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Xx Mr Brony xX

aka Daniel

  • I live in Eqvestria
  • I was born on June 1
  • My occupation is student
  • I am ?
FANMADE worried Berryshine is worried by greseres-d4qv6kn
FANMADE Applejack vector by greseres

Hello everypony! My name is Daniel and I'm a brony. I don't really know what to say here, so I just gonna say random things:

- I love My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. And when I say that I love it, I mean I LOVE IT.

- I love videogames, specially FPS *cough*COD*cough*

- I like helping whoever needs help (not always though).

- I'm just a regular person, in school, with firends and stuff.


By the way, you can visit my channel on youtube...if you want to...*squeal*:

I have a few MLP videos and some other funny stuff :)

Oh, and if you wanna play COD or something, my Gamertag is greseres, so you can add know...if you want to.

Bro Hoof!

Ok, Now that I've been here for over a month, I think it would be nice if I make my profile page... mine. So I'm uploading some music that I like.

Since I've been watching MLP: FIM, I've discovered a whole new world, with fanfics, music, art and other stuff. I really like all this new things I am into, specially the music. I love music, specially electro music. But there are other music genrs that I like too.

MLP Fighting is Magic - Applejack Stage Theme03:23

MLP Fighting is Magic - Applejack Stage Theme

And now, The best MLP fanmade song...

Dash's Empty Sky03:49

Dash's Empty Sky

This song is beautiful...  :'D

Alex S05:38

Alex S. - Party With Pinkie VIP

You know what this calls for?

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