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    Hi this is me bade,please do not write negative comments cause this is my so ever first MLP Fanfiction.

    Twilight Sparkle's P.O.V

    Twilight:*wakes up from sleep* What a nice morning!

    Spike:It's sunday,Twilight!

    Twilight:Oh no!,What date?

    Spike:April 25 ..?

    Twilight:Family day is today Today!!!


    Twilight:Yes but first to my brother.

    Dear B.B.B.F.F,

    Your Invited To Family Day

    Starting Today until next Saturday

    Sincerely Twilight.

    Spike:Done, *blows it*


    Twilight:Wow so fast.

    Dear Twily,

    I would love to come

    I will be there after Lunch

    With Cadance.


    Rarity's P.O.V

    Rarity:What a great beauty sleep.Wait, April 25.. Sunday... FAMILY DAY!

    Sweetie Belle:What's the big deal?

    Rarity:You don't know sweetie come on!

    Sweetie Belle: Wh…

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  • ♥Bade Foreva♥

    Put Anything else you had learned thans. "Sunshine,sunshine lady bugs awake clap your hooves and do a shake." - Princess Cadance & Twilight Sparkle (Canterlot Wedding) ~~Remember Good Times~

    So,Giggle at the ghostly

    Guffaw at the grossly

    Crack Up at the creepy

    Whoop it up with the weepy

    Chortle At the Kooky

    Snortle At The Spooky

    -Pinkie Pie (Friendship is Magic) ~~Learn to face your fears~~

    "Sometimes we all just need to be shown a little kindness."
    — Fluttershy ~~Be Kind~~

    "I simply cannot let such a crime against fabulosity go uncorrected!"

    — Rarity ~~Be Generous~~

    "I'd never leave my friends hanging."

    — Rainbow Dash (Friendship is Magic) ~~Be Loyal~~
    "Let go ,promise"
    "Never give up"
    --Twilight Sparkle (The return of the harmony) ~~Don't give up~~

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