark crop S1E8
John Bullnone
Juicy Fruitgrapes (bunch)/strawberry1purple/red
Junebugunknowncovered by flower baskets
Karatdiamond ring1gold/blue
Katt Applesapple2green
Key Limenone
Knit Knotball of yarn1gray
Lanceunknowncovered by uniform
Lavender Skiescloud with sun1white/yellow
Lemmon Chiffonunknown
Lemon Dazenone
Lemon Heartsheart3blue/green
Lemon Tart
Lickety Splitbowl of ice cream1blue/pink/brown
Lightning Boltcloud with lightning bolt1gray/yellow
Lightning Streakunknowncovered by Wonderbolts flight suit
Lily Dacheunknowncovered by dress
Link Pinkhorseshoe2silver/brown
Linked Heartshorseshoe2silver/brown
Little Hoofhorseshoe1purpleLittle Hoof cutie mark crop S1E12
Little Hoofnone
Little Ponone
Lonsdaleitegemstone3light bluePonyMaker Gemstones
Lotusflower (lotus)1white
Luckyclover3greenPonyMaker Clover
Lucy Packardtornado3grayin Sonic Rainboom
Lucy Packardcarrot2orange/greenin Putting Your Hoof Down
Lyra Heartstringslyre1gold/greenPonyMaker Lyre
Magdalenaapple fritter3brown
Mane Goodallcat's head, dog's head and bird1gray/brown/white
Mango Dash
Mango Juice
Marey Fetlockunknown
Marmalade Jalapeno Popette / Orange Waferapple3green in Friendship is Magic, part 1 and Over a Barrel
Marmalade Jalapeno Popette / Orange Waferapple fritter3brown in Green Isn't Your ColorApple Fritter cutie mark crop S2E25
Maroon Carrotcarrot3orange/green
Masqueradestar surrounded by five smaller stars1magenta/whitein The Best Night EverAiP CM Twilight Sparkle
Masterhourglass1brownAiP CM Hourglass
Maxie / Madmaxunknowncovered by dress
May Ball
Maybellineunknowncovered by trousers
Mayortied scroll1yellow/blue
Meadow Songguitar1brown, light
Meadow Songnone
Medleycloud with rain1white/gray
Merry Maysun (9-pointed)3yellow/orange
Midnight Fununknowncovered by suit
Milky Waytelescope1blue/gray/white
Milliefan (paper)3white/purple
Minuettehourglass1brownAiP CM Hourglass
Mistyunknowncovered by Wonderbolts flight suit
Mjölnahammer and lightning bolt1gray/bluein The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, 08:38
Mjölnasandwich1brown/greenin The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, 08:39
Mochaccinogemstone4greenPonyMaker Emerlands
Moondancerunknownpony unseen in show
Morton Saltworthysalt shaker1white/blue
Mr. Breezyfan (mechanical)1yellow
Mr. Carrot Cakecarrot cake slice3brown/whiteMr. Cake cutie mark crop S2E23
Mr. Greenhoovesnone
Mr. Waddlepipe with bubbles1brown/blueMr. Waddle cutie mark crop S2E8
Mr. Zippyunknown
Mrs. Cup Cakecupcake3brown/pink/red
Nana Knitsball of yarn1purplePearly Stitch cutie mark crop S2E8
Neon Lightsstar3white
Noipillowbluein Call of the Cutie
Northern Lightsunknowncovered by lab coat
North Polecompass rose1yellow/gray
North Star / Rosalineunknowncovered by dress
Noteworthymusical note (double quaver)2bluePonyMaker Notes
Nurse Coldheartcross with four hearts1white/pink
Nurse Redheartcross with four hearts1red/pink
Nurse Sweetheartcross with four hearts1white/pink
Nurse Tenderheartcross1red
Nursery Rhymecross with four hearts1white/gray
Oakey Dokefern3green
Octaviaclef (treble)1purple
Opal Water
Orange Blossom
Orange Boxbubble7grayDerpy Hooves Card Creator cutie mark
Orchid Dew
Oregon Trailwheel1brown
Orionconstellation1bluePonyMaker Constellation
Palmerpalm tree1green/brownAiP CM Beach
Papermooncrescent moon1yellow
Peachy Creamunknown
Peachy Petalnone
Peachy Piepeach3orange
Peachy Sweetapple pie1brown/gray
Pegasus royal guardsunknown
Peppermint Crunch
Perry Piercehourglass1brownAiP CM Hourglass
Persnicketycompass rose (sun styled)1yellow/orange
Photo Finishstar surrounded by five smaller stars1magenta/whitein Green Isn't Your Color (one shot)AiP CM Twilight Sparkle
Picture Perfectunknowncovered by dress
Pigpentrash can1gray
Piña Coladaapple core1in Call of the Cutie
Piña Coladacupcake1in Call of the Cutie
Piña Coladapalm tree1green/brownin Call of the CutieAiP CM Beach
Piña Coladanone
Pine Breezeconifer3green
Pink Cloudnone
Pink Ladyapple slice3red/yellow
Pinkie Feather
Pinkie Pieballoon3blue/yellow
Pinkie's dad (Clyde)pickaxe1brown/gray
Pinkie's mom (Sue/Roxie)rock3gray
Pinkie's sister (Blinkie Pie)none
Pinkie's sister (Inkie Pie)none
Pish Poshunknowncovered by dress
Pokey Piercesafety pin1in Call of the CutieRoyal Pin cutie mark crop S1E12
Pokey Piercehourglass1brownin The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000AiP CM Hourglass
Ponetstar surrounded by four smaller stars1gold
Post Hastestamp with heart1red/white
Pound Cakenone
Powder Rougeunknown
Prairie Tunebanjo with music notes1
Pretty Visionunknown
Prince Bluebloodcompass rose1yellow/gray
Princess Cadancecrystal heart1blue/yellow
Princess Celestiasun (8-pointed)1yellowCelestia cutie mark Discover the Difference game
Princess Lunamoon on dark splotch1white/dark blueCanterlotCastle CM Luna
Princess Platinumunknownpony unseen in the show
Prism Striderrainbow1purple/orange/yellowAiP CM Rainbow
Private Pansyunknownpony unseen in the show
Pumpkin Cakenone
Pumpkin Tart
Purple Hazenone
Purple Wavegemstone3light blue
Purpletastic / Purpleskiesnone
Q. T. Prismrainbow1blue/red/yellow
Quick Fixwrench1gray
Raggedy Doctorhourglass1brownAiP CM Hourglass
Rainbow Dashcloud with lightning bolt1white/red/yellow/blueAiP CM Rainbow Dash
Raindropsraindrop3bluePonyMaker Drops
Rainy Feathernone
Rapidfireunknownpony unidentified in the show
Raritydiamond (lozenge)3light blueAiP CM Rarity
Rarity's dad (Magnum)football (American)3brown/white/black
Rarity's mom (Pearl)unknowncovered by trousers
Raty / Pollyhourglass1brownAiP CM Hourglass
Red Deliciousapple1red
Red Galacupcake3brown/green
Reflective Rock
Regal Candent
Rhythm / Night Shadenone
Rick Shawnone
Rick Shaw2grayfor a single shot in Putting Your Hoof Down (partially obscured)
Rivettoolset (hammer and nails)1brown/grayin The Mysterious Mare Do Well and probably in Sonic Rainboom (only partially seen)PonyMaker Hammer
Rivetraindrop3bluein Hurricane FluttershyPonyMaker Drops
Romanahourglass1brownAiP CM Hourglass
Rosewood Brookunknowncovered by dress
Roxiewrapped candy3blue/yellow
Royal Blue
Royal Ribbonunknown
Royal Riffclef (treble)2whitePonyMaker Clefs
Salt Lickpickaxe1brown/gray
Sandstormhourglass1brownAiP CM Hourglass
Sandy Soleshorseshoe2gold/silver
Sapphire Shoresunknownappears with none in show due to animation oversight
Sassaflashlightning bolt2yellow
Scorefootball (American)3brown/white/black
Screw Loosescrew1gray
Screwballscrew and baseball1gray/white
Sea Swirldolphin2purple/bluePonyMaker Dolphins
Serenityraindrop3bluePonyMaker Drops
Shady Dazenone
Shamrockclover3greenPonyMaker Clover
Sheriff Silverstarfive-pointed sheriff badge1silver
Shining Armorstar on a shield with three smaller stars above1purple/blue/light blueShining Armor cutie mark crop S2E25
Shoeshinegrapes (bunch)/strawberry1purple/redin The Last Roundup (one shot)
Silver Liningunknowncovered by Wonderbolts flight suit
Silver Scriptscroll1gray/yellowAiP CM Scroll
Silver Spoonspoon1silver/pinkSilver Spoon cutie mark crop S1E12
Silverspeedbow and arrow1silver
Skyralyre1gold/greenPonyMaker Lyre
Smart Cookieunknown
Snappy Scoopcamera1black/blue
Snipsscissors1silverSnips cutie mark crop S2E8
Snow Catcher
Soarin'lightning bolt with wings1yellow/bluecovered by Wonderbolts flight suit in most episodes; identical to male Wonderbolt insignia
Soigne Foliounknown
South Polecompass rose1yellow/gray
Spectrumrainbow1purple/orange/yellowAiP CM Rainbow
Spitfireunknowncovered by Wonderbolts flight suit
Spring Water
Squeaky Cleanunknown
Star Brighttelescope1blue/gray/white
Star Dream / Sky Dream
Star Gazertelescope1blue/gray/white
Star Swirl the Beardedunknownpony unseen in the show
Star Hunterconstellation1white
Starlightstar3blueone star is larger than the others
Starsong / Sugar Applerainbow1blue/red/yellow?
Steamersteam whistle and musical note1gray/red
Stinking Richcent symbol1
Stormlightning bolt1white
Strawberry Creamhorseshoe3blue
Strawberry Lime
Strawberry Sunrisegrapes (bunch)/strawberry1purple/red
Strikebowling ball and pin1gray/white
Sun Glimmer
Sun Streak
Sunbursthorseshoe3bluein Sonic Rainboom
Sunburstraindrop3bluein Hurricane FluttershyPonyMaker Drops
Sunny Dazesun (9-pointed)1yellow/orange
Sunny Rayssun (9-pointed)3yellow/orange
Sunset Blissgemstone3light blue
Surpriseunknowncovered by Wonderbolts flight suit
Swan Dive
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Pop
Sweetie Bellenone
Symphonymusical note (quaver)1purple
The Great and Powerful Trixiewand and dust1blue
The Inquisitorhourglass1brownAiP CM Hourglass
The Ranigavel1brownin A Friend in Deed
The Ranihourglass1brownin The Cutie Mark Chronicles and Sweet and EliteAiP CM Hourglass
The Tenth Doctor / Doctor Whooves #3hourglass1brownAiP CM Hourglass
Theodore Donald "Donny" Kerabatsos
Thornlinked flowerstwoyellow/white
Thunderlanecloud with lightning bolt (moving)1gray/yellow
Time Turnerhourglass1brownAiP CM Hourglass
Tin Tailortool set (wrench and screws)1
Tootsie Flutehorseshoe1purplein Call of the Cutie
Tootsie Fluteflowerpurple/yellow/greenin Ponyville Confidential (one scene)Liza Doolots flower cutie mark crop S1E12
Tootsie Flutenone
Top Notch
Tornado Bolttornado1grayin Call of the Cutie
Tornado Boltnone
Tourist Trapnone
Tracy Flash / Shutterflyroll of film1gray
Tree Sapunknown
Tropical Springflower2purple/green
Truffle Shuffleknife and fork1silverTruffle Shuffle cutie mark crop S2E23
Turfpalm tree1pink/purple
Tux 'n Tailsscroll1gray/yellowAiP CM Scroll
Twilight Skystar3white
Twilight Sparklestar surrounded by five smaller stars1magenta/whiteAiP CM Twilight Sparkle
Twilight's dad (Night Light)waxing and waning crescent moons1yellow
Twilight's mom (Twilight Velvet)star3purple
Twistcandy cane2pink/whiteobtained during Call of the CutieTwist cutie mark crop S1E12
Uncle Orangeorange1orange
Under D. Weather / Tropical Stormraindrop3bluePonyMaker Drops
Unicorn royal guardsunknown
Upper Crustdollar sign1blue
Vance Van Vendingtongavel1brown
Vanilla Skiestornado3gray
Vanilla Sweetswrapped candy3blue/yellow
Veraflower (lotus)1pink
Vigilancepolice badge1silver
Violet Fritterapple fritter3brownApple Fritter cutie mark crop S2E25
Wacky Hair Day and Spray
Walter Coltchakunknown
Warm Frontraindrop3bluePonyMaker Drops
Wave Chillunknowncovered by Wonderbolts flight suit
Wellyrubber boot1blue
Wild Fireflaming tire1black/orangeHairpin Turn cutie mark crop S1E12
Wildwood Flowerguitar1brown, dark
William Wrightscroll1gray/yellowAiP CM Scroll
Wind Whistlerlightning bolt2yellow
Wing Wishestornado3gray
Winter Witherscloud with lightning bolt1gray/yellow
Written Scriptscroll1gray/yellowAiP CM Scroll
Yooess DeeUSD symbol1gold
Yo-Yo / Gumdropunknown
S01E01 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #1
S01E02 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #1
S01E03 Unnamed Earth Stallion #1
S01E04 Unnamed Earth Mare #2wrapped candy3blue/yellow
S01E04 Unnamed Earth Mare #3cherry pair1red/green
S01E04 Unnamed Earth Stallion #1grapes (bunch)2purple
S01E04 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #1
S01E04 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #2
S01E06 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #2raindrop3bluePonyMaker Drops
S01E11 Unnamed Earth Mare #1unknown
S01E11 Unnamed Earth Mare #2unknown
S01E11 Unnamed Earth Mare #3unknown
S01E11 Unnamed Earth Mare #4carrot3orange/green
S01E11 Unnamed Earth Mare #5carrot3orange/green
S01E11 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #2
S01E11 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #3
S01E11 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #4
S01E11 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #5
S01E11 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #6
S01E11 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #7
S01E11 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #1
S01E14 Unnamed Earth Mare #1
S01E14 Unnamed Earth Mare #2
S01E14 Unnamed Earth Mare #3
S01E14 Unnamed Earth Mare #4
S01E14 Unnamed Earth Mare #5
S01E14 Unnamed Earth Mare #6
S01E14 Unnamed Earth Mare #7
S01E14 Unnamed Earth Mare #8
S01E14 Unnamed Earth Mare #9
S01E14 Unnamed Earth Stallion #1
S01E14 Unnamed Earth Stallion #2
S01E14 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #1
S01E14 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #2
S01E14 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #1
S01E14 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #2
S01E14 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #3
S01E14 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #4
S01E14 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #5
S01E14 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #6
S01E26 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #1
S02E13 Unnamed Earth Baby #1
S02E13 Unnamed Unicorn Baby #1
S02E17 Unnamed Princeunknown
S02E17 Unnamed Princessunknown
S02E18 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #3none
S02E18 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #1
S02E18 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #2
S02E22 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #7
S02E22 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #13cloud with sun1white/yellow
S02E22 Unnamed Pegasus Stallion #4clef (treble)2whitePonyMaker Clefs
S02E22 Unnamed Pegasus Stallion #11none
S02E23 Unnamed Earth Filly #2none
S02E23 Unnamed Earth Colt #1none
S02E23 Unnamed Earth Colt #2none
S02E26 Unnamed Earth Mare #11purple
S02E26 Unnamed Earth Mare #2unknowncovered by dress
S02E26 Unnamed Earth Mare #3flower (stylized)1blue
S02E26 Unnamed Earth Mare #4unknowncovered by dress
S02E26 Unnamed Earth Stallion #1
S02E26 Unnamed Earth Stallion #2unknown
S02E26 Unnamed Earth Stallion #3unknown
S02E26 Unnamed Earth Stallion #4pipe1brown
S02E26 Unnamed Earth Stallion #4pipe3brown
S02E26 Unnamed Earth Stallion #51purple
S02E26 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #1unknowncovered by dress
S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #1
S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #2
S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #3
S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #4
S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #5
S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #6
S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #7
S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #8
S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #9unknowncovered by dress
S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #10unknowncovered by dress
S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #11unknowncovered by dress
S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #12unknowncovered by dress
S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Stallion #1brown
S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Stallion #2pink
S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Stallion #4blue
S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Stallion #5green

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