Hi this is me bade,please do not write negative comments cause this is my so ever first MLP Fanfiction.

Twilight Sparkle's P.O.V

Twilight:*wakes up from sleep* What a nice morning!

Spike:It's sunday,Twilight!

Twilight:Oh no!,What date?

Spike:April 25 ..?

Twilight:Family day is today Today!!!


Twilight:Yes but first to my brother.

Dear B.B.B.F.F,

Your Invited To Family Day

Starting Today until next Saturday

Sincerely Twilight.

Spike:Done, *blows it*


Twilight:Wow so fast.

Dear Twily,

I would love to come

I will be there after Lunch

With Cadance.


Rarity's P.O.V

Rarity:What a great beauty sleep.Wait, April 25.. Sunday... FAMILY DAY! thumb

Sweetie Belle:What's the big deal?

Rarity:You don't know sweetie come on!

Sweetie Belle: Where?!

Rarity:With Mom and Dad!

Sweetie Belle:Okay..

Fluttershy's P.O.V

Fluttershy:Beautiful morning , sun shining... April 25 , Family Day WAIT Family Day?!

Butterfree:Hello Sister.

Fluttershy:It's Family Day!

FANMADE Tanansdandan

Overdressed? ButterFree

Butterfree:GASP Really?!

Fluttershy:Yes, look april 25 sunday!

Pinkie Pie's P.O.V

Pinkie Pie:Yay! Family Day! Family Day!YAY!!

Granny Pie:Now, Ya"ll better slow down.

FANMADE Bloomy Pie
Bloomy Pie:It's Family Day?!

Pinkie:Woot!We Are All gonna spend our family day in CANTERLOT!

Granny:Whad'ya Say?

Bloomy:She said we are gonna spend the whole 2 weeks in Canterlot.

Granny Pie: Oh Ya"ll Be Good.

Bloomy:That Includes You Granny Pie!

Granny Pie:Oh , Thank you my little ponies.

Apple Jack's P.O.V

Apple JackLHey Big Mac,Hey Apple Bloom, Hey Granny Smith,Howdy To all of my cousins!

Happy Family Day!

To be continued...